anonymous asked:

Your art is my aesthetic, also do you have a reference on how you draw hair and eyes??? If you don't mind me asking and if it's not to much trouble. Your art and style is just beautiful.

for the eyes i hope u don’t mind me doing diff expressions??

some hair:

eyes + hair=

and yes that’s eliza she’s fun to do expressions with :3c

my mind rests
under her stillness
and wonder
the length of her vines
fall upon me in acceptance
while the stability of her core
stands with wooded grace
glimpses of majesty
in humble sprouts
peeking through the earth
each towering limb
quietly whispering
in shades of evergreen leaves
an offering of release
my heart responds
with a reverent devotion
that i might be given absolution
emptying myself
for her
lungs rejuvenate
with every lingering breath
inhaling her wisdom
filling each dim crevasse
with her radiance
losing me
in her

Brie • majesty