• <p> <b>Crits with Bismuth or Ruby icons:</b> Will guard you with their life. Good and kind people<p/><b>Crits with Garnet or Amethyst icons:</b> Cool people, possibly memers. An artist with good redesings. One is secretly a Caterpillar<p/><b>Crits with Lapis or Pearl icons:</b> Proceed with caution, but cool none the less.<p/><b>Crits with Steven or Connie icons:</b> M E M E R S<p/><b>Crits with Peridot icons:</b> The most bitter next to Bismuth and Rubies.<p/><b>Crits with Conie looking like Pepe:</b> Evil. Does not pass go. Does not collect $200<p/></p>
When mom won't accept you
  • Mom: Why aren't you wearing feminim clothes?
  • Inner me: because I'm a tomboy
  • Mom: Haven't you find a boyfriend yet?
  • Inner me: I'm a lesbian...
  • Mom: Don't wear that flannel shirt at club. You also wear shirts at school.
  • Inner me: I wear flannels everywhere...
  • Mom: It's too hot to wear a beanie
  • Inner me: but I love to wear it
  • Mom: Don't wear to shirt with "Kawaii on the streets Senpai in the sheets" scrit at school. People will think you're a slut
  • Inner me: not everyone knows what senpai means and NOBODY really cares
  • Mom: Why you never do what you want?

[[ Gay Ass Dream ]]

[[ Feat: Scrit & Kellan ]]

[[ Itsrpettymuch to warm me up for the gifts I sTILL O W  E for other peeps; so here have Kellan bein’ a wack ass homophob ]]


I’ll need to draw some wolf characters for Hominus soon, so since I’m really bad at drawing wolves (and all animals without solid references actually), I did a few sketches from photos to get them in the pencil. ^^

For once I used a pencil… I mean, a real one! With wood and all…! Not a mechanical pencil nor a coloured pencil for a first step rough, just… pencil.

It might sound awkward but I think I haven’t drawn like this since 3 years or maybe more… Using coloured mines helped me a lot to progress and I still need it, but I have to admit that keeping the construction lines, as much as hearing and feeling in my fingers the “scrit scrit” of the carbon on the paper, with the mine getting rougher and rougher all along the sketch, all this was reaaally nice sensations that I actually missed… =‘)



JP > Amen! X)

Giz > C’est l’avantage de la gouache, tu peux rajouter à la fin touuuut ce que tu as oublié en court de route! XD;

Aube > Hun! Merci!!! ;A;

Akyta > Merki! >v<

Plumy > Merciiiiiiii! ;////; Haha! Et nan! C’est une black en négatif en fait! X’D

Scottcarruba > Thanks a lot!