screw racism


I had a casting director tell me ‘You’re not quite white enough for the role, but you’re not quite Asian enough for the best friend role.’ …that’s really dangerous… I didn’t see anybody that looked like me growing up on TV. -Chloe Bennet

aka half-asian women are the real superheroes we need

You: Sana is a good character because she’s a Muslim and WOC

Me, an intellectual: Sana is a Muslim and WOC, but that’s not why she’s a good character….. she’s just an AMAZING CHARACTER AND THE FACT THAT SUCH AN AWESOME CHARACTER IS A MUSLIM POC IS WELL-NEEDED REP

vesnapomlad  asked:

What is your response to people who claim the critics of Cesar Milan are just racist, jealous, and trying to get rid of competition? That they cannot stand a simple Mexican getting successful?

Competition: I make more money as a trainer fixing the mistakes people made with his techniques than I ever would if he stopped screwing up dogs.

Racism: You don’t have to be Mexican (or any other race) to mistreat animals. If it was a white guy, I at least would be fighting against him just as hard. We’re not trying to take his success away because he’s a minority who had more hurdles to jump to get where he is - we’re trying to get rid of him because he’s awful.

Jealous: The day I’m jealous of someone who has to bully animals for fame and success is the day nobody should ever let me touch a dog again. I think most trainers feel similarly.


Dr. King in Milwaukee in 1965 -  Dr. King talks a lot about economic disparity in America and the need to for jobs……and other Social ills.  You don’t get that much from the general legend/socially acceptable representations of Dr. King in the media.  He said a lot more than just, “I Have A Dream…………"   

This is the kind of shit I am talking about. This has gone viral on the French Facebook. Let me translate.

“° I was born white, what makes me a racist.
° I do not vote Left (One of our french kind of political group, known to be socialists) what makes me a fascist. 
° I’m straight, what makes me homophobic.
° I’m not syndicated what makes me a traitor.
° I’m christian, what makes me an infidel.
° I think about what media says, what makes me reactionary/Conspiracy theorist.
° I care about my identity and my culture, what makes me xenophobic.
° I’ve been raised with harsh but fair education, what makes me a child torturer.
° I’d like to live safely and see delinquents in jail, what makes me intolerant.

But, I’ve got the feeling that we’re plenty in the same case!! and you ?”

Well, me ? I only see in this some white tears. Being white, straight, christian, well all of this makes you part of the majority. It makes you privileged. It gives you opportunities, chances, that others would not have. And still, people are complaining, because they see others fighting for their rights and telling them that they ARE privileged, that they CONTRIBUTE racism and shit. And they feel attacked. And instead of thinking about why they would feel attacked, they would rather post shit like that, claiming that people are unfair with them. They need to gather and say shit about the ones that “attacks” their privileges. Seriously? 

It’s weird someone who ran for vice president doesn’t even know Republicans & Democrats switched names since slavery days (Google It).

It’s like… how stupid can you be Sarah Palin? You are a politician, you have ONE JOB and you don’t even know the basics of your own political party.

Considering this educational info, you technically just called out your own political party on their racism/screwed up past. Way to embarrass your own team, again.

You are correct to imply the “Democrats” back in those days (or as they are known now, the Republican Party) do suck, so bravo to you for pointing out that the GOP is full of racist trash.

Or did you not take a hint from the fact that your party overwhelmingly consists of white people and is backed strongly by the majority of former slave owning states?

??? Education would save you a lot of humiliation, and again, this is all inexcusable coming from someone who tried to become the VP.


If you haven’t watched this yet, you should. 

   Hi, I’m Nikki and I’m eighteen. I’m asexual and I hail from the Philippines, where Western-looking features like pale skin and a sharp nose are automatically beautiful. I’ve struggled with depression, bullying and body in high school. Just recently, Bianca Gonzalez came to my school and she discussed the idea of loving your features and appreciating your skintone. Ever since, I’ve loved and started appreciating my morena skin tone and I’ve been trying harder to appreciate myself as well.

Cheers to the girls who have struggled with bullying, body image and depression and shit we put up with! I don’t exist to live and submit myself to you, I’m going to live for myself and change the world in my own terms. I’m a badass wonderful creature and I intend on keeping my way. Screw racism, screw the mindset that Western standards are applicable to us Asians when it only promulgates impossible beauty standards.

I’d like to become a role model for girls and to have them have the mindset of “I can matters more than am I capable?”. I’m a debater, I’d like to think ten years from now, I’m still debating, I’m doing art and I’m writing novels at the end of the day. While I do somehow feel a little disconnected with how messy my culture has become, it is a part of me and my roots.

I don’t sow. My Asian heritage is my pride. My character is something I have created. I’m still learning, I’m still growing but I know what I want. I am an Asian, I am Filipino, and I am the inheritor of a glorious past and a legacy.

Happy AFAD!

Filipina writer, artist, debater