White Chocolate - Scriz | Hip-Hop

I just can’t get enough of Scriz. In my honest opinion, he’s one of the DOPEST beat-makers out there today. Why hasn’t be blown the fuck up already ? Another ice cold, smooth beat for the free-stylers to feast upon, and you bandits to sit back, relax, and light up too. Also a track from his upcoming “Crispy Sticks” album, which I’m stoked about. Plus, with a name like that, what a perfect feature for this blog, lol ammaright ? SUPPORT.

- Grinch 




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dope ass clip! geisha bounce!

FBBB#38.Abstract - Scriz | Hip-Hop

Smooth as hell. Scriz, a beat-producer from Travnik surprised me this morning with these top quality chewnz. Couldn’t have asked for a better awakening. Plus the extra bites sections has got some of my hometown flavor on one of the tracks. Honestly, he’s flooded with talent. My only complaint is that the tracks arnt long enough. Hoping to hear more from him soon. Give it a listen. Support the artist. Bite away.

- Grinch 

Extra Bites:

Just Another Day - Scriz | Hip-Hop

Ladiesss and Gentleman. Ever since I found his works on sound cloud, I’ve been stalking regularly. What a great innovative beat-maker. This ones got some great vocal samples and some kickin’ drums. Chopped & Screwed to perfection. My only complaint- it ends too quickly. I’d rather it never did.

- Grinch