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With time
Tears will dry,
Bruises will fade,
Cuts will heal.

But this pain in my heart
It just won’t go away.
No matter what I do.
No matter how long I wait.

—  K.N.B.

You destroyed a part of me
That I’ll probably never get back.
You took me into the night
And now my heart is black.

You didn’t even know my name,
I think your name was Zach?
Now I’m stuck here with these scars
And the bruises on my neck.

I haven’t slept in days,
I feel so dead inside,
I jump when people try to touch me,
And I have no tears left to cry.

I wish I could forget
Everything you did to me.
Now every time I close my eyes
It’s all that I can see.

—  K.N.B.

sometimes I like to try train my left (non-dominant) hand. It takes more time and stuff but I think I’m slowly getting somewhere. Sometimes my left hand comes up with designs my right hand wouldn’t. (And sometimes my right hand just needs a break..) My goal is to be able to draw with both hands at the same time one day.


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You were my sun once,
the most important one in my life,
the one I always wanted around,
the one I couldn’t bear to live without,
the one who was always at the back of my head,
the one who made my heart skip many many beats,
the one who I would spend nights talking to,
the one who helped me mold myself a little bit better,
the one who inspired me.

But now,
you aren’t that important,
I mean the thoughts of you not being around are still as painful,
but it doesn’t hurt that much,
you still are one of the most important people in my life,
but right now you aren’t the most important one,
no one else is the most important one,
but you aren’t either.

I hope I am not lying to myself //JustScribbledWords

I’m falling deeper and deeper back into my own hell again. Every where I run I get flash backs of what you did. And I can still hear all your lies ringing in my ears. Did it satisfy you telling my brother that it was me who wanted you? Nobody believed you, they could tell by the look on my face and all the marks on my skin. I wouldn’t have tried to do what I did after you left that night if my story was the one with lies. Now I’m so desperately trying to get back to normal. But it was only days ago, you destroyed everything within a matter of minutes. I’m stuck here reliving it, though I try to drown it out. But at the bottom of every bottle your eyes are still tearing holes in me. You didn’t even know me, we met just that day. I wish I could have known how it would play out, I wish I could make it all go away.
—  K.N.B.
learning to unlearn you is quite a process

i have to actually stop myself from thinking of you too much
i have to control the urge to text you all the time
i have to stop looking at your facebook account hoping for something for me or just about anything
i have to stop trying to come up with topics to keep the conversation flowing through the night
i have to stop telling strangers about you
i have to stop writing about you
i have to stop writing 

i can’t stop writing
i can’t stop writing about you

What do you think Killua?”

Omigosh I had so much fun sketching this out. Gon-chan in Killua’s clothes makes me melt. If you want an inked and full color version then down’t worry, it’s coming…sometime. I was actually planning on giving this to an AMAZING artist online so I’m trying really hard to make sure it looks good. 

I’m probably gonna change my profile pic to Gon’s face in this pic sometime soon, you know, when it’s finished.

Any tips or advice is welcomed!

anonymous asked:

The way you draw Seabury makes me so happy omg pls never ever stop drawing your art is perfect and flawless - An asexual who doesn't really understand why she enjoys this porn blog so much (probably because the art is phenomenal)

OMMHGDGGS AAAAAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! oh my god this is so sweet THANK YOU!!! im glad you enjoy how i draw seabury even if hes constantly involved in nsfw works im crying

HERE i drew him seriously and not getting destroyed for once!!