kathfarsis asked:

Might I inquire as to which fonts you used in the example cards for Tumblr Trick or Treat?

You may! The “~USERNAME~ Happy Halloween!” font from the Treat card is “CasualMarkerMF”, and the font for “TRICK” and “TREAT” is “Artistamp Medium”. Both of them are probably free. “tumblr” is just using the site logo and “USERNAME” on the Trick card is my own crappy handwriting.

scribble-de-gook replied to your post: ok….should i see wander over yonder? is good??

YES YOU SHOULD and I remember Gravity Falls was dubbed into Spanish really quickly, so hopefully WoY will be too ;;___;;

I’m watching it right now! Wander is such an annoying shit,but he’s cute! (and again idk what the fuck is happening,the talk fast) AND YEHA!! also seems that is gonna be dubbed in Mexico sooo *crosses fingers* please please please Fry or Zapp must be there ahhhhh