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The Arrangement (Part 12)

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Summary (story spoilers): someone delivers some unexpected and unpleasant news, sending you running. Sam and Benny confront Dean, and the three of them go looking for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings (again, spoilers): lots of language, angst, cheating, feelings of betrayal and worthlessness

A/N: Thank you guys for all your patience! My show this weekend went really well! I came in 3rd out of 17 and qualified for Nationals in early May! Hope you enjoy this installment, though I think I’ll have a few upset messages…

Want to catch up? Check out the series masterlist!

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Ian and Mickey waking up next to each other

Jealous - Doctor Strange X Reader [SMUT]

Title: Jealous 

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Request: Hello! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Doctor Strange x reader fic where he gets jealous for some reason or another and it ends kinda smutty. Thanks! By @psychofangirlfromhell

Summary: When the Doctor gets jealous the reader decides to bring out the little green monster in him for some fun…

Warnings: SMUT, of course :)

A/N: If I wasn’t on the naughty list before I sure as hell am now…. ;) I hope you enjoy @psychofangirlfromhell, sorry it took so long xx 

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Iago from the Shakespearean play Othello. It ‘twas my inspiration for this wonderful

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Jeff Atkins - One Shot (Alternative Ending)

A/N: So this is the promised alternate ending. It’s still a little sad since it is 13 Reasons Why but Jeff lives! Yay! I hope you like it! :)


I think back to the night of Jessica’s party and wonder if things would’ve gone differently if I hadn’t gone. If I hadn’t seen the things I saw. If I hadn’t done the things I did. Before going, I convinced myself that I could start over - that I could be a person that fit in. For a little while I did and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time. Of course you and Jeff were there, surrounded by your usual crowd. Yet you both still found the time to push Clay and I towards each other.


“Justin, Jessica’s looking for you in the kitchen.” You yelled over the music before you caught sight of Hannah.

“Hannah, hey!” You smiled crossing the room, careful not to drop the cup in your hand. “You made it. I’m loving the new hair.”

You were always extra affectionate when you drank and without even asking, you ran your fingers through her hair to full appreciate the natural curl of it before you hugged her.

“Thank you!” She smiled with a chuckle, returning your hug. “Someone’s been drinking, huh?”

“Hell yeah! It’s my turn. I was designated driver last week, this week it’s Jeff’s turn.” You laughed, motioning to your hubby in the corning talking to Zach and Monty.

“Well - that’s responsible.” She returned.

“Hey - Clay’s here, being his usual secluded self.” You smirked, as her cheeks turned a bright red. “You should go say hi and bring him out of his shell.”

“What?” Her eyes widened as if you’d just made the most outrageous statement she’d ever heard. “No. I - I wouldn’t want to bother him.”

“Y/N!” Jeff called from the backyard. “Zach thinks he can finally take you at beer pong!”

“That so Dempsey?” You yelled back with a laugh, then looked at Hannah with a smirk. “Only way this is going to be fair is if you catch up to me. Hannah’s going to take you on first!”

“Oh it’s on!” He laughed.

“Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!” Jeff and Monty started chanting getting the whole room to follow along.

Hannah smiled again, lowering her eyes to the ground.

“One game, just to get some liquid courage in you.” You laughed, placing a hand on her back as you lead her outside. “Then you go find Clay.”

She laughed, nodding her head as you joined the guys. Jeff wrapped his arm around you and she took one end of the table while Zach took the other.


 As the night went on, Hannah disappeared into the crowd to hopefully find Clay. After beating Zach twice, you ended up making out with Jeff to celebrate your victories. With your arms around his neck, you grinded against him to the rhythm of the song. His hands ran up your thighs grabbing your ass through the fabric of your denim shorts. Breathing in the scent of him, you bit his bottom lip, sweeping your tongue across with with a smirk as you looked him in the eye.

The things this boy made you want to do to him…

“You’re totally spending the night at my house.” He whispered against your lips. “Tell your mom you’re staying at Sheri’s or something.”

“I’ll call her before we leave.” I smirked, kissing him again

As much as your mom loved Jeff, she would much quicker approve of you spending the night at your best friend’s house rather than your boyfriends, but - what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

“Look - “ You motioned your head towards Hannah and Clay walking out to sit by the pool.”

Jeff smiled proudly, watching his friend laugh and giggle. “See, I do give good advice.”

“Yeah, when people actually understand your baseball analogies.” You laughed.

“Hey - they make sense okay? I understand them perfectly.”

“Of course you do baby, that’s what makes you so unique.“ You shook your head with smile, teasing him about the overuse of the word.

The two of them looked over to notice you staring and the two of you looked away quickly, with you nuzzling your face into his neck with giggling uncontrollably. His arms wrapped around your small frame, holding you against him as he laughed, your whole body shaking with his.

“Uh - oh” You sighed, watching as Troy walked over to bother them. “Go get him before he ruins everything.”

“On it!”

He ran over, physically picking Troy up off the ground to bring him back over to the ping pong table. You bit the corner of your lip, watching your lip as he held him up like it was nothing for him, all of his muscles rippling through his shirt.


You shot Hannah and Clay a wink before Jeff’s lips were back on yours, his hands running up through your hair as he held your face.

“Seriously, I don’t know what it is, but you’re lookin extra good tonight. One more hour tops and I’m getting my hands on you.” He whispered, trailing his lips down to your neck.

You held back a moan as his hands ran down your curves again, holding you against his rock solid figure.

“Your hands are always on me.” You laughed, running your fingers through his hair as his tongue glided against your skin.

“You’re goddamn right.” He smirked, his tongue running across his bottom lip as he looked you up and down.

“You’re so bad!” Sheri laughed, playfully hitting your leg as you sat up on the kitchen counter. “This is like the third week in a row. It’s only a matter of time before your mom starts to think you’re a closet lesbian.”

“Who would want that right?” Courtney said, trying to join in with your laughter.

Both of you stopped laughing, your faces turning serious. Neither of you liked Courtney. She was two faced  and one of the most fake people you’d ever met.

Fuck off Courtney.” You replied, no humor in your tone.

Her jaw dropped at your blunt response and she turned around to walk away, almost knocking over Hannah who was coming into the kitchen. You could see the distraught look on her face so you waved her over.

“Hey. What happened? You and Clay were hitting it off.” You asked, noticing the tear stains on her cheeks.

“I screwed it up.” She sighed, shaking her head as she stared at the ground. “Just like I screw everything up.”

“Look. You two have been playing this game for too long.” You jumped down from the counter, cupping her face in your hands. “Give it a couple of minutes and go talk to him about it. Whatever happened - I’m sure it can be talked out. You have to go after what you want Hannah. Make things happen for yourself.”

Sherri nodded in agreement, “Otherwise you’ll go on hating life because things magically work out for you.”

She looked between the two of us and nodded. “Maybe I’ll call him tomorrow. I just want to go home. I’m sure he’s long gone by now.”

You smiled, lifting the corner of her lips into a smile which made her laugh. “That’s a start. Be assertive. That’s how I got Jeff.”

“It’s true.” You heard his voice before he wrapped his arm around your chest from behind. “I was an idiot 8th grader who was too scared to tell her and I guess she’d gotten word of it so one day after school, she marched right up to me, kissed me on the lips, and told me to ask her out. I knew right then that she was the one.”

Sheri and Hannah laughed. Sheri was there that day but Hannah looked at you in disbelief.

“Grab life by the balls, girl. It’s to short for all these games.” You advised with a laugh.

“Hey Sheri, you’re blocking me in.” Jeff spoke up again.

“Let me grab my stuff, I’m taking off anyway. Hannah if you want to head out I can give you a ride.” Sheri offered before they left the room.

“Where you going?” You asked, turning your head to look up at him.

“Thank you ma’am.” Jeff yelled after them. “Going on a quick beer run for the guys.” He answered as you turned around to lean against him.

“Want me to come with?” You asked, pressing kisses along the side of his neck.

“Not if you’re having fun babe. It’ll be super quick.” He laughed as you nibbled along his jawline.

“I have the most fun with you.” You smiled pulling away to take his hands in yours.

“Good answer.” He laughed, throwing an arm around you as he lead you through the crowd.

You waited outside for Shelley to get situated in her car. With your arms wrapped around Jeff’s waist, you looked up at him, smiling as he spoke to someone else across the yard. You always found yourself admiring him whenever you got the chance. He was just a beautiful man inside and out.

He noticed and smiled down at you, leaning down to press a kiss on the tip of your nose.

You laughed, taking one of his hands in yours. “You know what? Its way too nice out to drive. Let’s walk.”

“It’ll be quicker to drive.” He replied with a smile.

“So? We’ve got all night.” You said tugging on his arm.

He raised your arm up making you twirl before pulling you into his arms again, the look of love and adoration in his eyes making you blush. 

“Well when you put it that way.” He laughed.

You waved at Hannah and Sheri who were smitten watching the two of you.

“Drive safe!” You yelled out before you and Jeff started walking down the block. 


As I sat and watched you and Jeff walking down the street - laughing, dancing, playing - I found myself hoping to have someone love me the way you two loved each other. But I had too much baggage. I was too damaged.

As I looked back on these events, I realized my mistakes. I wonder what would’ve happened if I’d listened to you. If I would’ve stayed longer at the dance or gone after Clay right away. I should’ve gone after what I wanted.

And so we come to the reason you’re listening to this tape.

You didn’t have to look out for me all of those times. Nobody else did. You showed me that was genuine people in the world. You showed me that there was such a thing as unconditional love. You showed me that there was such a thing as pure happiness.

And for that, I wanted to say thank you.

I hope you live out the life you’ve always wanted. If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you and Jeff. 


Your fingers brushed over the Walkman. Tears streamed freely down your face as the tape came to an end. You lifted your eyes to look across the field, immediately finding Jeff. As if sensing you looking, his gaze locked on yours and he blew you a kiss which you pretended to catch like you always did.

His smile brought a smile to your lips and you wiped away your tears. Listening to Hannah’s tapes made you realize just how precious life was. Just how precious the people around you were. Just how quickly they could be taken from you.

Baseball practice came to an end and you walked onto the field to jump into Jeff’s arms. He caught you, lifting you off the ground to spin you around. Every time you touched felt like the first even after all this time of being together.

Yet it felt better this time. You held onto him tightly like it would be the last time. You don’t know what you would’ve done if you lost Jeff. He was your reason for living and breathing. He your best friend. You’re soul mate.

 “Damn baby.” He laughed, putting you down. “I know you like the way I look in my game pants but…”

“Well you’re ass does look incredible.” You smiled as he threw his arm over your shoulder.

“I love you.” He laughed, pulling you into kiss your lips.

 “I love you baby.” You smiled resting your head against his chest to listen to the sound of his heart beating. “For now and forever.”

A/N: Also, if you have any requests for a Jeff imagine, let me know. :)

***As always, none of the gifs are mine. 


Hey, after all the times I screwed up and you two were there for me? It’s the least I can do.

  • Jinhwan: Bobby, two words; Let's go!
  • Bobby: I got two words for you; I'm staying right here!
  • Jinhwan: That's four words.
  • Bobby: Then I got another four words for you; Screw you!
  • Jinhwan: That's two!
  • Hanbin: Bobby, maybe you should stop saying in advance how many words you're going to say.
  • Bobby: Yeah, once you do that you're pretty much locked in, huh?

okay if you say so 🌝

3/? things luhan says


“Got anything new for us, Ed?” you asked, grinning at the scientist fondly.

“Nothing new forensic-wise.” he replied, not missing a beat before launching into a riddle, “With pointed fangs I sit and wait; with piercing force I crunch out fate; grabbing victims, proclaiming might; physically joining with a single bite. What am I?”

You smiled, turning over the question in your mind. “I want to say vampire but I feel like that’s not it.” you mused.


“Okay, let me think…” you pursed your lips, considering the riddle for another long moment before shrugging in defeat. “Okay, I give up.”

“A stapler.” Ed indulged with a triumphant grin.

You nodded, “I like it. That’s a good one. Mind writing it down for me sometime?”

His smile grew, “Of course, Miss [f/n].” He seemed to wilt slightly as Jim strode over to you, knowing full well that the man didn’t have much patience for riddles. “Detective Gordon.” he acknowledged, averting his gaze, “I should be getting back to the lab. Good day, Miss [f/n].”

“See you around, Ed.”

As soon as the scientist was out of earshot, Jim and Harvey were teasing you again.

“The kid follows you around like a lost puppy, [f/n].”

You felt yourself flush slightly, “He’s sweet, okay? Unlike some people.”

Harvey put a hand to his heart, feigning injury, “Such harsh words, [f/n].”

“Oh, screw off, you two.”

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is there somewhere | myg (m)

gif credit: minshoot
inspired by Is There Somewhere— by Halsey
word count: 3.3k
smut angst—warning: mentions of depression

Min Yoongi sat up in the bed with a pillow between the bare skin of his sweaty back and the mahogany headboard. His pale skin glew slightly under the gentle light of the moon that shone through the window—the light of the full moon dimly illuminating the room—with only a thin white sheet, that was carelessly strewn over naked his lower half. He sat completely still for a few moments with his eyes closed, lazily basking under the soft moon beams. As his breathing eased and the heaving of his chest evened out, he shivered slightly as the sheet, that was previously covering him, was pulled off of him and exposed his legs to the frigid night air.

Lethargically opening his eyes, Yoongi turned his head slightly to the left, his tired gaze landing on you as you shifted underneath the sheets and subsequently pulling the corner that he had used to cover himself off from him. Yoongi remained silent as he watched you slowly turn your body on it’s side to face him. The two of you don’t say a word and instead simply gaze at each other, revelling quietly in the post-sex euphoria. In that moment, Yoongi can’t help but admire the way the pale moonlight illuminates your features like a natural highlighter, the moon beams causing the high points of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and cupid’s bow to glow faintly in the moonlight making you look like an ethereal goddess of the night. Entranced by your beauty, Yoongi is unable to pry his eyes from your lips and he finds himself slowly craning his neck to lean down and press his lips to yours.

Upon feeling his lips against yours, your eyes immediately flutter shut and your lips instinctively move against his, letting them guide you. The kiss is slow and deliberate, and you relish the way Yoongi’s velvety smooth lips caress your own. You let out a soft moan when Yoongi’s tongue licks at your bottom lip and you feel a hand tenderly cup your cheek. Deepening the kiss, you affectionately nip his lower lip in return causing him to grunt softly before allowing Yoongi’s tongue entrance into your mouth. Taking control, the kiss becomes rougher as he shoves his tongue into your mouth and greedily explores your mouth, tasting you. Giggling, you pull away from the kiss after a little bit with his lips chasing after yours desperately, causing him to growl in frustration. Oh, how you loved to tease him.

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Prompt: “You think she’s serious?” “Only one way to find out.” - have fun! ~ @impala-dreamer ++ “Use words with three syllables or less. ” By @imagining-supernatural

A/N: this was really fun to write! The ending is slightly rough but I really like it :D thanks to both ladies :) -entirely unedited by the way-

“Pay attention to me” you groaned, rolling on Dean’s lap and throwing your feet over Sam’s long, Jean clad legs. Both brothers glanced at each other amused, then spared you a look and turned back to the movie playing on the TV. “guuyyys” you groaned, turning your face towards Dean’s stomach.

“Y/n” Dean laughed, trying to move away from you by instinct. “Stop, what are you doing” he pushed at your shoulders, trying to push you away from his belly. You pulled back and stared at him in a half squint.

“You’re ticklish” you accused, mischief clouding your eyes. The right corner of your mouth tugged upwards in a smirk.

“Don’t you dare” he warned, bright green eyes studying every tiny movement​ and dancing between both of yours. Sam’s attention was now on both of you.

The stare-down continued for around thirty seconds and the moment Dean’s eyes turned to Sam’s, you jumped and let your fingers dance over his belly. Dean squirmed and pushed against the couch cushions in attempt of escaping. You laughed as warrior-like cries left Dean’s mouth along with laughter.

The fun stopped, however, when his fingers gripped your wrists and stilled them. Your eyes met his.

“Oh you’re in for it now"he said and smirked. He glanced at Sam and you knew you were screwed.

Suddenly, two pairs of hands pinned you against the couch, you squirming and kicking

“I swear to God, Winchesters, I do bite” You struggled, half serious, half laughing.

“You think she’s serious?” Dean asked his brother, smirking.

“Only one way to find out” Sam shrugged. And suddenly four hands were all over you and the whole bunker was filled with shrieks, laughter, curses and beautiful memories.

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The Sun Will Set || Part 1 || BTS Gang AU ||

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A/N: GUYS IT’S FINALLY HERE. Please enjoy part one of TSWS, and don’t forget to give me feedback! Let me know if you want more. Tell me if you love it. Tell me if you hate it. I love all of you and I’m so grateful for your support! 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.

Word Count: 5,207 (this is the first part, let me live)

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff here and there. But mostly Angst.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue |

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