It’s kind of so sad how one of the biggest themes or ideas present in the games is this idea that humans are just as good as anyone else in the galaxy, regardless of their presence in Council space. One of the last lines of the first game is “It’s time for humanity to rise up and seize its destiny”, and yet, this fandom and especially the marketing department is so quick to brush human squad members under the bus, especially the human Alliance soldiers. 

You see literally no Kaidan on any of the promotional posters or images, there is zero James or Ashley merchandise. And the tags are full of “why would you romance the humans when there’s all these ALIEN$$$$!!!??? soooo boring” sentiments. 

The world of the games is so immersive and awesome because they create a completely new world, but yet, you also see how these vastly different races aren’t so different after all. And are the alien romances good? Hell yeah. Are the human romances good? Hell yeah to that too. They’re ALL good characters. That’s why these games were such a success, and no character’s race determines how good or bad or boring they are. That’s NOT the point.

The humans are just as cool as a shiny new Turian or Asari, and in a game that is led by a human soldier and figurehead, it’s really sad to see the fandom and development and merch teams just completely shaft these awesome characters because “eh they’re humans and people are looking for something new and shiny”. It’s just doing a great disservice because the humans are some badass bitches and deserve all the love.


For the ever wonderful femshepfit, who requested pre-ME3 house arrest angst. Enjoy!

Shepard stirred, jolting herself awake, as waves and waves of husks descended upon her. She knew by now that the husks were her former unit, her closest friends for a time, mutated and turned so far from what they were. It took a few nights screaming herself awake to realize it, but now she knew.

“Shepard,” Kaidan muttered, still half asleep, turning over and propping himself up on a pillow. “What’s going on?”

She rubbed the cold sweat off her forehead and sighed. “Just the same again.”

He rubbed his eyes and invited her closer. She’d drifted away at some point in the night, and now more than ever she wanted to be close to him, to know that it wasn’t real and that the worst images that flooded her nightmares were nothing but the past now.

“C’mere, baby,” he whispered.

She rested her head against his chest, letting him wrap his arms around her. She felt warm, safe again as he pressed gentle kisses along the top of her head. She held him tighter and nuzzled herself into the crook of his neck. Softly, he began to hum, something sweet and easy. She slipped deeper into him and the mattress, and shut her eyes.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he added between the melody.

She nodded. And just maybe, maybe it would be.

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