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A Guide to Beginners of Gintama

Hmm, this guy knows what’s up.

Anyway, Namhur at twitter just recently asked me for some hilarious Gintama episodes to watch as standalone (he’s not watching the show from the beginning). And I decided to just do it here, since this is kinda long.

Before I start though, and this also applies to the rest of you who might be also similarly looking for standalone episodes to watch-the character introductory episodes/arcs are important. Other then better character investment, the introductory also served a role of introducing you to their base personalities, and by knowing their names and understanding how their base personalities work, seeing them during the comedy scenes will be even more hilarious! Of course, you will still be able to find them funny nonetheless, but I personally feel by watching the character introductory episodes/arcs prior, it will be even more effective. That’s while before I recommend the episodes where I personally found hilarious, I will be doing a list of character introductory episodes/arcs first, at least, the ones who will be periodically appearing in the hilarious episodes I listed (I skipped on characters like Takasugi since he usually only appears during the more serious arcs). Feel free to skip this section if you want, but know that you will be missing out.

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