Whoa, shit - sorry, I was in my own world for a bit there. Didn’t even see you come in the aisle. Guess that’s the sign of a really good script, yeah? Anyways. Am I sitting in front of a book you wanted or am I just in the way?”

anonymous asked:

what does tw proving there was a script have to do with room full of spoons? i am so confused about this controversy. it came out of nowhere and tw is so mad about it idk what's going on. i feel so out of the loop.

I’m assuming the documentary is agreeing with all the crew when they say they never were able to read the full script. Nobody knew how all the scenes they were shooting fit together in the movie. So maybe there was a full script on set like Tommy claims, but he never let anybody see it.

I think I’ll buy the script and let everyone know if it’s the totally unedited “English muffin and burn your mouth” edition. The risk is worth the $18.

nolanthebiggestnerd asked:

I know you don't have any real connection to it but i thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Think it's a good idea to buy the script?

I don’t know! I’m so conflicted. I wish there was a preview for it. I never really thought it would be made available for purchase, but now that it is I’m questioning it. Like, if it’s just a transcript of the movie, then it’s really not worth it. But if it has all the little extra things that never made it into the movie (like Lisa accusing Johnny of trying to rape her, the terrible use of the English language, etc.), then it’d be more than worth it.