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What you suggest as some good Elsanna fanfictions (besides Snowflake in Spring cause I know that one) I need some good reading for the weekend though :D thank you in advance!

ooh my friend, you CAME TO THE RIGHT PERSON :D

I have made a side-blog for elsanna fanfics today! Here is the link. 

I will make a fic rec on that blog right now after I answer this.

okay okay here we go:

(The one’s highlighted in bold are my favorites)

ModernRoyaltyAU tho

ok ok ok because i’ve been reading Nothing Gold Can Stay (this freakishly wonderful bagginshield fic) what about a Barduil Modern Royalty AU??? I’d be surprised if this hasn’t been mentioned yet but whatever 

so Dale is this small country that’s been ruled by a monarchy for a long time but then by some weird marriage or whatever this ass (the Master) comes in and over-taxes the people and enforces all these dumb trading laws and penalties for minor stuff that are ultimately for making him more money. The people are DONE and there’s been word of starting a revolution for a long time, but no one’s ever acted on it. But then this guy Bard (who works in trading or some shit and gets the brunt of all the penalties the Master made) makes some offhand comment in an interview about life working at the docks in trading about how ridiculous these laws are and how effortless it would be to improve the quality of life in Dale if the Master would just get off his pedestal (and how he’s got some ideas but hey he’s no politician) and suddenly the people are just RALLYING behind him. then Bard’s suddenly the leader of this revolution against the Master’s unfair rule and at first he’s all like “no no look guys i’ve got a family i don’t wanna get caught up in this treason shit” but then he’s see’s the hope he’s instilling in the people of Dale that’s he’s never seen in his home before and he can’t bring himself to leave these guys. So Bard becomes like the Katniss of Dale and the Master hates him and tries everything to catch him but Bard stays just out of his reach. Then the Revolution actually starts and it’s this big upheaval of the government and Dale loses a lot of money and resources in the process but ultimately THEY WIN

then suddenly with Master and all the stupid aristocrats out of the way, the people decide they don’t want some new crown taking everything away from them again. so screw the monarchy, guess who they choose instead? this bargeman who worked on the docks, always can home smelling like fish, and liked to do archery in his free time when he wasn’t taking care of his three kids. and that’s how Bard unwittingly got elected to be Dale’s new king/president/representative.

and THEN he meets Thranduil who is the proud king of the nation of Mirkwood/Greenwood who has important trading agreements with Dale and their economies kind of depend on each other. and Thanduil see’s this newly elected guy and kinda takes pity on him in a way he never has before and takes him under in wing and shows him the ins and outs of ruling. He saw the stuff Bard was doing during the Revolution and how much care and devotion he has towards his people and can’t help but respect him. so they get closer and closer during meetings and annual banquets and galas and shit and become thick as thieves, and then they start hanging out outside of work and Thanduil takes Bard and his kids on this grand tour of Mirkwood all expenses paid and it’s totally public so the media is in this frenzy bc King Thranduil hasn’t let anyone get this close to him since his wife died, let alone leave his office

and all it takes is some offhand comment from Prince Legolas about how he’s never seen his dad look at someone the way he looks at Bard and suddenly it hits him. he fucking loves this bargeman/king/president of the tiny country of Dale who still always smells like fish even tho he lives in a goddamn mansion and still takes his kids on camping trips and has a fucking archery range in his backyard and the only car he owns is this stupid minivan that’s covered in mud even tho he’s the fucking ruler of a country

so, Thranduil does the obvious thing: he starts courting Bard

bc damnit it’s the proper thing to do for royalty and how the people of Mirkwood do things according to their culture, but the thing is Thranduil hasn’t done it in forever and Dale’s customs for these things are so different so Bard has no idea what’s going on half the time but the media is eating it up bc holy shit the king is courting this scruffy lumberjack-looking guy from Dale

so Thranduil is so not with the times and it’s really embaressing Legolas, and Bard’s kids are embaressed bc their dad is totally oblivious, so the kids just take things into their own hands and set them up on a nice secluded date where they won’t be bothered. then Bard finally confronts Thranduil about his odd behavior and Thrandy comes out and bluntly admits his affections and is all blushy about it even tho he’s practically been broadcasting it to the whole world and Bard just smiles and leans across the table and kisses him with complete undertanding after hearing him ramble on about his people’s customs

and after that they come out to the public that they’re dating and fucking Mirkwood throws a festival bc YES OUT KING IS FINALLY GETTING LAID and all the kids are just high-fiving bc YES OUR PLAN TOTALLY WORKED ABOUT TIME

this is so long i am so sorry 

Fic Recs from Cel

Some of my favorite Elsanna fics, for those who have either asked or are simply curious:

The Sisters of Arendelle

A good read with solid plot, set in a canon-verse. The romance is well-paced.

A Formal Arrangement

An absolutely wonderful, steamy read with real substance to reinforce it. I find Elsa to be adorable in this.

Black Swan

A personal favorite in which Anna is the cold one, keeping her “perfect” older sister at arm’s length, despite all of Elsa’s awkward, desperate attempts to regain their lost closeness. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just seriously addicted to this one.

Courtship of the Grad Student

Anna’s an adorably written undergrad working in a lab with the charming Hans, gruff but well-meaning Kristoff, and Elsa, Anna’s reclusive vice-boss who stays locked behind a door Anna’s determined to break down.

Across the Ice

Another personal favorite. Elsa’s training for the Olympics and Anna’s the hockey-playing sweetheart who owns the ice rink where Elsa practices, the legacy of her late father. Family drama, well-paced romance, a good read.

The Coldest Moon

Just starting out. Here, Elsa is a werewolf who’s kept her secret hidden from her sister. However, with the latest chapter something tells me the truth is going to have to come out sooner or later…

Smooth Criminal

Criminal!Elsa and PoliceWoman!Anna. Need I say more?


My little baby Anna caught up in a gang, precious baby Elsa just wanting to help and wow yeah this one’s cute.


Anna’s boss Elsa finds out about her abusive relationship with her boyfriend Hans. A good read.

An Awkward First Something

Absolutely precious. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Screw the Monarchy

Sweet and smutty.


Skater!Anna will always be more adorable than it should be.



Lessons from the Ice Queen

Another favorite of mine, in which an anti-social Elsa (after much pestering) becomes Anna’s math tutor. But what’s this Ice Queen to do when a crush begins to form?