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This is a really good book -- SCRIPT


ILLUSTRATORS: Create a Storyboard based off this script. Feel free to write down direction and ideas for Filmmakers.

FILMMAKERS: Cut together an Animatic with these storyboards and voice over performances.




This is a really good book – SCRIPT

A monologue:

So there was this book I was reading which was fucking amazing. I could not believe how into it I was. I’m not a big reader, you know, but this book was just blowing my mind. It was a-maze-ing. Amber over at The Sugar Lounge gave it to me after I broke up with Ed for the third time and she said it would change my life. I totally didn’t believe her, ha, another fucking self help book right?! but Ed stopped paying the cable after he moved out so I didn’t have anything else to fucking do. It wasn’t even really a self help book, not in the strictest sense. It was a kinda autobiographical, mystery, adventure, romance, awakening, horror story, you know? Anyway it was a-maze-ing.

Then, like 8 days ago, I was at Friars Coffee House on 4th, you know, the one with the amazing chai? Yeah, anyway I was just chillin’, reading this book when I got up to order another chai. Totally left the book on the table, like, didn’t even think about it, its a fucking book right?! Whose gonna take someones book - mid read?!

Yeah, someone totally did. They fucking stole my book! I was just livid. I looked all over that god damn coffee house and went off on the staff like some automatic weapon. “Where the fuck is my book?! Did you see who just left?! What kinda place is this - a coffee house for book theives?!” Yeah, they weren’t too impressed and asked me to leave and I was like, fine, fucking book thievery racket hangout.

So I’m devastated right? I really wanted to finish that book and then read it again - it is that a-maze-ing. I told Amber, she was really upset too and I couldn’t just go to the store where she got it and get another copy either. She had found it at a bus stop so I went all book detective and checked online, called every store, every library - even snuck into the high school library to check there! I know right?! I fucking loved that book but it was no where. It was like I had the last copy on the face of the planet. It was really upsetting. I thought I would never get to finish that amazing book and then, fuck me, you will not believe what happened yesterday - it turned up in my mailbox.

Whoa, right? It was in a padded envelope addressed to me. My address! Street, name, everything. So weird. No, it didn’t have a return address, just some scratchy handwriting on the back that said This is a really good book and I was like, I fucking know right?!

I bought the original script for the Supernatural Pilot and I wanted you guys to know some of the differences from the aired episode.
-John’s name was Jack
-Their last name was Harrison not Winchester
-John and Dean have a house
-John left the journal at their house, not in the hotel
-We don’t learn Sam’s LSATs and he doesn’t have a law interview on Monday
-Constance’s last name was Weld not Welch
-It was set in Sanger, California, not Jericho
-The car is an old beat up ‘65 Impala, not a good condition '67
-Dean references that “Bloody Marry was supposed to be a legend too” as if they had already defeated her ghost
-In the scene with the two girls in the restaurant there is also a boy present
-Constance’s story is that she was was a hitchhiker who was murdered, her remains were found in Joseph Burroughs’ trailer as well as six bodies in his back yard
-Dean and Sam find Constance’s victims in a corn field
-They speak to Constance’s adopted mother–her parents supposedly died in a car crash when she was 11–not husband
-Constance wasn’t buried because they never found all of her, but her headstone was in Hughes Creek
Sam refuses to use the fake badges or steal a car
-Constance’s parents actual beat her until she stabbed them both (at age 11) and faked a car crash
-Constance would hitch hike, bring boys to her parents abandoned house and kill them
-Dean actual struggles to open the coffin and Sam is actually afraid of the ghost
-Dean’s gun is a Colt
-Constance’s parents make her disappear, not her children
-Sam feels really bad about leaving Dean to find their dad and Dean says he’s done with their fights and he just doesn’t care anymore about
-Dean comes in before Sam finds Jess, not after
-On the wall at both Jess’ and Mary’s murder scene the words “COMING FOR YOU” are spiderwebbed across the wall

To: Sweet Old Man In The Park -- SCRIPT


ILLUSTRATORS: Create a Storyboard based off this script. Feel free to write down direction and ideas for Filmmakers.

FILMMAKERS: Cut together an Animatic with these storyboards and voice over performances.




To: Sweet Old Man In The Park – SCRIPT

Dear Sweet Old Man Walking In The Park,


I regret ever initiating the wave hello in which we so tediously engage each morning. Must we, Mr. Old Man, always smile and nod/nod and wave when we see one another? MUST WE?

I don’t always feel in a waving mood on my early morning run. I find this dastardly tradition of our hello to be an imposition upon my freedom for appropriate early morning curmudgery.

Nothing, however, compares to the pure insolence you show by walking around the running path THE WRONG WAY.

I don’t care if there isn’t a sign. Everyone else goes counterclockwise. Go counterclockwise. Take your anti-establishment rabble-rousing elsewhere, you old coot!

For the last three years we have done battle daily.

TWICE every SINGLE morning I am forced to either move out of your way or play chicken with you until you move out of mine. Twice each morning I consider putting my shoulder into you and ending this once and for all.

Do you think I like running? I’m only there in the first place because my doctor told me exercise would help with this horrid anger problem of mine, you asshole.

And what is this thing you do that is neither walking nor running but has yet somehow broken from the realm of speed walking? You look like you’re hurrying to a business meeting that is impossibly far away.

You infuriate me, Sweet Old Man Walking In The Park. But I guess that doesn’t matter to you, you goddamn sociopath.

See you tomorrow,

You Fifty Years Ago

(First of all, if anyone official asks me to take this down I will take it down. Fingers crossed that won’t happen, however, since this is just a rubbish-quality snap.)

I posted several months ago about having obtained select pages from the Jupiter Ascending script, and I decided that some of you were likely to be interested in seeing a glimpse of it.

I don’t really need to provide context for this scene since it’s translated very faithfully to the screen, but I felt it worth sharing so we can appreciate how beautifully the Wachowskis write. Scripts are often written using rather prosaic and blunt language, but I can only describe the Wachowskis’ scripts as novelistic - you can read the script to Jupiter Ascending and quickly conjure up the scenes in your imagination because the prose is so vivid and beautiful.

I’ve repeatedly seen people decry the Wachowskis as terrible scriptwriters, which is a gross falsehood - they write beautifully, and I’d love to see the Jupiter Ascending script released in full so we can all enjoy it and see what was cut.