Feeling dead smug because I just split my train fare five times but used the “calling at” list of times from National Rail to make sure I’ll always be on the same train and managed to book a journey from Bristol to Durham (300 miles) less than three days in advance for £47.50.


I have not one penny to my name right now. 

People are probably going to assume that i’m about to say it sucks, but I’m not.

I love it. I like having no money whatsoever. Mr A has paid the bills for this month, and I’ll be working again by the time next month’s come round. But for the time-being, I’m loving finding new things to do that cost no money. I’m loving reusing things I would have thrown away and making something new with them.

I’ve just unraveled a horrid old (HUGE) jumper, along with an old blanket, and I’m reusing the wool as part of my patchwork baby blanket.

I’ve switched to more natural things too. Yesterday I realised I needed carrots, but Mr A was out, so I couldn’t ask for the money, but I thought about the carrots we are growing. So we had baby carrots instead, leaving some to grow full size, and replanting the tops of the baby ones.

I think this lifestyle might be here to stay. Also when I’m working again, think of the money I’ll save by not buying stuff we already have, or expensive stuff we don’t need. I cleaned the shower with a tub of baking soda this morning. Better than any of the chemicals we used to use!

things to never scrimp on

Getting a discount is exciting. Getting a discount on something you really want is even better. Then there are times when you think, “oo that brand is WAY cheaper I’ll buy it”. For some things it is ok, but for others uttering that sentence is something you will live to regret.

Once upon a time I was in Tesco (a supermarket in the UK - horrible) and was going to buy bread. I saw some Tesco brand bread and thought they were a lot cheaper than my usual brand, so trying to save money I bought two loaves. This was a bad decision. After I got home and ate it I realised there was a reason it was a quid cheaper per loaf. It wasn’t the basics version, but it was pretty bad. That day I learnt the important lesson - never scrimp on bread (unless you know it’s cheap AND good).

So here are some things that you should never scrimp on:

1. Toilet Paper. It is just not worth it.

2. Tea. Yes, you could buy the basics / home brand version, but it’ll taste the same as dipping a worn sock in your cup. Same for coffee.

3. Bread. See above.

4. Underwear. You can get pretty good and cheap underwear, but spending that little extra for comfort is worth it.

5. Milk. Yes, the major supermarket’s have just cut the price of milk screwing the farmers even more, but that’s not the issue here. The issue here is skim milk and even worse the ultra skim stuff. Why even both? You know what would be easier? Water + white food dye. You would get the same effect and taste.

6. Meat Pies. I once bought an Action meat pie for 50 cents. It tasted like poverty and I couldn’t finish it. I don’t think there was any meat in it.

What else do you think you cannot scrimp on?

Get fit for under a tenner

Step One: BUY TRAINERS. This does not have to be expensive. Mine were from ASDA for £6 and they work perfectly. 

Step Two: GET MOTIVATED. I downloaded the free Nexercise app onto my Iphone (available on other smart phones) which lets you log how much exercise you do per day and allows you to win medals, points and prizes. This motivates me every day. If you don’t have a fancy phone you could always make up a running plan or find one online that suits you to encourage you to get out there. E.g The Couch to 5k Running Plan

Step Three: RUN. No excuses - just get up, pull on some comfy clothes, put on your trainers and get out there. I run by the Thames every morning and mix up which route I take so I don’t get bored. You could run in your local park or even just round the block - just get outside and get started. There are no excuses apart from extreme illness or not having appropriate footwear. If you don’t have appropriate footwear - see Step One. If you don’t feel motivated - See Step Two. If you’re still making excuses - make all the excuses in the world and then ignore them all and do Step Three anyway. 

Step Four: REPEAT. Now all you have to do is repeat this at least three times a week and you will start to see a difference in your fitness. I try to run every morning but do whatever works for you. Before long - you’ll start to notice a difference in your energy levels, you’ll feel trimmer and you’ll look better too. Simple, cheap and so much more enjoyable than slogging in an expensive gym which could cost you up to £500 per year. Good luck and have fun!

“Lowering the price is a one-directional, single-axis choice. Either it’s cheaper or it’s not.

At first, the process of lowering your price involves smart efficiencies. It forces hard choices that lead to better outcomes.

Over time, though, in a competitive market, the quest for the bottom leads to brutality. The brutality of harming your suppliers, the brutality of compromising your morals and your mission. Someone else is always willing to go a penny lower than you are, and to compete, your choices get ever more limited.

The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win. Even worse, you might come in second.

To cut the price a dollar on that ebook or ten dollars on that plane ticket (discounts that few, in the absence of comparison, would notice very much) you have to slash the way things are edited, or people are trained or safety is ensured. You have to scrimp on the culture, on how people are treated. You have to be willing to be less caring or more draconian than the other guy.

Every great brand (even those with low prices) is known for something other than how cheap they are.

Henry Ford earned his early success by using the ideas of mass production and interchangeable parts in a magnificent race to the most efficient car manufacturing system ever. But then, he and his team learned that people didn’t actually want the cheapest car. They wanted a car they could be proud of, they wanted a car that was a bit safer, a bit more stylish, a car built by people who earned a wage that made them contributors to the community.

In the long run, to be the cheapest is a refuge for people who don’t have the flair to design something worth paying for, who don’t have the guts to point to their product or their service and say, "this isn’t the cheapest, but it’s worth it.”

-Seth Godin

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With both being at resonable prices, would you rather have 1 of every yuri lowell merch that there is, or a high quality figure of one of your OC's? (Asked moog the same question. They don't know xD)


honestly i’d prob pick oc figure since thats honestly one of my dreams

Lines Written on a Banknote

Wae worth thy power, thou cursed leaf!
Fell source o’ a’ my woe and grief!
For lack o’ thee I’ve lost my lass!
For lack o’ thee I scrimp my glass!
I see the children of affliction
Unaided, through thy curst restriction:
I’ve seen the oppressor’s cruel smile
Amid his hapless victim’s spoil;
And for thy potence vainly wished,
To crush the villain in the dust:
For lack o’ thee, I leave this much-lov’d shore,
Never, perhaps, to greet old Scotland more.

by Robert Burns (1786)

Epic Mickey College AU

Oswald is Walt Disney’s first son, born when his parents were too young and too poor to take care of a baby. He was put up for adoption almost immediately after being born and grew up being bounced between foster homes. He’s worked his ass off for everything he has. He knows who his biological father is and it eats away at him that his younger brother got the loving family AND all of the perks that came with it. He’s in college after working, scrimping and saving and sacrificing for years. As a high school student, he was forced to turn down his dream school until he could pay for it. Now that he’s finally in, everything should be smooth sailing…until he finds out that he shares his dorm with none other than the brother he never wanted.

About seven years after Oswald, Walt’s career really took off. He and his wife actually decided to have another child, planned this time. Mickey was born into a warm and loving household with everything a kid could want. He did good in school, was popular-if not a little nerdy and a little too confident-and when the time college came around, he was accepted into the college he’s been dreaming about. Of course, his parents helped pay what a scholarship wouldn’t (it’s surprising the odd scholarships you can find) and he moved in the year after high school. Upon meeting the people in his dorm, he’s surprised to find a very familiar face…

Ortensia is Oswald’s long-time girlfriend, since freshman year of high school. She comes from an upper-middle class family with several brothers and sisters. Her home was one that was filled every nook and cranny with love, and she really helped Oswald grow as a person. Ortensia was the warmth and stability his life never really had, and she was the person who got him to want a future for himself. She’s across the country for her work, finishing the year before she can get transferred to where Oswald is. He misses her more than anything, and it’ just made his emotional problems worse being apart from her. She misses him just as much, but they call and write every day.

Gus is the RA for the dorm that the boys are in. He’s an old veteran with a good sense of humor and everyone loves him, except maybe a few kids who he’s had to put into their place for being little shitlords (cough cough PRESCOTT cough). He’s grown pretty close in friendship to Oswald as a friend and father-figure, not that Ossie will admit to it. He even encouraged him to tell Mickey that they were, in fact, brothers. He’s good at steering people in the right direction and is a generally good mentor and person.

Everyone else is a student or teacher in this AU. Copernicus is an astronomy teacher that tends to go off on little tangents about his meteor collection. Prescott is a computer engineering student who’s really going hard to be his class valedictorian but lost by a hair to Jamface. He will not let this go. Gremlin Sydney is an art major, Markus is studying to be an electrical engineer. Horace is an english student who minors in forensic science because he wants to be a crime novelist. Clarabelle is president of the college gardening club. Madame Leota is a psych teacher who’s a liiittle too into parapsychology and does all sorts of psychic experiments with her class. The Lonesome Ghosts are the weird stoner kids that hang out in an alley behind the school smoking weed and laughing their heads off instead of going to class.

Anyway this is my AU and I hope you like it.

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¥ = How the character handles money or spends it

Liah is extremely frugal. Having come to Ul’dah with barely ten gil to her name, she had to scrimp and save to even be able to afford the basic necessities. Even now that she has more money, she’s unable to shake the habit, saving away every little bit that she can and refusing to spend it on something ‘frivolous’.
Hello! My name is Elena. I am a hat-loving person trying to be an artist. I hope you like my work! =) / Behance: / Tumblr:…

Hey, splendid people! 

So, long story short: I lately found myself short of money - nothing as drastic as no money at all, but I’ve been scrimping on everything for the past month because my bank account is on the verge of being alarming.

So I decided I might give online sales a shot just to try and earn a few euros. 

I will soon open proper commissions for drawings, but in the meanwhie I wanted to ask if you could give a look a the Redbubble shop I opened a few days ago? It’s still half-empty because, well, I just opened the account, but I’m counting on adding a new design each week, and I might even take requests. 

No commitments and of course you can ignore this if you want, but if you were to check it out and pass it on to whoever might be interest you would do me a great favour!

Hope you are having a nice weekend, and thank you for the attention! =)