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Cassandra Cain Research Material Master List

Starting off, here is the list of Cassandra Cain material I’m going to look at. To my knowledge, this includes every appearance she has had in comics, books, magazines, TV and games. If anything is missing, please notify me through my ask box.

NOTE: The comics continuity list is in chronological order, so we will be jumping between different comics quite a bit. Already examined items are marked in bold, because this stupid theme does not support strikethrough text >.<

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Lego Superman,  Lego Wonder Woman and Scribblenauts Unmasked:  Superman and Wonder Woman

Preview of Batwoman #27

This Wednesday Batwoman gets her third issue by new writer Marc Andreyko. Joining Jeremy Haun on art, according to the cover solicit, is the always wonderful Francis Manapul. Maggie’s daughter makes an appearance in this issue - it will be interesting to see how old she is in this continuity. Below also is the Scribblenauts variant.