Q: I already know about your relationship with Robert Pattinson, it’s no secret anymore.
Kristen: Haha, ok. I can reveal that I like men who make me laughbut who can protect me and take care of me. Security is important to me. It’s not so practical but I really want to be with someone who likes me and that I can trust in all situations.


See, that’s the thing. They have the rage, though. Do you know what I mean? You can’t not have it. Even if it’s buried really deep. That’s sort of what happens when you read a script and it provokes you on some level that surprises you. You go, “What the fuck was that? I need to find out why that moved me because that’s not who I am.” Usually, those aren’t the aspects of yourself that are clear to you, but they’re still there. So making a movie, it’s always about finding out why reading it was such an experience

Sara's follow forever 2012.

So… It was a good year for me but not at all for me…. But thank you so much because you made my 2012 better here and my dash so beautiful. Stay awesome guys, srsly, because you’re the perfection for me. I love you all, thank you so much for being so amazing. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year for you all.. I love you.

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Today is your birthday baby, your 18th birthday. Omg you’re so old now ahaha no. I’m just kidding you know. Well, no one know how much I love you. I have to say to you thank you because you’re still with me and it’s strange because I am a bad person. You’re an adult now gurl, and now we can fuck a lot thanks God! Sorry fot that shitty gift and words.
Happy 18th Birthday Mary, I love you so much.


Babe!!! Happy birthday :’) I hope you have a amazing day and I wish you all the best.
I met you months ago and i was so excited and fangirling because you’re an wonderful person. Be happy babe, you deserve it! I’m so sorry for that shitty edit.. I miss you so much and I love you so so so much bb :’)

Stay flawless! Hope you have an amazing day with your friends and family :’)