screw this queue

  • Rumple: So, now that Gideon's a baby again and I did the right thing... makeup/makeout session?
  • Belle: Hell no.
  • Rumple: Wait, what?
  • Belle: You did ONE good thing, that doesn't excuse the hell you put me through or what you were planning to do to him. Every time you make it seem like you've changed, it always ends up coming back to bite me in the ass, and until I get good, solid proof that this is permanent, Gideon and I are moving into Snow's apartment, since the Charmings are getting a farm.
SSLL: Ch 21
*The Most Magnificent Date
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s time for Blueberry’s date!  

(*I’m looking at you, Helen~ )

Also, I put this at the end of the latest chapter, but lemme put it here, too:

You’ll notice that I finally figured out that I can approve “Inspired by” works so they end up on a list at the end of the fic. Cool, right? I know there’s more than just the ones listed, so if your fic was inspired by mine, be sure to put it in the “Inspired by” section. The list of fics is automatically generated when I click approve, so unless you’ve got me in that section, it won’t show up. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m forgetting them or excluding them, because I can assure you, I’m not.