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i have a bad case of varric/hawke feels but i couldn’t figure out how to draw their faces, so i started scribbling over screencaps of their first meeting in hopes of learning, and then it evolved into ‘how it actually went’
very awkward for everyone involved and severely confusing for varric personally is how

bonus: hawke vision


The Victuuri AU (Sort of) doodle dump. These were all spread across a couple of months so you can see how drastically my style has changed XD

first –– from the @beanpots​ au (which is literal perfection) I actually scribbled the screencap redraw for this several months ago but had no idea how to color it before I came across the au and decided on orange and blue.

second –– the (now startlingly similar looking) fire and water au I started in this little comic. It’s…a difficult process for Victor to hug Yuuri. Victor gets badly singed, but Yuuri evaporates altogether, and it takes him a couple hours to reform.

third –– The Supernatural/destiel Au that I started at midnight with a fever. Yuuri is a hunter who gets himself killed while trying to save his friend Phichit, but is brought back to life by Victor, a rebellious angel from heaven’s garrisons. I feel like that quote is a good parallel.

fourth –– The Doctor Who/timelord au in which Yuuri is a timelord who’s (accidentally) broken several dozen laws of the Gallifreyan high council, so he stole a TARDIS and ran away. He also (accidentally) sort of kidnaps a human named Victor from earth and they run around the universe having fairly dangerous adventures. K-9 is replaced by Makkachin.

I realize that all of these are pretty unrelated but I really needed to get these out of my system.


i’ve done nothing but draw these two and cry since finishing season one

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