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R▲ – Russian visual {linguist}, whose graphics and m o t i o n perceived in sync with sounds, reveal __hidden/ introvert codes of virtual and material realities. Inspired by electronic music and video***games, he created the artistic language 0f urban poetry rhymed with electric scent of ozone, city wires, asphalt, reinforced concrete/ and glass, giving an u n d a t e d impression of statics and movement and a painful idea of something you`ll never know and very unlikely see 0_j.
His artwork in P r a g u e is a visual magnet, a motion graffiti reinterpreting traditional Russian __script (‘Vyaz’) in a modern glitch,,,aesthetics. The saying [means] 'You are here’ drawing a parallel between city mapping and every m0ment self-awareness. The lettering shows __the e f f e c t of seamless repeating changes in motion due to particular animation tricks, though the viewer`s eye ±±± cannot catch the moment when it actually happens. Urban context is changing ~Z~ every second you just need to open your mind and feel it………………………“”“;



Hello, you may look at this gif and see a door rotating either direction but what this actually is hiding is HOURS OF TORMENT.

Quaternions! They rotate towards the shortest direction in whatever dimension it is they exist in! And.. and then they do idk they do something else whatever they feel like at the time, if time exists for them (for real what even are they?) but HEY look here’s a super cool door script that rotates in any direction you could dream of (there’s only three dimensions in reality, unless you’re a Quaternion because they have four ok? FOUR. Don’t… don’t ask.)

Nice work, me! It’s only been four hours/days/ is it still June? Hello?

Coming soon to Unity Asset Store!

Easily Change Your Light Type

Hello my name is Jack and you can pay me to make your life easier ;)

Today’s addition to my scripts package for Unity is a Light modifier, which allows you to easily select different light types from a list. It needs a few tweaks and some more presets, but I imagine this tool will be the most useful in the pack.