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For some reason I always imagined that sans would fit well into RWBY, well at least his personality and that weird ability to move people would. What do you think?

“- always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.”

I think I like this concept alltogether too much oh dear.


This was a commission from the ever-lovely @avaliart, posted with her permission. I can’t stop giggling at it and all the lovely details. It’s almost impossible to get their faces looking just right, and she captured them both perfectly (that’s definitely Kaidan’s ‘benefits’ face).

Mako is a blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Shepard is a shamelessly affectionate dog dad (ala Stephen King), so it’s up to Kaidan to be the disciplinarian. Thank you for indulging my need for this in my life, Avali. :’)

And she had never been one for adventure, but that night she ran across narrow bridges that crossed rivers and flew down steep tunnels between dams. The moon was there to keep her company and it showed her the way of the ravenous tides, as well as illuminated the blinking city at her feet.

Her lips were red and swollen from kissing the boy with the calloused hands and wanderlust eyes and she was laughing harder than she had in ages.

She was free.
—  n.g // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20

I only just got into Critical Role but damn did I get excited when Percy killed the abyssal abomination. 

probably my favorite moment thus far.
I used to hate drawing guns, yet here I am, with my favorite character being the gunslinger.

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You've probably talked about this before, but it's one of my major sore spots with ME3. I accidentally romanced Kaidan in ME1, but I didn't complete the romance. I wanted to romance him on a different playthrough BUT now I can't bring myself to do it because RIGHT AFTER Thane died, Kaidan sat me down on the Citadel and said "I'm still upset you cheated on me, but how about we start over?". HIS BODY ISN'T EVEN COLD YET ALENKO AND YOU'RE TRYING TO GUILT ME INTO A RELATIONSHIP???

Yeahhh… in ME3 Ash/Kaidan get all up in arms about Shepard “cheating on them”  but uh…I thought the Horizon scene was a pretty clear break-up, and they also apparently never talked to Shepard during their stay in Canada. It’s been years at this point since they were together. This is why communication is key with your loved ones.

Also for some reason, Male Shep can call out Ashley on this while Femshep can’t say the same thing to Kaidan.