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things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Your hands are rubbed raw from how many times you’ve had to wind and unwind bandages around the wound on his thigh, and his blood has made a home under the curve of your fingernails. You haven’t left his side long enough to try and wash yourself clean of the anxiety that has been dripping down your back from the moment Dad brought him in, unconscious, limp in his arms, and set him on the couch.

This is the worst kind of fear, the reason you’ve sent out those applications with your fingers crossed behind your back so no one else could see how hard you were praying to find a reason to leave. Sitting at Dean’s side, measuring out medicine and wiping away blood that should never have left the inside of his body and placing your hand on his chest just to feel the rise and fall of his lungs - it leaves you sweating and shaking, as if you were the one on the hunt with adrenaline burning down the back of your throat and not confined to the cabin-of-the-month like usual.


Barest breath whispers your name, calling you to him, and you sit next to where he’s stretched out, leaning forward before his eyes can finish fluttering open. You can’t help the choked laugh that escapes your throat, relief, overwhelming and hot as it slides through your heart.

hey, dean. 

Pupils the size of the sky at night, making you wish the two of you were back in that field in Maine last summer, when all you could hear was his soft voice pointing out constellations that didn’t exist and all you could feel was the warmth of his shoulder against yours. Dad had given him something strong to numb the pain, and it’s working if the unfocused glide of his eyes over your face is anything to go by.

there he is. Long, lazy smile, eyes half-shut again as you reach forward and place your hand on his forehead. Checking for a fever, you tell yourself. my sammy.

You try to muster up a grin of your own, but the words are sinking in now. always so good to me. More keep falling from his mouth, sweet, honey-combed things he would never breathe in the light of day. dunno what i’d do without you. So you stay silent, gathering them up like treasure pieces, cradling them close to your chest, these small stolen pieces of Dean’s heart.

love you.

The one thing they never say in this family, never find the strength to show it in any way other than sacrifice and hands clapped on shoulders, new shoes on birthdays and a lockpicking kit just because. But Dean said it, here, now, with you beside him, bending low, desperate to drink in everything you know Dean won’t remember tomorrow. He said it and now you’re trying to get your heart to stop bruising the inside of your ribs.

more than i should.

His eyes are closed, eyelashes brushing the pale freckled curve of his cheek, and your lungs have stopped working. You feel like you’re floating over a void, but at the same time, you’re not scared, can’t be when you know that the two arms crossed over his chest will reach out and catch you if you fall.

He’s sleeping, peaceful in this moment without knowing the weight of speaking his drug-hazed secret. So you duck down and leave your own confession along the heated line of his mouth, whispering your shared sin into the kiss like a prayer.

i’ve always been yours. 

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do you mean Kall? i hope you mean kall because he’s the only one i can think of that fits that lmaO 

so here’s a bunch of pics vaguely talking about aspects of him because i’m still working on him (which surprises me because i don’t usually develop characters other than their designs lmao) 

except for this one where he’s just waving!

so he has these weird floating, dripping, orb things, right? they keep him company, they like to talk about things
no one actually knows what they talk about, though, and some people swear they hear the orbs whispering sometimes

so, orbs are cool, but his face? it’ssss just a void lmao
he doesn’t actually have any eyes (anymore?), but he doesn’t mind
he’s stopped questioning it, but sometimes he’s tempted to shove things in there to see if they actually fully disappear

and sometimes his face drips and he doesn’t know why

@cutecownamedbetsy all i know about them is that zach needs to be able to say fuck and that alan is probably the type to stare directly into the camera like on the office about some things. idk how accurate that is. and they probably look nothing like you imagine but i tried

idek i got the bug to doodle and was wandering your ink blog for a while and they cute