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While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)


[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

meliss-cake  asked:

Kakasaku 22!! :D (I'm asking you so many things lately)

you can ask me all the things. never stop asking me things. in honour of ks month, let’s make this a same age au.

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

Sakura’s hands are sure as they unwrap the gauze, quick brushes of skin that spark something he dares not name along his nerves.

Her hands disappear and he hears her moving around the room.

Can I open my eyes yet?” Kakashi asks.

“Don’t you dare.”

Sakura is all no-nonsense, the sharp crack of her doctor tone.

It’s the kind of voice that means “do as I tell you or you’ll regret it.”

Kakashi doesn’t open his eyes.

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The best part about being a tea witch is just how freaking chill it is. Like, pick a tea that makes you happy, put a sigil for happiness on a paper below it, and put it in some sunlight while it brews, and boom, happiness spell. I love it.

kpop tag

i was tagged by @gwangjuhope to do this, thank you 😅 get ready to read useless crap about me

Ultimate bias? Park Jimin, My Universe 💖

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? Seriously, like all of BTS are bias wreckers but my sunshine, Jung Hoseok will always have a special pull on my dancer’s heart, his stage presence is just so incredible and his passion is magnetising; not to mention the cute thing with his ears 😂

Favourite Kpop song(s)?  😵 umm what?! how can i narrow this down… i can’t even pick a favourite BTS song here is my current top 10 (in no particular order):
1. BTS - Go Go
2. BTS - Mic Drop
3. BTS - Save Me
4. Suran - WINE
5. BIG BANG - If You
6. DEAN - D (Half Moon) (Feat. Gaeko)
7. Akdong Musician - 200%
8. GOT7 - You Are
9. MoonMoon - 비행운 (Contrail)
10. BTS - Young Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

First Kpop Song? Haru Haru by Big Bang (this will be my forever jam) ☺️

Favourite Kpop Album/Single? HYYH: Young Forever by BTS 🤗

Favourite Kpop Ship?  In a purely platonic sense, Mini and Moni (NamMin? Jinjoon?) 💞

Hard Stan or Soft Stan?  soft stan always, Jimin gives me heartache like my headstone is gonna read “Death by Jimin’s softness” 💘

Favourite Kpop company? i don’t really follow any companies

Backstory of how you got into Kpop? Get ready…

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Have I mentioned that I’m super excited for the Deadpool movie? because I’m super friggen excited for the Deadpool movie.


eennoshita-shine  asked:

I'm in love with Akiteru at the moment but I need some AkiSae in my life. Can you link me some fics?pls and thank you. (I'm on mobile and this app is screwing me over with tags)

heres some i have read recently! 

bad decisions/good decisions - first meet sort of thing, akiteru has a bad day and saeko talks him through it 

hazard label - getting together, akiteru ‘teaches’ saeko how to play volleyball

winter snow, summer days - cute lil ice cream dates

curses - its akiterus birthday, he thinks its cursed saeko disagrees

laylienn  asked:

Aaaaaahh I really missed your tags :’)))) hahahahahahahahahaha im not bringing receipts cause honestly same omggggg...hahahahahahahahaha lol and waaaa yesweareallpeckofdust :/ yay 😀

ahhh yvone!! it’s my fault that i’m not around much on tumblr! i’m so sorry for not tagging more! but i’m here today yayyyyyyyyyyyy!! i’m spending lots of my time voting for exo these days! yep, there goes mah life lollolllllll!!! hmmmm, actually…i don’t know how to survive throughout this october. there’s a drought on exo activities and i’m already missing them terribly. i understand that the boys need to prepare for their future concerts omgggggggg theregoesmymoneyflyingaway !!! (*/ω\*)

I can’t wait to finally be done with my long fics because let me tell you something: they’re not worth it

Nico stealing his boyfriend’s hoodies is my favourite headcanon tbh

I seriously have no idea of what I just did xD

Based on this picture: 

Josh is nowhere to be seen but I added Peeta anyway xD And the clothes I chose were really random, I just didn’t want to draw them all in D 13 uniforms so I googled all characters and whichever outfit came first I drew that one lol