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Can you maybe do some tutorials on how you draw the Beatles? Thanks!!

OH!! sure! did you want me to draw them? or like.. expand on what i do when i draw them?

hmm… well.. a tip from one beatles cartoon lover to another, I hella recommend referencing straight from the character sheets! there are a TON of tiny notes on them like how close john’s mouth is to his nose or george’s lopsided grin! they’re hella great to keep in mind while drawing them!! (also really cute things the animator’s noted to throw in some personality in their drawings) I found these on this blog

George and Ringo!

John and Paul!

i like to keep in mind that even if my drawings look wonky, the actual animators on the show didn’t do quite hot either… and the MORE OFF AND WEIRD it looks, the BETTER AND ON-MODEL IT IS in some odd way

when i draw them i also add little things i noticed from the actual boys too.. to name a few things: john’s half moon slits for eyes (he’s always squinting, he needed glasses haha), adding george’s deep deeeep eyebrows, ringo looking more mellow (and less dopey like in the cartoon T_T), paul is kinda… exactly the same…. i just draw him with eyelashes more than i have to


it’s not letting me embed the video right here with this ask, ive already uploaded a private tumblr video and itd take longer to do it on another site =__= so i hope this helps!

if you’re wondering anything else, feel free to ask, this was fun to do haah