Ralsei thing

Soooo I wanted to talk about Ralsei

I’ve been waiting for others to agree to some things I had to say to feel less lonely ,,

Also I drew him again :“


I just wanted to point some things out,, Because I want to know something. WHY? Why was he hiding from us?

What I mean by hiding, I mean hiding his identity. When we first see him, he is wearing some kind of cloak that makes him look like the river person. (I’VE seen some posts pointing that out lmao). Susie makes him take it off. After that, we see him in his green robe, pink scarf and green hat. That’s how we see him most of the game. At the end, he starts mumbling into his hat, and because of that Susie makes him take his hat off as well. And his fur turns from black ???to?white???somehow??

I honestly can’t understand why that happens, is his hat magic or something? And makes his fur turn black? Who knows.

But why does he do this? Why was he hiding his identity THE WHOLE GAME. If Susie didn’t point it out, we could’ve seen him wearing that weird cloak for eternity.

Some people would say "That’s his style” or “maybe he is shy” . WHY would he be shy? WHY would ralsei hide his identity from the two people he’s been waiting to meet his WHOLE life? Many things about him seem fishy, from his appearance to his home. The houses surrounding his castle looking like some paper cutouts.

By the way, if you try entering his castle he doesn’t let you and tells ya that we’ll get back there after the adventure. And guess what ! We don’t.

His character makes me so confused, but he is also so lovable,,, he is my favourite character. And even that way, he makes me curious and confused.