I wanted to share some pictures of my 10-gallon shrimp tank. These stripey guys are crystal bee shrimp (Caridina cantonensis) and I love them ♥so much♥. Usually they come out either red or black, though sometimes a blend of both colors. Through a random mutation I had one come out completely white. She is my special lovely/ugly mutant baby. 

The orange guy is a tangerine tiger shrimp (Caridina serrata). Theoretically these two species will hybridize but I haven’t seen this happening yet. I look forward to it. 

Feeling dead smug because I just split my train fare five times but used the “calling at” list of times from National Rail to make sure I’ll always be on the same train and managed to book a journey from Bristol to Durham (300 miles) less than three days in advance for £47.50.


I’m James McGill. Like most Americans, I’m a self-made man. I put myself through law school. Working in the courts as a public defender, I represented those with nowhere else to turn. I believe in service. It’s what I’ve built my career on. But I’ve also had a dream, a dream that many of us have… A dream to own my own business. Well, I-i scrimped and I saved, and finally, I was able to buy one billboard… A tiny foray into advertising for my fledgling law firm. I’ve always been told that America is the land of opportunity, and I believed it… Until today. Not 24 hours after my billboard went up, a large law firm came after me. They said that I was hurting their business. They’re rich. They’re powerful. I’m just… one man. So, who do you think the courts sided with?


25 days of the fosters — day ten 
↳ most heartbreaking scene | 1x11 — the honeymoon

To The Fullest Extent Of The Law!


I have not one penny to my name right now. 

People are probably going to assume that i’m about to say it sucks, but I’m not.

I love it. I like having no money whatsoever. Mr A has paid the bills for this month, and I’ll be working again by the time next month’s come round. But for the time-being, I’m loving finding new things to do that cost no money. I’m loving reusing things I would have thrown away and making something new with them.

I’ve just unraveled a horrid old (HUGE) jumper, along with an old blanket, and I’m reusing the wool as part of my patchwork baby blanket.

I’ve switched to more natural things too. Yesterday I realised I needed carrots, but Mr A was out, so I couldn’t ask for the money, but I thought about the carrots we are growing. So we had baby carrots instead, leaving some to grow full size, and replanting the tops of the baby ones.

I think this lifestyle might be here to stay. Also when I’m working again, think of the money I’ll save by not buying stuff we already have, or expensive stuff we don’t need. I cleaned the shower with a tub of baking soda this morning. Better than any of the chemicals we used to use!


Jay-Z & Timbaland - Lobster and Scrimp (1998)

"Said, "No No No," then, "Yeah yeah yeah", like she Destiny’s Child"

Hov and Timb sampled Destiny’s Child debut single “No, No, No” on this track, just months after it’s release. Seems Beyonce got Hov’s attention as soon as she arrived on the scene!

things to never scrimp on

Getting a discount is exciting. Getting a discount on something you really want is even better. Then there are times when you think, “oo that brand is WAY cheaper I’ll buy it”. For some things it is ok, but for others uttering that sentence is something you will live to regret.

Once upon a time I was in Tesco (a supermarket in the UK - horrible) and was going to buy bread. I saw some Tesco brand bread and thought they were a lot cheaper than my usual brand, so trying to save money I bought two loaves. This was a bad decision. After I got home and ate it I realised there was a reason it was a quid cheaper per loaf. It wasn’t the basics version, but it was pretty bad. That day I learnt the important lesson - never scrimp on bread (unless you know it’s cheap AND good).

So here are some things that you should never scrimp on:

1. Toilet Paper. It is just not worth it.

2. Tea. Yes, you could buy the basics / home brand version, but it’ll taste the same as dipping a worn sock in your cup. Same for coffee.

3. Bread. See above.

4. Underwear. You can get pretty good and cheap underwear, but spending that little extra for comfort is worth it.

5. Milk. Yes, the major supermarket’s have just cut the price of milk screwing the farmers even more, but that’s not the issue here. The issue here is skim milk and even worse the ultra skim stuff. Why even both? You know what would be easier? Water + white food dye. You would get the same effect and taste.

6. Meat Pies. I once bought an Action meat pie for 50 cents. It tasted like poverty and I couldn’t finish it. I don’t think there was any meat in it.

What else do you think you cannot scrimp on?


so, i am Officially Unemployed (nobody panic, this is in the plan, Mama Scrooge Ofgeography scrimped and saved for this part of the plan) which means that for the next few weeks, give or take, i am going to have about 200% more time to hang out on this blog actually making new content. and i thought, gosh, maybe i should see what these dummies are even hanging out here for.

BEFORE YOU SAY IT: i know. the stories. i promise that as i think of them i will write them. i can’t publish them regularly only because sometimes it hard to remember the things that have happened to me. stories are best told when someone says something and you’re like oH!! OH!!! THAT REMINDS ME!!!!! so, don’t worry. they will stay. as they come up, i will tell them. 

so with that off the table, in terms of original content (don’t worry/i’m sorry, i will continue to reblog hockey things but i DO PROMISE TO TAG), what do you guys like the best? 

I JUST WANT 2 GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. so BESIDES THE STORIES, is there anything on here you want to see more of?