[tw racism] are we gonna talk about scribblettes or are we just gonna let this one go

I wanted to repost the images from Andrew Hussie’s scribblettes comic that were going around, since the links seem to have broken, and I guess I’ll also take the opportunity to talk about it a bit since only kids seem to be talking about it and I’m an adult and uggggggghhhh let’s do this

These are gross by their own merit but I find them especially gross considering a post that Hussie made (that seems to be deleted?) back when people were complaining about the Tarot card art being exclusively white.  He said that the Homestuck kids were aracial, so anyone could enjoy them, and it seemed important to him that everyone could enjoy Homestuck regardless of their race.  

I’ve never seen Hussie address Scribblettes.  The only way to view them is through archiving so I assume he’s ashamed of them?  Was he hoping no one would find them?  I want to give him the benefit of the doubt here and say that he used to be racist and is trying not to be now.  But without admitting that he made these, there’s no room for that.  It does, however, open up room for him thinking racism is hilarious, which is a complete betrayal to me.  I guess I’m an idiot, but I trusted this guy.

Some of these comics fall into that Family Guy sort of ironic racism where I guess it’s supposed to be funny because we’re all in on the joke that white people are terribl(y racist)?

(haha white people are scared of black people? except the guy who made this is white right so like is… he afraid of black people or… what is the joke)

(haha oh man cuz indians… thanksgiving… help me i’m not white i don’t get it)

(this one is infuriating but i can’t really put my finger on why

maybe i’m just allergic to white guys making jokes about slavery?)

But the next two are just regular old boring racist:


Annnd the star of our show:

(this is the one that makes my heart do that thing where it feels like there’s a whole other person in there that’s trying to escape from your chest)

I don’t know what else to say.  I loved Homestuck, and now I’m having a hard time not taking it as a huge middle finger to anyone with a heart.  Scribblettes has got me all paranoid, wondering if Homestuck is just some kind of grand prank– “ha ha!!  I made you care about these stupid characters and made a shit ton of money!! ahahaha fuck you!!”

There are so many kids who fucking love Homestuck, so many black kids and Indian kids and every other sort of kid and I am so fucking angry for them.  So, on their behalf, I wanna call you out.

What the fuck, Andrew Hussie?  What the fuck is this shit?


wasn’t going to post this, but i probably won’t be productive for a while since i’ve got to work on my ap assignments

мне очень понравился рисунок у koro-tyan рыцаря верхом но лошади… я думаю что после всех странностей которых он видит в игре, ему бы понравилось видеть (почти) обычную лошадь. (грустно что игра по русски нет, и я не так хорошо по русски пишу чтобы перевести ;_;)

⚠⚠Don’t fav this drawing go fav hers!⚠⚠ Oh my god guys you need to follow @scribblette she the one who owns Blue who’s on the left. She has two drawings of Blue and Roku together and they are adorable I don’t want to hog all the adorableness to myself, so go watch her for more beautiful art. @scribblette: