screw it who cares

Sorry, but the strongest and most admirable character on OUAT is Emma Swan.

The woman who was forced to grow up as an orphan, unloved and abandoned and alone, constantly screwed over by life, in particular by her first love, left pregnant in jail, practically forced to give up her child for adoption, without any hope of ever finding a home or people who would actually care for her and not screw her over… and still remained gentle and caring for other people, supportive of total strangers, good at heart, brave and constantly fighting against oppression, ready to give everything for the ones she loves, even if it means that she has to give up everything, even herself. And never blaming anyone else for the shit that kept and keeps happening to her - not fate, not bad luck or some mysterious author pulling the strings.

The strongest and most admirable character is NOT her abuser. Not the woman who tried to murder her and her loved ones multiple times. Not the woman who always takes the easy way out and constantly whines about her undeserved bad luck and how everyone always tries to screw her over. NO.

It’s Emma Swan. Emma FUCKING Swan.

Thank you and good night.

Bad (MBTI) Lightbulb Jokes

Q: How many ESTPs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Bitch who cares it’s dark in here and I’m going out.


Q: How do the NT’s handle a lightbulb going out?

ENTJ gets up immediately, walks to a cupboard filled with bulbs, selects the appropriate size, gets a folding stool, sets it up, carefully changes the lightbulb and ensures the old one is carefully disposed of.

ENTP yells at ESTP to wait up, they’re coming too.

INTP sits in the dark for an hour, completely lost in thought, before they realize the lights went out

INTJ’s eyes are glued to a screen of some kind, so when the light goes out they vaguely register that something is different but are so focused that they unconsciously discard the thought. It takes about a week of coming and going before they realize the light went out.


Q: How many ISFJs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: None. If you loved them you’d do it for them.


Q: Why did ESFP spend $4,976 when they went to buy a new lamp?

A: Well if you’re going to buy a new lamp, you MIGHT AS WELL redecorate the whole damn house


Klaus Appreciation Week 😍 Day Three

Klaus and favourite family member scenes. 

things that make me mad: the fact that Malec’s happy ending was given up for the sake of making Simon a shadowhunter instead of a vampire, because screw the message of the entire book series that was supposed to be “everybody is equal”, one of the main straight white male characters cannot have filthy blood, he needs to be of the pure and have a perfect ending with his love interest (now that he is a shadowhunter and not a vampire he can not only grow old with Izzy, he can also marry her in gold and be taken seriously among her people). Who cares that this will screw with the opportunity of giving an lgb couple a happy ending? They’ve been represented enough in the books with neglection and ignorance, a happy ending would be too much of a joy for the ghays™

but of course, Cassie, tell me more about how much you LOVE Malec

It is okay. It’s okay to be sad for no reason. It’s okay to not want help for something, you may want to be independent. It’s also okay to want help. You can want some help sometimes and if anyone has anything to say about that, screw them. They can leave their opinions somewhere with someone who will care. It’s okay to cry. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, sometimes you need a break or you just need to cry, let it out. Don’t hold back, its alright. Whoever calls you out for being sensitive, drop them. They don’t deserve you. It’s okay to what someone you can’t have. It will either go away in time, or you can try and try again and have the confidence and determination to get them, and soon you may. It’s okay to not want to be with someone anymore. Either its a friend or boyfriend, you don’t NEED to be around them or talk to them. You are allowed to surround yourself with people that actually care about you, and ones you care about.
—  Your feelings are valid

Reign: Bash and Mary have a fling, Lola has Francis’s child, Mary is raped, Mary and Francis have affairs, Mary gets into sexual/”romantic” relationships weeks after Francis dies.

Fans: What the hell?! That’s not historically accurate!

Writers: Screw history! Who cares about history? What is history?

Reign: Francis and Mary’s child is miscarried, Francis dies. 

Fans: ?!?!?!?!



gleerewatch: 1x05

Everybody deserves their moment in the spotlight, you know, to shine? I got that standing ovation and it felt amazing. Like every bad decision I’d ever made just went away. I was back in the game. But then I look over and I see these sweet faces of these kids and I think “I’m hogging their sunshine. It’s their turn now, not yours”.

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It's almost been two weeks and I'm still so bitter about Twin Suns. There was SO much potential to make Maul a complex, fascinating character and they completely screwed it up. I wish there were writers there who cared about him more or something. I keep trying to justify it but you know what? No. It sucked and I'm angry. I don't care how they try to excuse it. It was crappy writing and very poor character development.

Me too fam me too. They had such great potential and they threw it down the toilet. Honestly I would have liked it if Maul just stayed dead as opposed to them screwing his character up like that…I mean he made no sense, he was a complete joke in season 3.

They dumbed down and watered down his character.

I honestly thought Twin Suns would see he and Obi-Wan closer and working together, because the title is twin suns and these two already had so much in common with one another and that would have been an interesting way to go.

Or maybe even a semi redemption arc? Or hell, something that goes deeper into his abuse with Sidious and how he was manipulated, and eventually becoming a gray jedi/sith.

Either way, his ending sucked, and I think his character had a lot more potential. You and I can both be angry together.

And there’s no point in justifying or excusing it, it was bad writing. that’s all it boils down to. 

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My mother told me once "Oh, most colds don't give you fevers." so the hypochondriac side of me was like "Good, yay." while the roleplaying, writing side of me was like "Ew screw that fevers are great."

I feel that so hard

who cares about medical accuracy, really when we can just make characters as miserable as possible


They told me to trust
Nobody ‘cause life is
Black&white and my
Path is already
Decided by forces
I can’t control having
A woman’s body
Although my mind
Has no gender they
Tried to put me into
A pink box defined as
“girl’s faith” thinking
That I’ll live the way
They brainwash women
To be and do telling
Me to marry a man
That will take care of
Me, well screw it 'cause
I trust those who fuck
These sick norms and
I’m fearlessly riding the
Black bike having by my
Side someone with a
Wild soul who takes care
Of me and happens to be
A woman so screw you
'Cause my life is not to be
Packed in your little
Pink&blue boxes

(short poem by lesbianespresso · Victoria Rudi)

(image · symbol found on Tumblr)

ooo, is a pantsu.

For some reason I really like drawing Grell in her panties. It’s cute. Also I done screwed up on the hand near her pretty face but who cares? Not me. Also the booty and how she turns is unrealistic. But it’s a Friday doodle I did in R.E because I want to do anything but learn about something they have drilled into me since babyhood. (We did creationism and it sucked), so I was really just drawing when our teacher wasn’t looking so she wouldn’t shoot me one. It ended up like this.