screw it posting now

“I held death’s hand this evening”

- Death’s Hand, The Amity Affliction

When you try to queue up a post 🙃 quickly before work 🙃 and you finish just in the nick of time 🙃but then Tumblr freezes 🙃 and you have to copy the text 🙃 and refresh, then paste 🙃 but the format is all wrong with not enough time to fix it 🙃 so you save the draft and run late to work 🙃 dying a little inside 🙃 Thank you Tumblr.

I go to the barn for THREE SECONDS, and what happens?? @actualyuuri posts a new fic, @forovnix starts a new troll blog, world hunger is solved, the universe explodes and AHKSJKSMSHSK


A continuation of this. As much as I love stangst, I need me some comfort and hugs. Hopefully it’s a bit more satisfying. It still has some sad feely feels but at least it’s better than having angsty feels and not knowing what will happen next. Got a little help on DA with how to continue it. 

As per use, please don’t ship. :T 


7 years and 5 6 million subscribers later…

phil version

Okay I have to do some stuff for this research paper so that’s gonna take forever but after that I’m gonna edit/draw some shit (I WAS working on something but my computer restarted and erased all of my progress 🙃)

Not sure why I’m even saying this cause it literally pertains to nothing right now, but screw it im posting it anyways

You know what I’m posting this. Screw it. It’s on the internet now, y’all can see it and I don’t even give a shit.

  • Me: Tonight's episode was amazing! Robbie did great with Chuck's character and I can't wait to hear the much needed conversation he'll have with the Winchesters next week!
  • Me: wait a minute...
  • Me: *remembers Bucklemming are the writers of 11x21*
  • Me: *sweats nervously*