One Of Those Days

A whole year. It was hard to believe it had been that long. Spirit Albarn sat in the living room of the small house that seemed entirely too empty now. Maka hadn’t lived there since she’d gotten the dorm-apartment with Soul, and Kami…well. She’d left a year ago. A year ago today. Ordinarily if Spirit was feeling upset or down he’d go out to the cabaret or the club district, surround himself in people and good company, but not today.

Today he sat alone, staring at the dark television screen in a small house that seemed far too big for just him, a bottle of whiskey on the table and a half-empty glass beside it. Probably he shouldn’t be drinking, but hell. It wasn’t as though he were going anywhere. Or as though he was expecting company. With a sigh he reached for the glass and took a sip, feeling the alcohol burn on the way down. No work tomorrow. Nothing wrong with drinking until the pain went away. Just for today.

Ouch| M!A rp, open?

Spirit was paying absolutely no attention to anything behind him, entirely focused on just getting the hell away. Which is why his terror shot to new heights when the syringe hit his right shoulder. He tore it out with a scream and kept running, not noticing that it was now empty, but he’d figure that out later. Right about the time a burning pain began to rise through his entire body.

He stumbled as it registered, falling to skid a few feet across the ground, which didn’t help the rising pain much. Or the panic. What had they done? What had been in that thing? What was happening to him? He had no idea, all he registered was the rising pain in his body. Curling up he tried to make it go away; no such luck. All he could really hope for now was that it would fade quickly, and whoever that nutcase had been wouldn’t be following him to finish whatever they’d started.