I have a headcanon that Hange has a fear of burning buildings, so when I saw one of the choices for day two being nightmare, I had to draw this. Basically, they dreamed they frantically dashed from their barracks to find levi’s barracks burning to a crisp. To clear up the question of why their bleeding, they were not wearing their glasses when they dashed out, so they tripped a few times. 

Levihan week - day 2 - Home|Nightmare: Burning home

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Tell us about ur DND character plz

here he is

fuckpants mcgee

that’s not really his name, but i havent thought of an Actual Name yet so im using fuckpants as a placeholder :^) he is a forest gnome chaotic good bard and he plays the classic lute. he likes to chill out and play groovy tunes, but as in the nature of some gnomes, he’s a lil mischievous and uses his chill demeanor to mask his trickery ;p nothing malicious, but he likes to keep people on their toes and surprise them. hes a friendly dude and mostly just wants to spread joy and creativity to people through his music and jokes and stuff. 

i’m still working out his backstory and stuff but i’m thinkin he had increasing wanderlust and would often hang out at the docks, talking to the people that would come in and out to learn about the outside world. that might be where he discovered or became more interested in music, meeting different talented performers as he grew up. he’s probs gonna have a mentor of some kind but i havent gotten to that in detail yet lol.

i’m thinkin he’s also gonna have like, a childhood bff who was like a halfling or fellow gnome girl who was all SPUNKY AND FUN and liked pulling pranks with him. partners in crime but not actual crime, if u will. i havent gotten to details about her yet, other than that she’s important to him and likely will be another big inspiring factor for him to play his music and travel and stuff. maybe hes trying to capture the essence of her spirit and personality or whatever in the music he plays, and the joy his music creates reflects the joy that her carefree fun personality spread to those around her or whatever ;p
he thinks of her whenever he plays his lute

sounds kinda cliche im sure lol cries but I’VE NEVER MADE A DND CHARACTER BEFORE and i also dont have experience with ocs and character/backstory building so,,,, cut me some slack lmfao. i literally just started making him today so ive still got some character fleshing out to do!!! im excited about it it’s really fun (edit: also hes pan and his bff is a lesbian but that is not really relevant. Fun Facts)

shoutout to @noconceptoflife for bein the rad dm that’s makin this all possible

you indirectly brought fuckface mcgee into this world