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Do you think you’ll be hanging up your corset for good? [Laughs] For a while. I really do love my history, so I’ll never say never to getting back into the corset for the right role. I said that I wouldn’t for a while and then I read The Scandalous Lady W and found myself in a corset much earlier again than I had anticipated. It really depends on the script, but my next handful of movies are contemporary based so at least for the immediate future there will be some jeans and a t-shirt. – Natalie Dormer

this is just the sketch but it looks so cool I thought I’d post it

Please watch Valerian! It’s such a good film and I need a sequel!!

LEAKED next xavier dolan movie 2017 john f donvvonan script

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Imagine how tired Joe must feel, he filmed 4 movies this year, promoted a movie and maybe is looking for scripts for next year and above all that he was still able to love Taylor and love her like she’s brand new.

he really knows how to prioritise his relationships and how manage his time effectively and honestly a man who will take time out of his day to spend hours talking to you/just chill is exactly who taylor deserves. he really loves her as much as she loves him i cant 

Update #002 on the Ragnarok comic:

First page will probably not happen this week just yet, I want to fully finish the script in order to make sure there’s no plotholes/inconsistencies/things that I should’ve foreshadowed at at the beginning and didn’t 
(currently finished the script for 17 outta 35 pages, and I have the outline for all of them so it shouldn’t take too much longer ^^)

Throwback to this article:

So now that The Force Awakens has been a real thing for five whole days, let’s turn our attention to hyping Episode VIII which is only two short years away. 

While J.J. Abrams will be staying on board as a producer of this new trilogy, he will be giving up the director’s chair to Rian Johnson. Apparently, Abrams now wishes he could take that back, because the script for the next movie is so good.

 The word comes, not from Abrams himself, but the next best source, his longtime friend and collaborator Greg Grunberg. Grunberg has acted in nearly every project that Abrams has even been involved in, including playing X-wing pilot Snap Wexley in The Force Awakens. While he’s known the director since Kindergarten, Grunberg told The Washington Post that he’d never seen him react to a script the way he did to the one for the next part of the Star Wars saga. He said: ‘It’s so good, I wish I were making it.”

That’s high praise, especially from the man who did just make a Star Wars movie, and from most accounts, made a pretty good one. The movie has broken nearly every box office record it’s possible to break on opening weekend, putting up summer movie numbers in the middle of December. After the work he’s put in, you would think he’s earned a bit of a rest. Instead, it looks like he’d keep working if he could direct the next episode. If Episode VII itself wasn’t enough to get you excited for the future of the Star Wars franchise, now we have word that the script is just that good. We of course have no information as to what makes it so great. Instead, we have two years of rumors ahead of us to try and figure that out. J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson have been working together already, in order to make sure that the transition between Episode VII and Episode VIII is as seamless as possible. Johnson was aware of everything that would be going on in the new film so it could be worked into the next one. In addition, Johnson apparently had a couple things added to the recent movie in order to set up things he wanted to do in his.

Big Bang reactions to finding out you have regular seizures every 3 months because of brain tumor

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Idk if I got the idea of the seizure in the right way but anyways hope you all like it. 

You were both at home, he was reading the script for his next movie and you were currently cooking dinner. After a while you were getting dizzy and everything went spinning but it got away soon, so you kept cooking on. You never had experience with something like that so you were scared what happened. After 3 months it happened again. This time you were just walking towards the car where Seunghyun was waiting for you. He was a little angry at you because you spent so much on your makeup. You were slowly running when you felt pain in your head. It was like someone was screaming inside of your head. You stopped and fell to the ground unconscious. He noticed you fell and ran towards you. Your hands were shaking and he called an ambulance immediately. When you found out in the hospital you have a brain tumor, he just left the room for a while. He was sitting on the bench outside, thinking what that means for us. He wanted you to live and he was ready to give everything for your healing. After a while, he came back and wanted to talk to the doctor how dangerous this is and if he can help.
*to the doctor* “I will do everything, just tell me how can I help”

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You had sudden attack every couple weeks, but you always thought it was because of not eating properly or dehydration. But this time it was worse. You were on dinner together, he was wearing a suit and you wore a red dress, just like in the movies. You stopped eating and you were just gossiping about the latest trends in USA when you stopped feeling your hands and legs. You closed your eyes. There was nothing, you felt nothing and heard nothing. Your head hurt like someone is putting something heavy on your head. What you didn’t know was that you were lying on the ground shaking and you weren’t breathing for a few seconds. He was surprised and stood up, held you and screamed for help. He wanted to get an ambulance right away. He couldn’t watch you like that and he let one of the waiters to put you in the right position. When an ambulance came he was right there beside you. He waited all night for the results. Since you woke up soon, they had all of the results ready by the morning. When he heard the words tumor and brain, he just hoped it was not too late for healing.
“We’re not too late, right? We have time to heal, right?”

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While you were cleaning the living room and he was on the couch watching new variety show, your brains told you to stop. You couldn’t talk and when you tried you bit your tongue. Then you started shaking and lost control over your legs. It was painful so you closed your eyes and screamed because of the pain. You didn’t know how you felt at the moment but all you knew was you had to scream. You just got the signals and did it. You scared him and he thought you burned yourself and came to finding you on the ground shaking, with your mouth full of blood. He panicked and asked you what happened. He kept shaking you and wanted you to stop screaming but h didn’t know how. It stopped after that and you could finally open your eyes. Since it was your first time you were just tired and wanted to sleep, so you stayed on the ground sleeping. He was even more scared but since you were yourself and not hurt a lot he just called the doctor to come at your home. He diagnosed you by a brain tumor. He wanted to know how and if it can be healed. He promised to go to the hospital with you tomorrow.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s gonna heal*caresses your head*”

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He knew how hard headaches you had sometimes but you always said it was bearable, but now, when you were waiting for him to get in the car, you just felt sleepy and your head hurt again. You had to close your eyes and when he got inside you let go of the driving wheel and touched your head slowly since you couldn’t do it faster. He saw something was wrong and asked you. When he touched your hands you started shaking and after that, it all went away. You just forgot everything and when you opened your eyes you had no idea who you were or who he was. You just closed your eyes. He was confused about what just happened and how you ignored him. He wanted you to get out of the car and breather for a while. You remembered everything in a couple minutes and you ended up crying because you knew something was wrong with you. The next day when he heard you had a brain tumor, he cried too. He could’ve never imagined you could be sick. He held your hand as long as he could during your time in the hospital and just prayed for you to be okay.
“We’re going to be okay Jagi.”

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You did a lot of pranks on him. He didn’t know you sometimes had seizures, sudden attacks. They were always short and you were just sleepy afterward and forgot about them. This time Seungri was there. You were dancing in the kitchen when he heard you hit your head on the kitchen counter and he thought you were doing a prank on him again and screamed that it won’t work this time. When you didn’t reply and he heard weird noises he stood up and checked up what is going on. He found you laying on the ground, shaking and a wound on your forehead. He kneeled and held your head. He just wanted to call the ambulance when you opened your eyes. Instead, he drove you there immediately. He was scarred why you would have a short attack like that. He was scared the whole time, waiting for results. When the doctor came and told you about the situation, he just stayed quiet and listened to him what to do if this happens again. He felt like he is not responsible enough to take care of the situation and promised himself he’ll help you get through this.

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Awakening - Part 4 *Peter Parker x Stark!reader*

Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Requests Open~~  MasterList *Always updating with new chapters*

I leaned against the wall of the bathroom, putting the scissors down on the counter. I looked down at Matilda and smiled. They let me cut her hair if I promised to not let her touch the scissors and while this did cause a fight, which is why the bathroom looks like a bomb went off, I managed to pull the ‘I’m older so listen up’ card and she actually followed it. I guess it’s official, I’m her mother I pondered and cleaned up the mess. “Do you want to see yourself?” I asked her softly. She was nervous, which is understandable. She let her hair cover her face on purpose. It was her shield from everyone else and I just cut it all away.

“I guess I have to be right?” Matilda answered and turned towards the mirror. 

“It’s…..actually not bad” She smiled at me through the mirror and I think I felt my heart soar. 

“I’m glad you like it, but you and I both know we need to talk.” I started, crouching down to eye level with her, “We have to get on these guys good side, alright?” I questioned her. Rhetorical, but I knew we were going to have to lay down some ground rules.

“Yes, because they are the only ones who can help us.” She muttered, not pleased by the truth, her fingers played with the sweater the brunette avenger gave her when they saw how bloody she was. I nodded and grabbed her hands to try and make her look me in the eye.

“No more murder. I mean it Maddie. If we want them to accept us, then we have to play by their rules” I explained to her, “They’re the good guys.”

“But we aren’t.” She answered linking eyes with me and I felt so much sadness from this little girl. “They’ll always be afraid of us…..of me.”

“That is not true Maddie” I try and convince her, but she just shrugs and stands up. I sigh because I know its gonna take a long time for her to get used to any sort of affection or care. 

We walked into the meeting room where we were before our bathroom debacle. The Avengers were all sitting around a table talking, but they went silent when they noticed we had returned. 

“So, web-head here said that you had some very important news for me, so the floor is yours” Tony stated as we stood there, me panicking on what to say and Matilda just looked bored. She probably is.

“Yes, well, I don’t know if it’s okay to say out loud” I answer, looking at Tony. I saw him nod slightly and walk up to me. 

“I thought we weren’t allowed to keep secrets?” I heard the cute kid ask, Tony laughed in response. 

“This isn’t keeping a secret, it’s just prescreening whether the truth is ok” Tony answered and I admired his snark. He swung an arm around my shoulder, “Let’s leave little Wednesday outside while we talk.” 

Matilda, while looking confused, immediately went to argue, but I gave her a stern look. “Fine. I’ll stay with the goody two shoes.” She muttered and went to sit against the wall close to them. I’ll count that as a start.

We sat in a lab as I told him that what I was about to say needed to be backed by science. Tony Stark, being a curious man, just like Spidey said, took me to the lab right away. I could feel my hands start to shake and suddenly I felt sick. “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, but it’s okay. Even though our team is very dysfunctional, we can protect you from whatever it is making you so scared.” He told me.

I sighed and looked at him, “It’s hard because I can’t even fully remember. Everything’s scattered in my head and all I feel is rage all the time. The only thing I remember, if I can even trust my own mind, is….. I believe I’m your missing daughter, Mr.Stark.”

Tony whipped his head and looked at me shocked. “What?” he exclaimed and I sighed. I knew how hard this must be for him to believe. It’s hard for me too. 

“You can test me and if it’s negative, I’ll leave and never come back, but my memory is scrambled. But I can remember you. That you were important to me. And I don’t know why, other than we must have been close.”  I answered as he watched me start break down.

“My daughter was taken from me six years ago. Right out from under my nose.” Tony started, “There was so much blood at the scene that was hers’ that the police concluded she must of died.” My whole body was shaking now. Am I her? The dead girl back from the dead. My mind whirled at this new knowledge.  “We’ll test your blood and see, but I’ve had to learn in the past that miracles aren’t real. At least not for me.”

I nodded my head. Hopefully I can be the exception for him.

A/N Another day of procrastinating equals another chapter for everyone. The angst is real in this one, but now it’ll start getting happier. Do you guys like it so far? I hope you do cause it’s fun writing and incorporating the gifs, almost like making a weird movie script. Comforting!Peter in the next update. Tagging is still open~~ Also you can request your own imagine/one-shot in my ask box! Prompt or otherwise. Thanks Loves!

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Admittedly, I was a bit worried that Marvel would tone down the Punisher for his spinoff show. Like, I never believed that Marvel would go all the way with this character.

Based on what I read from comic con, all I can say is I’m glad Marvel proved me wrong and decided to embrace their dark side. The spoilers read like a leaked script for the next John Wick movie.

Resolve - Jack/Reader

Gif by @jackrostov

Summary/Request: Hey there! I really love all your writings and I have this idea stuck in my head and since you’re really great at it I was wandering if you could write something about y/n being part of a big franchise (maybe marvel?? Idk) and a new movie is coming up and she gets the script and finds out her character’s gonna die and she’s upset bc it’s been a part of her since forever and Jack Lowden tries to comfort her? Okay maybe it’s a bit lame

Word Count: 961

Warnings: None

A/N: It’s definitely not lame! It was a cute prompt. A little short, but I hope you enjoy, anon!

When Y/N got a new script, Jack always knew to leave her alone, as she’d spend all day reading it, engulfing herself in whatever universe it was, spending all day analyzing how she’d play the role.

They’d met a few years back a premiere, and the rest was history. She’d become well known as an actress in the Marvel universe, it had been the gig that kicked off her career and had become such a large part of her life. Even when she wasn’t working on one of the projects within the universe, she was interacting with fans and attending events and benefits. She’d become so close with the cast and crew and they would meet outside of work to hang out frequently.

Even though some actors didn’t like working on those types of movies because they didn’t want to be typecast, she absolutely loved being a part of it.

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This is a request I’ve received last week : ‘I was wondering if you could do one with Ben where reader is dating him and they are both actors and they have a bit of an age difference (about 10 yeas maybe) and it has never really been a problem, but suddenly it is? You decide the ending, but a happy one please. ’

Well, dear anon, I hope you won’t be disappointed with me (fingers crossed…)

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Jessica Chastain Sitting Bull Painter Pic ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Snapped Up By A24 & DirecTV
By Anthony D'Alessandro

A24 and DIRECTV have taken U.S. rights to Susana White’s Woman Walks Ahead about widowed artist Catherine Weldon who travelled to North Dakota in the 1880s to paint Chief Sitting Bull. The western drama made its premiere at this fall’s Toronto International Film Festival and stars Jessica Chastain as Weldon as well as Sam Rockwell, Michael Greyeyes, Ciaran Hinds, and Bill Camp. Stephen Knight wrote the script. DirecTV and A24 will release the movie next year with a national theatrical rollout.

Inspired by true events, Woman Walks Ahead follows Weldon’s deep friendship with Chief Sitting Bull as they join forces to take on the U.S. government in a pivotal battle for Native American land rights. The filmmakers collaborated closely with the Native American community throughout production to ensure the individuals and culture portrayed in the film were authentic and accurate.

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Just copy/paste the bee movie script in morse code or pig latin or something next time you get hate.

“the bee movie script in Morse code”

I’m astral projecting