Calling all Tumblr writers and #NoBanNoWall friends

I am a filmmaker and student in California. I am watching what is happening to our country with heartbreak and outrage. I will be making a short film starting in April, and I’ve been working on a script, but as of this moment, I am scrapping all my current ideas.

I want to tell the story of today. Of being kept from home, of being terrified of your own country and then being forced away from the only hope you have. I have the start of a story, but I need your help.

If you want to be a part of fighting this, if you want to help me take a stand, please help me tell a story that will speak for those who can’t raise their voice above the noise.

If you know of any specific stories happening today at the airports or in regards to any of Trump’s actions, if you have ideas of how to help me write this, please message me. I want this to be a genuine, real, powerful story to join the protests around the world, and I know this is the place to get help doing that.

Thank you for reading. Please reblog or post around if you can. I need all the help I can get!

what made me really sad was how alone wang so was in the end- his love has left him, baek ah has left, even the people he has trusted in (ji mong and General park) left, adding salt to the wound he can’t even spend time with his child who reminds him so much of soo,

with the two most important people gone from his life, i can just imagine how lonely he must felt in the palace walls even though he’s surrounded by so many people

imagine how lonely he must be that he anticipates for death to come sooner and on his deathbed a smile finally appears because finally finally he can escape this loneliness and maybe be reunited with soo

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think there needs to be - I don’t really like the word moral - a moral to the story. You need to think about it. Things can be entertaining, but if you leave the theater and it doesn’t stay with you, doesn’t haunt you, doesn’t challenge you, then it’s not successful, for me. So I hope to make films that make one think.
—  Tom Ford
Dev Patel and Octavia Spencer on Fighting Typecasting, Making Films That Are ‘Anthems of Diversity’
“I just played the best damn maid role written,” Spencer said in an interview with Dev Patel for Variety‘s fifth season of “Actors on Actors.” Spencer and Patel talked about avoiding typecasting and the importance of diversity in their most recent films. Spencer said “90% of the roles” she was offered after “The Help” were maids.
By Sarah Ahern