drawing from a car seat headrest concert in september. it isn’t much in the way of likeness, which is usually a deal breaker for me when it comes to posting portraiture. but i feel like i’ve captured sincerely my perception of the moment. so i’m happy with it. 

some friends got me to show toledo this drawing after the show. he was very nice about it. 


wasn’t going to post this, but i probably won’t be productive for a while since i’ve got to work on my ap assignments

мне очень понравился рисунок у koro-tyan рыцаря верхом но лошади… я думаю что после всех странностей которых он видит в игре, ему бы понравилось видеть (почти) обычную лошадь. (грустно что игра по русски нет, и я не так хорошо по русски пишу чтобы перевести ;_;)

i was thinking about stylization so i designed a fan character for a show that i don’t watch

steven universe lore is a mystery to me, so i don’t really know what her profession would be. but her special abilities are that she’s flexible, fireproof and a good insulator.