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au idea post: #8: exr: bonus if the text-book is something that ought not to start note-fights but does

The first time Enjolras gets the book back he’s pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not stained. Grantaire passes it to him with a smirk and a goodbye tossed over his shoulder and then he’s gone, the apartment door snapping shut behind him. Enjolras flips House of Mirth open to the page he’d marked the day before and blinks when he finds a sticky note covering the title of assigned chapter.

this is bullshit’, it reads. Enjolras would know Grantaire’s sloppy handwriting anywhere and he squints at it, as if the note might confess what exactly ‘this’ refers to. It does not divulge its secrets, at least not until Enjolras turns the page and finds a drawing of Lily standing atop a hill with her hands wide on her hips. Beneath her feet Grantaire has written ’marrying for money is so overrated’.

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