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OTP- Part 1- Love Notes

Okay so I know I said I was going to have the network write this but I kinda stole it back because nobody was doing anything (myself included) and I liked the prompt too much so hERE WE ARE!

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff and maybe some angst at some point

Word Count: 932

“You probably do not feel the same, but I simply cannot hold it in any longer. I like you, a lot. From your jet-black fringe to your blue-green eyes with their hint of yellow, to the black Converse on your feet, I admire every inch of you. Despite these wonderful physical features, it’s quite obvious to me that your most admirable trait is your heart. I can only hope this heart is big enough to accept me in it, despite the fact that I cannot yet reveal my identity. I forgive you for my cowardice, but I hope to one day remove the mask I have placed over myself through this note.

Forever yours, 

Your secret admirer.”

Phil read the note to Dan, who sat faking a curious look. “A secret admirer?” 

“Yeah. I found it in my locker. I don’t know who could have left it there.”

“Maybe it’s not really for you? It could have been a mistake.”

“It can’t be. It’s got a detailed description of me, right down to the eyes. How did they even know that?” 

“I don’t know…” Dan immediately regretted going into so much detail. 

“Let’s review what we know. The admirer has been close enough to me to notice every shade of my eyes, and they know my locker number. It could be nearly anyone.” 

Leaning up against the cafeteria wall, Dan let on naivety. “Anyone.” 

“I’ll ask around. I wish our friends knew more girls…” He said, getting up and heading to another table. 

Dan let out a sigh, now alone. He knew Phil was bisexual, but he wished he would open his mind a bit more. He would have been fine with dating a guy, but he for some reason couldn’t comprehend that one liked him. Society had molded him into such a closed-minded person at such a young age that he couldn’t break out of this box. Pulling out his notebook, he transferred all the information he just took in from Phil into a new note. 

“Dearest Philip,

Your cheerful and loving nature continues to entrance me and inspire me to write to you. My trail of cowardice continues, as I shan’t reveal my identity yet. Alas, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am a freshman, the same as you, and I have eyes and hair of chestnut. Most importantly of all, perhaps, I may be closer to you than you think.” Phil looked up from the note he pulled from his locker. “I may be closer to you than you think. What could that mean?” 

“Maybe they’re a friend?” Dan attempted to sound clueless. 

“Oh, that can’t be. You’re my only good friend. Chestnut eyes and hair…” Phil stared into Dan’s chestnut eyes as he spoke. “Who do we know that has chestnut hair and eyes?” 

“I only know myself.”

“I’ll look through last year’s yearbook and try to find some girls with chestnut hair and eyes. I’ll keep you updated!” Phil raced off to find a yearbook, leaving Dan shaking his head. 

“So oblivious…” He smiled at the boy as he ran off down the hallway towards yet another wrong answer. 

The next morning, Dan walked alongside Phil to his locker. “Nothing. I gave a handwriting test to every girl I could find, and none of them matched the notes. I’ve tried every girl in the freshman class. What else is there to do?” He threw open his locker to find another note, opening it up and reading it aloud. 

“Today I shall give you a break from your constant attempts to reveal my identity. Instead, I shall remind you of why I am here in the first place. Philip, you are the sweetest, the most kindhearted boy I know. I have had my eye on you for a long time, but have just now gotten the courage to speak to you, even anonymously. When my identity is finally revealed, you will probably become annoyed with my lack of ability to simply speak up, and I apologize. I care too much for you to risk losing you over something as idiotic as a crush. 

Until I write again, 

Your secret admirer.”

Phil’s face showed pure confusion. “I care too much for you to risk losing you? I’m now confident I must know this girl well. I just can’t think of anyone it could possibly be.” 

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually. Or, maybe they won’t be discovered until they really want to. They’re doing a pretty good job of hiding it so far.” 

“You’ve got that right.” Phil sighed as the bell rang for first period. “I’ll see you next period.” Dan headed off to his first class to restlessly wait until he would meet Phil again in his second. 

Phil ran to his locker before second period to get his binder. Opening the creaky door, he found yet another note lying on top of his books. Grabbing his binder, he read it as he walked to second period. 

“Sweetest Philip, 

Oh how oblivious you are. It’s quite adorable, in my opinion. However, your struggles sadden me as well, so I will help you. The reason you haven’t figured out my identity yet is simple: you’ve only searched 50% of the freshman class.”

Phil reached his English classroom and sat down in his desk beside Dan, setting the note on the desk. As he threw his things down, something dawned on Phil. His closed mind had screwed him over yet again. His admirer was correct; he had searched only half of the student population: the female half. Phil’s secret admirer was a boy. 

I truly resent the TVD writers for ruining Kai Parker. He was the best thing to ever happen to that show especially after the tragedy that was season 5. The writers made it clear that Kai was not capable of redemption but they excuse Damon’s actions?! Damon has killed more people than Kai don’t even fight me on this. Kai had to spend 18 years in isolation, was rejected by his family and tried to make amends with Bonnie yet he’s not capable of redemption?! I don’t have anything against Damon but they are pretty much the same person so idk what is going through the writers’ minds. Also I’m so mad that they deleted the most significant scene of the season. The scene where Kai explains to Jo that he felt like a black sheep because no one wanted him was such a masterpiece and proved that Kai had a sense of humanity and could be saved. But no they had to ruin a perfectly good character development opportunity. Then after that they decided to screw him over AGAIN by trapping him in another prison world after he was trying to show Bonnie how sorry he was. And then when you thought the writers couldn’t screw him over even more they gave him the least interesting death ever. If you’re going to kill off a major character like Kai at least make it worth it. Make it memorable. Make it the most groundbreaking death of the entire show. Instead he was decapitated by Damon which makes no sense as Kai is an all powerful heretic with heighten senses so he would’ve sensed Damon coming from behind. And then when they finally bring him back in season 8 they put him in ANOTHER prison world?! The writers had such such a great opportunity to develop Kai’s character but instead they decided to destroy any chance of that happening because apparently we’re not allowed to have nice things. Kai deserves better.

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tbh i didnt start relaxing and enjoying the mv until jin got his part. i was so worried bighit would screw him over again


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I'd have to disagree and say that what the way I think the shears affected him the most would be that he tries to do the right thing and heroic thing (for his son, his family, end the Ogre Wars, NOT kill Beowulf) but destiny always screws him over again and again…and a lot of his actions become constant sacrifices. I think the perfect example is the most recent Bae flashback. No matter what Rumple does his actions are never enough.

Oh, I agree that his actions are never enough, and that he tries to do the right thing - but I think that use of the shears has made it hard for him to manage to do it.  His attempt to do the right thing gets turned upside down so often, and ends up hurting those he is trying to protect.  

I do think that use of the shears left him without purpose, though.  His actions, particularly early on, are those of a man trying to do the right thing, yet he quickly lacks the ability to see it through, or to find the right choice at all.  I think cutting him off from his destiny left him with a lack of purpose that eventually the darkness filled…but the darkness never could erase the good man he was meant to be - and always wanted to be.


#i’ve lived a good life #but sorry friends this was it

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Could you do a scenario where Woozi was about to confess to you but the other members kinda ruined the moment(?) so you told Woozi that you like him?

Suuuure thing~ 

The first time that Jihoon attempted a confession, he was certain, would be the last.

He had planned everything out to the best of his ability; he would keep things casual, not going to overboard with the romanticism or anything of the sort to spare himself the embarrassment in the event that you were to deny him. It would just be like any other totally fine, normal day that the two of you spent together, the good friends that you were. You’d go out for lunch, talk about your current concerns, favorite songs, funny stories, and whatever else you could think of. Then, just as you were about to leave, he would say it simply; ‘I like you’, just like that. It was a nice, easy plan, and one that he was positive that he could follow through with with little to no dilemmas.

The dilemma he had failed to account for, however, had been the biggest of them all; his own members.

Everything had been going according to his plan in the beginning - you showed up for lunch, looking as lovely as ever, he noted, and once you sat down with your food, you started off on a passionate rant about a new band that you had discovered recently. He listened attentively, smiling softly in an attempt to not show how anxious he was feeling and chiming in with small ‘yeah’s and ‘hm’s every once in a while to show that he was still paying attention to you. You finished your meal all to quickly for his liking, however, and before he knew it, it was time for him to finally say those words. It was funny, he thought - it was just three small words - “I like you” - but those were enough to leave his palms sweating and his heart racing in his chest. Finally, though, he knew that he couldn’t put it off anymore, so, taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth and -


He was cut off at your excited call, and following your gaze, he found none other than Kwon Soonyoung standing at the entrance to the restaurant, waving excitedly back at you as he made his way over to your table.

“What are you doing here?” You asked him as you scooted over to make room for him, blissfully unaware of what Jihoon had been about to say to you. 

“Just came for some lunch! Did you guys eat without me?” Soonyoung asked excitedly, equally oblivious.

And just like that, Jihoon’s first go at confessing ended in failure, Soonyoung quickly landing himself the number one spot on Jihoon’s hit list. 

The second time, he thought, he wouldn’t be so foolish as the first; he wouldn’t go somewhere that the members could appear.

So, he waited until a day that you invited him over to your house.

His second plan was very similar to the first, still keeping things simple. Again, you would go about your routine as usual, playing video games and watching movies together until it was time for Jihoon to head home. This time, he thought, there was nothing to interrupt him - you lived along and you hadn’t invited anyone aside from him over, so there was absolutely no way that anyone could disrupt him once more. 

Things progressed as they always did, the two of you getting caught up in a Disney marathon that day in particular. You sang passionately along with all of your favorite songs, reminiscing together about the memories of your childhood that those movies never failed to bring back. Just as the lunch date had, however, it eventually came to an end. Before Jihoon knew it, the sun was setting, his cue to head out and get back to the dorm. 

Before he did that, though, he had to get it over with - he had to finally say those words that weight more heavily on his mind with each passing day. 

He waited until the absolute last second, waiting until you had walked him to your front door and were saying your final farewells. Once again, he took a deep breath and steeled his nerves. “______, I… there’s something I need to tell you.”

Before you could answer, however, there was a ringing sound, and time seemed to stop as you reached into your pocket, pulling out your cellphone and answering a call.

“Seungkwan?” You said, sounding quite surprised yourself, and Jihoon deadpanned. No way. There was no way that they had screwed him over yet again. 

The conversation ended quickly, you rolling your eyes and shoving the phone back into your pocket. “They’re trying to prank me,” you laughed, shaking your head. “Anyway, you were saying?”

“I… I forgot,” Jihoon lied, confidence for the night lost. “Goodnight,” he said quickly, ducking out of your house and making a beeline for the dorm.

With the failure of attempt number two, Seungkwan had also joined the ranks of the hit list. 

The third time was in the spur of the moment - Jihoon simply could not wait any longer. The conditions were all wrong, but he absolutely could not help himself. He’d go insane, he thought, if he kept his feelings to himself any longer. 

You were at the dorm together - never a good thing, by Jihoon’s account, but he’d have to take what he could get. You had insisted that the two of you bake something together, and he had gone along with your wishes, pulling out a favorite cookie recipe of yours. 

The way you looked so concentrated as you stirred the dough, so focused on everything that you did… he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He had to tell you. “Listen, ______-”


He should’ve known.

He should’ve seen it coming from a mile away when Dokyum burst into the kitchen, an expectant look on his face at the sight of the dough.

It was all that he could do to look on as you laughed, handing Seokmin a spoonful of the cookie dough and the man exiting the kitchen, thanking you profusely for your gift. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, he thought. After all, fate was quite clearly doing all that it could to stand in the way of his confession. Maybe he should just let go of his feelings and be done with it.

He didn’t say another word as the two of you baked; a heavy silence fell over the kitchen until you put the tray of cookies into the oven, making your way over and leaning against the counter beside him.

“Hey, Jihoon…” You started, a nervous tone in your voice that he thought quite uncharacteristic of you. “Can I… can I tell you something kind of embarrassing?”

He turned to you and raised his eyebrows, interest piqued by your choice of words. “Go ahead.”

“Right, so I’m just going to get to the point and just say… I like you.”

He froze, eyes going wide. Did you just confess to him?

Did you, in one attempt, just do what he had been trying to do for months?

In all his shock, it was all that he could do to laugh - not just giggles, either, full out hysteric, doubled-over laughter.

“Jesus, you could just say that you don’t like me!” You said, hurt by the reaction. “You’re too cruel, Jihoon…”

“No, no…” he said, calming down, though the smile was still present on his face. “It’s just… I like you too.”

“So you laugh…?” You asked cautiously, still quite wary of the odd reaction. 

He smirked. “Let’s just say you had good timing, yeah?”

Seokmin, he thought, just narrowly avoided the hit list.


I’ve seen that letter a hundred times before. In my darkest moments I’d…go to it for comfort…for solace, for… a boost when I needed it. Because I… because I always thought it was about me.

The letter that wasn’t meant for her…then anyway.

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protective!spock. maybe where he fights for jim or is just generally protective of him or where jim gets hurt or something. bonus points for tos!!! thanks you guys!!

I tagged these with “protective” Within Our Reach by starfish422

With a few exceptions, everyone in the auditorium that day assumed the animosity between the two men arose solely from the situation at hand.  They were only half correct.  Spock had secrets of his own, where James Kirk was concerned. “No action on your part could make me hate you.  There is no sacrifice required of me where your safety is concerned.  Protecting you was not an act of selflessness.  On the contrary, I will always protect that which I do not wish to live without.” 

When the Levee Breaks by waketosleep

Even Spock has limits.

walk with me by ObsidianEmbrace

Spock gets a second chance.

Grieve with Thee by ObsidianEmbrace

Jim has a tendency to choose anger over grief. Until Spock objects.

Untitled (oh come on, it’s got Kirk sweaty and banged up and Spock stripping him, does it need one?) by seven_crows

Shockingly, after having spent three days running through caves and mountains and fighting off cave-creatures with tentacles - tentacles, because the cave-creatures themselves just weren’t bad enough – I’m not really in the mood for a lecture on how I should be in sickbay, and you can take whatever sedative you’ve got in that hypospray of yours and shove it.”

Never Too Late by ED of Oblivion

Written for LJ’s STXI Kink Meme. Also known as, “Five times Spock thought no one was looking, and one time he knew he was caught.”

Protective Love by Spirk-Fangirl

When Jim gets hurt, Spock is there to protect him.

master of a nothing place by strzyga

Reboot. spock is stripped of his logic on an away mission gone bad and turns feral, incredibly violent and utterly brutal. when he comes across jim, though, he is possessive, protective, and even affectionate.

Unbruised by raphaela667

“This is stupid,” he sounds like an infant, and not the captain of a starship, but Spock ignores it entirely. He’s used to it, after two years. Jim doesn’t like to seem as intelligent or as adult as he is, and Spock can’t understand that, but he can allow it.

First Aid by CMM

This is in rsponse to Tech Duinn’s Better than Chocolate Challenge, which asked for a h/c story in which Jim’s family screws him over (again), and Spock helps him out.

Oasis by kyliselle

Kirk accidentally lands himself on an alternate Enterprise in an alternate reality - a reality where Surak’s reformation of Vulcan never happened.

Dare by J S Cavalcante

Spock would do anything to defend his captain, even humiliate himself by breaking the Vulcan customs that forbid emotional release. But once Spock’s controls are undone, who will protect Kirk from the beast that lurks in the Vulcan soul?

WARNING: attempted date-rape by using drugs.

5x Spock melded w/Kirk & 1x Kirk melded w/Spock by ksalterego

After that one meld with Other Spock, Jim Kirk is seriously obsessed by the thought that if Other Spock is really that fascinating, how much more awesome must his Spock be? Thus begins a journey of heartwarming epicness as Jim Kirk gets to know his Spock even better than he could ever imagine via meld after enticing meld.

Patterns of a Captaincy by desree_rd

There was a certain pattern evolving, Spock contemplated idly and with a worrying degree of resignation as he dragged his captain along the stone corridors of the palace, a firm hand on the other man’s biceps. The theme and arguably most important fact of said pattern: trouble finds James Tiberius Kirk even when he is not actively looking for it, seldom as that lack of action occurs.

Tremors by corpus_invictus

Summary/Prompt: “I’d like to read a nice, calm, affectionate shower with Spock/Kirk. Protective!Spock is always amazing! Sex not required, but not unwanted!”

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Do you think Doran would have given up Elia or her kids to the Baratheons if they manage to flee safely to Dorne? I have seen this scernio asked before and the answer 'yes, of course anything for peace' seems to to be a misread of Doran's character and Dornish culture to me.

I think Doran gives the kids up with Jon Arryn’s assurances they won’t be killed, but rather given to the septons/silent sisters as soon as they’re old enough; once that’s done, no one’s coming for Elia. 

Doran, unlike Oberyn, is very particular about the war he wants to fight: he wants overwhelming force on his side, and until he can get it, he takes as little risk as possible, because as he tells Arianne: 

“Dorne is the least populous of the Seven Kingdoms. It pleased the Young Dragon to make all our armies larger when he wrote that book of his, so as to make his conquest that much more glorious, and it has pleased us to water the seed he planted and let our foes think us more powerful than we are, but a princess ought to know the truth. Valor is a poor substitute for numbers. Dorne cannot hope to win a war against the Iron Throne, not alone.”

Part of what makes Doran so fascinating is that he’s risk-averse to a fault; it keeps screwing him over, again and again. He never sends any resources or even information to Viserys RE the marriage pact because the danger of Varys finding out (the irony!) but that means Viserys never knows about the pact and gets himself killed. Doran also doesn’t tell Arianne, which leads to growing resentment of her own and eventually her seizing on Tyene’s disastrous queenmaking plot. And of course, he sends Quentyn with so little support to avoid setting off any red flags for the Lannister regime, but the result is the collapse of the mission at every turn. 

I think Doran Martell is GRRM’s critique/deconstruction of Secret Long-Simmering Revenge Plans and those who plan them. The core of that trope is the false front, the constant deceit, the “you didn’t need to know” dominating the schemer’s relationships. So often that’s presented as badass or at least charismatic, but in Doran’s case, it leads him to make devastating mistakes, and it does damage to his children and his relationships with them. Moreover, I think that as Doran fears, he’s leading his people (as represented by the children of the Water Gardens) into an abyss like they haven’t seen since Conqueror. 

"Oh you know, looking at the stars, listening to the Universe laugh at me"

[meta from Damon’s POV but DE-related of course]

This is it. This is the line which should give us all the definite clue what Damon is feeling in 5x18.

Listen to Damon in 5x03.

No one tells me how I live my life, no one tells me who I love, especially not some vindictive prehistoric witch, and definitely not the universe.

That was Damon laughing at the universe. Because they were together, they’d been happy for so long, and Damon is a romantic at heart, secretly believing that true love conquers all.

“True love prevails… the universe be damned.” - Tessa (5x07)

The situation seemed easy. They had conquered the sire bond (nope, not gonna dwell on the terrible writing of that one), the had gone through Elena’s off-phase and Damon’s “bumps,” and there was nothing they couldn’t survive.

Now? Now everything is different. Not only is Elena giving up on them because they are “bad for each other,” but the universe (not the universe in fact, but that’s the generic term for supernatural crap) screws him over - again. Only this time he doesn’t have the thing that carried him through before - certainty that he and Elena will survive.

Supernatural stuff? He can deal with that. Elena’s rejection? He can deal with that, too. Put everything together and add Stefan to the mix, and it will get too much.

This is why he lashes out. When he says that he doesn’t want to see or hear Elena any more, it’s not like he means that he doesn’t love her any more or hates her. It’s more like he loves her too much to have her close but out of reach and watch her inevitably - or so he thinks - get back together with Stefan.

Funny thing is you see Seb apologising to the team on the radio, when they are the ones screwing him over again and again and owe him a hundred fucking apologies. I feel like he’s too kind to this stupid team, sometimes.

41. On The Right Track

Maya’s POV

Although earlier this morning, August and I decided to get back together, I was still uneasy about it. I mean, shouldn’t I be? Either way, I committed to him again and I’m ready. I just really don’t want him to screw me over again because next time, he won’t be so lucky. I’m head over hills for him but, I’m not a fool. I won’t be played twice.

While lying in my bed, I heard him knock against my door. August didn’t understand why I didn’t want to sleep inside the same room with him. Neither did I but, it felt odd. Aug and I haven’t been romantic or even shared the same bed in a little over a month. As horny as I was, I couldn’t do it.

“Come in.” I beckoned, sitting up in bed. I placed my iPad on the nightstand, giving him my undivided attention. Aug was only clad in basketball shorts and Adidas slippers. We are together, I get that. But, must he keep doing this?

“I’on get it. Why you wanna sit in here when the beach n’ a pool outside?” he chuckled lightly, licking his lips. I knew it, he wanted to have sex. I know that look anywhere.

“Are you attempting to ask me to come outside with you?” I chuckled, swinging my legs off the bed. He shrugged, an alluring smirk on his face.

“Sum’ like that.” he grumbled, biting his bottom lip tightly. I sighed at the sight, standing up from the bed. I went to the suitcase on the floor, placing it on the bed.

“I need to get my bathing suit.” I muttered, searching for it. Without warning, his arms wrapped around my frame. I felt a lot, let’s just leave it at that.

“You don’t need no bathin’ suit. You don’t need nothin’ on.” he said huskily, getting me to kiss my teeth.

“Uh, no. I bought this cute ass bikini, I’m wearing it.” I said, turning around in his hold. With lustful eyes, he chuckled. I was more attracted to him than I’d ever been.

“Don’t matter. It’s gon’ be off soon as you get outside. Just watch.” he taunted, walking out of the room. Is that right?

August’s POV

She was taking forever just to come outside and get wet. I dipped my legs into the pool, sipping on the wine that I bought out here for us. With how I was sitting, when she come out here, I can see her. A nigga was anxious to see her body. If she let me tonight, I’m going all in. I missed the feeling.

“You like?” she smirked, strutting towards the pool. At that moment, I literally undressed her with my eyes. To save us the time, I dived fully into the water and swam to her.

“I love, baby.” I said huskily, watching her giggle. Truthfully, the bikini was thread. Just string. I don’t know why she was gon’ wear that sexy shit anywhere else but for me. It was a dark red, my favorite color. Beautiful.

She sat down before me, crossing her legs together.

“Nah, open them.” I grumbled, prying them apart with both hands. She shuddered against my cold and wet hands. With bedroom eyes, she gazed at me. I’m not the only one.

Raveling her thick thighs around my waist, I hoisted myself out of the water. Pecking her lips a few times, she ran both of her soft hands through my curls. I pulled back, making a small pout mask her pretty face. Chuckling, I licked my lips and engulfed her in an even deeper kiss.

From her lips, I traveled to her neck; her spot. I bit into her skin, sucking when she whimpered lowly. Not wasting time, I went further down south and massaged her thighs. I went back into the water, watching her take off her top. A smirk etched on her face as her breast fell free.

“Shit.” I hissed, lifting up. I flicked my long tongue back and forth across her hardened nipples. She moaned and placed her hand on my head. Leaning back, she guided me toward her pussy, telling me right then and there what she wanted.

“Help me.” she whined, pulling down her bikini. I latched on to the sides, freeing her of them completely.

“I told you that you was gon’ put that shit on just for me to take it off.” I said, smiling at her. She playfully rolled her eyes, balancing both of her hands behind her. She was leaning back, begging so much with her eyes.

Deciding to get right to it, I put both of her legs on top of my shoulders. I made my way right to her dripping love, a hungry groan leaving my mouth. Shit, I missed this taste.

With moans rolling out of her mouth, she watched as I put in work. Her hand rustled with my hair, pushing me closer. She even arched her back, wanting me deep inside. I know she want a nigga to go deep but damn, my tongue only so long. I’ma try doe.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed. Smirking against her, I swirled in her love a little faster than before. Once she came, I pulled her down into the water with me.

“You can swim?” I whispered, pecking her lips a few times. She moved her wet hair out of her face, smiling at me.

“Yeah.” she answered breathlessly. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. She kept her fingers moving through my curls while we kissed passionately. I swam to a corner of the pool, letting her taste herself off my lips.

“You want this?” I asked, tugging down my shorts. When I was bare, I pressed against her. She nodded before biting and kissing along my neck. Groaning, I gripped her ass so that I could dive in.

“Still tight as fuck.” I muttered, digging deeper inside her. I groaned again as her bites and nails became intense. I was thrusting into her rougher, making screams sound into the air. This is the loudest she’s ever been, word up.

“You missed me, baby?” I grunted, using my thumb to rub on her clit. Instead of answering me, she pushed me away from her. Confusion sketched on my face when she did. I watched as she sent me a sly smirk and sank downward in the water. She took me into her mouth, making me grunt.

She kept up a steady rhythm as she sucked me up. I was in shock that she – Maya – was even doing this shit. I couldn’t see what she was doing exactly but, I was loving it. I tensed up in her mouth, growing thicker and longer. She made her mouth and throat open wider, taking me down further.

“Damn, My.” I growled, gripped the back her head. I took it off because I ain’t wanna choke or drown her. Even though I’m sure she can handle this. Once I came, she slurped it up like it was nothing. Under water, mind you.

“Impressed?” she smirked, wiping the corner of her mouth with her thumb. I nodded, speechless as fuck. She laughed, swimming to the edge of the pool. She pulled herself up, a stream of water pouring down her back. She squeezed out her hair, winking at my stunned expression.

“You think you freakier than me now?” I asked, getting out the pool too. She shrugged some, heading back in. Her ass jiggled as she switched inside the house. Good God.

“Yup. I’m thirsty.” she mumbled, sitting down on the island. She picked up the bottle of Midori, drinking the liquor as if it were nothing. I ain’t wanna fuck up the mood so I let her drink freely. Although it did bother me that she can chug it down like that.

“Gimme.” I grumbled, reaching for the bottle. She gave me the bottle, thinking that I wanted some too. I took a sip, the liquor burning my throat some. It wasn’t even strong until I chugged it down like she did.

“I never had that before. It’s good.” she murmured, getting down from the island. I put the bottle down, glancing down at her wet body. I picked her up, carrying her to my room.

“I think you taste betta’ than that.” I smiled, placing her tiny body against the wall. I lifted her body up, placing her thick thighs on my shoulder blades. She reached for shit but ain’t a damn thing was there. I chuckled and continued feasting.

We gon’ be doing this all night long, I know it.

Maya’s POV

Waking up, I felt myself locked in August’s strong arms. It’s been awhile since I woke up like this and I missed it. I loved being in his arms to be honest. No other man can provide a great amount of comfort for me like August does. Even if I tried so hard to tell myself otherwise; I need August.

“Let me get up, babe.” I mumbled, removing his arm. A low grumbled escaped his mouth as he freed me. I slid my limp body out of bed, throwing on one of his shirts. Leaving out of his room, I went into the bedroom that I stayed in. While we have breakfast, I plan to have a talk with him. There’s a few things that we need to discuss.

“Sum’ smells good.” his voice sounded, making me spin to meet his tall stature. I hugged his torso, standing on the tip of my toes to steal a kiss from him.

“I don’t see why they decked this place with food, knowing that you can’t cook.” I teased, kissing him again. Of course, he let out a boisterous laugh.

“I can make but, I can’t cook. I’m more of a microwave n’ a toaster kinda guy.” he chuckled, taking a seat. I turned back to the stove to finish breakfast. I settled on eggs, blueberry pancakes, and sausage. They didn’t have much here for his big appetite.

“August, baby. We need to talk.” I said while fixing his plate. My back was to him so, I couldn’t see his expression. I held his plate and sat it down before him. He waited until I made mine before sparking up our conversation.

“About what?” he grumbled, cutting up his pancakes. I did likewise, thinking of what needed to be covered. We leave here tomorrow morning and I wanted us to have all things pertaining to our relationship in tact.

“How this… system will work. Um, I don’t want to travel on the road with you. I actually will be traveling myself.” I said before eating a piece of the sausage. His brow frowned in confusion as he swallowed his food.

“Travelin’ where?” he asked.

“Around. Jess and I have a clothing line together and it has some potential. It’s called ‘Dolls Couture’ and it’s dresses. I do some of the Photoshop designs while she finds textures and things like that.” I explained, crossing my legs. He ate a forkful of his eggs, nodding some.

“Well,” he breathed out, “I support you, baby.”

That made me smile brightly, him supporting me. Niko said that it was stupid, Avery wanted me to use my degree. The only other person that supported it was my grandmother.

“Thanks, babe. So, how’s music been going?” I asked. I saw how bright his smile got, making me smile too. I love how I can literally witness the passion for what he does.

“Amazin’ as hell. Right now, we workin’ on the album. It has to come out next year but, I wanna use all the time I can to make it perfect, ya’ know? I was thinkin’… I was thinkin’ I do what seems right n’ put it out on Mel’s birthday.” he sighed.

“Oh, I think that’s a great idea, babe. I mean, it’s very, very appropriate. In my opinion.” I grinned, patting his hand. He smiled lightly at me, still thinking about Mel.

“Yeah, I thought so too.” he mumbled. Leaning across the table slightly, I took his chin in my hand.

“He’s proud of you, okay?” I mumbled, trying to cheer him up again. I hated when he was down over his brother. I feel like he just misses him and has this yearning for his brother to be here with him.

“I’m sure he is. I just wish he was around for this shit. I miss him a lot, man. But, it’s cool, babe. I’m good.” he assured. It didn’t seem that way but, I wouldn’t press the issue. He had to learn how to cope with that for his sanity. I just want him to be happy, that’s all.

August’s POV

Maya and I pretty much chilled for the rest of the day. She wanted to sit outside on the beach so, that’s what we did.

“How do you feel about kids?” I asked randomly, glancing over at her. We were talking about everything under the sun so, I thought I’d ask.

“I love kids. I mean, I’m hardly around any but, I think that I have a connection to children.” she replied, moving a stick around in the sand.

“You gon’ be a good mother. I feel it.” I muttered, catching her bright smile.

“I hope so. Maybe as good a mother as mine was. Maybe.” she chuckled, putting emphasis on her final word. I placed my arm around her shoulder, kissing her cheek.

“You speak to ya’ brotha’ lately?” I inquired.

“Yeah, before we came to Miami. He was on his way to an appointment for Kim. He sounded so excited.” she giggled. Even though the pregnancy was foul as shit, I’m happy that Niko about to be a father. He may act tough but he gon’ be good with kids.

“Chanel?” I grumbled.

“I don’t know about her. You know she hates Niko’s guts. I just hope they look beyond that for the baby.” she sighed.

“They betta’ get it together ‘fore the baby gets here. So, I feel like I need to apologize for givin’ Maxie to ma’ nieces.” I mumbled, rubbing the back of my neck. She chuckled, an almost saddened look on her face.

“It’s… not alright. It’s not.” she sniffled, wiping her eye. I let out a deep sigh, hugging her a little tighter. I admit, when I did that I was feeling animosity towards her. I wasn’t really thinking about how she would feel.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’ma get her back, okay? I’ma get the girls a new dog n’ I’ma make it work, aight?” I grumbled, quickly licking my lips.

“I don’t want you to take Maxie from them. Mama Sheila is always telling me how much they love her.” she muttered, wiping away her tears.

“You still talk to ma’ mom?” I asked, shocked. Not once did my mother tell me that Maya still called and vice versa. She never even mentioned Maya unless I brought her up.

“Yeah, I love her to death. I wouldn’t stop talking to her just because of you. Actually, I was supposed to visit them next month around Halloween. The girls really wanted me to go Trick or Treating with them.” she giggled lightly. I raised up my eyebrows before laughing some.

“You know what? I think they was tryin’a hook us up. They wanted me out there too. Talkin’ ‘bout I had to be Aladdin.” I laughed, making Maya do likewise.

“Funny, they wanted me to be Princess Jasmine. Slick, I tell you.” she chuckled, shaking her head.

“Hey, we should FaceTime them.” I suggested, smirking. A sly one took up her face too. She stood up, reaching out a hand for me. I threw her over my shoulder and trekked up to the house.

“Am I getting fat?” she asked from behind me.

“Yeah.” I said bluntly, earning a slap to the back. Letting out a round of laughs, I sat her down on the couch. When I had my phone, I decided to FaceTime my mama. She didn’t get to hear the news about Maya and I getting back together. I didn’t tell anyone, actually.

“Hey, ma.” I cheesed, making her look at me weird. Maya was to the right of me, out of sight.

“Hey, baby. Soooo…” she dragged out, referring to me and Maya getting back together. I stared in confusion, laughing some.

“Soooo… what?” I teased.

“Maya. Where is she? Did you make her leave, August? The fact that you can sit there with a smile on–”

“Why you always stickin’ up for her? I ain’t make her leave. She just left me. She said she fell in love wit’ anotha’ man. I got on ma’ knees n’–”

“He’s lying so bad!” Maya laughed, pushing my shoulder. I swear the look on my mom’s face was like shock. I feel as if she wanted us together more than anyone else.

“Oh my God, it’s official again?! I’m so proud of my babies. It’s about damn time.” she smiled brightly. The girls playing around could be heard in the back along with Max’s barks.

“Yup, we sat down and talked it out.” Maya grinned, laying her head on my shoulder.

“I’m proud. Ya’ll wanna talk to the girls? They gon’ be very excited about this. Ya’ know they was tryin’a set ya’ll up. It was a good plan.” she chuckled, getting up with the phone in her hand.

“It was an ambush. That’s sum’ you woulda did.” I laughed.

“You damn right and it woulda worked. Girls, guess who’s calling to talk to you guys today?” she said, smiling. ‘Uncle Aug’ and ‘Auntie’ were thrown around in return. Won’t the girls be surprised when both of us will be on here?

“Very close. Here, Chay.” my mama said, handing her the phone. When she saw both our faces, she let out a squeal. Of course, that was followed by two more squeals.

“Ya’ll surprised, huh?” I chuckled.

“Yes! Oh my God, it’s about time!” Kay shouted, getting a laugh out of all of us.

“They are too much.” Maya giggled. I nodded to her words as we listened to the girls talk up a storm about everything. They even sang for us, they were so happy. Finally, my life is going 100% good. I’m on the right track and I’ma keep it that way.


Seth was honestly not surprised. The trader screwed him over again. He started walking back to his hut, disappointed as usual but at least he wasn’t going home empty handed. He was taken by surprise when he heard tie fighters. They’re engines were always familiar. Seth decided it wouldn’t be wise to stick around. As soon as the first one started to hover he’d gotten on his speeder and taken off.

He went inside as soon as he came to his hut. He wasnt sure what the first order wanted here, but he wasn’t going to get involved if he could help it. He shut and locked his door going through his supplies hoping he had gotten away unseen.

Life Moves On- (Pretty much everyone)

The ride to Caelin was mostly a silent one. Mark and Lyn really didn’t have much to say and Rutger knew if he started to talk about how he felt that he would probably just ride back to the ger and stay there by himself. Things were different ever since he came back from the past, some good, some bad. On the good side he had repaired his relationship with his father and had helped him get into a bit better shape by training him a bit in swordplay. Mark still wasn’t the best, but he could hold his own against a squire maybe. And on the bad side, Rutger had disappointment in himself. He was too late to tell the girl that he cared for how he felt and now their relationship, along with another close friend’s, was strained and he felt lonelier than he ever had before. And then there was this. Aurore had sent him a letter, pretty much outright saying she was in a committed relationship and that was killing him inside. Why this guy and not him? He just kept beating himself up because his trip in time screwed him over again. So he kept quiet until Castle Caelin came into view.

“It’s always nice to see it intact and in working condition.” Mark said as he looked at it from afar. “I don’t think I could take it if it was renovated or destroyed, so many important things have happened in those walls.”

“I couldn’t have said it better dear.” Lyn commented. “Let’s do our best to try and keep it that way.” She said this knowing that Bern was still gathering it’s military might for no discernible reason and could unexpectedly strike at any moment.

“I’m sure Sir Kent has his knights prepared for anything.” Rutger added. “Plus they still have Sir Sain, Aurore, and Paul. But I do agree that if it comes to it we should help protect them.”

“We should. But that’s enough negativity for now, we should get down there. They’re probably waiting for us.” Mark said and the three rode closer to the castle.