A transparent Merrill for Merrill Positivity Week! 

I originally designed this to be a sticker, which you can purchase on my Redbubble :> 

And now for something completely fluff :P

Took a little bit this morning to draw some fluff happy because I made myself sad with this picture from last night T_T

So hopefully this little quick scribbly doodle of fluffness will make up for all the sad. Happy tiiimes! ^_^

You know how people get really angry at Kaidan for being wary of what Cerberus might have done to Shepard? How people think it’s blasphemous that he could even question whether or not she’s really Shepard?

Do you ever just - you know - casually remember that…. wait for it… Cerberus made a clone of Shepard? An evil one, one that wants to ruin and take over her life and carry out the Cerberus extreme pro-humanity agenda?

So basically, in addition to the delightful trash that the Citadel DLC is, you’re paying to get confirmation that Kaidan was absolute 100% in the right to be wary of Cerberus’ intentions and actions when bringing Shepard back.

Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Beach day!! It’s like.. My own request. Inspired by me currently laying on the beach. I’m writing..on the beach…😂
Pietro brushed the sand from his legs. His bathing suit was a lighter shade of blue, matching the color of his eyes. I had picked it out for him the previous day, and he insisted that we take a day off and head to the beach.

Well, there was a purple flag out which signaled for dangerous marine life. Pietro ignored the flag and headed straight in.
I set up our umbrella and fixed the strap of my red bikini, plopping down onto a towel. The sand dotted my feet. It was comfortable and quiet.. Until Pietro let out a bloodcurdling scream. I sat up and sighed.

“Come here you big baby. I have ointment for this.”
He waddled back up to our spot and sat down next to me. There were a few raised lines on his calf, showing off shades of red.
“Jellyfish?” Pietro mumbled crossing his arms. I noted the tears threatening to spill down his face. He didn’t really need me to reply to know that it was. His leg felt like it was on fire. Pain crawled up and ached. I murmured something about being more careful and sifted through our beach bag, eventually finding the white bottle of cream.
He waited quietly, which was… Odd. The speedster was probably working on holding in his tears. I dabbed the white onto his leg until he said, “Thanks.. It still hurts a little, but it’s way better.”
I laid him down in the umbrella’s shade and put another towel next to him, claiming it as my own. “It’s okay to cry, P. These things hurt a lot.. Do you want a hug?”
His arms laced around me, pulling us closer together on the two towels. I minded his leg and buried my face into his neck. Quiet cries washed over him. I carded through his silvery hair and whispered reassuring things.
Pietro was the more emotional one. He just didn’t like admitting it. He was quick to anger, quick to be jealous, and quick to cry. I never judged him for it. The boy had a heart of gold. That’s how we worked so well. My emotions showed easily too. We were there for each other. Memories of laughing together, crying together.. Everything showed.

Pietro had a hand on my hip when he spoke. “Thank you, Y/N.” His tone was gentle.
I grinned and hugged him tightly. “Welcome, P. We can go home and eat pancakes, if you want.”
“Pancakes sound good. Cuddles and a warm bath after?”
“Obviously! But we also need to tend to your little sting.”
“It’ll heal fast.” He murmured kissing my cheek.

Ugh I love writing Pietro… Like a lot. Should I do a part two with the pancakes, bath, and cuddling?

theathenanebula asked:

#7 running their thumb over the other’s lips (OVER MATCHING LIP SCARS)

( biotickaidan also asked for this one)

Shepard still couldn’t figure out how she’d managed to get someone like Kaidan into her bed. It wasn’t the first time, but each night when she looked over at him, she was in awe. Someone so kind and gentle seemed to love her.

He was half asleep, his hair slightly messy, clothing tossed carelessly on the floor, but he still held her hand and stroked the back of her palm so softly. She inched closer, sliding an arm over his body and pressing her forehead to his. Her eyes looked straight in front of her, at his lips. She’d stared at them enough, but she clearly had never noticed one thing.

“We match,” she said, a thumb brushing across his bottom lip.

He opened his eyes just a little bit, beautiful and light brown, and warm as ever. “What do you mean?”

Her thumb graced over a silvery scar that extended from above his lip to part of his chin. It was subtle, something she could only notice up close or in the right light. He drew a hand up to her lips, tracing the curve of her bottom lip and smiling. His fingers found her nearly identical matching scar across her lips. It was on the same side, and just as faint.

“We do,” he said. He stroked his thumb across her lips, letting his hand linger at her bottom lip. “I think it’s a sign.”

“Of what?” she teased, pressing the tip of her nose against his. 

“I don’t know, but I have some theories.”

“Why don’t you show me then, Lieutenant?”

He gave a tired, but content smile, and pressed his lips against hers over and over and over again.