screwing him over....again

[Major Spoilers] “Follow your true feelings!”: My Musings on P5′s Wildcard Couple

Can we talk about Morgana’s astute observations regarding Akechi’s true feelings for Akira? Can we talk about how (Morgana’s words–not mine) Akechi’s smile when he was hanging out with Akira had been genuine? This boy– who had distanced himself from everyone, who had wrapped himself up in layers upon layers of lies that he wears like a second skin, who had made revenge his one and only goal in life – had also, in spite of himself, serendipitously found kinship in the one boy whom he has decided that he has to kill. 

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OTP- Part 1- Love Notes

Okay so I know I said I was going to have the network write this but I kinda stole it back because nobody was doing anything (myself included) and I liked the prompt too much so hERE WE ARE!

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff and maybe some angst at some point

Word Count: 932

“You probably do not feel the same, but I simply cannot hold it in any longer. I like you, a lot. From your jet-black fringe to your blue-green eyes with their hint of yellow, to the black Converse on your feet, I admire every inch of you. Despite these wonderful physical features, it’s quite obvious to me that your most admirable trait is your heart. I can only hope this heart is big enough to accept me in it, despite the fact that I cannot yet reveal my identity. I forgive you for my cowardice, but I hope to one day remove the mask I have placed over myself through this note.

Forever yours, 

Your secret admirer.”

Phil read the note to Dan, who sat faking a curious look. “A secret admirer?” 

“Yeah. I found it in my locker. I don’t know who could have left it there.”

“Maybe it’s not really for you? It could have been a mistake.”

“It can’t be. It’s got a detailed description of me, right down to the eyes. How did they even know that?” 

“I don’t know…” Dan immediately regretted going into so much detail. 

“Let’s review what we know. The admirer has been close enough to me to notice every shade of my eyes, and they know my locker number. It could be nearly anyone.” 

Leaning up against the cafeteria wall, Dan let on naivety. “Anyone.” 

“I’ll ask around. I wish our friends knew more girls…” He said, getting up and heading to another table. 

Dan let out a sigh, now alone. He knew Phil was bisexual, but he wished he would open his mind a bit more. He would have been fine with dating a guy, but he for some reason couldn’t comprehend that one liked him. Society had molded him into such a closed-minded person at such a young age that he couldn’t break out of this box. Pulling out his notebook, he transferred all the information he just took in from Phil into a new note. 

“Dearest Philip,

Your cheerful and loving nature continues to entrance me and inspire me to write to you. My trail of cowardice continues, as I shan’t reveal my identity yet. Alas, I will tell you a bit about myself. I am a freshman, the same as you, and I have eyes and hair of chestnut. Most importantly of all, perhaps, I may be closer to you than you think.” Phil looked up from the note he pulled from his locker. “I may be closer to you than you think. What could that mean?” 

“Maybe they’re a friend?” Dan attempted to sound clueless. 

“Oh, that can’t be. You’re my only good friend. Chestnut eyes and hair…” Phil stared into Dan’s chestnut eyes as he spoke. “Who do we know that has chestnut hair and eyes?” 

“I only know myself.”

“I’ll look through last year’s yearbook and try to find some girls with chestnut hair and eyes. I’ll keep you updated!” Phil raced off to find a yearbook, leaving Dan shaking his head. 

“So oblivious…” He smiled at the boy as he ran off down the hallway towards yet another wrong answer. 

The next morning, Dan walked alongside Phil to his locker. “Nothing. I gave a handwriting test to every girl I could find, and none of them matched the notes. I’ve tried every girl in the freshman class. What else is there to do?” He threw open his locker to find another note, opening it up and reading it aloud. 

“Today I shall give you a break from your constant attempts to reveal my identity. Instead, I shall remind you of why I am here in the first place. Philip, you are the sweetest, the most kindhearted boy I know. I have had my eye on you for a long time, but have just now gotten the courage to speak to you, even anonymously. When my identity is finally revealed, you will probably become annoyed with my lack of ability to simply speak up, and I apologize. I care too much for you to risk losing you over something as idiotic as a crush. 

Until I write again, 

Your secret admirer.”

Phil’s face showed pure confusion. “I care too much for you to risk losing you? I’m now confident I must know this girl well. I just can’t think of anyone it could possibly be.” 

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually. Or, maybe they won’t be discovered until they really want to. They’re doing a pretty good job of hiding it so far.” 

“You’ve got that right.” Phil sighed as the bell rang for first period. “I’ll see you next period.” Dan headed off to his first class to restlessly wait until he would meet Phil again in his second. 

Phil ran to his locker before second period to get his binder. Opening the creaky door, he found yet another note lying on top of his books. Grabbing his binder, he read it as he walked to second period. 

“Sweetest Philip, 

Oh how oblivious you are. It’s quite adorable, in my opinion. However, your struggles sadden me as well, so I will help you. The reason you haven’t figured out my identity yet is simple: you’ve only searched 50% of the freshman class.”

Phil reached his English classroom and sat down in his desk beside Dan, setting the note on the desk. As he threw his things down, something dawned on Phil. His closed mind had screwed him over yet again. His admirer was correct; he had searched only half of the student population: the female half. Phil’s secret admirer was a boy. 

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Could you please do Number 1 with yoongi?


{Y/N breaks up with Yoongi in the middle of the night, but why?}

I took in a deep breath and held it for as long as I could. If I let go of my breath I would surely lose my composure. I let of of my breath when it was too much to bear and leaned against the wall, sliding down slowly. I tucked my head into my knees, trying to soothe the ever throb in my head. I wanted it all to stop, I wanted to stop hearing his voice. I wanted to stop picturing his face, devastated, hurt, betrayed. “Make it stop. Make it stop. I don’t. I don’t love him.” After minutes of talking myself down from the threatening anxiety, I feel like I’m ready to do this. I stand up and trudge up the stair well to his apartment.

i reach the door. My clammy hands pound on the door ruffly. A minute later, a groggy Yoongi opens his door, startled and rubbing his eyes. I almost forgot it was practically 4am. “Y/N?” He says gruffly. “What are you doing here? Come in babe, is everything all right.” He reaches out to pull me inside but I instinctually step back, out of his reach. “No. It’s not fine. I need to talk to you.” I say, bitting the inside of my lip a bit to keep it from quivering. Yoongi looks at me now, his attention peaked. “What’s wrong?” he asks, stepping towards me again. I step back and I imagine the look of hurt in his eyes with my own glued to the floor. “I was sitting on my bed tonight, going through pictures of us. I saw our trip to the island. The first say we met when I asked for a photo with you. I saw that photo we took at my family reunion in January. When I was looking at the photos, I realized that I don’t love you. I saw it in this one specific photo. We were at the grocery store, a frickin grocery store and I’m pushing the cart and you’re picking up a box of cereal and asking me if we should get that one and Cameron is talking the photo. The picture is so ordinary in setting and shot but the way you look at me in that photo- You just, you’re looking at me like I’m art. Which I’m not. I’m far from it. But you, it’s like you see me as something I’m not. You’re eyes were narrowed and you are barely smiling but there’s just this energy flowing off of you towards met hat i can feel even through my stupid screen. Were in a fucking grocery store buying cereal! I look like a mess, my hairs in a bun with a bandana and I’m wearing some stupid baggy band shirt but you’re still looking at me like I’m a brand new world!” I take a breath and look up at Yoongi to see that he is staring at me just the way he did in the photo. “I don’t understand, Y/N.” He whispers.

“I don’t love you the way you love me. I don’t know what love is and I’m not ready to find out.” 

Yoongi runs his hands through his hair, rolling his neck. “Y/N you aren’t making any sense. Love is us. It’s literally us! You and me, we,” Yoongi hold me by my arms, searching my eyes for any form of doubt. “It’s when you say my name, Y/N. When I feel your presence and when, when. God, Y/N. I don’t understand where this is coming from. Please don’t leave me.” Yoongi is blinking rapidly, trying to hold back the gleam in his eyes threatening to spill. I shake my head stonily. “No, Yoongi. I’m sorry but, this just doesn’t feel right anymore. I feel like I’m forcing myself to feel things that don’t come naturally for me. I’ve been feeling like this for a while. I din’t know what it was but now I know, I don’t love you.” I look deeply into his eyes as I say this.  Yoongi instantly drops his hands from my arms and lets me go. He nods his head, butting his lip so hard it looks like he is smiling. He shakes his head, putting his hands on his hips and walks back into his apartment shutting the door. 

Only when I’m out of the building do I allow myself to cry. I’m in so much pain it hurts to breathe, to think. I get inside the black car waiting outside for me and am greeted by the woman.

“You did the right thing Y/N.” She says, looking at me through the rear-view mirror. “I told you, you’re an anchor on Yoongi’s sail. If he wants to make it in this business. Publicity is everything, he’s gotta have the right people beside him.” I nod my head in understanding. 

“There’s ten thousand in the envelope next to you. Take it.” She says. I scoff, wiping my tears. “I didn’t do this for money, I did this to protect him and you know that. I’ll be leaving now, you won’t have to see me ever again. Unless you’re agency screws him over, than I’m coming for you.” 

I hop out of the car and slam the door shut. I turn the alley right when I hear the apartment door swing open. I lean against the wall and see Yoongi run past me, yelling out my name. It takes everything in me not to respond. To run after him and beg him to forgive me for saying I didn’t love him because I do. It’s because I love him that I have to set him free. 


Hey thanks for reading! I just want to thank all of our followers for being so kind and supportive :) I love you <3 I wanted to get to know you guys a bit. What are your favourite movies? Mine is Midnight in Paris (I liked it before Tae mentioned it so I was really excited to hear he enjoyed it too!) Let me know :) I love movies and am dying to hear from you guys. Also, Bias? Mine is Chimchim :)


Guillotine - Jughead x Reader

Request: A Jughead x Reader based on the song Guillotine by Jon Bellion

Word count: 1427

Warnings: Sweaaaringgg

A/N: I’m really sorry I don’t know where I was going with this, anyways Anon, I hope I did your song justice :) Requests open :)

Sleep on me, feel the rhythm in my chest, just breathe

Jughead Jones was your best friend. He lived with you in your one bedroom apartment, and one night you couldn’t sleep, so you rolled over to an unconscious Jughead and put your head on his chest, his breathing mixed with his heartbeat was like a lullaby for you, and you fell asleep cuddling your best friend, and that’s how it started, you developed feelings for Jughead, and he started developing feelings for you, you both acknowledged it without having to actually talk about it, you were still best friends, but just best friends who were unconditionally in love with each other.

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A Lady’s Fight

This one is for @buckysmetallicstump​ and her Disney Quotes Challenge
I chose Dean, but I’m afraid I’ve cheated! This was sitting in WIP’s that I’ve forgotten about… but I’m glad I dusted it off for this, I quite enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading.
A/N: First up, BIG thank you to @whispersandwhiskerburn​, you are the sun to my moon, I would not shine without you! This is the closest I’ve ever stayed to Canon, so please understand that I’ve used different parts of the pilot in a different order, because, of course, things would change with another Winchester on the scene
Quote:  “Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.” Marie, Aristocats - this is bolded below.
Word Count: 3484
Warnings: Possible angst, slight fluff, sibling rivalry
Summary: John disappears after Jericho, leaving the oldest Winchester in charge. But does she approve of the retrieval of Sam?

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Being a Winchester was a tough gig.
Being the eldest sibling was even tougher.
Being Dean’s twin, toughest.

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Hi, I would like your opinion about something. I have just learnt harry will go on tour and I am so happy that things are going so well for him. But I can't help thinking about zayn's sabotaged solo career. I mean doesn't media said he left to go solo and yet in two years has done few interviews and most of them printed and twisted. Ofc he did well too but its bc he's talented and thanks to his fans. I don't like comparing. I love them both. They're great and talented.

Yeah, it’s upsetting me even more that Still Got Time is getting 0 promo since we can directly compare it to the promo Harry is doing.  I’m glad Harry is getting the promo he is because he deserves it.  I just wish Zayn could get the promo he deserves too.

Harry obviously isn’t clear and free of the old team since The Sun got several exclusives Harry’s team would have had to cooperate with and his Rolling Stone article had some clear OT style BS.  Despite that, there’s no denying he’s getting a hell of a lot more promo than Zayn has.

Part of it might have to do with his status as the face of 1D and the one everyone has always said would go solo.  A few other bloggers, like @that-regular-chick, have already pointed out that since the old team was the one that pushed the idea of solo Harry throughout the entirety of 1D’s career, they’d want him to succeed if only to say that they were right.  That might be why he’s getting better promo out of all this.

I also saw someone speculate that Zayn is getting treated worse by his team because he refused to stick to their image for him.  He wouldn’t badmouth or pretend to hate the other boys during interviews even though print!Zayn was much harsher and more bitter.  I don’t think his new team ever had his interests first in mind, but it’s possible that they screwed over his promo even more as punishment for refusing to play along.  Harry simply isn’t in that position because his official image is more neutral in relation to the other boys.

I don’t know what happened with PartyNextDoor.  I thought it was a bit odd that he wasn’t in the video, but I figured he must not have wanted to be in it.  Now all the UK press is reporting about him unfollowing Zayn, so I feel like Zayn’s team has once again screwed him over.  

The whole “Zayn wanted to shoot the video at his house so he called someone at the last minute and told them to catch a plane to London to direct” didn’t sit well with me even before this.  Now I’m thinking the purpose of that story was to put all the responsibility for the video on Zayn so that it looks like his rudeness/carelessness was why PartyNextDoor wasn’t in the video.  It’s another set up feud like 1D vs. Naughty Boy, 1D vs. Bieber, and Zayn vs. Calvin Harris.

It’s hard to say for sure what’s going on right now.  All I know is that 1DHQ is still involved in the boys’ business somehow even though it really should have been over by now.  All we can do is hunker down and wait since trying to speculate about what’s going on BTS is nearly pure guesswork.

You’re right that the way things have turned out make all the reasoning given for Zayn “quitting” look even shadier, though.  The only way you can look at what’s happened and think it makes sense is if you think Zayn is a lazy, rude idiot and that his team is the same.  Zayn used to sleep in a bit and he doesn’t suffer fools or haters lightly, but otherwise he’s always put in effort, been professional, and shown that he’s very intelligent and passionate about music. It doesn’t match up.  

The anxiety thing may be partially true, but 1) why would Zayn go solo and think his anxiety would be better performing solo rather than with the buffer of a group?, 2) there are ways to handle anxiety, exactly none of which his team has employed, and 3) there are ways to promo Zayn’s stuff without him making appearances, none of which are being used.

We’ve got a lot of solo releases coming up, so I plan to enjoy those to the fullest and not deal with the BS more than I absolutely have to.

I truly resent the TVD writers for ruining Kai Parker. He was the best thing to ever happen to that show especially after the tragedy that was season 5. The writers made it clear that Kai was not capable of redemption but they excuse Damon’s actions?! Damon has killed more people than Kai don’t even fight me on this. Kai had to spend 18 years in isolation, was rejected by his family and tried to make amends with Bonnie yet he’s not capable of redemption?! I don’t have anything against Damon but they are pretty much the same person so idk what is going through the writers’ minds. Also I’m so mad that they deleted the most significant scene of the season. The scene where Kai explains to Jo that he felt like a black sheep because no one wanted him was such a masterpiece and proved that Kai had a sense of humanity and could be saved. But no they had to ruin a perfectly good character development opportunity. Then after that they decided to screw him over AGAIN by trapping him in another prison world after he was trying to show Bonnie how sorry he was. And then when you thought the writers couldn’t screw him over even more they gave him the least interesting death ever. If you’re going to kill off a major character like Kai at least make it worth it. Make it memorable. Make it the most groundbreaking death of the entire show. Instead he was decapitated by Damon which makes no sense as Kai is an all powerful heretic with heighten senses so he would’ve sensed Damon coming from behind. And then when they finally bring him back in season 8 they put him in ANOTHER prison world?! The writers had such such a great opportunity to develop Kai’s character but instead they decided to destroy any chance of that happening because apparently we’re not allowed to have nice things. Kai deserves better.

anonymous asked:

I'd have to disagree and say that what the way I think the shears affected him the most would be that he tries to do the right thing and heroic thing (for his son, his family, end the Ogre Wars, NOT kill Beowulf) but destiny always screws him over again and again…and a lot of his actions become constant sacrifices. I think the perfect example is the most recent Bae flashback. No matter what Rumple does his actions are never enough.

Oh, I agree that his actions are never enough, and that he tries to do the right thing - but I think that use of the shears has made it hard for him to manage to do it.  His attempt to do the right thing gets turned upside down so often, and ends up hurting those he is trying to protect.  

I do think that use of the shears left him without purpose, though.  His actions, particularly early on, are those of a man trying to do the right thing, yet he quickly lacks the ability to see it through, or to find the right choice at all.  I think cutting him off from his destiny left him with a lack of purpose that eventually the darkness filled…but the darkness never could erase the good man he was meant to be - and always wanted to be.

Just a quick shout out to my favorite man, Kimi Raikkonen, that I’m still so DAMN PROUD OF HIM. Despite being screwed over and over again, he still rocking it on the track. He already prove what he needed to prove. Old? Irrelevant? Kimi slams everything back on every doubters face.

Thank you so much for your valiant effort, Kimi. Let’s come back even more stronger next season.

I Don't Think Some People Understand

How truly evil Derek couldve been. This is a man who was forced to kill his first love, he watched her dying in his arms then was forced to ‘pull the trigger’ making it permanent.

This is a man who was manipulated almost immeidately after and fell in love again with someone older who had a pretty face and said everything he wanted to hear. That same woman burned his family alive. This 17 year old who was finishing High School heading off to College most likely had no one at his graduation all of his family was dead. And it was because of him.

He came back years later to find his Older sister cut in half, dead only to find out it was his Uncle who did it. This is a man who had no choice but to kill his Uncle (His last known living relative) because he was endangrering the lives of Beacon Hills Community.

By the end of the first season Derek had absolutely no one. No Pack, No Friends, No Family.

This is a man who wanted ‘Power’ or so he said. Derek went after 3 weak people (I love Issac, Erica and Boyd but let’s be real) This was a man who stated he wanted power but when it came to getting it decided to help those in need. He built a family people who he thought needed eachother and would never leave him.

Derek was constantly put down and seen as evil by Scott and The Argents when all he was doing was protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves (Ironically that’s the Argents Future Moto)

This is a man who was forced to assist in bringing back the man who was a disgrace to what he and his family stood for.

This is a man who had trouble trusting anyone because he was screwed over and it cost him his family. The same man who finally decided there were people worth trusting and was screwed over yet again by Scott and Deaton. Forcing him to give an Argent of all people the bite which he saw as a Gift.

He willingly let Scott withold information from Allison which reslted in his pack being tied up and tortured (Not his best move).

This is a man who lost his Pack again. But let them walk away because he is not a dictator. He was losing his power and he didn’t even care.

Season 3 starts and he has somewhat of a Pack. Peter and Issac. He could’ve turned more wolves he could’ve forgotten about Erica and Boyd and moved onto creating a stronger pack but he didn’t. He focused his entire Summer on finding two people who walked out on him, two people he cares about. Even though there was a 99% chance they weren’t coming back to his pack.

This is a man who fell for a girl again. Years after the 2nd one. And the same thing happens. He was seduced with 'Magic’ he was manipulated again and it resulted in Chaos…again.

This is a man who gave up his power without thought because he wanted to protect his sister. Peter who killed his own niece for the same power that Derek gave up.

This is a man who let his loyalty lie with people who have betrayed him one way or another but sucked it up and kept coming back because he wanted to do the one thing he couldn’t to for his family. He wanted to protect them

Derek Hale could’ve been truly evil. One of the worst Villians we’ve ever seen. But instead of taking his anger out on others, he used it to protect them

Pillow Talk (Mornings)

Optional Bias Scenario

Length: 1,413 words


Originally posted by boyitmakemefellalive

Waking up in the mornings is something you’ve never been good at.

Sure, you may have waken up early to get to school, work, or dentist appointments, but all that was required of you.

And waking up at the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday was no where near you’re to-do list.

However, you have an active boyfriend, who loves to do exactly that.

Which, of course, you never understood because, why wake up early when there was a warm, comfy bed to sleep on, and you to cuddle up to?

But, regardless if he had eight hours of sleep or three, he still slipped out of your embrace and into runner’s sweats whenever the cursed alarm clock rung 4:30 a.m.

This morning, however, you were extremely sensitive. To sound, to movement. That alarm clock wailed, and you were awaken by that torturous sound for the first time in years.

You blink once or twice, but sooner or later you squeeze your eyes shut. Another bunch of BEEPS, and you stir a bit; but that wailing digital clock couldn’t get you up, no way. It wasn’t until you felt his strong arms move from your waist to punch the damn thing quiet did you force your eyes open.

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#i’ve lived a good life #but sorry friends this was it

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Could you do a scenario where Woozi was about to confess to you but the other members kinda ruined the moment(?) so you told Woozi that you like him?

Suuuure thing~ 

The first time that Jihoon attempted a confession, he was certain, would be the last.

He had planned everything out to the best of his ability; he would keep things casual, not going to overboard with the romanticism or anything of the sort to spare himself the embarrassment in the event that you were to deny him. It would just be like any other totally fine, normal day that the two of you spent together, the good friends that you were. You’d go out for lunch, talk about your current concerns, favorite songs, funny stories, and whatever else you could think of. Then, just as you were about to leave, he would say it simply; ‘I like you’, just like that. It was a nice, easy plan, and one that he was positive that he could follow through with with little to no dilemmas.

The dilemma he had failed to account for, however, had been the biggest of them all; his own members.

Everything had been going according to his plan in the beginning - you showed up for lunch, looking as lovely as ever, he noted, and once you sat down with your food, you started off on a passionate rant about a new band that you had discovered recently. He listened attentively, smiling softly in an attempt to not show how anxious he was feeling and chiming in with small ‘yeah’s and ‘hm’s every once in a while to show that he was still paying attention to you. You finished your meal all to quickly for his liking, however, and before he knew it, it was time for him to finally say those words. It was funny, he thought - it was just three small words - “I like you” - but those were enough to leave his palms sweating and his heart racing in his chest. Finally, though, he knew that he couldn’t put it off anymore, so, taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth and -


He was cut off at your excited call, and following your gaze, he found none other than Kwon Soonyoung standing at the entrance to the restaurant, waving excitedly back at you as he made his way over to your table.

“What are you doing here?” You asked him as you scooted over to make room for him, blissfully unaware of what Jihoon had been about to say to you. 

“Just came for some lunch! Did you guys eat without me?” Soonyoung asked excitedly, equally oblivious.

And just like that, Jihoon’s first go at confessing ended in failure, Soonyoung quickly landing himself the number one spot on Jihoon’s hit list. 

The second time, he thought, he wouldn’t be so foolish as the first; he wouldn’t go somewhere that the members could appear.

So, he waited until a day that you invited him over to your house.

His second plan was very similar to the first, still keeping things simple. Again, you would go about your routine as usual, playing video games and watching movies together until it was time for Jihoon to head home. This time, he thought, there was nothing to interrupt him - you lived along and you hadn’t invited anyone aside from him over, so there was absolutely no way that anyone could disrupt him once more. 

Things progressed as they always did, the two of you getting caught up in a Disney marathon that day in particular. You sang passionately along with all of your favorite songs, reminiscing together about the memories of your childhood that those movies never failed to bring back. Just as the lunch date had, however, it eventually came to an end. Before Jihoon knew it, the sun was setting, his cue to head out and get back to the dorm. 

Before he did that, though, he had to get it over with - he had to finally say those words that weight more heavily on his mind with each passing day. 

He waited until the absolute last second, waiting until you had walked him to your front door and were saying your final farewells. Once again, he took a deep breath and steeled his nerves. “______, I… there’s something I need to tell you.”

Before you could answer, however, there was a ringing sound, and time seemed to stop as you reached into your pocket, pulling out your cellphone and answering a call.

“Seungkwan?” You said, sounding quite surprised yourself, and Jihoon deadpanned. No way. There was no way that they had screwed him over yet again. 

The conversation ended quickly, you rolling your eyes and shoving the phone back into your pocket. “They’re trying to prank me,” you laughed, shaking your head. “Anyway, you were saying?”

“I… I forgot,” Jihoon lied, confidence for the night lost. “Goodnight,” he said quickly, ducking out of your house and making a beeline for the dorm.

With the failure of attempt number two, Seungkwan had also joined the ranks of the hit list. 

The third time was in the spur of the moment - Jihoon simply could not wait any longer. The conditions were all wrong, but he absolutely could not help himself. He’d go insane, he thought, if he kept his feelings to himself any longer. 

You were at the dorm together - never a good thing, by Jihoon’s account, but he’d have to take what he could get. You had insisted that the two of you bake something together, and he had gone along with your wishes, pulling out a favorite cookie recipe of yours. 

The way you looked so concentrated as you stirred the dough, so focused on everything that you did… he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He had to tell you. “Listen, ______-”


He should’ve known.

He should’ve seen it coming from a mile away when Dokyum burst into the kitchen, an expectant look on his face at the sight of the dough.

It was all that he could do to look on as you laughed, handing Seokmin a spoonful of the cookie dough and the man exiting the kitchen, thanking you profusely for your gift. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, he thought. After all, fate was quite clearly doing all that it could to stand in the way of his confession. Maybe he should just let go of his feelings and be done with it.

He didn’t say another word as the two of you baked; a heavy silence fell over the kitchen until you put the tray of cookies into the oven, making your way over and leaning against the counter beside him.

“Hey, Jihoon…” You started, a nervous tone in your voice that he thought quite uncharacteristic of you. “Can I… can I tell you something kind of embarrassing?”

He turned to you and raised his eyebrows, interest piqued by your choice of words. “Go ahead.”

“Right, so I’m just going to get to the point and just say… I like you.”

He froze, eyes going wide. Did you just confess to him?

Did you, in one attempt, just do what he had been trying to do for months?

In all his shock, it was all that he could do to laugh - not just giggles, either, full out hysteric, doubled-over laughter.

“Jesus, you could just say that you don’t like me!” You said, hurt by the reaction. “You’re too cruel, Jihoon…”

“No, no…” he said, calming down, though the smile was still present on his face. “It’s just… I like you too.”

“So you laugh…?” You asked cautiously, still quite wary of the odd reaction. 

He smirked. “Let’s just say you had good timing, yeah?”

Seokmin, he thought, just narrowly avoided the hit list.

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protective!spock. maybe where he fights for jim or is just generally protective of him or where jim gets hurt or something. bonus points for tos!!! thanks you guys!!

I tagged these with “protective” Within Our Reach by starfish422

With a few exceptions, everyone in the auditorium that day assumed the animosity between the two men arose solely from the situation at hand.  They were only half correct.  Spock had secrets of his own, where James Kirk was concerned. “No action on your part could make me hate you.  There is no sacrifice required of me where your safety is concerned.  Protecting you was not an act of selflessness.  On the contrary, I will always protect that which I do not wish to live without.” 

When the Levee Breaks by waketosleep

Even Spock has limits.

walk with me by ObsidianEmbrace

Spock gets a second chance.

Grieve with Thee by ObsidianEmbrace

Jim has a tendency to choose anger over grief. Until Spock objects.

Untitled (oh come on, it’s got Kirk sweaty and banged up and Spock stripping him, does it need one?) by seven_crows

Shockingly, after having spent three days running through caves and mountains and fighting off cave-creatures with tentacles - tentacles, because the cave-creatures themselves just weren’t bad enough – I’m not really in the mood for a lecture on how I should be in sickbay, and you can take whatever sedative you’ve got in that hypospray of yours and shove it.”

Never Too Late by ED of Oblivion

Written for LJ’s STXI Kink Meme. Also known as, “Five times Spock thought no one was looking, and one time he knew he was caught.”

Protective Love by Spirk-Fangirl

When Jim gets hurt, Spock is there to protect him.

master of a nothing place by strzyga

Reboot. spock is stripped of his logic on an away mission gone bad and turns feral, incredibly violent and utterly brutal. when he comes across jim, though, he is possessive, protective, and even affectionate.

Unbruised by raphaela667

“This is stupid,” he sounds like an infant, and not the captain of a starship, but Spock ignores it entirely. He’s used to it, after two years. Jim doesn’t like to seem as intelligent or as adult as he is, and Spock can’t understand that, but he can allow it.

First Aid by CMM

This is in rsponse to Tech Duinn’s Better than Chocolate Challenge, which asked for a h/c story in which Jim’s family screws him over (again), and Spock helps him out.

Oasis by kyliselle

Kirk accidentally lands himself on an alternate Enterprise in an alternate reality - a reality where Surak’s reformation of Vulcan never happened.

Dare by J S Cavalcante

Spock would do anything to defend his captain, even humiliate himself by breaking the Vulcan customs that forbid emotional release. But once Spock’s controls are undone, who will protect Kirk from the beast that lurks in the Vulcan soul?

WARNING: attempted date-rape by using drugs.

5x Spock melded w/Kirk & 1x Kirk melded w/Spock by ksalterego

After that one meld with Other Spock, Jim Kirk is seriously obsessed by the thought that if Other Spock is really that fascinating, how much more awesome must his Spock be? Thus begins a journey of heartwarming epicness as Jim Kirk gets to know his Spock even better than he could ever imagine via meld after enticing meld.

Patterns of a Captaincy by desree_rd

There was a certain pattern evolving, Spock contemplated idly and with a worrying degree of resignation as he dragged his captain along the stone corridors of the palace, a firm hand on the other man’s biceps. The theme and arguably most important fact of said pattern: trouble finds James Tiberius Kirk even when he is not actively looking for it, seldom as that lack of action occurs.

Tremors by corpus_invictus

Summary/Prompt: “I’d like to read a nice, calm, affectionate shower with Spock/Kirk. Protective!Spock is always amazing! Sex not required, but not unwanted!”

On Emma Swan and Attachment

Every time we see part of Emma’s backstory, I see the same complaint popping up: “How is this person Emma’s best friend/love/friend/mentor? She spent like six hours with them!”

And y’know, I actually don’t think it’s a writing mistake. I think that’s exactly the point.

Emma spends one afternoon of fun and a couple of really trying, horrible evenings with Lily and yet she considers Lily her best childhood friend. You know why? Because Lily was more than likely her only childhood friend so she doesn’t have enough experience with friends to know the difference.

Emma Swan doesn’t have the same kind of attachments and connections as most people because Emma Swan spent her life alone. So yes, she’s going to cling to people and the good memories with those people in a way that most people don’t. She’s going to idealize those good times because they were probably some of the only good times she had.

Yes, August screwed her over. But when she met up with him again, he also believed in her in a way that very few people did.

Yes, Neal screwed her over. But he also loved her in a way that no one else ever had.

Yes, Cleo taught her some questionable life lessons. But Emma had never had a role model of any kind before her.

It’s easy for us to be all, “Emma, sweetie, these people are not at all good influences for you and they totally messed up your life” but the fact that they showed her any kind of positive attention at all was enough for her to remember them and care for them. Because Emma Swan, the little girl who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would, was so starved for attention that she took it wherever she could get it.

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Do you think Doran would have given up Elia or her kids to the Baratheons if they manage to flee safely to Dorne? I have seen this scernio asked before and the answer 'yes, of course anything for peace' seems to to be a misread of Doran's character and Dornish culture to me.

I think Doran gives the kids up with Jon Arryn’s assurances they won’t be killed, but rather given to the septons/silent sisters as soon as they’re old enough; once that’s done, no one’s coming for Elia. 

Doran, unlike Oberyn, is very particular about the war he wants to fight: he wants overwhelming force on his side, and until he can get it, he takes as little risk as possible, because as he tells Arianne: 

“Dorne is the least populous of the Seven Kingdoms. It pleased the Young Dragon to make all our armies larger when he wrote that book of his, so as to make his conquest that much more glorious, and it has pleased us to water the seed he planted and let our foes think us more powerful than we are, but a princess ought to know the truth. Valor is a poor substitute for numbers. Dorne cannot hope to win a war against the Iron Throne, not alone.”

Part of what makes Doran so fascinating is that he’s risk-averse to a fault; it keeps screwing him over, again and again. He never sends any resources or even information to Viserys RE the marriage pact because the danger of Varys finding out (the irony!) but that means Viserys never knows about the pact and gets himself killed. Doran also doesn’t tell Arianne, which leads to growing resentment of her own and eventually her seizing on Tyene’s disastrous queenmaking plot. And of course, he sends Quentyn with so little support to avoid setting off any red flags for the Lannister regime, but the result is the collapse of the mission at every turn. 

I think Doran Martell is GRRM’s critique/deconstruction of Secret Long-Simmering Revenge Plans and those who plan them. The core of that trope is the false front, the constant deceit, the “you didn’t need to know” dominating the schemer’s relationships. So often that’s presented as badass or at least charismatic, but in Doran’s case, it leads him to make devastating mistakes, and it does damage to his children and his relationships with them. Moreover, I think that as Doran fears, he’s leading his people (as represented by the children of the Water Gardens) into an abyss like they haven’t seen since Conqueror.