screwing him over....again

do you have

that one character

that one freaking character

that you love more than your own life

and you get so fucking happy when you see them on screen

because heck yeah, that’s your baby


Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.

Meet business shark. He’s a great white shark and he’s very proud. He’s trying his best

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okay but i’m re-watching scenes from old gilmore girls episodes and like people are kidding themselves if they really believe that rory loved her previous boyfriends even a third of the amount that she loved logan. like everyone likes to talk “deep connection and knowing who she is.. “ but none of that substitutes love? and i don’t care how you slice it the boyfriend she was most in love with was logan huntzberger. we saw that in the series and in the revival period.

More Things That I Thought Of Concerning The Mixed Up Charges AU (The AU Where Giotto Raises Xanxus And Ricardo Raises Tsuna)

Warnings: cursing.



- Xanxus kinda grows up showing some Tsuna-like behavior, for all the wrong reasons: he is the long-suffering Only Sane Person in the Giotto-Xanxus duo because Giotto is Crazy. 

- His greatest skill is babysitting the crazy person/people. A.K.A he knows how to throw them through walls and ignore their shit.

- Unfortunately for him, that skill works half the time. Giotto may be an idiot and crazy but he’s also a manipulative little shit with with an immeasurable stubborn streak.

- He still develops Wrath Flames because goddammit Giotto pisses him off all the time.

- After Xanxus gets adopted by Nono, he is content with leading the Varia because hey crazy people his area of expertise thanks a lot Giotto.

- People learned early on not to mention Vongola Primo in front of him because it’s a recipe for disaster.

- Also, Xanxus swears to kill every little shit who wants to bring Vongola to what it was back in Primo’s days because who the fuck wants a definitely perfect (in Xanxus’ opinion) Vongola to be like it was in the days of the fucker who keeps making stupid faces at the people who keep coming and going through the manor?

- Giotto’s horrible stubbornness and constant whining about how people ruined his lovely family and can Xanxus pretty please with cherry on top take over?  are the main reason the Cradle Affair happened.

- Xanxus is now trapped in the Zero Point Breakthrough ice, it’s all Giotto’s fault. Both because he nagged at Xanxus to take over and because Giotto was the one to create the Zero Point Breakthrough technique.

- Giotto’s reaction no.1: spend a couple of months throwing temper tantrums. Temper tantrums that no one notices because only those who are charges of spirits can see the aforementioned spirits.

- Giotto’s reaction no.2: find Ricardo, grovel at his feet and ask him for help.


- He grows up showing some Xanxus-like behavior: he does whatever he wants and no one gets to have a say. Got a problem with that?

- Ricardo is proud with Tsuna: just look at that little lion cub meeting your disapproving glances with such carefree and manipulatively innocent eyes and smiles. Just look at the little spitfire verbally wrecking you emotionally. You talk trash about his mother? He’ll maul you with a spoon, smile prettily at any authorities who’ll question him about it and get away with it- with a bag of candy and a pat on the head, too!

- Ricardo is kicking back and enjoying the life in Namimori. Quiet, no crazies and most importantly no Giotto to annoy him. Even the miniaturized black-haired, grey-eyed, Asian version of Alaude following Tsuna around like a love-sick puppy can’t ruin his mood.

- Not even Tsuna’s mafioso of a father and his connection to the boss of Vongola can ruin his mood.

- Everything is all well and good until one day Giotto shows up sobbing and groveling and begging him to help his charge. Goddammit not again.

- It takes a few months of Giotto needling Ricardo and Tsuna to help. Tsuna agrees. Ricardo is stricken for a moment before wiping away an imaginary tear of pride when Tsuna says you owe me one to Giotto. Giotto the idiot promises Tsuna anything Tsuna wants. Ricardo pats Tsuna on the head for a Distractingly Blinding Cute Smile well-executed.

- Thus begin Tsuna’s adventures which include but are not limited to: sneaking unnoticed into the deepest parts of Vongola manor, discreetly mobilizing the Varia, stealing top-secret files from CEDEF, planting false information in the Vongola’s database and learning Zero Point Breakthrough.

- Tsuna is not seven yet. Ricardo is so proud.

- Tsuna is ten when he gets Xanxus out of ice. The Vongola is completely out of the loop. Ricardo is appalled and denies ever being Vongola Secondo. Me? Used to be a boss over these sissies? Never!

- Tsuna and Xanxus completely hit it off from the first meeting. Granted: no one knows what happened in their first meeting and how it went so they’re not sure.

- A few years later when Reborn shows up in Namimori to tutor the ‘last’ candidate for Vongola Decimo’s position, Tsuna strolls past his neighbor three doors down, the poor kid who was very distantly related to Primo and got suckered into being the Decimo without a care in the world. The little shit thought that he could call Tsuna’s mother names and get away with it, eh? The Vongola thought that they could make Tsuna clean up their messes and then make him Decimo against his will and get away with it, eh? The smile that appears on Tsuna’s face after these thoughts terrifies the tar out of the passersby who see it.

- Ricardo is just so proud. 


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11x08 “Just My Imagination”
“Pretend friend. You’re not even real…”

Not going to lie. I teared up during this scene, because damn, I think Nate Torrence (I hope we see him again on the show, because I really really liked him and his character) did a pretty amazing job at delivering the sadness, hurt and worry when he realizes that Sam no longer needs him. And the thing is, Sully imo worked as a Dean mirror the entire episode - even if I may be the only one thinking that way. To me this was basically the turnaround scene to however the scene when Sam decided to go to Stanford must have looked.

While here Sully was trying to support Sam to go off on his own without the hunting life, Sam “rejects” or rather leaves Sully behind to be with his family and choosing hunting and his family over school. I wonder if a few years later Sam remembered this exact moment when he sent off the application letters for college and ultimately when he walked out the door and left his brother behind, who may have felt and looked just as devastated as Sully looks here.

“I don’t need you anymore”, that’s most probably the one catch phrase Dean fears more than anything else to this day. In a way that’s the problem in a nutshell. Sam growing up to Dean meant if he’s not needed, he’s not loved, he’s not worth anything, it’s failing. And well, there you have it again. Dean and Sully having something in common. Aside from the haircut, the love for candy and the “looking out for Sam”. I actually think Dean was so harsh on Sully to a good extent, because he recognized parts of himself in Sully, but saw Sully as the better version of himself who was there for people, was there fore Sam when he wasn’t. Whereas he knows that Sully “doesn’t have a monstrous bone in his body”, he thinks of himself of the opposite - after all it was the jawbone of an animal that turned him into a monster and had him almost kill Sam…

So yes, to me Sully and Dean were mirror characters. That’s not to say they still are also very different people, yet I feel there are more things connecting them than setting them apart. Most of all quite possibly to me the biggest parallel between them is that they both are kids at heart, Peter Pans, so to say.

I’m not sure what Braig did, but he probably had it coming.
I think this is my new favorite drawing