200 Followers Art Giveaway

So, I said I’d have a gift up sometime. I am doing a followers art giveaway! There will be three prizes, but first, some rules~!

Rule 1, you must be following me. No unfollowing afterwards just for the raffle.

Rule 2, Please, please spread this around! Like and reblog! Each reblog counts as a entry!

Rule 3, Please don’t ask me to stuff that I am not comfortable with.

So, onto the prizes~!

Each winner will get a full body cell shaded, or flat color image of their choice!

Here are some examples of my work c:

Now, what I will not do is, smut, major gore, I’m very tentative with humans. Please do not ask me to draw these things for you.

I will be announcing the winners on the 17th of May. I will be using to pick winners

anonymous asked:

What brush does mun use?

The second one I actually took from a Youtube video that I can’t find. ; _ ; The person’s username was scribblin. The first one I made myself, hah.

I mostly use these, and the standard SAI tools. o:

I can help with brush settings, but not the brush bitmaps, sorry…!!

things that keep me up at night:

• dirk and john inciting planet wide prank wars over the smallest shit. it starts with a whoopie cushion, ends with the mayor’s manor filled with shaving cream. at first everyone’s like haha why not let’s all join in and then eventually it’s just “yep same old shit every day” and the two r covered in oatmeal and ugly green and orange paint all alone after everyone bailed and they just look at each other like “man. wanna just make out?” nobody is surprised except for dave. rose and karkat could sense the sexual tension for miles and gossiped about it with kanaya and dave, who didnt believe it until it was too late
• dirk and john meeting if sburb was an MMO and being asshole friends for years and then finding out who they rly are (ie, daves slightly older bro, janes slightly younger cousin) and not speaking for months outta awkwardness which they both feel shitty about until theres like a prospit & derse fair (like the darkmoon faire in WoW) and they meet on the dance floor and spam /dance and /yell all night long. they end up going on a sburb dates bc the game is also kinda like animal crossing and then john just shows the hell up at dirks door in texas and they just fucking play it on the futon except they hold hands and its nice
• john and dirk marathoning movies when everyone gets sick of them talking over about which parts the best or dirk redubbing the shitty parts and john either laughing or defending the movie. when everyones gone johns like “hey.. u wanna watch my fav movie as a kid?” probably half embarrassed. pops in con air, they cringe and make fun and have a great time. johns like hold on and runs to get his salamander and bunny plush from all those years ago and hands it to dirk during the final scene, reenacting it like he always used to and dirk actually laughs (its the first time johns heard anything more than a breathy snort). he wants to hear more of it he realizes, and casey sits on dirks shoulders like theyre best buds for the rest of the night. the three of them pass out on the couch for jane to find in the morning. she highfives dirk when he wakes up