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“I had the dreams and motivation to work for myself, but was still trying to find my niche in the saturated jewelry market. One day, I came across an old love note given to me during one of the brightest days of my marriage. It said simply “I love you, Caroline.” At first it brought me to tears, but once I pulled myself together, it hit me: after William died, I held on to the most mundane notes simply because they reminded me of him. What if I could take these precious sentiments and put them into metal?” — Caroline

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LJS for Ceci (June ‘16) - Part 2

Translation note: Hammered out a bit during lunch. ;) More to come tonight.

Ceci: Since ‘W’ is going to air on July 20th and ‘Jade Lover’ is set to air in China near the end of the year, it seems that Lee Jong Suk is ready to sweep up popularity in China and Korea. Let’s talk about ‘Jade Lover’ which you worked on first. What kind of drama is this?

JS: ‘Jade Lover’ is set in 1930s and filmed at Hengdian, which is known as the Hollywood of China. The city itself is an enormous studio; it’s amazing to see. The drama itself is a tight-knit fantasy romance, giving off the slight feeling of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in China. It deals with the love story and rivalry between two great merchant families that deal in jewelry. The script was written by a Chinese writer and director by Jin Hyuk PD.

Ceci: Given that it’s a script written by a Chinese writer, there would probably be difficulties when dealing with dialogue with other actors?

JS: Since I decided to do a Chinese project, I felt it would be better to pick a writer who understands the Chinese sentiment. I already knew what the dialogue of my partner meant through a Korean translation of the script. To be able to act together just through the actions and cooperation, it is a fresh new experience.

Ceci: ‘Jade Lover’ is a production of more than 40 billion won in investment. What kind of charms do you wish fans to see through this project?

JS: This is the first time I’ve done a role that is rich (laughs), so I can change outfits all the time. We brought over complete sets of outfits from Korea. So  you should be able to see a different side of me. Since Jin Hyuk PD is directing, the visual cinematography is also outstandingly beautiful. I worked with Zheng Shuang, an actress that is very popular in China; the chemistry between a Chinese actress and a Korean actor should also be quite interesting.

Ceci: You are seen as one of the ‘New Four Heavenly Kings of Hallyu’ in China; this time Ceci is releasing your cover in China and Korea simultaneously. During filming ‘Jade Lover’, did you feel your popularity on that level?

JS: I agree that those actors I respect are the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’, but to add me on that list is an exaggeration. The city I was filming in, Hengdian, is actually quite far away from civilization. When fans came to the jotel every weekend, they would always bring Korean food, perhaps because they felt that I would miss Korean cuisine. Also, the nearest Starbucks was about an hour from where I lived, but every morning, there would be fans who bring me Americano or iced latte because they know I like it. I’m really thankful for them; I was well taken care of.

Ceci: Was there any particular actor you cooperated well with in ‘Jade Lover’?

JS: There was an actor-hyung who played my secretary in the drama, the character’s name was “Zhao Meng”. I learnt a lot from him. In Korean dramas, we focus a lot on upper-body shots, so actors tend to lean on facial expressions when acting. However, Chinese actors have more actions scenes that make use of the whole body. I learnt a lot through our scenes together.

Ceci: Let’s talk a bit about your comeback drama in Korea, ‘W’. This is your first time to work with Sung Jae-jung, the writer of ‘Nine’, and Jung Dae0yoon, the PD of ‘She Was Pretty’. People are curious about your reason for choosing this project.

JS: The script was just fascinating! Although it may not be easy to understand, I promise it is a drama that you would not be able to let go once you start watching.

Ceci: The first script reading was on May 4th. How did you feel?

JS: The writers have prepared for such a long time, so the structure is very tightly-constructed. Since my character belongs in a fictional world, so the writers will tell me scene-by-scene how they want me to act.

Ceci: The previous work of the writer, ‘Nine’, was such that if you missed out on one episode then it is hard to catch up, so you really have to watch all the episodes.

JS: I feel that this project is even better than ‘Nine’. Even through reading the script, you can feel that the writer really prepared a lot.

Ceci: In the drama, you act as Kang Chul, a Olympic gold medal sharp-shooter who turns into a young chaebol. Since you always prepare so well for your roles, you must have worked hard at learning to shoot as well?

JS: I had my first target practice yesterday. The gun was heavier than I thought. I am working hard with the gold medal as my goal. (laughs)

I’M SUPER EXCITED about this new piece!

It says “logical” on one side and “illogical” on the other and is meant to be representative of Spock’s revelation that “logic is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom.”

I was worried it would be too intricate to print, but it looks like it’ll work! :D