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Towards Tomorrow

Prompt; Pregnancy Reveal

Requested by @levycchi and @kmmcm


Gajeel was the first one to notice that Levy was pregnant.  

It didn’t outright reveal itself with fanfare or awful morning sickness, but with tiny little changes that he’d notice from day to day. First it had been her smell, growing sweeter from the familiar floral and dust he was used to. It intrigued him everytime he’d wake up next to her, snuggling closer to bury his nose in her hair. Bathing often made no difference, only intensified the smell.  

There were other things he noticed as well, seemingly subtle enough for her not to catch but had been blatantly obvious to the dragon slayer. Her tastes in his food were changing, and she’d frequently asked for spicier foods. However, it seemed to backfire on her, giving her horrible heartburn that often left her in tears. When he offered a more palatable choice, she shocked him by flat out refusing it, leaving him pondering as to why his rarely picky wife was suddenly worse than Asuka whenever they babysat her.  

Then there was the random mood swings she went through, making him nervous on days she’d wake up in tears. He never knew what he did or said to piss her off, even when she claimed that he hadn’t. Nevertheless, he’d find her sobbing over the simplest of things, and merely kept his distance till her tears went away. On the upside, making love to her was far more intense than before. She took more dominant roles than she had used to, but finished before he had a chance to get into it, complaining of her tender breasts whenever he fondled them. Then, she’d snuggle next to him, already asleep before he had a chance to even tease her.  

One day, Pantherlily had offered her some chocolate when she was restless, and she broke out sobbing when she took it, startling them both.  

“Er, Levy? Everything ok?” The Exceed asked, nervously glancing at a frozen Gajeel. She couldn’t answer for a moment, only wrapped her arms around Lily and murmured her thanks as Lily awkwardly patted her back. Gajeel could only watch as she wandered away, calming down as she nibbled on her treat. Lily leaned close, worry on his face as he glanced at the little mage then back at him again.  

“What on earth is going on with her?” He whispered, and Gajeel could only shake his head, at a loss for words. It was rare when her mood could be cured by a simple piece of chocolate and a hug anymore. Frazzled and frustrated, he finally made his way to Porlyusica’s to figure out what the hell was going on, towing a rather grumpy Levy behind him.  

“I’m not sick, dummy,” she growled at him as they reached the doctor’s doorstep. He paused before raising his fist to knock, giving her a long look over till she stamped her foot. “I’m really not, Gajeel!” Tears were prickling at the corners of her eyes, and he could feel the panic start to rise. He reached out and grabbed her arm, tugging her close enough to hug her. He had surprised both of them, but he recovered first, holding her closer and nuzzling her hair.  

“I ain’t said you were sick, Lev,” he muttered, rubbing her stiff shoulders. “I just wanna make sure you’re ok. Think you can handle this for me?”  

She nodded after a moment, relaxing into him as he kissed her crown. He grasped her hands then, leading her inside the older woman’s home.  

Porlyusica wasn’t particularly pleased to see them, but heard the dragon slayer out as he began to explain what he noticed. Setting tea out wasn’t exactly her thing, but placed a cup out anyways in front of a blushing Levy, who sat silent through his entire story. “Was I really that bad?” She asked, her voice soft and uncertain. Before Gajeel could reassure her, Porlyusica cleared her throat, catching her attention.

“If what he says is true, then the next question would have to be when your last cycle was,” she mused, squinting her eyes at the script mage. Levy’s brow furrowed in confusion, then lifted as realization dawned on her. Gajeel, on the other hand, was a bit slower to understand.  

“Cycle? The fuck is tha-”

“A baby?”

He froze as the words left Levy’s mouth, his own eyes widening in comprehension as he looked at her. Baby? As in, she’s pregnant? He thought, the pieces finally clicking into place. It made perfect sense, he mused, nodding slightly as he recalled all that they went through.  


She’s pregnant.

Pregnant with my baby.  

My baby.  

Our baby.


He jumped up and whooped, startling both of the women as he scooped up Levy and hugged her close, whirling her around the tiny room that the old hag called a “waiting room” or whatever bullshit. He laughed as Porlyusica lunged forward to rescue the teacup, snapping at him that this wasn’t a playground and to knock it off before she kicked him out. He gently set his wife on the sofa, kissing her cheek as tears flowed down both their faces. She clung to him as she turned to face the old woman, half giggling, half sobbing.  

“Could it be?” She asked, breathless with hope. Gajeel squeezed her shoulder, giving the doctor the same hopeful look. This was something he’d only dared to dream of, something he nearly lost, something he’d firmly grasp in both hands and refuse to let go of. He couldn’t believe it, they were going to have a baby!

“It’s still too early to tell just by observation,” Porlyusica warned, but the glint in her eye was more optimistic than cautionary. “Dragon senses are too good for their own good, so we’ll take a couple of tests to be sure.”  

Whatever Gajeel was going to say to the subtle jab was interrupted by Levy, who giggled as she wildly nodded her head, squeezing his hand fiercely. They were going to be parents! She could only begin to imagine what having a baby was like, but one thing was for sure; as long as they were together they could handle anything!

Gajevy Week 2017 - Pillow Talk

Continuation of my last two prompts. Fairy Tail characters belong to Hiro Mashima, not me. 

“Lev… What’s wrong?” Gajeel reached over to brush the bluenette’s hair out of her face as they laid in their bed, her head pillowed on his left arm. She opened her eyes to look up at him, a blush dusting her cheeks. “Who said anything is wrong, Gajeel? I’m fine, just very comfortable.” She smiled and closed her eyes again, afraid to hold his gaze. Worried he would see the hurt, the worry lingering there. She’d tried. Honestly she’d tried to keep her word to Lily and tell Gajeel. But every time she opened her mouth to tell him that she wanted to have children, she’d frozen and scrambled for something else, ANYTHING else to say.

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FT Secret Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day @aya-eisen​! Surprise it was me! I really hope you like the Gajevy one-shot. Have a great day I had a lot of fun getting to know you! @ftfanfics

Little bare feet slapped against the hard wood floor, the child’s short legs carrying her towards her parent’s room. The door creak as the little girl pushed open the door as quietly as she could. Her parents were fast asleep, her father holding her mother close to his chest. It was still early after all but that didn’t stop her.

“Daddy!” she whispered, having toddled over to his side of the bed to shake him awake. In an instant her father’s piercing red eyes snapped open. Not wanting to wake up his wife, Gajeel sighed before climbing out of bed.

Once they were out of the room and in the kitchen, the black haired man knelt down in front of his five year old daughter. “What’s up Buttercup?” he asked staring into her big brown eyes.

“It’s Valentine’s Day!” Roxie giggled, throwing her arms up in the air.

A soft groan rumbled in the back of the exhausted father’s throat. “You woke me up to tell me that?”

“No silly,” Roxie shook her head, her dark purple locks flying around her. “We gotta make breakfast for Mommy!” The much older man blinked at her, his daughter never ceasing to surprise him with her brains and her big heart.

“All right Rox, what did you wanna make for Mommy?” Gajeel asked, mentally going through the ingredients they had in the house.

“Hmm,” his daughter tapped her chin with her pointer finger, the pose seeming to help her think. “Mommy likes pancakes so we should make her those! With blueberries! But I don’t like blueberries….” She looked troubled by her predicament.

Gajeel chuckled, scooping her up in his arms easily as if she were a feather. “We can make Mommy’s with blueberries and yours with chocolate chips. How does that sound?”

“Good!” Roxie threw up her arms in celebration. “With lots of syrup!”

Gajeel carried her over to the kitchen, the smile never leaving his lips. “Why are you so obsessed with sugar little girl?”

“Because it’s yummy!” Roxie erupted into giggles when her father tickled her sides. “Stop it Daddy! That tickles!”

“That’s why I’m doing it,” Gajeel barked out a laugh and after another moment allowed her to escape her grasp.

Roxie giggled, racing over to the pantry. “Come on, Daddy! We have to finish before Mama wakes up!

“All right all right but you have to be quiet,” Gajeel placed a finger to his lips. “We don’t want to wake up Mommy or your little brother before breakfast is done.”

“Right!” the purple haired girl nodded in affirmation. Together the two whipped up a towering stack of fluffy pancakes, a mix of ones with blueberries, chocolate and plain ones. For the sides they (Gajeel) cooked some eggs and bacon.

“Oi, where ya goin’ squirt?” the dad called, catching sight of Roxie heading towards the front door.

“Outside!” Roxie tugged on a pair of light pink shoes, a birthday gift from her Aunt Lucy. “I’ll be right back!” she promised and was out the door before Gajeel could get another word out.

He shook his head, his pulled back hair swinging from the movement. “Just like her Mom, that kid, Ghihi.” Heading over to the front room, he stared out the window, watching his daughter to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble and found her picking dandelions. “What is she doin’?”

Once Roxie seemed satisfied with her bouquet of weeds, she ran inside clutching the plants close. “Lookie! I picked Mommy some flowers.”

Even Gajeel wasn’t mean enough to break it to his daughter that she had grabbed weeds so instead he ruffled her hair. “Those look beautiful,” he went over to the cabinet. “Let’s put them in a vase.”

“Let me pick which one,” Roxie begged, clambering after him. She studies the few flower vases they had before deciding on a small baby blue one. “That one!”

“Nice pick kiddo!” The iron dragon slayer snagged the chosen vase off the shelf. He walked over to the sink, filling the blue vase halfway with water then letting Roxie put the flowers inside. “Perfect, can you set it on the table? Don’t run with it…good girl,” he praised when no mishaps occurred. The flowers were set, the silverware was on the table, and the food was done. “I think it’s time we wake up Mommy-” he was cut off by distant crying. “I think Gale beat us to it…”

Gajeel told Roxie to guard the food, which she took her job very seriously, to go to his almost one year old son’s room. “Dontcha worry, I gotcha…” he trailed off, seeing Levy with her back facing him as she already held their son. Her hips swayed lightly to an unheard beat that seemed to calm Gale right away.

“Oh, Gajeel,” Levy looked over her shoulder, smiling at her husband sweetly. “I got him because I didn’t know you were up. You weren’t in bed so I figured you might have went to the guild for something.”

“Nah, Roxie woke me up to help her with something,” Gajeel came up behind her, snaking his muscular arms around her thin waist. She was a little plumper after having children, his children, but he didn’t mind one bit. It gave him more of her to love.

“Oh?” Levy raised an eyebrow, leaning into his touch, having not head her daughter come into their room. “What did she need?”

“I think it would be better if she showed you,” a soft chuckle vibrated in his chest while his lips placed a soft kiss to her neck.

“Mommy!” Roxie squealed, flying into the room and ruining her parents sweet moment but the two were used to it by now. Their five year old daughter had a radar for when her parents wished to be alone. “I have a surprise for you!” she tugged her mother’s night dress.

“All right, all right, I’m coming,” Levy laughed lightly, passing Gale over to Gajeel to hold in order to allow her daughter to drag her into the kitchen. Upon seeing the spread on the table, a gasp escaped the young mother. “Roxie…did you and Daddy make this for me?”

“Uh huh! But I picked the flowers all by myself,” the little girl added proudly.
Levy knelt down, pulling her baby girl into an embrace. “Thank you baby, I love it,” she kissed her forehead. “I have a surprise for you too?”

“You do?” Roxie quivered in anticipation as she watched her mother head back into her room. When she emerged, Levy was holding the present behind her back.

“Now close your eyes,” her mother instructed and waited to place the gift in her small hands until her eyes were squeezed shut. “Ok, you can open them.”

A high pitched scream came out of Roxie’s mouth as she stared at the heart shaped box of chocolates in her palms. “Thank you so much Mommy!”

“It’s from Daddy too,” Levy laughed when Roxie yelled a thanks to Gajeel and then launched herself into her arms. “You’re welcome sweetie,” the blue haired woman kissed the top of her messy head of hair. Her fingers stroked the girl’s cheek lightly in adoration. Sometimes it was hard to believe that this precious child was hers.

“Gihihi, let’s eat before the food gets cold you two,” Gajeel chuckled, strapping Gale into his high chair. When his wife went to fix the baby some food he told her to relax and eat. The tired mother gratefully accepted his offer. Together the small family enjoyed not only the delicious meal, but also each other’s company.

When breakfast was finished, Gale was put in his play pen that was in the next room along with Roxie who played with her dolls to allow the two adults to clean up. The couple had a system, Gajeel always washed and Levy dried the dishes. They remained in a comfortable silence until the dark haired man stole the dish from her hand. “Hey!”

“Come with me for a sec,” he set the plate on the counter, his hands wrapping around hers as he lead them to their bedroom.

“Gajeel?” the solid script mage questioned, tilting her head to the side slightly, her blue waves stirring at the movement.

The named man gave her no reply, his back to her as he rummaged through one of his drawers. When he turned back around his hand was closed in a fist.

“Hold out yer hands,” he instructed gruffly.

Levy quirked up an eyebrow at him but complied with his request. Not a moment later, she felt cool metal against her skin. She looked down, finding a thin chain with a steel heart charm. “Oh Gajeel…” she smiled, tears pricking the corners of her big brown eyes.

“I made it myself,” her husband said, rubbing the back of his neck. Even after all these years he still got all flustered when it came to being romantic.

“I love it,” Levy clutched the necklace close to her chest, a bright smile adorning her face. “Can you put it on me?”

“What? Ya can’t put on a necklace by yourself?” Gajeel scoffed but took the necklace just like she knew he would. Her hands held up her hair so it was out of the way for him as he clasped the jewelry around her neck. His fingers lingered on her skin, sending goosebumps down her arms.

A soft sigh escaped her pale lips when he placed a kiss just behind her ear, electricity racing across her skin at every touch. “I love you, Gajeel.”

“I know,” he grinned cheekily and after a pout from her he pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you too, Levy.” Another kiss was placed on the top of her head.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Babe.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Levy echoed.

Gajevy Week: Prompt: Longing Missed Glances


Smidgen Gruvia

JuviaxLevy BrOTP


Prompt: Longing


Missed Glances

Post Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

Levy goes to Juvia for some advice, it turns out, while she may be smart, she missed a lot more than she ever did.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Juvia glanced at her bedroom door, it had been a couple days since she and everyone else returned from the Spirit World. Outside of everyone who went, no one had memories of what had transpired.

It left a lot of people in a weary state, especially those that had been transformed into constellations.

“Juvia, can I talk to you?” Levy’s voice came through the door, and Juvia tilted her head. While she and Levy were friends, they didn’t hang out too much.

It was disappointing when she thought about it. But, she noticed Levy was a very quiet girl when it came to things like that. Outside her small social ring or Jet, Droy, Lily, Gajeel, Cana, Wendy, and Lisanna. Even then, she spent most of her time with the first four, and that was mainly because them men all hovered around her.

Juvia had taken a bit to realize, Levy was extremely friendly, but also extremely introverted. While Lucy could be seen as the blunette’s best friend, the two rarely hung out outside of the Guild, and here at Fairy Hills, the smaller blunette hung out with Wendy because the youngest female spent a lot of time with Levy, reading and learning about different types of magic.

Outside of a more familial bond with Wendy, Jet, and Droy and outside the affectionate and friendship type relations she had with Gajeel and Lily, respectively, she didn’t open up very much.  

“Of course, Levy. Juvia is always willing to talk.” Juvia replied as she opened the door. She wasn’t greeted by the usual warm smile that screamed Levy. She was met with a nervous look that made Juvia want to hug the girl and never let go.

“I-I know you and I don’t talk much. And I know that’s mainly my fault. I… I’m sorry. But… can I ask for your advice?”

Her slow stutters made Juvia worry.

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I missed ya

Hello everyone! Welcome back! This prompt is for day 2 of Gajevy week: Longing. Hope you like it! Leave me a comment/review and share this story if you liked it :D

Summary: Levy is out on a mission and Gajeel is grumpy about that. Lily and Juvia take advantage of the situation to tease Gajeel. Gajevy; Lily-Gajeel-Juvia brotp.

Fluffy and little bit of angst! Because my mind cannot be at ease if there is no angst in my stories.

Canon-verse; I think it would be after GMG and before Tartarous because the guildhall is already back to normal and it’s after Tenrou Island.

Words count: 4.7k

Find it at ffnet here

“Hey Metal Head! Fight-” Natsu’s challenge was cut short when an iron club hit him square in the face, sending the fire dragon slayer to the other side of the guild hall.

“Fuck off, Salamander.” Gajeel said dismissively returning his arm back to normal before tossing another set of iron bolts and screws into his mouth. He munched on his snack loudly, sending off an aura that scream ‘you better stay the fuck away from me’ to everyone around him. Not that Natsu could read the mood since this was the third time he had tried to start a fight with Gajeel just to be tossed to the other side of the room without much of an effort from the iron dragon slayer.

“Bring it on, Metal Breath!” Natsu was about to launch himself again towards Gajeel’s table but Lucy grabbed him by his scarf stopping his movement.

“Give it a rest, Natsu. Gajeel is obviously not in the mood” the stellar mage scolded him and turned around to see the iron dragon slayer staring absentmindedly at the closest wall.

“Yeah, stop being a pain in the ass, you moron.” Gray commented from a nearby table.

“What do ya call me, Ice princess?!” Natsu yelled at Gray.

“Who are you calling a princess, you Fire Dick?!”

“Wanna fight me?!”

“Bring it on, jerk!”

And that’s how Natsu gave up on his attempts to initiate a fight with Gajeel and instead focused on his fight with Gray that suddenly evolved into a full-blown battle, getting almost all the members of the guild involved. Lucy sighed and took a seat besides Juvia who was fawning over her dear Gray-sama when he started to take off his shirt.

“Hey, Juvia…” Lucy’s voice got the water mage back to reality as she noticed for the first time that the blonde was sitting next to her.

“Hi Lucy, what can Juvia do for you?”

“Do you know why Gajeel is even grumpier today than usual?” She pointed at said man who just snarled at a random guild member that tried to sit down at his table, succeeding in scaring that person off.

“Juvia hadn’t notice but now that Lucy mentions it, Gajeel-kun does seem edgier today.” He suddenly threw an iron cup to Elfman yelling at him to 'Shut the fuck off with yer stupid manliness!’

“Juvia better go and talk with Gajeel-kun to see what’s being bothering him.” The water mage excused herself from the table and made her way to where Gajeel was sitting. He growled at her angrily but since Juvia was used to the dragon slayer’s curtness she ignored him and sat down across the table from him.

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Three years have passed

A/N: Thank you all for your support and reviews on and here.  Special thanks to @whereisthefood123​ for always being so kind.

Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learn?

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:

Chapter four: Out of control

The moonlight filtered through the crystal windows lightening the pitch black hospital hallway. It was near three in the morning. The petite blue haired mage ripped the IV cord off her arm and got out of her room silently. A line of blood ran down her forearm and began to drip on the white floor. She held her arm firmly.  I have to find the exit. Levy was terrified. Why did the runes appeared and disappeared out of nowhere? She was confused. I have to go now, or I’ll never have a chance. Strong footsteps caught Levy’s attention, making her look ahead to find out who it was.

“Oi! Where do you think you’re going?” He crossed his arms in front of his chest.

She looked away and asked. “Gajeel, what are you doing here?”

He looked down at her. “Answering with another question is suspicious, you know. Why are you wandering around the hospital?”

She refused to answer. “Just…leave me alone.” Her vision became blurry from the tears building up.

“Idiot, why are you crying about?”

She clenched her eyes shut and took a few steps further. “Forget about it. It’s none of your business. I gotta go.” Her voice sounded harsher than intended.

“Stop talking nonsense.” She stopped in her tracks and turned around at Gajeel’s comment.

Their eyes finally met.

“YOU KNOW NOTHING!” She shouted at him. “You don’t understand.” She looked away and said the last part quietly.

Gajeel walked up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders roughly. “How the hell I’m supposed to understand if you don’t spit it out!?” He leaned down his head and let it rest on Levy’s right shoulder. “If it’s because of that weird magic.” Levy’s eyes widened. “I won’t judge you like your lapdogs…” He stated.

She sighed in relief. “Gajeel…” A tear escaped from her beautiful eyes.

Silence settled between them. “I know you will tell me sooner or later.” His rough voice softened.

“I…” Levy bit her lower lip.

“Don’t…” His raspy voice murmured.

“I have to.” Levy looked into his eyes.

He raised his head and smirked. “If you really want to…You will have to endure my fucking attitude.”

“Would you really do that?” Her face brightened. Those hazel eyes looking crystalize.

“Of course.” He looked directly to the eyes. “Gosh Lev, don’t look at me with those fucked up eyes.” He ruffled her blue locks.

“S-sorry.” She let out another sob.

“Nah it’s ok.” Gajeel answered and turned around. “Get those thoughts out of your head and hop on.” He kneeled down and used his thumb to point at his back.

“Huh?” Levy blushed.

“Don’t get used to it. This is a once in a lifetime thing.” Levy’s arms spread around his neck. Her chest touched his back and Gajeel’s hands held the back of her thighs.

“Thank you…” She hid her face in his black mane.

Gajeel looked over his shoulder and chuckled. “I only did it ‘cuz you look like crap.”

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. Obsessive Impulsive . 10

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

Levy stretched her arms above her head and looked over her shoulder to check the time a few hours later, her jaws stretching in a large yawn. She’d been told she could stay the night in the guildhall if she wanted - Gildarts planned to stay the night to get some paperwork done and Makarov had suggested she stay by him. Naturally, she’d accepted.


The solid-script mage looked over and found Lucy waving to get her attention. The blonde had Happy in her arms, Natsu at her side, and her bag slung over her shoulder. Her dark eyes were concerned. “We’re heading out, Levy. Are you going to be okay?”

Levy nodded. “I’ll be fine,” she reassured, crossing her arms. “Lily and I are staying here and Gajeel will be back in the morning. On top of it all, Gildarts will be here all night. I’ll hang with him.”

“If you’re sure…” Lucy waved a final time. She and Natsu exchanged a look and then headed for the doors. They closed loudly behind Lucy and finally, Levy found that she and Lily - who had fallen asleep on a table - were alone within the main portion of the guildhall. She’d promised to clean up for the night so Mirajane could head home earlier than normal. Light spilled out from beneath the door to Makarov’s office - Gildarts hard at work, she supposed.

Levy approached the door. She knocked and when she heard Gildarts tell her to come in, she did so. She merely peeked her head in and gave a hesitant smile. “Everyone’s gone. I’m going to clean up the guildhall and then head up to one of the rooms to sleep.”

Gildarts glanced up from the paperwork he’d been doing and gave her a warm smile. “Got it. I’ll be down here doing…this.” He gave his paperwork a look of disgust, earning a laugh from her. “Just shout if you need anything.”

“I will,” she said firmly. She waved and then headed towards the bar to wipe it down one more time. When she was done with it as wella s the tables lining the guildhall, she woke Lily. “Come on,” she murmured, “let’s head up.”

“Okay,” he agreed, yawning widely.

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punchdrunkmarconline  asked:

I find it hilarious that most of the ships FT is trying to "push" aren't very good at all (especially when it comes to the big 4), but when you mix and match you get much better ones: Natza, Grayza, Graylu, ErLu, Navia, NaLe, Gajuvia, LeLu, Gratsu, the list goes on.

yeah lots of what the fandom deems “crack ships” make a whole lot more sense than whats being pushed like, for example natza had so much opportunity after tower of heaven? but jellal then pulled the Im Not Dead card

  • even if i like to personally hc gajeel as gay, gajuvia would also be p good bc they knew each other for a while & getting shoved into a foreign environment together (fairy tail) you would think ppl who knew each other the most & could relate to each other would cling together in that situation, and with that comes easy opportunity for one of them to have feelings develop (especially juvias history of clinging to guys & dating them)
  • gratsu couldve easily been a rivals to lovers trope, as we have seen multiple times even when they fought a lot they did genuinely care for each others well being and it couldve just slowly took off from there- not to mention, 2 main characters dating each other? who are both boys? that wouldve been so good
  • grayza seemed to have some hinting at- like when they were attacking phantom lord and erza was really distressed & leaned on gray for comfort, and they seem to just click very well and two (mostly) level headed people
  • for graylu gray & lucy have a good chemistry & are very chill with each other and couldve easily hooked up but not really do all that much pda so it couldve been like, a very lowkey relationship like all they would really do is call each other pet names & hold hands while they were in public, kind of like trying to separate their personal & work lives sense their guild is their living
  • lucy was fuckin swooned by erza when they first met- and that was when erza was a scary character, erza becoming soft & especially around lucy couldve been cool. like to have erza realize lucy brings out the best in her & ask her out wouldve been So Good™
  • levy & lucy easily got along when they first met and they are (well, supposed to be) really close and to see them be together wouldve been cute as fckn hell and the writer & reader gimmic couldve been a cool thing to play around with
  • navia has the classic water & fire trope and to have a cool headed girl & a rowdy guy together of their nature couldve been cute- and juvia is someone whos supposed to have depression, having someone so happy-go-lucky coul have a positive influence on her
  • nale couldve been like some kinda cuteass plot twist as well where it turns out they have a very good chemistry- levy while being upbeat could also (try) to keep natsu in line & try to have him not fucking, wreck everything all the time. natsu is a naturally optimistic person as well & couldve helped levy through the trauma she got from the phantom lord ordeal. and levy is a solid script mage- if she trained together with natsu imagine how powerful she could be.

fairy tail is just a…pile of wasted potential, especially when you scrape off whats on the surface

. Obsessive Impulsive . 13

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

“I’m happy to see that you look as if you’re feeling better,” Makarov told Levy when she approached him later that morning. She smiled at him - truly smiled - and thanked him.

“I wanted to know,” she asked, leaning on the bar, “if I could take a job with Gajeel? Or even Gildarts. I want to be able to pay rent at Fairy Hills this month.”

Makarov gave her a long look. “Do you think you’d be safe?”

She nodded. “And it’d be nice to get out of Magnolia for the time being.”

“You have no magic as of now,” he reminded her, gesturing to the manacle that still rested on her wrist. “Would you be safe in that regard?”

Levy grimaced and touched the manacle. “I’ll take one that doesn’t require too much magic and let whoever goes with me to take care of the parts that do.”

“Then if you’re sure…” Makarov waved towards where Natsu and Lucy sat, bent over the table together. “You’re more than welcome to take their job with them if they’d be willing. Take Gajeel with you, too. And Lily if you want. They’ve been asked to gather certain plants for Porlyusica. Rather than splitting the money, you’ll be paid from the guild’s funds.”

“Thank you,” Levy said honestly, hazel eyes practically glowing.

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Liquid Silver

Prompt; Liquid Silver

Requested by Nonners


She couldn’t believe it.  

No, this couldn’t happen.  

Wasn’t happening at all.  

Nope, it was just a bad joke, and they were going to go back home and pretend that this hadn’t happened. That the prize wasn’t gone and that the entire mission hadn’t been pointless. That the man wasn’t another one of the crazy people who offered something they didn’t have for an insane job. But still!  

“Levy, just calm down,” Jet said from behind, his hands up as he tried to placate the angry script mage. “I mean, it’s just ink after all, right?”

The blue haired girl whirled on him, her normally cool chocolate eyes sparkling bright as she clenched her fists. “No, Jet, it wasn’t.” She hissed, her entire body trembling. Jet shot a look at Droy, and both began to back up slightly as she paced in the street. “It was Liquid Silver, only the best kind of ink for everything! Do you know how rare it is? Let alone how expensive it normally gets?” Her hands pushed through her wild locks, freeing them from the yellow ribbon and mussing it up even more.  

She couldn’t believe how gullible she’d been, falling for the prize before she’d even thought of researching the man behind the job. But it wasn’t something she couldn’t help either; Liquid Silver was indeed one of the rarest inks made in the world, and it was said that only kings could afford it, using it to scribe only the most important documents. She knew for sure that Princess Hisui had a small, precious bottle of the stuff, and Lucy had mentioned that the Celestial King had at least two bottles of the stuff.  

It wasn’t just that the ink looked like its namesake that made it rare, but it glowed in starlight and could harness magic as well, making script magic far more potent than she could’ve dreamt. And it looked sooo cool when it glittered under the stars, like the stuff of dreams.  

However, it seemed that it would have to stay that way till she was able to figure a way to get her hands on some, expensive or as a prize. For now, she was going to have to borrow a tactic from Gajeel for their supposed “employer”. She turned to the boys and clapped her hands together, making them jump and gulp uneasily. A wicked grin pulled at her lips as she cocked her head at them.  

“Well, shall we go to visit the guy to ask some more questions?” She asked, and Jet sighed as she rushed past him, not waiting for their answer.  

I swear Gajeel’s too much of an influence on her these days, he thought wearily as he and Droy whirled to follow her.

anonymous asked:

Math sucks! Would a Gajevy "surprise" fic be a good prompt to cheer up your day! :)

YEAH! Wow, you really know how to cheer me up anon *-*

“Levy, hurry up! You’re going to be late at your own birthday party!” Lucy had a point. The guild had planned a feast for the blue-haired mage with a lot of booze, food and cake. They always wanted a reason to party, so this was their chance to let loose and enjoy the night. 

“I’m coming! Lu-chan, why did you have to do so many things for me? I never celebrate my birthday, so it wasn’t necessary.” She wore her headband and grabbed her purse, finally ready to leave with her friend. 

“Well, it’s a special day that you should be grateful for. Besides, do you think that the guild needs a reason to drink and dance?” That being said, the two girls left Levy’s room in Fairy Hills and headed towards Fairy Tail, where things were already chaotic. Chairs were practically floating in the air and the music was loud enough to attract the furious residents of the area, who ended up joining the party because the mages were too stubborn to turn it down a bit.

Lucy opened the door for Levy, who walked in first. Suddenly, confetti was falling on her head, and everyone shouted “Surprise!” with all their might. But, one person was missing from the feast. His absence disturbed Levy’s happiness that her friends had caused, and her eyes were looking frantically to find him. He wasn’t exactly known for blending in the crowd, so her first thought was that he was sitting somewhere more private. But, he was nowhere to be found.

She wanted to look for him more thoroughly, but her friends had other plans in mind. Team Shadowgear took her to the dance floor, which was the perfect distraction for the real surprise of the day. It didn’t take long for an enormous cake to appear, shocking every person who didn’t know what was coming next. 

The reactions of the people attending the party varied, when a certain iron dragon slayer decided to appear from within the cake that was actually a construction that looked like the real one. Gajeel’s idea to pop out of it, just like it happened in the movies, and sing a song*, was quite a sight for the solid script mage, who blushed immediately. She could clearly see that the lyrics were only referring to her, in the middle of the entire guild, and that made her embarrassment even bigger. But, it didn’t stop there. 

After finishing the song, Gajeel approached his girlfriend.

“Levy, we’ve been dating for quite a while. We’ve been through so much together, and I don’t want that to stop anytime soon. What do you say, shrimp, will you marry me?”

“This shouldn’t even be a question, idiot.” Her answer was all it took for him to press his lips against hers. This was the beginning of a new infinity…