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So Big Hero 6 was originally a comic by Marvel which was adapted into a movie by Disney which said movie has been continued as a TV series which will be adapted furthermore into a comic that was inspired by a movie inspired by a comic


While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

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Could you maybe draw a picture for that one Robin, Jinx, and Red X headcanon? I know you're probably really busy, but if you could, I'd be very grateful.

This one?

Anyway, instead of video games, they all hang out on some abandoned lighthouse where no one can see them together.

MASTERLIST (finally lol)


Alexander Hamilton:
A Call for Help
Worlds Apart

John Laurens:
Do it For Me?

Hercules Mulligan:

Marquis de Lafayette:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Aaron Burr:

George Washington:

Philip Hamilton: 
The God of Small Things

Eliza Schuyler:
Have Pity

Angelica Schuyler:

Peggy Schuyler:

Maria Reynolds:

3.141592 We Love You :)



Lin-Manuel Miranda:
Trial and Error
That Would Be Enough

Daveed Diggs:

Chris Jackson:

Anthony Ramos:

Leslie Odom Jr.:

Okieriete Onaodowan:

Phillipa Soo:

Renée Elise Goldsberry:

Jasmine Cephas Jones:


Into the Woods

Kindergarten AU (idk if i want to continue this)

LHM Side Stories

Languages (same with this one lol)


Where’s the kid? He left. Everybody’s waiting. He actually made a really mature choice. It just surprised the heck out of us. Did you guys screw this up? He told the kid to wait in the car. Are you kidding me? I have a room full of people waiting for some big announcement. What am I gonna tell them?


Rainbow!  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

boyfriend!tom accidentally tells an interviewer he’s dating

bc homeboy is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets

- okay so you and tom met through zendaya

- so you tagged along when the cast + haz went out or hung out @ the house in atlanta 

- so basically you and tom got along real quick and after a few weeks of spending a lot of time fEeLIngS were developed

- and omg tom is not one to get flustered easily but when jacob joked about you and tom his face would get so red and he’d be all

- “shut up, man” 

- *cue blushing*

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-completely unrelated but just wanted a backstory

-moving on

-so tom jacob laura and z were on a late night talk show

-lets say it was james corden bc that interview has yet to happen

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Ooooh.. okay

how bout hmmm


Morty: It’s canon!

you know what’s funny? I used to draw Professor Layton and Luke, Kakashi and Naruto, Sans and Papyrus, Kaito and Len, and many more problematic ships that had age differences and incest yet.. people are only getting angry now? huh