happy valentines day to all! you’re all the Rhizobia to my atmospheric nitrogen~! (im so exhausted help me)

a short scribbly pruaus scribble comic for this expensive flower day~! 

heavily inspired by this prompt list called ‘the way you said “I love you”’


i tried recording myself so heres me working on part of a wip

You wouldn’t let me touch it
yet you offered all the time;
knocking days off my life
blowing smoke in my eyes.
And I didn’t mind,
I didn’t give a fuck,
You told me I was different,
I pushed my luck.
You screwed a hole in my head,
Pushed a nail through my eyes
Because I read you too well,
Thumbed through your brown lies.
And you were fucking disgusting,
my standards let slip;
I should have backed off sooner
Cut my losses - called it quits.
But there was something about
the taste of ash on your tongue;
You told me you were a liar,
I told you you were wrong.
And now you’re miles away
but I’m not really gone,
Because I’m still in your head
And I’m still in that song.
And this isn’t over
Don’t tell me I’m wrong.
I’ve never lied to you once;
It’s with me you belong.
So try all you want
But I’ll still be haunting your head,
Wrapped in your white sheets,
Asleep in your bed.
And that’s where I’ll stay
Until you go ahead and admit,
That you’re a puzzle piece,
and I’m your best fit.