And after, we became the beautiful kind of love stories you tell like filtering sunlight dreaming through a polaroid snapshot. Your heartbeat stuck mid-flutter. A butterfly in a glass jar. Like you found it in an attic covered in a whisper of dust. It was both magic and ordinary.

Falling from the stars.
Coming down,

A thousand pieces, we barely made it, everything more than a little heartbreaking.

Dandelions turned to daisies. 
My handwriting a lightning streak.
Spelling out your name.

Tell it how we shook the sky and slipped off the page.
How the sun rose up,
I let go,
And came out radiant. 


—  A scribbler // Star-Fallen

Some flowers die, while others bloom
Some gifts are only seen, not held

aaaaand with this the first part of the video for @underfart-snas AU is finished~ ^_^ it has 57 stills, so maybe like 60-70 more for the second part?

after this I won’t be posting as many stills though, because while the first part of the video follows @leviticusarts (amazing!!!) fic Overgrowth pretty closely (though I did take some artistic liberties lol) (and forgot that uf!sans has sharp teeth, whoops gotta go back and change that), the second part is solely my wishful thinking of what happens after~ :3c


Still a little sick (I slept ROUND THE CLOCK  I CAN’T BELIEVE and then some last night wtf) and still in pain so nothing serious is happening soooo I fished out a half-finished comic from a time I went I HAVE NEVER DRAWN AN ALISTAIR WHAT and started something I never finished until now and doodled another panel to sate my art needs and finally finish this, and pfffff I couldn’t concentrate at all but here we are somehow on the other side.

I’ve now made the compulsory “Alistair likes cheese” joke. What a pair of heroes: one loves cheese, and the other… uh, loves cheese but cheese hates him. ^u^* I imagine Hawke either met with Alistair stayed behind after the Inquisitor met with Alistair, perhaps to talk important stuff while the Inquisitor (Eirien, it’s Eirien in this worldstate) went on to solve all of Crestwood’s problems, and reunited with the Inquisition when it was time to head back to Skyhold.