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Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.

I want domestic Victuuri but I also want domestic Yuuri x Yurio

I mean yeah its nice to think Victor and Yuuri cuddling on a couch but have you ever thought of Yuuri knitting and Yurio catches him doing it and instead of mocking him or something, Yurio sits down and stares at Yuuri knitting and Yuuri eventually gives him his own pair and some yarn and mutely teaches Yurio how to knit and then they’re BOTH knitting and by next week, everyone has their own scarves www

OR Yurio getting sick of Victor and Yakov (as coaches) so he drags Yuuri away from both their coaches and goes shopping and he dresses Yuuri up in ridiculous leopard prints and its so adorable that Yuuri doesn’t care, he even has a leopard print tie that Victor threatened to burn but Yuuri takes it and locks it away from Victor cuz Yurio chose that tie for him and screw Victor, that kid is precious and Yuuri loves it.

Imagine Yurio slowly growing taller than Yuuri and starts leaning his chin on Yuuri’s shoulder or head when he gets lazy or getting scolded at (his version of sulking). Imagine Yurio getting touch-craved and slowly starts cozying up to Yuuri. Yurio being in Yuuri’s space, Yurio leaning against Yuuri’s back, Yurio having inside jokes with Yuuri. Yurio watching videos with Yuuri while sharing earphones, Yurio bodily protecting Yuuri from the press when they ask offensive questions, Yurio being comfortable around Yuuri. Yurio stopping Yuuri from drinking too much (but doesn’t fret too much when Yuuri gets too drunk and he has to help if Victor isn’t there). Yuuri and Yurio blanket snuggles when Yurio comes over to Victor’s apartment for movie nights and no, Victor is not jealous that the two of them are cuddling and cocooned in one blanket, he also DOES NOT take a picture for blackmail purposes.

Let me have platonic but loving Yuuri x Yuri please because they deserve to be each other’s friend AT LEAST.

Also, give me Yuuri Yurio hugs at the airport damn it because Yurio will miss the heck out of Yuuri when Yuuri goes to Japan (temporarily/permanently) and Yurio will never admit the manly tears he sheds during the hug. And Yurio texts for updates like every day and they even Skype because Yuuri knows that Yurio needs it but will never admit it.

Lastly, when they’re alone, when Yuuri is confident and wants to give elderly advice, or when Yuuri is trying to console Yurio, he lowers his voice and starts with a very soft but affectionate “Yura…” And Yurio will lower his head and listen because Yuuri is more than a friend, he’s family damn it.


It’s been four months since A Year in the Life premiered and I’m still bitter that Luke and Lorelai had communication problems after 9 years together and that ASP decided not to give them any kids. 

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Mary Poppins (1964)

Saddest Scene - Mary Poppins Leaving


I love this scene in the manga though b/c Jonathan showed up for his lessons in overalls in contrast to Dio’s shirt and tie.  DavidPro left out lots of details about Jonathan being a bit of a screw-up a normal kid, stuff that makes him less of a cliche and more of a relatable person.

Dio?  In the anime they added suspenders and left off the tie …

which has the effect of looking like the clothes he had on when we meet him at his father’s house.   In the manga he’s indistinguishable from an upper-classed student.

tbh the anime reversed the impression originally Araki gave, of Dio looking like the son who grew up noble and Jonathan almost like the adopted one.  Changes like these add up and make anime Dio more sympathetic and anime Jonathan less flawed than how Araki originally wrote/drew them.  


Lmao Cartman literally pushes old people off the couch so he can sit next to Kyle haha

Screencap redraw because I thought it was cute and also I’m on mobile so sorry if it looks terrible

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Ever think about how Alfred must've up to a certain point just not know how to deal with a grieving kid?I mean Bruce ending up the way he is came from somewhere and while he's shown as a loyal butler I feel as if he just didn't know what to do with the poor kid placed in his care,I mean Alfred is already not the most emotional of people but like he seemed to have gotten a bit better at it than Bruce over the years.But imagine him with Dick?Not knowing,not wanting to screw up ANOTHER kid?

i’m actually surprised you view alfred as not very emotional because, to me, he’s one of the most emotional characters in batman comics. he’s just very healthy about his emotions which is very wildly contrasted next to bruce’s lack of correct emotional health management

personally, i think alfred was understandably at a loss at first with bruce, not only because he was left with a little boy in his care who had lost his entire world and the huge responsibility that entails, but because in many iterations alfred didn’t always mean to stay as a butler for the rest of his life, and certainly not as a permanent parent to the waynes’ only child. and suddenly he had a son he had to take care of, a boy that he loved, who was hurting and was left with no one else but him, and we know how everything turned out long-term. we know how alfred always gives hints that he feels he did a horrible job with bruce, that the batman business and all the danger he puts himself through night after night is not bruce’s fault but alfred’s, because he must have done something wrong along the way for things to turn out this way. he puts a big part of the blame on him because he was the parent in this scenario and maybe, perhaps, somehow, if he was more strong or better at being a father, he’d have managed to stop batman from ever emerging

but with dick? with dick i don’t think alfred was in the same situation as he had been with bruce. and that’s not because he now knew how to raise and act around a grieving child, but because bruce took a big load off his shoulders. bruce stepped up big time with dick and was there for him in a very solid, healthy way that you wouldn’t normally expect from the man who never dealt with his grieving emotions in any sort of way, let alone a healthy one. there was no evidence up until dick was introduced that bruce would ever be able to pull off something like that. but he did. he did it so well that alfred had the leeway to be there for dick in many ways as a second parent, or even a close friend, or more appropriately, as dick’s butler like he should’ve been for young bruce in the first place

there’s so many times we’ve seen alfred speak up about the robins, about how putting these kids in danger is so reckless of bruce, and it was more and more evident with the later robins until it blew up big time when damian came around (despite damian ironically being the only kid who could realistically be able to pull off the robin role based on his upbringing), but he rarely if ever did it with dick. and when he did, it was always in a different light. dick has been the staple of the family for many reasons, the number one of them being he made this family an actual family. up until dick’s adoption, alfred and bruce shared a bond alright, but it rarely ever left the limits of nightly batman activities and the cooperation required after bruce returned from his training and hit him with a “yeah so i’m gonna go dress up and fight some crime at around nine”. dick was clear evidence there was something more there, something that made them all invaluable to each other in a way not even the waynes had achieved with bruce before their deaths

i don’t think alfred ever felt like he had to hold his breath as to not screw up dick like he felt he had bruce. i think he was actually alleviated from some of his guilt when he saw bruce bring up this kid as his son, a son who ended up blowing everyone away every step of the way. there was pride and healing because maybe? maybe he hadn’t done such a bad job with that other grieving boy all those years ago


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Word count: 598

Author’s note: Just a little something that came to my mind :) Really short, I know, but I wanted to write fluff. I hope you will enjoy it!

“How about we visit your parents tomorrow?” Derek offers, words murmured into my temple softly. I giggle as I fold my arm over his chest, nestling my head on his right pectoral, using that firm muscle as a pillow. He smooths his palm over my forearm, eventually reaching my hand and entwining our fingers together. He pulls our connected hands up to his mouth to leave a kiss on mine, his mossy eyes never leaving my gaze.

“We can do that,” I say. Ever since we’ve been together, Derek has always wanted to make sure my parents won’t feel left out or being forgotten – he wants to make them feel loved for him having no one to make happy any more. Sometimes, he still has nightmares about the death of his family, waking me in the middle of the night with his arms flailing and gasps dying on his lips, pleading for the bodies not to be combusted.

He’s forever trying to get through the door, but he never can.

My heart clenches at that thought, at the memories that come flooding my mind of him struggling among the sheets, and I prop myself on my elbow to be able to reach his sharp cheekbone and leave a tender kiss there, providing him mute comfort. I can feel his smile with my pink flesh, and my thumb starts to rub soothing circles into his skin over his ribcage through the cotton tee he has on. In return, he starts massaging the small of my back, and reels me in for a languid, gentle kiss, when there’s a soft knock on the door.

“Yes?” I ask, sitting up on the mattress, waiting for the door to open up.

Tentatively, slowly, it does, revealing the shape of our little son. “What’s the matter, baby?” I coo, leaving Derek’s side to approach Michael. I cower in front of him to be at the same eye level as him. He whispers, ever so quiet, “I had a nightmare.”

“Come and join us, honey,” I tell him, holding my hand out for him, which he takes without a second thought. I can clearly see as tension seeps out of his small frame, easing his features at my touch. I lead him to our bed, where Derek is already sitting at the edge, waiting for us with an affectionate smile adorning his features, lighting them up with sparkles of joy. He helps Michael up on the high mattress, sitting him on his thigh, hugging him protectively.

“Shall daddy chase the ghosts away from his little Mike?” he all but coos, and I can’t help my smile. I join them, taking the spot next to Derek, seeing how our boy nods frantically, tiny paws balling up two handfuls his father’s shirt, burying his face in the fabric. We trade a loving look with Derek before scooting backwards, pulling the sheets over us and laying Michael between us, caging him, giving him much needed comfort.

Derek has a hand splayed on the small of my back, whereas I have mine around Mike, holding him to me, massaging him to help him settle. His entire body is covered in sweat, having made his pyjamas moist, and I would have had him to change if it weren’t for the fact that he was too tired, and he’s already fallen asleep, breathing evened out, monsters no longer present in his mind.

Over his head, Derek kisses me, wishing me good night with the gesture; it doesn’t take long for me to follow our angel into the realm of dreams.