scribblenauts maxwell


How about Scribblenauts AU?

Max is  Maxwell duhh

 Nikki is Lily

The parents are Gwen and David

And the others campers are Maxwell brothers

I imagine Max having fun and creating aleatory stuff, make Jesus and Satan fight…. no wait–


Maxwell sprang out of his bed when he heard the news! They were getting a new brother! The Scribblenaut was jittery as He could’ve thought what he’d be like. The Doppleganger slowly sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes, “Maxwell…” Groaned the child. “Why are you so happy….?” The creation hero sat up soon after glancing up at Mitchell. He raised a brow at Maxwell. He was… Happier than usual… “Alexander!” He squeaked, “we’re getting a new brother!”

My Drawn to Life Story

To wrap up this week, I’m gonna share you my story about Drawn to Life:

I was in 3rd or 4th grade reading the school catalog when I first saw the Drawn to Life game advertised. I was interested but one problem: I don’t have a DS yet. Years later The Next Chapter was announced. At first I was on the “meh” side, but then I saw a commercial for it on TV, which persuaded me to buy a copy. Finally I got one of my own. It took me a few tries and game resetting to clear the game and find a good hero to create. My first two heroes to have cleared the game were Casey and Maxwell (no not the Scribblenauts Maxwell). Then one day I was bored and decided to play again. This time, regardless of the hero’s intended gender, I decided to make a girl. That’s where Makato came in. Little did I know was how much Makato was gonna be meant for me. Ever since then I play as her in various games, including Super Smash Bros 4! I just never thought this game would mean so much to Makato and I. It’s like we’re meant to be (no no not in a romantic way)!

Me and @frank-bennedetto were talking about the H*R Halloween costumes and we came up with some good guesses.

Poopsmith - Instant Martian

Homsar - Greg from OtGW (Maybe)

Bubs - Grunkle Stan (I kinda was iffy on this one because I’ve been watching Gravity Falls a lot lately, and I was worried I was seeing just what I wanted to, but Amy agreed with me and I can’t think of any other character. I also doubted it because Matt worked as one of the lead writers on GF, but I was reminded about Coach Z as DJ Lance Rock.)

The Cheat - Maxwell from Scribblenauts

Coach Z - PaRappa the Rappa

And as for the rest, no idea.

asksecurityofficermitchellandco  asked:

Dean hadn't been feeling well lately and something felt off to him.

Maxwell took no problemin not noticing Dean’s sudden change. He looked at Dean holding his pencil and notebook before putting it away in his backpack. He then smiled at him.

“Mr. Dean, are you okay? You haven’t been feeling well lately. Is their any way I can help?”