Bad guy rides away on horsey.

Because apparently there were horsies inside the dance barn, and the show didn’t bother to tell us.

The gang grabs their own cart and horsey, because dance barn is a treasure trove of transportational methods.

They get chased by bad guy on horsey.

Horsey  #1 jumps chasm…

…and successfully horseys its way to the other side.

Bad guy horsey, horsey #2, tries the same…

…stops half-way, falls, and…



and I have no idea what on earth is supposed to be happening here, as the show doesn’t explain it at all.


Ted the Animator: “…take a look at page 42 in the script, Carl.”

Carl the Animator: “Sure, I–… I, uh… it… wait, what?

Ted the Animator: “So, I’m not high? It really does go straight from ‘bad guy falls in chasm’ to ‘bad guy instantly chases again’ with nothing in between?”

Carl the Animator: “…yes. Yes, it does.”

Ted the Animator: “Hrm.”

Carl the Animator: “Welp.”

Ted the Animator: “I, um… how do we even visually depict that?”

Carl the Animator: “Could he… like… have fallen on some springy object? Maybe there’s an inflatable bouncy castle at the bottom of the chasm?”

Ted the Animator: “…yup, let’s do it. That’s my headcanon.”

Coming Home - a SH fanfic

Author’s Note: This is my follow-up fic to “Tomorrow” (read on Ao3 or Tumblr), an RPF story based on Sprousehart. RPF isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay and understandable! This is something that I wrote in order to speculate, explore and tease out the nuances and dynamics of this relationship. It is obviously fictional, and was not intended to upset or offend. 

To @jandjsalmon, I owe you so much. You were truly the co-pilot for this fic, and for that I am so grateful. The appearance of our beloved Dylan in this fic is my gift to you. Also to @theladylabyrinth for always checking in, reading and cheering me on, thank you. You are a gem. And to everyone who’s messaged me to tell me excited they were read more of my writing - this is for you. I hope you love it.

Summary: Cole had always wanted Lili, even from the very beginning. Now that they’re apart for 48 hours, how does he deal? A companion piece to “Tomorrow”, from Cole’s perspective.

“On that fateful day in the audition room, Lili was more than radiance; she was fire. That day, without knowing it, he’d seen her at her most passionate and determined, and it drew him in. He wanted that fire. He wanted to live in constant proximity of its warmth. No, fuck it - he wanted to burn.”

Fic under the cut, or read on my Ao3. I love hearing from you. If you read it and loved it, come chat to me.

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favorite quotes from “IT” 2017

-“what is it, Greta? am I a slut, or a little shit?”

-“look at this mother fucker! he’s leaking hamburger helper!”

-“he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts”

-“is she hot?” “… no, Richie! she’s not hot!”

-“is this not real enough for you, Billy? am I not real enough for you?!”


-“it’s basically… piss and shit, so, I’m just telling you!”

-“‘please don’t go, girl!’”

-“I’m glad I got to meet you before you died”

-“no!! do not fucking toucH ME!”

-“hey why don’t you shut the fuck up Einstein”

-“walking into this house, for me, is easier than walking into my own”

-“oh gosh! oh geez!”

-“I heard the list was as long as my wang” “that’s not saying much”

-“where’s my shoe?”

-“did you want one from me, too, Mrs. Kaspbrak?”

-“they’re gazebos! they’re bullshit!”


-“hang tough, new kid on the block”

-“do you even know what a staph infection is?!” “I’ll show you a staph infection!”

-“do you think this will help me, Eds?”

-“hiya, Georgie!”




Priyanka Chopra Was Told She Was “Too Ethnic”

Even though you might be the best person for the job, just because of the color of your skin, you don’t get cast. So, that happens. And it was extremely painful.

Theory About “Moving On”

Patton’s Room.

The first thing I noticed is that Patton’s room looked really hazy and dreamy.

At first I thought it was something just aESTHETICS but then…

people, when everything is hazy, you don’t think clearly

Patton’s room smudges everything, so it’s harder to think clearly other than things that are instinctual, such as emotions. While they are generally complicated, they are also the most prominent. Exactly why all the Sides had erratic behaviour. The ‘Nostalgia’ amplifies those previous actions because it’s a mix of so many things: bittersweet, happy, angry are just a few to name. Patton’s room is based off of all those feelings, but because Patton just wants to be happy again we can assume that Patton’s room will do anything to be happy.

Removing Logic.

Amplifying Creativity.

Ignoring Anxiety.

Patton is desperate for happiness.

And that is very dangerous.