10 hour version of this please thankyou

To the Wheel of Time fandom:

I know this is unlikely to apply to most of you, because from the (albeit limited) interactions I’ve had, you all seem like lovely people. I also hate to be the cause of fandom drama, and I was hoping that the Anon Spoiler Incident from this morning wouldn’t turn into an issue. 

But because I know how the internet unfortunately works sometimes, I asked a friend of mine earlier today to screen my askbox for me. I hoped this would be unnecessary, but it turns out someone did in fact send a whole list of spoilers, making their intent clear by adding “suck it” at the end. Luckily my friend got to this message before I could see it, and the person responsible (who was not on anon, so credit where it’s due for not hiding, I suppose) has been blocked.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but…please don’t do that. It’s juvenile and rude, and utterly pointless. If you don’t like my liveblogs, the unfollow button is in the same place it has always been. Or the ‘block’ option. Or you can come talk to me like an adult, I don’t bite and I’m always happy to talk. But please don’t try to ruin my experience and (venturing into conceit again here) that of everyone who’s reading my liveblog for the experience of watching someone read the series for the first time.

My friend has kindly agreed to continue keeping an eye on my inbox, so I may be somewhat slower in answering messages in the future. I hope you all understand.

Yeah.. I have this problem with having gazillion things I want to animate and lack of patience to finish. Besides this part is actually the most entertaining one :S 

But maybe one day. I think streaming would help me concentrate on finishing both of those (and second part to this one) but I’m not sure my computer would manage that :S