screw negativity

In light of recent things….

I think it’s time to share some positivity around this joint… Or at least some eye candy. I know I’m usually aboard the Drake/Daniel di Tomasso train and I know there is a large DJ Catrina following, so share your face claims or you celeb crushes. May I present Ryan Paevey, whom I found in a Hallmark movie (don’t judge me). He’s so pretty 😍

Seriously yall, I would like this post to just be fluff. Share your guys, share your gals. Give ‘em some love. Honestly just share something that makes you happy.

I drink and I hate-watch Game of Thrones.
—  And then I go on long-winded rants about how none of the characterizations make sense, the plots are poorly constructed, and what the fuck is this dialogue? I mean really. Itโ€™s fucked. Everything is fucked. Read the books.

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I just saw the request about the s/o having a psychic quirk like from mob psycho 100 and I'm curious how shinsou would react to that as well. Also I love your writing keep up the good work, lots of love โค๏ธ

Shinsou Hitoshi: Your quirk is much like his, with a lot of potential to be used for evil; he can tell there are people who are frightened by it’s power from the moment they meet you. He’s very protective over you, eyeing up critics of your work or those who even joke that you may be evil in some way. He doesn’t want the same negativity that screwed with his brain to mess with yours. 

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I've an essay due tomorrow but instead I just bought my sim a pet rat and named it Toast which was inspired by Brunch cause we all know she's the true heir P.S. Your Ophelia dress making my sim look damn fine screw the negative nancys

omG A RAT NAMED TOAST AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Im cryigN :’) also yes brunchie is the heir…get ur fresh spoilers heRE

you guys really have a hard time breaking the mutual. if someone, even a mutual, was posting things i didn’t like, i unfollow or block just like that. if i deem you’re toxic to me, i don’t give a shit— you’re gone in my life.

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look even if Markiplier kills off Shooty McPinkface and Emoplier I'm just going to pretend that they still are alive and happy bc screw that negativity in my life if I want Wil and Dark to still be alive then they'll be alive dammit


Still, guys.

It’s all just a j o k e.



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after 9289989 years later, i finally finish this qwq

sorry that I took so long to post anything that is related to me AU

this drawing has been sitting in my WIP pin task bar for about a year now so I figure that might as well finish it instead keep procrastinating lol tho this art is quite old

Astral is gaster in my AU

Side note: the black lines on his face IS NOT scars/cracks, it’s his birthmark

Astral was rather timid and shy when he was young, he stayed reticence all the time which always get bullied by other monsters. However, as he grew up, he started to speak up and have more courage because of someone encouraged him to do so. He is intelligent and extreme good in science and the one who studies about human souls and discovered the existence of spirare. These two researches have helped him to be a royal scientist. Astral has a good sense of humor and a good dad too but he can be clumsy sometimes. He created the core but he went missing after the core crisis, and strangely no one remembers him.


Soul link to: Astral

Traits and power: Magic and wind

Side note: their voice can change into two genders, male and female. sometimes it changes according to their emotions and their claws are levitating.

Zephyr is a curious and mischief skele hippogriff that love to play like a child. They are curious on the things that they see and they really like to learn stuff. That’s why he loves to listen to Astral telling him about science stuff. They love to cuddle and sometimes when they are too excited, their magic will go haywire. Though, he is EXTREMELY protective on Astral because he cares and loves him like VERY MUCH. They get triggered if someone hurts him, basically you are screwed when they senses negative feelings in Astral. Unless Astral himself let himself down, they will try to cheer him by acting funny. 

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Aw, hon, sorry you're having run-ins with the fandom police. I've been seeing that a lot on other SPN blogs- uninvited posters butt in to slap the OP's wrist and try to "educate" them. It's uncalled for, rude, and hurtful. Screw those Negative Nellies! Don't let them intimidate you. We sane fans love reading your opinions and take on the show. You're such an intelligent person with a keenly analytic mind & your blog is an utter delight. Don't ever change!

Wow, thank you, this is so nice. I’ve gotten more angry reblogs/anons in the last two days than I have in a long time. It’s so temping to just post pictures of Dean being cute and be done with it. But I really do enjoy talking about things so I’m glad it’s appreciated by some of you out there. Makes it easier!