screwface capital

Sitting On Top Of The City (TORONTO STAND UP!!)

Sitting on top of the city
TORONTO!! Stand up
The city of dreams.
Where dreams can become sweet nightmares,
Nightmares give off screwfaced glares.
Glares that ask what importance you have in our lives?
Cause we don’t care!
For the weak or soft hearted,
Respect is earned in the streets.
Don’t get caught slippin, or take a seat it’ll be a long ride.
Cops out here like po people lice.
But hustlers don’t think twice,
Dodge a bullet.
When them boys come round,
But they still roll the dice.
To get that penthouse view of the city,
In the heart of downtown where its always a suited affair.
And the women
Oh the Women…
They look like Aphrodite the way the light hits their hair.
Dodging strippers with ease cause he’s seen them all before in the hood,
He wants that exotic goddess that can make him some good,
Persian, or Egyptian food.
The type that steals hearts in every picture,
Cares more about her assets than her followers on twitter.
And she addresses him as mister,
The next morning as he is
Sitting on the top of the city…

The city of he say she say,
He said she said that he always be saying shit.
That’s why we keep our circles tight,
Best friends become enemies.
And become targets in the flood,
Drowned out in a pool of blood.
While the next crippled thug rolls off with drugs.
But what you expect,
Cause were driven by rep.
Daddy wasnt there so ofcourse no fatherly prep.
That’s why we roll with ppl down with the set.
The hold my hair I don’t want to throw up on it,
The yo bro it’s a beef thing lets get it.
The wanna play monopoly and jenga set,
The wanna watch the fight set.
The last night was crazy set,
The sit back smoke up and be lazy set.
We live life with no regrets,
Yesterday’s tomorrows are nothing to nexts weeks today.
Cause our minds are so past the old and what ppl be saying,
So we keep our circles tight.
Because someone’s always saying shit.
He said she said you’ll never hear the end of it.
And you can hear it all
Sitting on top of this city…