I only just got into Critical Role but damn did I get excited when Percy killed the abyssal abomination. 

probably my favorite moment thus far.
I used to hate drawing guns, yet here I am, with my favorite character being the gunslinger.

Knock knock

For Kaidan appreciation week: humor.

Kaidan: Guys! Want to hear a joke?

Tali: Sure!

Garrus: I hope they’re more original that Joker’s. Sure why not?

Wrex: Humph.

Liara: Tell us, Kaidan.

Kaidan: Okay! Knock knock?

*All of them look confused at one another*

Wrex: I don’t get it.

Tali: Sorry, Kaidan I don’t get it either.

Kaidan: No guys, that’s just the setup, your supposed to say ‘who’s there’.

Garrus: Obviously, you’re there.

Liara: Are we supposed to pretend we don’t see you?

Kaidan: No it’s-there’s……you’re supposed to hear the knock and ask who’s on the other side, like you don’t know who it is.

Garrus: ALL of these doors open automatically.

Tali: Is it supposed to be stuck? There’s probably a mechanic on the other side.

Kaidan: Okay, pretend the door is locked, then.

Tali: We’d be able to see them knocking over the video moniters.

Kaidan: Okay then, there are no video monitors.

Garrus: Are we being invaded?

Kaidan: No, guys-

Liara: Obviously whoever is on the other side of the door is smart and highly trained.

Wrex: I don’t ask who’s there, I just come out shooting.

Garrus: I don’t think this is a particularly funny joke, but it does raise some interesting tactical scenarios.

Tali: I don’t feel like it is a joke, really, not by definition

Liara: Yes, sorry Kaidan, but I have to agree I don’t get it

Wrex: Heh heh heh.

*everyone turns to Wrex*

Wrex: What? I always laugh when I think of destroying my foes. Good one Alenko.

Kaidan: But- I- *sighs* Thanks, Wrex.

Privacy and the Miraculous Heroes

Here is what we know about our protagonists:

  • Marinette is a Chinese-French aspiring fashion designer. She has a crush on Adrien.
  • Adrien is a model. He takes Chinese, fencing, and piano lessons, and he plays basketball.
  • Marinette is clumsy and absentminded, and can be petty when she thinks someone (Chloé) deserves it, but is quick to repent and kind to everyone (else) she knows. She is very openly enthusiastic about what she likes (not just Adrien! think Jagged Stone).
  • Adrien models to make his father happy. His home life is lonely and impersonal. He often acts as the voice of reason, and tries to encourage those around him (best shown in the Adrien+friendships gifset), up to and including how he calls out Chloé in Horrificator.
  • Marinette babysits and helps around the bakery. She does not know Chinese. She plays video games with her father, so she is skilled in at least one game. She is also good at designing mechanical elements as well as fashionable ones (her diary case).
  • We have on various occasions seen Adrien at a photo shoot, or speaking Chinese, or at fencing practice, or tossing garbage away without a glance at the garbage bin.

We know a lot about Marinette’s character from the outset, which makes sense, because she is the main character. Outside of fashion, though, we don’t know what skills she has until an episode crops up and (from the viewers’ perspective) she is suddenly a gamer.

Stop and think about this for a second, though. Why is it sudden to us? Because it wasn’t mentioned before. But why should it have been mentioned before, when it really wasn’t relevant? An episode dedicated to showing off her gaming skills isn’t actually a terrible idea: it shows the audience something new and gives depth to Marinette’s relationship with her father.

By contrast, we know a lot about Adrien’s skills from the outset through Marinette, but she doesn’t tell us very much about his character beyond a flat “perfect gentleman.” It takes scenes featuring Adrien (usually as Chat Noir)— few and far between, compared to the plethora of attention on Marinette— for the audience to glimpse what makes him tick, and even those scenes require some interpretation.

What I suspect is happening is that the creators are contrasting a normal life to a high-profile one. We get to know Marinette in stages, and this means that we don’t necessarily know everything about her, and that is why she gets to surprise us with tidbits about herself, like how she does not know Mandarin (which is a wonderfully representative fact, but I digress), or how she is in fact an amateur gamer. By contrast, Adrien isn’t going to get these “I didn’t know he could do that!” moments from viewers well entrenched in the miraculous fandom (although less involved viewers might be unaware of Adrien’s Chinese prior to the episode).

Point being, so much of what we know about Adrien and his talents was introduced to us before being shown, while Marinette doesn’t get the same luxury— or, more accurately, she doesn’t have the same public aspect to her life. Marinette is the one who tells us about Adrien, but who’s supposed to tell us about Marinette?

No one. The series shows us what the characters are like, not just what they do. We just notice more when they throw a skill in.

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castleintheskye asked:

You've probably talked about this before, but it's one of my major sore spots with ME3. I accidentally romanced Kaidan in ME1, but I didn't complete the romance. I wanted to romance him on a different playthrough BUT now I can't bring myself to do it because RIGHT AFTER Thane died, Kaidan sat me down on the Citadel and said "I'm still upset you cheated on me, but how about we start over?". HIS BODY ISN'T EVEN COLD YET ALENKO AND YOU'RE TRYING TO GUILT ME INTO A RELATIONSHIP???

Yeahhh… in ME3 Ash/Kaidan get all up in arms about Shepard “cheating on them”  but uh…I thought the Horizon scene was a pretty clear break-up, and they also apparently never talked to Shepard during their stay in Canada. It’s been years at this point since they were together. This is why communication is key with your loved ones.

Also for some reason, Male Shep can call out Ashley on this while Femshep can’t say the same thing to Kaidan.

Morning Coffee and Bunny Ears

Kaidan Appreciation Week, Day 3: Family

The soft whisper of tiny feet padding very carefully along the floor woke Kaidan up, and he opened his eyes to a darkened room, the barest hint of light filtering along the edges of the curtains. He very carefully rolled over so as not to give himself away to face Olivia, and found her eyes open as well. A little smile on her lips as their daughter attempted to sneak into their room.

A mess of curls slipped along the edge of the bed, barely visible over his wife’s shoulder. They came to a stop just short of the nightstand.

Isabel stood there, silent, and when Olivia looked almost like she was about to laugh, he pressed his finger against his lips and mouthed, Be quiet!

Olivia’s eyes crinkled with barely restrained laughter.

Both of them stilled at the sound of a cup sliding onto a table, followed seconds later by retreating feet. Once the coast was clear, Kaidan propped himself up enough to peer over Olivia as she rolled over to get a look, too. A coffee cup, filled to the brim, sat on her nightstand.

“How full is it?” Olivia whispered.

He glanced down at her, a smile on his lips. “Very.”

She poked him in the ribs and mouthed, Get down! just as the sound of tiny feet returned in the hallway. He collapsed on top of her, wriggling until they might conceivably appear as if they were still asleep - until he remembered the investigating party could barely see over the edge of the bed.

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Family Man

A look at Kaidan post war on a picnic with his friends and family. Shameless fluff and cheese for Day 3 of Kaidan Appreciation Week! Enjoy! :)

Alex plonked herself on the ground between Kaidan’s legs and wriggled back until she could lay back against his chest. Her head lolled lazily onto one of his shoulders and she let out a sigh of contentment as he wrapped his arms lightly around her, despite barely being able to fit them around her. Her stomach, once so flat and toned, was now gracefully curved and swollen with the child growing inside.

She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as dappled light fell through the leaves of the apple trees above them, the air sweetly scented with the newly opened blossoms. It was going to be a beautiful harvest this year as long as the weather held, she thought as she opened her eyes, blinking lazily. The light and shadows played over their bodies and a gentle breeze whispered through the trees, cool and fresh against them.

The orchard was a world away from the busy Vancouver spaceport where they usually spent their days helping with the rebuilding efforts. Much of the world was still in clean up mode, even years on from the war. The rubble had been cleared away, but buildings needed repairing and rebuilding, electricity needed to be hooked up, and some sections of the city still didn’t have reliable running water or sewage. It was slow going, but they were making progress.

Laughter drifted up from the clearing below where the picnic tables were set up, still groaning under the weight of all the food laid out despite their guests having eaten lunch and dessert. Alex watched, grinning, as several of Kaidan’s cousin’s children chased James around, piling onto the marine until he was staggering under the weight of all the children who clung to him like barnacles. He toppled over and fell to the ground with a groan while the kids cheered, swarming over his defeated form in a victory dance of sorts.

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Scribble-Doodle: Worthy

Based on the promo pics for the upcoming episodes.


Alec steps into Isabelle’s bedroom. “We have a mission.”

“Coming,” she responds, grabbing a leather jacket. Pulling it on, she notices Alec staring. “What?” she asks aggressively, zipping up. The jacket fits her black leather pants and laced combat boots perfectly. No more miniskirts or tiny dresses for her!

He raises his hands. “Nothing, nothing, it’s just that…” He chooses his words carefully. “You look… different.” 

Checking her reflection in the mirror, Isabelle touches her hair, pulled back severely in a tight ponytail. “Well, it was time for a change,” she states with harsh determination. 

Their eyes meet in the mirror and hold for a moment. Then Alec nods slowly. “Alright,” he says, words soft. “As long as it’s what you want…”

Izzy squares her shoulders. “It is!”

Alec watches her a moment longer, then turns to go, but he stops at the door, one hand on the frame, and without turning back, he whispers so quietly she barely hears him. “But, Izzy… don’t be like me. It’s not worth it. She won’t notice anyway.” 

Isabelle’s throat tightens and her eyes burn, seeing her brother’s shoulders hunch, but before she can say anything, Alec leaves. 

She looks at herself in the mirror again. This is what she wants. It is. A more mature, sensible Isabelle Lightwood. Someone… worthy.

Then why does she feel like she’s disappearing?