screw up to learn

Amelia from @emo-rock-tale
I had a hard time with this piece of art, because I wanted to try something new. I wanted to use a little colour (I am reaaaally bad at coloring) and honestly? I don’t know how to feel about it. I cannot tell If this was a success or not, but I hope I didn’t screw the art with this up.
I hope you like it!

in one episode, karamel went through every stage of a relationship

honeymoon phase  ✓

married af  ✓

big “either we break up or we solve this” fight  ✓

taking relationship advices from others bc they’re scared of screwing it up  ✓

defending the person you want to be with  ✓

(finally) slowly learning to listen to each other  ✓

supporting each other  ✓

walking through a rough path and still managing to be together in the end  ✓


I was auditioning for three older brothers. I didn’t get much of a description or anything about him. It was during the last six-hour audition that [casting director] Frank Moiselle came down to me and told me ‘can you read for Ivar?’. I was feeling like — I won’t say the word — but I was sitting there reading the scene for half an hour, and then I got up in front of [showrunner] Michael Hirst, [executive producer] Morgan O’Sullivan, all of the big guns were there. I did the scene that I just learned, and I screwed up the first couple of times but on the third time I got it right. I really didn’t know anything about Ivar until I got the part out of nowhere. It wasn’t until my agent told me that I got the part that [I knew], and I had to ask ‘which one’ because I really didn’t know. The first three weeks of preparing to shoot, I was calling around in my hotel room, trying to figure out what his mannerisms were and picking up a lot from Travis just by watching the show. I had researched a little bit about the character and read a lot of theories about where his name came from. I’m glad that Michael Hirst went with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta. You gotta go with the solution that brings the most to the table drama-wise. I’m just very fortunate to play this part, and it’s so challenging — but every time it’s challenging, it’s fun.

So you messed up with animal care...

Maybe things got crazy at work and you missed a feeding day. Maybe you were sick or busy and let enclosure maintenance go for awhile. Maybe you didn’t notice something wrong as soon as you should have. Maybe you just now realized that you had bad information and had been doing something wrong for a long time.

1) Breathe. Everyone who keeps animals has made mistakes. Every single animal keeper that you look up to now has screwed up in their learning process (I don’t know if I’m anyone to look up to, but I have certainly made my share of mistakes). You are not an evil human being for messing up.

2) Fix whatever needs fixing to the best of your ability. Catch up on the things you’re behind on. Fix husbandry you were misinformed about. Take your pet to the vet if they are sick.

3) Think about why this happened and what you can do to keep it from happening again. Do you need to set reminders for yourself? Do you have too many things on your plate and need to let some of them go? Do you need to find a more reputable source for husbandry information?

4) If whatever it was that caused this is something permanent/recurring that you aren’t sure you can prevent then think about whether you are in a good position to properly care for yourself and your animals right now. If you are in a place where you need to focus on your mental or physical health, or just making ends meet, and that is taking all your energy right now, then maybe you need to find someone to help with your pets or find them a new home. Sometimes you need to take care of you first.

5) Whatever you decide, take another moment to just breathe. You are not a horrible person. Whatever happened before is done now, you are going to do what is best for your animals from now on and that’s what matters.


After three long years of work the time has finally come for me to announce the debut of my first novel, The Amazing Captain Casual! Unfortunately the actual release date is still a good six months away, but until then I shall be supplying you with character bios, snippets, and other such goodies to tide you over. For the present moment however, I’ll simply start you off with a synopsis:

DASTARDLY DANGER! MALICIOUS ROBOTS! SUPERHEROES THAT TRIP OVER THEIR OWN TWO FEET! This book has it all, and MORE! Join the Amazing Captain Casual and friends on his thrilling first adventure! Journey along with him as he takes on a reluctant brand new sidekick, fights old villains who really might not be all that bad, and tries not to screw up learns the true meaning of friendship!


  • Will Archer, aka Captain Casual: Our hero! A well-meaning southern boy who’s just trying his best to make the world a better place and failing miserably!
  • Cole Stephenson, aka General Buzzkill: Civilian, student, and former employee for the City Reconstruction Corporation who would like nothing more than to be left alone.
  • Zettabyte, aka ????: Captain Casual’s arch-nemesis. A mysterious figure whose hobbies may or may not include creating various mechanoid animals, eating Pocky, and manipulating the minds of weak men.
  • Dev and Alex, aka Dev and Alex: Two petty crooks who really should’ve moved to California a long time ago.


Will Archer and Cole Stephenson have two things in common:  they attend the same high school,  and they both have after school jobs. However, where Cole works in construction trying to raise money for college, Will has been fighting crime under the guise of his alter-ego, the amazing Captain Casual! So when their worlds collide in an explosive fashion, the question becomes:  can these two put aside their differences to form a new iconic duo, or is betrayal inevitable? Who knows, perhaps neither will happen and they’ll instead simply part ways, neither friends nor enemies, just awkward acquaintances people sometimes have! This is a superhero novel, though, so probably not. Read on to find the answer in, THE AMAZING CAPTAIN CASUAL!

Okay hansolosbutt you asked for a list of reasons why Jake Peralta is amazing so you could give it to ur Mom and I’m HERE TO DELIVER bc quite frankly, if she’s only seen the pilot I can see why she’d dislike him.


1) he’s an inherently feminist character and it’s completely normalized. He treats his female coworkers as equals, and respects the hell out of them. Also, he has some pretty awesome platonic friendships with Rosa and Gina, and Platonic Only m/f friendships are v hard to come by in today’s media content

2) while usually despite his childish shenanigans he doesn’t really say anything particular offensive or gross, the few times he screws up he’s always ready to learn why what he said was Not Okay and grow and accept his screwing up and NOT DO IT AGAIN. This is really super important bc too often in comedy especially writers try to get away with sexist, racist, or otherwise nasty “jokes” by pawning them off to the signature “childish” “inappropriate” or “vulgar/out there” character, and yet never make an effort to correct the character when those comments are made, thus perpetuating the normality of those nasty comments. NOT THE CASE HERE, LADIES AND GENTS, and it is so, so nice. Jake’s always ready to learn when he’s crossed the line (which he actually RARELY does) and everyone else is ready to call him out

3) he’s not your typical suave attractive ~~~“male fantasy”~~~ hero type? Idk how to explain this coherently it’s really late but. He’s not Tough. He’s not brooding or angsty or edgy. He’s fun and goofy and a total Dork most of the time, and he’s got a big nose and a soft tummy and occasionally jumps into Terry’s outstretched arms. He’s also sensitive and emotionally vulnerable and, while in no way incapable of doing his job (which involves a certain degree of badassery) he does have a number of “traditionally feminine” character traits. And that’s shown as Completely Normal and a good thing, which is SUPER IMPORTANT.

4) while he did have kind of a shitty childhood, it’s stated by other characters (reminding him and the viewers) several times throughout the show that he’s still pretty privileged compared to a lot of other people, and he knows and accepts that

5) even though he’s almost pathetically in love with Amy since basically episode one, he doesn’t feel entitled to her in any way shape or form and when he doesn’t ask her out on time and she’s happy dating another guy he distinctly states that it’s her life and her choice and he’s happy that she’s happy (even though he’s metaphorically dying internally but nbd)

6) he punched his childhood hero in the face for making homophobic comments about Holt that one time

7) he’s a goofy ball of sunshine okay like yeah he comes off as a tiny bit of a jerk in the first two episodes but his character grows so much and is actually an amazing cinnamon roll and I love him s O m cu h save me

i blind bought this German pinot rose the other day (Villa Wolf) and it is so fucking good. It is dry but refreshing, especially in its frizzante body, so you get that fun light rose drinkability without the saccharine weight. Tangerine, red fruit and a light minerality drive home the crispness. Great paired with poultry/seafood or just on it’s own! This is a great rose for those who hate roses, and for those who love it. 

Oh and it’s $11, twist off, so it’s great for traveling or as a host gift! (youd be surprised how frequently “thanks but we dont have a cork screw” comes up in my life so I’ve learned to just do the twist off unless i know for sure haha)

anonymous asked:

ok so my mom is polish lol but my dad is Mexican & they got married really young so when my mom was like finding her footing in cooking she was already married so she chose to focus on Mexican food instead of the food she grew up with, for my dad & like that doesn't relate to barisi since Sonny can cook well already but latinx food can be easy to screw up and I just need some sonny learning the ropes of Cuban food for his Rafi- also my parents are real in love so idk enjoy that I guess

Awe, your parents sound so adorable, anon!! <3

But seriously, that is a very Sonny thing to do for his Rafi. And yes, Sonny is already a good cook, but here’s the thing: “good” doesn’t pass in Sonny Carisi’s book when it comes to cooking for the love of his life. Sonny has to cook all of Rafael’s favorite childhood dishes perfectly or not at all.

So what does Sonny do?

Sonny calls up Lucia one weekend that he’s off and knows that Rafael is stuck at the office all day and haves her come over to the apartment to teach Sonny exactly how she cooks Rafael’s favorite Cuban dish that she used to make him at least once a week growing up.

And Sonny treats the whole thing like he does anything else, with an insane amount of enthusiasm and studiousness that Lucia isn’t entirely convinced cooking requires. But there’s her son’s boyfriend, standing right beside her at the stove, literally taking notes in a little notebook about when the temperature exactly needs to be changed and how many times she stirs after adding each additional ingredient.

And honestly, Lucia already loved Sonny to death, but seeing him like this, so clearly invested in making her son happy in such a little way endears her even farther to him. She makes sure to send Rafael a, “You need to marry this boy.” text later that evening.

quick thought what if Caboose is a lot older than everyone thinks he is but maybe he just got that Good Skin doesn’t show those distinct signs of aging so everyone thinks he’s second youngest (actual youngest being Donut)

cause I was thinking about his attachment to Church and how it’s just so concrete, no matter what Caboose is gonna love him.

so lets consider: Caboose knew the Director

maybe, when learning about AI and conducting experiments and stuff before the project became a reality, he was close to the Director. Back then, he was Michael.

A lot of us go off the idea that Caboose has brain damage. What if the Director screwed up Caboose’s mind when learning about brain mapping and implantations and AI’s and it left him as he is now, the way that we know him. Like the Director used him as a test subject, or Caboose was his friend and offered his head up for possibly dangerous experiments because he trusted him.

like maybe they were in school together? like high-up college/uni level with all their smarty-smart science stuff that’s needed when dealing with tech as advanced as AI’s

and the experiments fail, the Director fucks it up and Michael is now Caboose. The Director sees this as a total failure and hides him away in a medical facility, with lots of nurses and doctors and things to look after him. Just him. Hides him away just like he did with the failed AI fragments

And maybe that’s where Caboose gets the idea that he has 17 sisters. He’s confused and lost after the accident and just starts thinking of all these female doctors and nurses and security guards as sisters (maybe even a few feminine dudes too because we’ve seen how confused he got with Donut and how he register’s Donut in his mind when Omega’s in there). 

then he’s got this strong tie to Church and that could be from what little memories he has left after the accident like “Church was there, I trust Church, always trust Church”. and the AI’s even connect the Director and Church, so Caboose could just as easily do the same.

then when the Director and Price make up the Blood Gulch crew and throw in Caboose later it’s because they know Caboose will stay by Church’s side always, like Florida was supposed to.

Of course Alpha wouldn’t know why Caboose is so attached to him bc of the whole Epsilon thing. Epsilon himself might remember, and he just pushes that memory away and deals with the right here right now Caboose instead of feeling guilty about what happened. Wash might know. We still don’t know the extent of the information that passed between Epsilon and Wash during Freelancer, and this bit could easily not have been shared. I seriously doubt anyone would have told Carolina. Maybe she finds out on her own and hides it like Epsilon. Just accepts him as he is. There’s a good chance Tex might have known, after all that info from Connie and just added it to the list of things she needs to make the Director pay for.


I also think this is where Caboose gets a lot of his rage from. He trusted the Director to keep him safe and he didn’t. And because loving Church and being angry at Church is so conflicting on his injured brain, he shoves it off on other people, like Tucker(also adding on the whole jealousy factor and thinking Tucker’s gonna take Church away from him) and yeah I know his anger is kinda rare but it still happens

I think it also comes through in a lot of his passive aggressive comments and ignoring people he doesn’t consider to be important when they’re talking, or getting back at Church a little bit by talking over him and ignoring all the times Church tells him to fuck off. Like “Hey, you fucked up my brain, I don’t have to listen to you” but more subtle, and I don’t think he even realizes that’s what he’s doing. just no filter on his broken brain.

if this makes any sense idk

Don’t be so damn hard on yourself. Yeah, you screwed up. You’re not perfect, fine. Learn from it. But don’t punish yourself. Be kind to you, even when you screw up. You’ll bounce back eventually. You’ll make up for it.
—  Stephanie Klein

In which Barry Allen says his first name for the first time ever.


My first miniature (c. 2006) and (among) my latest.

I’m still well below ‘professional’ quality and I’ve accepted that I likely always will be- my hands are a bit shaky, for one thing -but also a lot of the time between when I first started out and now I simply haven’t painted, at all. You can’t improve if you don’t paint.

To anyone just starting out and unhappy with your painting and looking to improve:

  • Probably you will never be happy with your painting. That’s okay. That’s how you improve. 
  • Watch painting videos online. Listen to the tips. Try them. Try them a few times because you will screw up at first. That’s how you learn.
  • The best way to get better at painting is to paint. Like any other skill, it takes time and effort. 
  • Some people have more natural talent than others. Some will shoot past you and turn into insanely good professional-tier painters in the time it takes you to get the hang of using a wet pallette. That’s okay, as long as you keep improving. 
  • Don’t be jealous of people whose work you admire- seek them out, ask them for tips, bounce ideas off of them. Most of them care enough about their hobby to want to talk shop and will be happy to share. 
  • Okay, well, you can’t just *stop* being jealous but channel it productively into your painting rather than getting pissy at people who you should be befriending.