Insecurities are a bitch: The Outfit I would never wear.

This is an outfit I was over the moon to order. It would sit in my closet for three years.

This is the outfit that shows my fat belly. The one that makes my hips look too wide.

This is the outfit that made me cry the first time I saw it in the mirror. This outfit emerged today and I said “screw it”   This is the outfit I will wear today. I will look fierce and fabulous. I look good with a belly, hips and big butt.  Insecurities are a bitch. I never thought I could wear body con. This year I WILL embrace form fitting clothing.


i want to cry everytime i see this part

So, I was in the car with my mom talking about RotBTD, and she brought up that they might not be able to understand each other, because

Jack speaks English,

Rapunzel would speak German

Hiccup would speak old Norse (and maybe dragonese).

And Merida would speak Gaelic. 

Imagine North being all, “This is great idea! They will be powerful group!” and then getting them together and none of them can understand each other and it’s all just one big language ball of confusion. North would be so upset and lost. after all,

How  do you expect to save human kind if you can’t even understand the person next to you!?

At this point, I could care less about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I don’t care how hot they all are. That kind of body is not realistic and I hope that guys realize how badly all those models make normal girls feel. Screw Victoria’s Secret for making me feel like dirt haha.

Instead, I’m watching the American Country Awards and drooling over Luke Bryan and Jake Owen.