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It’s not my fault that I want to kill you.
With the moon out, full
plumpness bathing the seine, it’s easy
to feel calm water licking
at your toes and think
the worst has missed you.
The earth is a flat practice course.

You were built on glass bottles and telephone poles,
and I on stone and scrimshaw.
My lantern faces South, while yours does East.
No one is to blame
for the fact that our lights
will never cover the same stretch of water.

You are beauty, I am excess.
You make the better mess, more symmetrical,
but I am electric, even if my reflection of the moon
is more fractured.

—  Two Lighthouses, 13/7/16

every cool culture in the world belongs to lower class people all upper class culture is shit and power hungry. like historical cultures like whaling and industrial workers created all the cool shit like scrimshaw and banjos and easy accessible food (like poor scots invented fried chicken and its so accessible and tastes good). rich people suck and are racist