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Lend us your help, and we will do whatever must be done to move Nassau forward.

I am intrigued by your proposal. But there is one question remaining that you will have to show me you can adequately answer. What will you do when the cat fights back?

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are you able to give a summary of the new BSD chapter?

I can try! There was a brief summary sans some details done by several people on some BSD discord chats, so I’ll try to summarize that for you (THANK YOU DISCORD PEOPLE)! Basically, all you need to know is that Oguri is HELLA TRAGIC.


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Max yelped as he was shoved onto the stage, grimacing as he was manhandled onto his knees. He knew the drill by now. Even though he was deaf, he knew the script that the auctioneer read. Offering him as a slave, letting everyone know he was deaf and trying to upsell him to make up for his disability. He kept his head down, he hadn’t been sold in over a year, ever since he had entered the Trade. Not many Masters would want a slave that couldn’t hear their commands. He chanced a glance up at the small crowd, silently praying like he usually did that this would be the time that a nice master would get him. Maybe one that knew sign language. @erstwhile-rp

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