12x10 rewatch: gosh, dean really hates how the “lily and her daughter” story went down in 1901. it probably reminds him of the fact that cas is not human and used to be a real “angel’s angel” back in the day (even if we know he’s always had a tendency to rebellion and compassion, but i dont think dean knows). 

dean can’t even look at cas after he knows what happened with lily (well, the “official” story)

(poor sam, always in the middle)

and before that, cas was so afraid of what dean and sam would think of him (but mostly dean). 

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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

How many people are gonna point guns at me today?


OUTSIDE THE BOX - models: Amber Rose Whitcomb, Cara Taylor, Rudy Morgan, Tom Shickle, Vivien Solari - photography: Jack Davison - styling: Lucinda Chambers - hair: Neil Moodie - makeup: Lotten Holmqvist - set design: Shona Heath - Vogue UK April 2017

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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

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lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on


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