screwed from the start


“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”

I have gotten many asks for some Sara/Mila fics, and I couldn’t be more happy because I LOVE this ship! 💜 Enjoy!


flung out of space by rhapsodies, Teen, 4.3k
Sara Crispino has purple eyes and a heart-shaped smile, and Mila is screwed right from the start. LOVE THIS!

shot down by heartsinhay, Teen, 4.7k
Sara Crispino, thirstiest virgin in Barcelona, decides to get rejected by pretty much half the skating world. Mila Babicheva, nursing the world’s worst Straight Girl Crush in recent history, is just along for the ride. SO GOOD OMG

Blossoming by novocaine_sea, Explicit, 5.8k
Sara’s finally free to date men and doesn’t know where to start. Mila shows her something better than what men have to offer. *fans self*

Five times Sara Crispino tried to get a boyfriend, and one time she didn’t by sqbr, Teen, 15k
Alt title: “That One Grand Prix Final Where Sara Crispino Thought Her Life Was Fake Dating Het But It Was Actually Friends To Lovers Femslash.” This is amazing omg

closing in, closer to you (this could take all night) by anyadisee, 3.2k
In which Sara wants to date but doesn’t know where to begin, and Mila gladly helps her out. SO cute!

Out of Order by Val_Creative, Mature, 1.5k
Sara and Mila “reunite” on the hotel elevator. Nobody else is invited. 🔥🔥🔥

Lovers on the Russian Team by aceklaviergavin, Teen, 1.9k
5 times Mila went to her friends for love advice + 1 time she didn’t have to. Thumbs up!

Morning Tonight by euseevius, Teen, 7k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov and Mila Babicheva are the pair in figure skating, but only on the ice. Off it Mila is dating another skater - Sara Crispino, who is currently looking for a new pair after ditching her brother and moving to Russia. Enter Katsuki Yuuri, a 20-year-old self-described fuck up on the verge of quitting figure skating altogether. Bonus victuuri! I love this so far!

another girl in another time by cityboys, Gen, 11k
According to the multi-verse theory, there is another Sara out there who has her life together. In this world, though, she’s just a high school senior with detention to attend, a prom to contemplate and a twin to reconcile with. Really cute, must read!

violet tulips by dydrmrnghtthnkr, Teen, 11k
Mila meets Sara Crispino, and it’s the first time she’s ever wanted to befriend someone. Well developed story!

Take My Faith In Your Hands by Ren, Explicit,  1.6k
“I thought you said we were just sleeping tonight,” Sara says, but she doesn’t swat Mila’s hand away. Her violet eyes crinkle at the corners as she smiles. ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP CAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS THIS IS GREAT

let’s freefall by celestialfics, Teen, 7.3k
When Mila first sees Sara Crispino without her skates, she expects her to act akin to how she performs on the ice: sharp, calculated, beautiful, and ruthless. Only one of these things is true, but she’s somehow captivating in entirely different ways. Love the rival aspect!

Match Made By Phichit by SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae), Teen, 4.1k
Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him. Everyone’s in this and I love Phichit so I had to include this haha

The gif was created by @nooowestayandgetcaught!

anonymous asked:

Jason and Tim arguing over who had it worse when it came to living up to their predecessor's legacy

‘All I’m saying is… I was living in the shadow of a dead boy.’

Jason looked up from his book with a scowl, turning the page a bit more roughly than he had meant to. He and Tim had been holding their own pity party of “who had it worse” as Robin when it came to living up to their predecessor’s legacy. Jason had made some comment about “back in my days as Robin”, and Tim had had enough self-respect to become offended. And as a consequence, Jason had only gotten through five pages and was tempted to just give up reading altogether. 

Truth be told, he knew that Tim probably had it much worse than him, when it came to this specific issue. And he was only arguing with him because he knew how much arguing for the sake of arguing annoyed his brother. 

But then again, the only thing Tim really had to do in order to surpass his predecessor, was not die… so Jason stuck to his guns. He set his book down and leaned forward, giving Tim his best “I don’t even have time to tell you how wrong you are” look. 

‘Tim. Firstly, I’m a bit offended at being called a, quote unquote, “dead boy”…’

Tim frowned. ‘You call yourself a dead boy all the-’

‘-And secondly,’ Jason interrupted him cooly, ‘My standards were far, faaaar lower than Dick’s. To live up to my predecessor’s legacy meant being a perfect, obedient, chirpy, quipping, circus act, which was not happening in a million years unless global warming wasn’t a thing and hell froze over, giving us another ice age. You, on the other hand, just had to not do any of the things I did.’

Tim pursed his lips, sitting there in silence as he regarded Jason with a look of complete and utter exasperation. 

‘So…’ he said slowly, enunciating every word, ‘not die.’

Jason nodded, rolling his eyes. ‘Yeah. Like I said. Lower standards.’

Tim sighed, massaging his forehead as he turned back to his laptop, tapping the keys distractedly. ‘Okay. But consider this: in order to not die, I actually had to achieve a standard of near-perfection as Robin that not even you or Dick were expected or pressured to reach.’

‘Okay,’ Jason countered. ‘But consider this: in Bruce’s eyes, none of us are ever good enough.’

‘So your point is, we’ve all had it bad and it’s pointless to try and decide who had it worst because we all had a common denominator and standard to live up to: Bruce.’

Jason shrugged and lay on his back on the sofa, opening the book again. 

‘Even Bruce doesn’t live up to Bruce’s standards, so yes. It’s fucked up and we were all screwed from the start.’

‘Oh boy. That went south real quick.’

‘So wait, when I go off on Bruce, it’s too far. But when we’re talking about when I was a “dead boy” it’s all fine and dandy?’

‘All the time, Jason,’ Tim repeated without looking up from his laptop, his voice bland. ‘All. The. Time.’

Unable to think of a reasonable response or blatant lie, Jason scoffed and stood to find somewhere he could read in peace and not get his ear talked off or, god forbid, counselled by his younger brother.

‘Well, you try dying and see if you can stop talking about it. It’s a life-altering event, a real milestone.’

‘It’s also only meant to happen once,’ Tim said pointedly.

Jason paused to consider this. ‘Hold up. So, technically, Damian has already lived up to the standard I set as Robin because he also died and came back. Grayson had to fake it, so he’s disqualified… and we’re not counting Steph because she was never even given a chance, and would beat all our asses in the ‘who had it worst’ game.’

‘Which means I do have it worse than you, because the standard I now have to live up to is resurrection.’

‘WWJD, Timbo,’ he grinned, finger-gunning his brother as he walked backwards out the door. ‘”What Would Jason Do?”’

‘Die and come back a salty gun enthusiast,’ Tim muttered under his breath, mulling over their conversation and taking it more seriously than he should. ‘Also, Easter was last month.’

Things I Love About The On The Spot Episode With The Free Play Crew
  • Every Time They’re Talking And The Camera Cuts To Jon With A Look Of Deep Regret
  • Hearing Michael Laughing Like A Maniac From The Audience
  • Hashtag Assplay
  • Team Been Trying To Fuck
  • Meg Shouting “Team Been Trying To Fuck” And Ryan Making A Heart With His Hands Behind Her
  • “This Is What You’re Fighting For; The Golden Gus-”
    Ryan Elbows Jon And Takes It “We Won!”
    They All Start Singing The Theme Like That Was All Planned
  • Ryan Covertly Taking, Dismantling And Replacing The Golden Gus
  • “White People Can Be Bait” And Then Everyone Loses It
  • As Soon As Ryan Says “Find A Corpse” Mariel’s Exasperated “Goddammit Ryan”
  • Ryan Awkwardly Going Along With The Sponsor Read
  • When Ryan Loses The Screw From Gus And Starts Looking For It Under His Chair, Confusing Everyone
  • “Morgue- Ah- Er- Meg!”
  • “Why The Fuck Would He Find Romance In Deep Space”
  • “I Tried This With Ray And He Betrayed Me Too, Go With It
  • When Meg’s Yelling At Ryan For Not Describing A Romance And He Recoils With The Most Amused Grin
  • When Meg Flicks Ryan To Make Him Stop
  • Mariel And Tyler Dying As They Try To Describe Kindergarten Cop Without Just Describing Kindergarten Cop
  • Ryan Singing Africa By Toto While Being Shocked
  • Ryan “How Many More Do I Have To Do?”
    Jon “Alright You’re Done”
    Ryan Hits The Button Again “I LIKE IT”
  • Tyler Being Confused About The Alphabet
  • Everything About Ryan And Meg’s Roleplay
  • When The Golden Gus Falls Apart And Everybody Loses It
  • They’re All Just Cheering And Laughing Like Kids Who Overthrew The Teacher
  • “It’s Finally Over, We Can Leave
  • When They All Run Off And Jon’s Just Left Staring Into The Abyss Behind The Credits
  • The Sheer Amount Of Screenshots Of Ryan And Meg Laughing It Has Blessed Me With

Okay now I’ve calmed down a bit I’ll give the short version in more articulate terms. And probably delete the rant since A. I’ll have a better version of what I was trying to say, and B. Anger tends to breed anger so I probably should have kept my rant more subdued in the first place. C. Like… 2 people have reblogged it and I’m keeping a copy so… If you think I’m doing that to make it disappear it still exists some places and I’ll keep a copy in case anyone insists on seeing the original outrage.

Basically a few chapters ago this took place.

The conversation where Touka was basically expressing her interest in Kaneki and the subject came up of Kaneki being okay with going of and dying. Touka tells him the only one okay with that is him and she uses the term leaving. And then says basically says she’d be his first.

Kaneki later asks her if the conversation was her way of getting him to stay, (With her… from going and dying.) She just laughs and pretends she doesn’t know what he means. That implication bothered me a little at the time but they nothing. Now they’ve done something…

There’s also this, I was personally against the idea of Hide coming back before Kaneki could get to a place where he wasn’t dependent on his friend to have a reason to live. Because having a person be the one attachment that keeps you in the world is very unhealthy.

I was hoping Kaneki would find a good healthy reason to live but the way him connecting with Touka seems to play out is he might have just formed a different attachment than Hide.

I understood Kaneki’s dependency on Hide as the thing that helped him through a very difficult point in his life and was necessary at the time. But really it needed to evolve past that to be healthy as any form of relationship whether that be friendship or not. But with Touka the narrative seems to just want to repeat the attachment instead of evolving to a healthier place.

Even if it evolves to a better the place it’s started from is screwed up.  

Also the fact that chapter 125 has a reverse 16 (The Tower) 

Upright and in the past the tower was used to describe Kaneki’s Which was physically used as a symbol of Kaneki’s decent (or in this case climb) into the realization he was deeply depressed and didn’t want to live. (at least that’s the short version)

Reverse however means rescue or the avoiding of a disaster. Suggesting Kaneki was pulled out of that state by them having sex or forming a relationship.

And that disturbs me. The whole narrative that  “If I form a relationship with someone I can save them” is so deeply flawed and toxic. I’ve been in the place of the person opposite the person with suicidal tendency the thing standing in the way and in reality is it’s terrifying and unhealthy, 

Seeing it used as a positive trope or romanticized really bothers me.

No Falling

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 884
Warnings: None
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by:@mysaintsasinner Prompt: Fireworks / Quote: “Only a fool would fall in love with someone as deadly as me”

Sequel: This is the first part in my completed “No Falling” series.

Part 1: No Falling
Part 2: War Of Hearts
Part 3: What Happened?
Part 4: Living On A Thin Line

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Hello, my loves, when I have free time my mind travels fast, so I came up with another Eric Fanfic. I really hope you guys enjoy it !!!!

Also a big thanks to my lovely @singingpeople that helped me a lot !!!!! Thanks, sweetie, it meant the world to me ! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

The sizzling of your blood dropping onto the coals was all you could focus on during your choosing ceremony.

Was it the best decision for you? Have you gone crazy? You didn’t know what to think anymore. Standing in front of the bowls your mind reeled with so many impressions all around you but it was too late for regrets.

“Dauntless!” Marcus Eaton, the abnegation leader yelled trying to keep his face impassive.

Knowing you and your parents he looked at you, the despise clear for you to see in his eyes. The abnegation leader mustered you with the same look he had thrown his own daughter fifteen minutes before.

You grew up with Melanie Eaton, went to school with her and you two were as much of a friend, as an abnegation could be. You knew all about the abuse she had suffered along with her brother that defected two years’ prior than the both of you.

You´ve been raised as the perfect abnegation, always putting others first, always invisible as the grey of your clothes made you fade into the background. You were never the most beautiful girl in the room, in fact, no one ever looked at you, so over the time, you learned to just keep to yourself. Not even Mel could break the walls you had built around you.

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Last night we were talking about all the other Earth-based SBURB sessions. Now, most of them were probably screwed from the start if they weren’t part of an ectobiological loop (unless there was a rash of meteor babies delivered in the 90s, which would be kind of funny) but we thought if any of the other sessions did get very far, they’d have to deal with a bunch of the same crap as the kids without any of the inside info. So this spiraled into imagining some sort of SBURB help forum with a bunch of questions and bug reports where an increasingly harried mod keeps going ‘it’s this ONE SESSION out there fucking everyone else up, I’m sorry’

‘There’s an unidentified object at the heart of my battlefield. No one mentioned this.’ ‘It seems to be corruption from our parent session #612a2. The players are still active but are only in communication with a four person session based in the US, #413b1. I’ll let you know if they ever start answering my PMs, but for now, here’s a link to a thread with people discussing fixes that worked for them.’

‘One of my timeloops should’ve been stable but now the whole timeline is flagged as doomed. Our Time player has checked everything but there’s no reason for it. HELP!!!’ There’s a rogue Time hero/boss local to the 612/413 session cluster. Most of the time he doesn’t affect us, but sometimes timeloops get snagged on his localized alpha. Destroy any of the following artifacts in your session, especially the puppet, and try again.’

‘CANCER UPDATE: The 612 data corruption manifests in an extremely aggressive archagent and a rapid onset Reckoning. Do not engage Jack Noir, and do not under any circumstances let him acquire a regent’s ring. We recommend you deploy Prospit dreamers to acquire the White King’s scepter and keep it safe to delay the Reckoning.’

‘There are red squiggly things in the sky. Is that bad??’ ‘Unfortunately session 413′s archagent got the black queen’s ring and is in the process of tearing all instances of our universe to shreds. I’d recommend you pick up the pace, because we’re now on a deadline courtesy of those fuckers.’

My dreamself died and usually I just have to deal with the horrorterrors but last time I fell asleep I was somewhere else, and there were a bunch of other people there. Is this a special level I unlocked?’ ‘Somehow the 612/413 cluster…broke… death??? I don’t fucking know. Avoid any gray skinned people you see - they tend to be hostile. [Blurry photo of Vriska.] DEFINITELY avoid this one.’

And eventually it just devolves into everyone complaining about those losers from 413 who keep ruining it for everyone and you get posts like ‘Apparently every planet gets one first guardian but GUESS WHO got Earth’s and PROTOTYPED it????’ and ‘There’s a cheat that lets you godmod the whole game and we’ve been looking for it for weeks but FUCKING SESSION 413′s Breath hero fell ass backwards into it on accident those fuckers’

The mod dreams of one day finding these people to scream at them in person

(Better ending-ish for samurai jack season 5)
all the throw back characters watch jacks fate right on screen/Completely in shock and peril
aku gives out a great speech on how he did it/mocking all the good guys and explains what he should do with jack

while that happens(aku still talks and figures out what weapon/thing he should do with jack)while everyone else makes plan as quickly as possible/jack is devastated about ashi/
constantly calling–calling out to her,wishing she would snap out of it,but couldn’t(ashi fighting for her life from the inside;aku still has a grip on her)
aku being frustrated as usual to pick a devious end for the samurai(which will by some time for jack friends to come and reasue)

aku completely out of focus/yelling at jack for a bit because he cant find a satisfying end/aku realizes/a thought came apon him/looks over to ashi/an uproar of thoughts
swimming through his head/evil deeds are apon the two/aku smiles with a devilish grin and asks ashi to kill the samurai for him/aku talks about their bond and uses it against them
jack in shock that his friend was going to kill him right in front of everyone/still strong but begs her,tries to give out his plea/ashi still struggling from inside,
calls out to jack,but could not hear

every friend prepares for battle/sets off to akus castle/ashi(without control)walks up to jack,brings out a blade,perfect for akus liking good guys(are running torwards the castle/getting close the the entrance)
jacks last plea before he dies/then out of nowhere an arrow flooshes past ashi and aku/all in shock–including aku/aku raises his head,peaking out of the fortress,and sees the amount of backlash that aku is getting/
they’re here! fighting for their lives to save jack

jack sees everyone that he’d ever met,filled with joy and glee,fighting for his side/the biggest fight against aku that he’s ever seen/crushing,bashing,poking at akus body/
(akus felling some pain but its kind of a nuisance to him so he doesn’t feel as threatened)giving their best shot/ashi turns to jack and jack turns to ashi/jacks smile turns into a shocking surprise/
ashi goes full force torwards jack then immediately ashi gets bashed by one of jacks friends/helps jack down from the shackles tied around his hands and feet/looks at ashi,ashi gets back up but reforms herself to something more dangerous
/jacks quick thinking tells his friend to fight aku and he’ll handle ashi/she strikes but he pushes his friend out of the way and does is swiftly

avoiding her attacks as much as possible/using his skills to his advantage/aku laughs on how pathetic/poor job trying to kill him/it was easy for him to get distracted and become defenceless/
without warning they use ropes to try to wield him down/there were enough people to pull him down to where they want him to be/then they got to his hand and try to pull on him that way too/
they climb and started to do a little more damage that usual but not enough to kill him/aku starts to get a little worried that they’re actually doing something/they’re actually winning he thought

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anonymous asked:

34 with Matt with reader as an intern in the firm?


You know it’s probably against the rules to be doing this, maybe not exactly and Nelson and Murdock, but it’s kind of a guideline in every work environment to not get intimate with your boss at any level. It’s a small company though, the few people that work here are all friends so maybe this isn’t so bad. Besides you can’t really think of any reason not to be doing this. You’d been getting sick of the tension between you and Matt and this seemed like the best way to resolve it.

With his body pressing your firmly against the wall, your hands tangled in his hair and his glasses occasionally bumping into you, his tie askew and lips planted on yours, kissing you roughly.

This might be worth getting into trouble or being potentially chastised by Foggy, even though that’d make him a totally hypocrite. You know he and Karen have been screwing since you started here.

He pushes himself away from you when he hears the squeak of the door opening to their building and starts fixing himself up, you getting the message loud and clear.

As much as you hope that this isn’t just a one time thing, maybe it would be best if it just was.

“Let’s keep this between the two of us.” He says, tucking his dress shirt into his pants.

“Yeah.” You clear your throat, brushing your hands over your skirt and gathering the files that you’d left on Matt’s desk, hoping to look as normal as possible.

It’s Magic

Summary: Dean and the reader’s son gets into a fist fight over Santa Claus.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1,476

Jenn’s Christmas Prompts & Gifs Challenge @avasmommy224 

“It’s starting.” You immediately blurt out when your husband answers your phone call.

“Do I wanna know?” Dean asks wearily.

“I just got a call from your son’s school. He got into a fist fight. My little baby is now getting into fights! What the fuck?”

“A fight? Shit. Did they say what happened?”

“No. They want us to meet with the principal. I’m on my way to the school now.“ You sigh heavily tightening your grip on the steering wheel. Of all the friggin things that could’ve happened today, you definitely did not expect this bullshit.

“Sammy’s here so I can leave. I’ll see you there, sweetheart.” 

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Make me Choose Meme

Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
Asked by indyctator - Luffy being an idiot or Luffy being hella serious and kicking butts
A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)
Comfort: PromptoXReader

Just a PromptoXReader oneshot. This is Part 1 of my Comfort oneshot series. Everyone reading this is also welcome to come by and request some FFXV X Reader fics :)

Anyways, enjoy~

Prompto’s eyes welled up with tears as he held your shaking body in his arms. You had stumbled into his house, tear stricken and broken-hearted. Again.


Prompto didn’t get it. You were beautiful, inside and out. You were devoted, loyal and encouraging to everyone you were close to. Why and how did people continuously break your heart with no remorse?

And the one thing that broke Prompto’s heart the most, was the fact that he was possibly— no, definitely part of the problem.

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First Love Pt.5

AAAAAAAAND I’M BACK!!! Yes hello I finally finished this part after so long rip me. I had loads of school work but I will be working on part 6 and a new series as well.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5 prev  part 5  part 6 (soon)

Warning: mention of rape, fluff and smut to the point where I hate myself for being able to write this rip me

word count: 4.1k

It’s been six years since you’ve had your heart broken, it’s been six years since you let someone in, six years ago you lost all forms of trust, six years ago you were a fourteen year old thinking you were in love, six years ago…

You weren’t really in love.

Namjoon had an idea of what had happened to you six years ago but only waited for you to tell him when you felt like you were ready. It bothered him how somebody could throw you away like you were a worthless piece of trash, you were so delicate and needed to be taken care of properly. Time was to heal all wounds but time did nothing but make you fear love even more healing nothing. He loved you so much and you didn’t know how you felt, it felt like shit not knowing what it was you wanted. Did you want to sleep with him only? Did you see a future? Could you actually possibly fall in love with him? Yes last night was something else and you admitted something to him but now laying down in bed with the sheets draped over your bare bodies, you didn’t know what you wanted anymore. Everything just felt blank, empty, there was nothing and that scared you.

Slowly you tried to climb out of bed trying not to wake him up- though he could probably sleep through an earthquake, you slipped on his shirt that was off to the side. He loved wearing really long shirts and you were pretty thankful for that since every dress was like a shirt to you- being taller than most women wasn’t fun sometimes. Making your way to the bathroom you washed up your face then headed to the kitchen to make some tea. Looking at the clock it was only 7am giving you the day off. The pot started to scream notifying you the water was ready and you went to get your favorite oregano mint tea.

By the time you got back he was still sleeping so you went outside in the balcony. The city slowly starting to wake up and the air being crisp and fresh. Days like this were days that you enjoyed the most, your mind emptied but you continued to ponder about here and there. You don’t regret moving, leaving was easier that you thought and starting your life here and achieving your goal never felt so good. There was just something inside that made you feel incomplete and you were too scared to touch it.

Namjoon woke up to an empty spot and was scared you could’ve left even though it was your apartment so it wouldn’t make sense to. Feeling the cool air he saw your figure standing outside with a sigh of relief escaping him. Trying to stay quiet he put on a pair of sweats that you’d keep on the left in the drawer and a shirt on. Before stepping out he heard you humming to yourself and stopped to listen. Never has he heard you sing and he couldn’t help but smile at your soft yet mature voice. It was a perfect fit for you surprising him more by the day with some new hidden talent.

Quietly walking towards you his strong arms wrapping around your small figure startled you. He love the way you smelled, a mixture of fresh roses on a spring day laced with vanilla.
“How long have you been awake?” he whispered resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Not that long, I didn’t want to wake you.” You said looking ahead of you. Silence took over after he hummed in response leaving you in each others embrace for a few minutes.

“I was fourteen when it happened…” you started, “My first year in highschool back at home.”

“Hmm?” The statement caught him off guard deciding to listen continuing to rest his chin on your shoulder.

“Before I moved on to start high school I asked him how he felt about me, at the time I didn’t see it but he didn’t feel the same way but he agreed to date me so we became a couple.” It was the first time in a long time you’ve told anyone the whole situation of your “first love” and Namjoon deserved to know.

“Y/n you don’t have to t-”

“No, I want you to know. You deserve to know.” So he just listened and let you continue.

“The second day he already claimed that he loved me and it felt odd hearing those words from someone that wasn’t my family or close friends so, I told him that I loved him too. Slowly my friends turned their backs on me and teachers gave up on me because of him and all I ended up knowing was just him. My parents found out over the summer and were angry I didn’t tell them but I didn’t blame them, he was eighteen.” Namjoon couldn’t help but rub small circles on your stomach while holding you tighter to comfort you. He knew it was something that damaged you so much and admired how much you’ve grown from it.

“At some point he tried going further and I couldn’t say no while he-” you swallowed the small lump forming, “ Tried touching me. Of course I said I wasn’t ready and he said okay but a few months later he continued to try and I just couldn’t say no. None of my friends warned me about his aggressive behavior so when he lashed out I apologized for his wrong doings Every. Single. Time. I never saw that side of him so I was too scared to say no to him then, that day happened.”

The way you said that day was laced with venom and Namjoon knew what you were going to tell him, he never blamed you for being angry about that since it was a memory that nobody would think lightly of. You didn’t know there were tears forming until you felt the cool air against your wet cheek releasing a shaky breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“I don’t remember it since I’ve blocked it out of my memory so it’s just bits and pieces but I know we were hanging out at his place, we were kissing and next thing I know he was hovering over me and I felt pain. I even think I remember saying no but it’s all just a blur to me, and since then I was too scared and made excuses just so I wouldn’t get hurt Joon. Even now I’m too scared because he was a friend too and that ended, I cherish my friendships so much I hurt so much if they end but I refuse to show weakness. God even ignoring you hurt like hell but I hate being weak, I hate showing vulnerability. He hurt me so much where it won’t leave me ever, my family never understood or tried so I’ve had enough and just left. It’s been almost a year now and this is the most comfort and happiness I’ve ever felt in my 20 years of living. I know I can love someone again even though it’ll take me time but I know it. It’ll go away in time Joon, I trust you but I’m scared of messing things up.”

Talking about something this sensitive became easier through the years but to really tell someone you cared about how you felt about it was harder for you. Namjoon knew why you were the way you were but what he didn’t know was how painful that must’ve been for you to go through that all alone. Of course he was far from being around or even a thought in your life but knowing this part of you hurt him. The love that was nothing but a scam from the start screwed you over so hard the fact that you let six years of your life go by refusing to date was just shocking. That’s how bad you were hurt, six years worth of building your guard up until now.

“Y/n…” He didn’t know what to say, this was you. You were raw, naked and full of emotion letting him in. Instead of trying to advise you he unwrapped his arms to turn you around and face him. Telling him took off so much weight off your shoulders and helped ease the tightness in your chest. No matter what, that pain would never leave but helping it heal with a few scars left behind was the next big step for you. He stitched you back up again within the year of knowing him picking up the broken pieces and restoring them as best as he could leaving nothing behind.

“Hey,” he lifted your chin so you’d look at him, “ thank you. It happened too long ago for me to advise you but thank you for always keeping your head up. If anything I’m proud of you for putting up with that pain but making stories out of it. I don’t expect you to rush into things even though last night was rushing big time but let me help you. I want to be there for you, let me take care of you. If you’re angry tell me, if you’re sad cry on my shoulder, if you’re happy let’s do something, I want to be here for you.”

“Joon what if something bad happens? What if we stop being friends? I don’t think I c-”


“I’m serious Joon like I don’t want to fuck things up like wh-”

“Hey,” you stopped to see him chuckle, “It’s okay. I don’t expect anything that makes you uncomfortable from you but if you really want to try then we can try.”

“Okay.” There wasn’t anything else you could say as the words were knocked out of you. Before you know it he closed the gap between you pressing his warm soft lips on yours. Just like the first time he kissed you, you felt your nerves set off sparks running through your body feeling euphoric. The amount of gentleness when he cupped your cheek sending you to cloud nine, naturally your arms snaked around his neck bringing him closer to you. Shortly after, the kiss was hungrier and needier with his arms wrapping around you tightening to bring you closer to his body. Memories of last night flooded your mind with every touch leaving a trail of fire behind though this would be considered rushing neither of you were complaining as your body language gave your answers. His disheveled hair from last night was as soft as ever though he really needs to stop dying his hair.

He held you so close eventually lifting you up wrapping your legs around his waist walking you to your bed once again. You stared into his soft coffee brown eyes admiring how beautiful of a person he was. How did you become fortunate to find someone like him? Who knows but all you knew was that this was worth trying and you wanted to make things work. His hands gently caressing your soft skin outlining your features from your eyes, nose, lips, you were exquisite.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he kissed your forehead, “so so beautiful,” then he kissed your nose, “don’t forget than okay?” Finally he placed his lips against yours oh so softly. It was like he knew how to say the right things to get you to give in and relax around him so easily. The way his hands roamed every part of your body never leaving an area untouched. Sparks were flying in your body his touch was irresistible you couldn’t get enough, you wanted more. His lips leaving purple flowers on your skin marking you as his, the feeling had you giving in and submitting to him so easily.

“Joon~” you whimpered when he sucked right under your ear gripping his full hair tighter. With your breath caught in your lungs your body was feeling alive by the second and he hasn’t even done much but pepper kisses and give you hickeys. You can already feel yourself getting wetter and when his hand roamed to cup your breast you couldn’t help but arch into his touch. Nobody was able or has ever been able to make you feel this good in so long, this felt even better than last night just with a touch.

“Y/n, let me take care of you,” he said lifting his head up to look at you, “Let me show you how much I care.” All you could do was nod at him unable to look away from him.  Slowly he started to peel off your clothing drinking in you bare body, how you hips were wide and your waist being smaller, the natural curve of your breasts and your chest rising up and down slightly. His eyes were full of lust and his stare was diving you shivers down your spine. He started to kiss you again but with a little more aggression swiping his tongue asking for access in which you happily gave him sighing into each other. It was slow just like he said and you weren’t impatient or feeling a need to rush. As he took your hand to intertwine his fingers with yours, he started to lead his open kisses down your body to your breasts giving each of your hard buds the attention they needed leaving you in pure bliss. Your soft moans started to fill the room sending waves of pleasure to his ears and his groin.

It boosted his ego tenfold knowing it was him making you feel this good. You, everything he could ask for you gave to him even if he didn’t ask. That’s why he fell for you so quickly, even when you were completely oblivious to his feelings for you he didn’t care because as long as it was you, then he was okay. When you finally confessed last night everything in his world just stopped, he couldn’t believe it and his body reacting faster than his mind you guys ended up in your bed relishing each other’s touch ending in pure bliss. While leaving a trail of kisses down your body your scent was driving him crazy and just before he made it all the way down, he looked up at your face and smiled at how much you were enjoying this.

You weren’t going to lie, as slow as he was going you’ve never felt this alive in your life ever and when he licked a long strip from your already wet folds you gripped onto the sheets for dear life. How was he this good at making you feel like you were on cloud nine? Who knows, but you wished this wouldn’t end.

“So sweet,” he kissed your inner thigh, “So beautiful.” He said before savoring you like he just bought the most expensive dessert he’ll ever have. It didn’t take long before you grabbed his hair from the feeling also gripping the sheets so hard you thought they’d just rip. Normally you weren’t the vocal one during sex but damn Namjoon had you being the most vocal person you didn’t know you’d feel this amazing. Slowly teasing your entrance he inserted a finger pumping in and out of you looking for that sweet spot that had you seeing white stars.

“F-fuck Joon,” you gasped for air, “I’m getting there.” He just hummed in response and just that simple thing has your walls clenching then reaching your high. You let out a soft cry arching your back gripping onto his hair from over stimulation. He continued to thrust his finger in you riding out your high until your body was shaking begging him to stop, in which he did. Kissing his way up your body his lips found yours and you could taste yourself on him. He nestled between your legs with his erection grinding against your inner thigh and you knew he needed relief.

“Namjoon just fuck me already please.” Hearing you say that had him borderline fucked at this point and the lust in his eyes proved that. In a matter of seconds he took of his shirt showing his glowing tan skin and took off the sweats he was wearing. Holy crap he was just- damn. It was impossible not to drool over him, his well built body that was always hidden under the baggy clothes he’d wear, and his girth that was already leaking with precum made you want him to just ram into you. He went back to kissing you moaning into your mouth, continuously grinding against your inner thigh that was really close to your core the feeling had you hissing. You wanted him, and you wanted him now.

“You ready?” He looked into your eyes aligning his member into your entrance while you nodded biting your bottom lip. As he pushed himself in, he rest his head in the crook of your neck and you both let out sighs. The feeling of your walls hugging him was just too much it took every ounce of his to not come undone but as for you, him stretching you out and filling you up in all the right ways, your walls naturally tightened.

“Fuck y/n don’t do that.” He nipped at your earlobe and all you could do was moan his name.

“I wish but it feels so good oh god.” You managed to choke out. Then he started to slowly thrust into you at a painfully slow pace. The room being filled with each others moans and grunts dancing back and forth between the walls. While he he continued to mark your neck, your hands held onto his shoulders as he started to pick up the pace nails digging into his back you were sure there would be marks. Hips to hips, chest to chest, your bodies were molded for each others and every thrust sent you even further into cloud nine. It didn’t take long for him to hit that sweet spot making you cry in pleasure screaming his name his vision started to go fuzzy. Hearing you say his name over and over again just made him go even faster he listed one of your legs changing the angle going further into you.

“Shit y/n.” He bit down on you neck grunting louder he wondered how he was able to last this long. You always having certain kinks, you started to bite down on his neck leaving a few marks as well but it probably wasn’t a good idea since he started to thrust as a fast pace knocking the air out of your lungs.

“God keep going Joon please~” You half cried and half panted. The room being filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin and incoherent moans of each other’s names, your walls started to clench again the more he hit the spot that made you cry in pleasure. Feeling him twitch inside you he started saying your name like it was the only name in his dictionary he was close. The faster and harder he thrusted the closer you were until finally you came for the second time and bit into his neck trying not to be so loud the whole apartment complex would hear you. Shortly after it took three more big thrusts before releasing his seed inside of you with his forehead against yours and his mouth agape. His face scrunched up at the amount of pleasure going through him he looked like a god finally letting his body go limp.

“God damn,” you tried catching your breath, “that was-”

“Something else.” He finished. Both laughing, Namjoon stayed on top of you while you stroked his sweaty hair out of his face. Pulling out he got up to go to the bathroom and clean himself and come back to clean you up as well. Looking at your naked body glowing after sex was like winning an Oscar Award, breathtaking.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He lightly chuckled at you pouting.

“Well other than the fact that I can’t feel my legs and I had two orgasms in the span of an hour and a half or so I think I’m in need of some assistance.”

“Touche.” With that he helped you up taking you to the bathroom to fully wash up. As much as you hated being carried you let him carry you back to bed and putting clothes on your body. Only being Sunday you were glad you had the day off although you were going to go and finish some final edits. A good thirty to forty minutes passed and namjoon finished showering putting on something comfortable to lounge in all day. Comfortable in bed snuggled up in each other’s arms your phone went off and you picked it up without checking who it was.




“Oppa h-”


“JIN OPPA CALM DOWN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” The line went silent and forgetting that Namjoon was next to you he was startled by your sudden outburst. You rubbed your temples and sighed deeply.

“He’s here next to me,” and before Jin could say anything you cut him off, “AND yes we did talk.”

The older one sighed in relief before speaking up, “Oh thank goodness he had us worried. The least he could is call us back.”

“Hyung I am alive don’t worry. Why are you calling?” You hit him in the chest giving him the look of really? He just smiled and brushed it off.

“Yah~ we’re here worried and you don’t call? Well Yuri came over and was looking for you but never mind I’ll call her and tell her that you two talked things out I hope.”

“Oh we did more than just t-” You jumped from your spot to cover his mouth.

“AAAAND we’reokaybyeJinoppaseeyoutomorrowbye~!” With Namjoon under you and your hands covering his mouth you gave him the glare of a lifetime.

“Really Joon? Really?” He just shrugged his shoulders taking your hand off his mouth.

“What it’s true.” You let your head fall on his chest sighing knowing it was true. He just laughed at your defeat but rubbed your back.

“I wonder how I haven’t killed you yet sometimes.” You groaned into his chest.

“I don’t even know how I haven’t ended up dead either.” With that you both just stayed in bed all day watching tv on your computer and ordered delivery since you didn’t want to risk a Namjoon burning your entire apartment complex down. You felt at ease for once but there was still a part of you holding back. If you were being honest, you’ve already crossed that line with him and now that you were more than friends, you had absolutely no idea what you’re doing. Everything you’ve ever worked for just became empty and now becoming a blank page. The odd feeling of being with someone now hit you like a ton truck, you were clueless.

The next morning you woke him up early so the both of you would get ready for another long day of work. You made him a coffee while you drank a cup of tea then heading out to the building. It felt odd being next to him knowing what happened between you two in just two days. Arriving at the building you saw Yuri about to walk in when she spotted the both of you and made her way towards you. For some reason she seemed upset but you didn’t ask what happened.

“Unnie, hey.” She didn’t say anything but weakly smile.

“Joon can I borrow her for a moment?” He was lost but nodded and hugged you goodbye then went inside.

“Y/n did you guys talk thing out? Are you guys okay now?” Confused by her questions you just nodded and said yes.

“Y/n,” she looked really upset at this point.

“Yuri what happened?”

“We uh got a call from the states and,” she seemed to struggle, “Y/n something happened with your visa and you have by the end of this month to go back home. We’re trying to figure out what happened and get you to stay but, we don’t know Bang PDnim is working on it trust me.”

Everything in time froze and you couldn’t move, this happened every. Single. Time. You had to go back home and to make it worse, you had just started patching things up with Namjoon.