For the SPN-J2 Big Bang Challenge, I present:

I Fear No Fate, For You Are My Fate
Author: @samsbangs / stonenumberone on LJ
Artist: teashopmuses | Art masterpost here
Betas: sylsdarkplace & onlythefireborn
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word count: 46.2k
Warnings: Amnesia, depictions of characters in unbalanced mental states, swearing, sibling incest, talk of drug use (clinical use), inappropriate/inaccurate slurs, descriptions of violence and some gore, descriptions of vomiting (for emetophobia), needles. 

Summary: In a small town like Guthrie, Montana, Sam Campbell was prepared to live out the remainder of his ordinary existence as the psychologist for the local psychiatric ward. What he wasn’t prepared for was the newest in-patient completely turning his life upside down. Armed with aggressive tendencies, an inhuman amount of snark and the firm belief that he and Sam know each other, the mysterious Dean proves to be a challenge Sam was never expecting to face.

Especially since Sam has no recollection of ever meeting Dean before.

Sam is forced to come to terms with his deeply entrenched fascination for this seemingly normal man and the dangerous feelings that come with it. The more he learns about Dean, the harder he falls, drawn in by his charm and the undeniable connection they have with each other. It’s only a matter of time before everything starts to fall apart and Sam realizes not everything is as it seems.

I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I have enjoyed writing it!!

Hell no, you’re not walking away that easily. This guy is too weird and too much fun. “In that case maybe it’s my turn to demonstrate some mad skills,” you say. “You have never seen kung fu until you’ve seen my cuddle style.”

Harley snorts a laugh, but the important part is he nods. “And indeed I have not! So I would be honored by a demonstration.”


i felt compelled to make fanart for this awesome fic