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Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

some stuff like pretty blue girls and esper boys

You know, what gets to me most about Juvia following Gray to Silver’s grave, is that it’s at one of Gray’s lowest points. Gray had just encountered ‘Deliora’ in his father’s body (even though it was a lie, it would’ve been traumatizing), and then he just saw his father die in front of him, okay, not a good time for him.

And then Juvia’s there, to apologize! Yes! And Gray’s so nice he comforts her! All while he’s at his lowest point in a long time. So we’ve gone from Gray’s emotions to Juvia’s.

And he was vulnerable, and she was acting so vulnerable and he’s so nice it’s like he just gave her a massive opening and now he’s in Trouble, because not long after that, she’s following him around again. She is in his home. She is trying to force herself into his bed. All from that one vulnerable point.

And that just really gets to me about that scene.

Hoseok; Smooth As Fuck (M)

❝yo, there are people who like gangster!hobi so why not??? /I’m still working on the other stuff but it’ll take a while since finals are around the corner, badoop. i hope (aha see what i did there) you guys like this ; w ; 
►3367 words | scenario, rated m for my my, i’m screwed
© (photo credit)

It’s just a typical, average Saturday afternoon—average being in a room with a lighting that you can’t really complain about to do your work, surrounded by papers and a comfy comforter to hurdle you in and it’s not like you’re going to move about anytime soon unless it’s a bathroom break or if your stomach cries for food. You’re sighing as you reach the third report to type out for the day, you feel your joints cracking as you move your fingers, neck, arms around before you reach for a sip of your tea and then you’re moving at the speed of light again.

The door creaks open and for some reason, you don’t hear much after that so you brush it off, thinking he’s just bored.

Then he starts to speak and you realize, oh, he’s saying—“Hey, pretty girl,” but you’re not responding so he continues with, “Aye… are you going to ignore your boyfriend? Your oh-so-hot boyfriend?”

You’re rolling your eyes the same time you hit the spacebar, “There’s nothing for me to respond to, Hoseok-ah,”

“Oops, I thought your name was pretty girl,” He snorts, welcoming himself into the room made for two and he’s settled by the bed beside you where his eyes can’t seem to look away from you, “Anyways,” He clears his throat, a hand already smoothening on your thigh covered with the soft comforter, “Get dressed later,”

This is what makes you stop typing. “What for?”

He grins when he sees that look in your eyes, his hands maneuvers your laptop away from your reach at least, in a safe distance before he puts his arms around your waist and drags you towards him until you’re comfortable on his lap instead, “We’re going out on a date,”

Your eyebrows seem to have furrowed and he feels the squeeze on his shoulders that he rubs circles on your waist, leaning up to steal your lips for a quick kiss that erases all ill thoughts until you’re smiling when you feel what he means and he spells them out into words as he says, “I’m free for the night and I’m going to take you out for a nice dinner,”

His forehead tilts up until it meets yours and you can’t help but close your eyes with the biting of your lips, feeling giddy all over and you feel like it’s the first time ever that he’s asked you out. However, it feels foreign to the point where you have to ask, “Really?”

He drapes an arm over your waist, holding you up by your lower back when you’re straddling on him while his other reaches up to frame your cheek in his hand, “Really.” He assures you with a kiss, then another, and another until you’re affirmative that by the time the both of you leave this bedroom, it’s going to be hell trying to walk later but it doesn’t matter when he has you locked on his body and his lips is all you feel on your neck before his hand seems to be touching at the places that make your breath hitch and he relishes on hearing that sound because you can sense his smile on your skin. Then you’re being playful to say between the licks and bites he’s giving on your neck, your fingers threading through his hair, “I don’t think it’s advisable to start with dessert,”

He takes two seconds to digest your words and then he’s chuckling as his eyes meet yours, brighter than ever, “You can’t compare yourself to that—if you do, then you should be every meal of the day,”

“Smooth,” You coo, feeling him switch positions and it’s your back greeting the mattress while he shoves the remaining papers on the bed just to get a good look at you when he’s hovering above you, “As fuck,” he finishes, continuing with what he has in mind with his lips spending ample of time on yours before he trails down to your neck, fluttering through your collarbones and he asks in between if do you like this shirt and you’re answering it’s yours and he laughs right, so I can do this, and the shirt is being dragged down harshly to kiss your exposed skin and then oh, his tongue should be a sin.

But before he can progress any further, before he can pull away and strip down to nothing, strip you down to nothing, there’s the familiar sound of a ringtone that echoes in the room. He makes no effort to stop, focused on giving you all and whatever you want when the sounds you make are too fucking beautiful to ignore and he can’t possibly brush off the silent pleas of please, Hoseok, more and he’s shoves his hand down into your shorts to feel that fuck, you’re wet. Your senses are strong enough to notice how his phone is ringing again, and you know that a call can mean anything to him, his people, his work that you’re putting your hands on his shoulders, trying to nudge him off, “H-Hoseok, your p-phone,”

“No,” He deadpans, swirling his tongue around your nipple and a part of you is screaming let him continue but the most part is—“B-But, Hoseok, fuck, answer your phone,”

He groans against your chest before he sits up, eyes opening and hair askew but before he gets up to the dressing table where the damned device is cock blocking the pair of you, he flicks your shirt back up and fixes your shorts before he brushes his hands on his clothes. As he stands by the table, the phone by his ear, you can hear how annoyed his tone is when he greets with a sharp what?

You’re feeling rather cheeky today where you trail over his footsteps he’s made to get to where he is, your shorter arms are able to wrap around his waist perfectly and then he groans silently when you kiss the nape of his neck, lips dotting butterfly kisses to reach the side of his neck and he voluntarily moves his head to give you access and it’s just a few more seconds before his jaw goes slack the same time your hand slides down over the line of his jeans, sneaking in past the waistband of his boxers while your lips seem to attach to his skin. He wants to let go, he’s desperate and you feel it against your mouth but when he stiffens and lets out a what the fuck, it all crashes down because you already see this coming.

“What do you mean he won’t listen to anyone? Fuck, I knew that fucker would do this,”

And the cries on the other end are needy for Hoseok that you hear Namjoon’s strained, “We’ve tried talking to him but he wouldn’t listen to us! He’s going to ruin everything if you don’t come here!”

He gulps thickly when he’s at a crossroad, torn between to turn left or right but it seems like you’re pushing him down to the path he should choose but can’t choose when your lips are gone, arms pulled back and he no longer feels you behind him. “Just go,” You whisper into his other ear and before he can turn around and persuade you, you’ve already gone back to picking up the pieces of paper and then back into the bed with the laptop on your lap. It pains him to say those words but then he does and he hangs up with I’ll be right over. The both of you know that this means much more than just a ruined orgasm—it’s another scenario of broken dates, empty words and he sighs as he sits on the bed once more, hand holding onto yours when you try to click on the previous document, “…I’m sorry,”

You’re shaking your head when he knows you want to scream, cry out of frustration but it’s happened too many times too many for you to get mad all the time that you brush his hand off, “It’s work, I understand,”

His mouth opens and closes, no words seem to escape but when they do, he blubbers out, “I’ll make it home in time!”

You spare a glance at him and he looks like he means it, “I-I’ll make sure this gets settled by dinner time and I’ll get back to see you in that dress I like and God, we’re going out on a date I fucking swear,”

Your heart wants to trust his words, your mind tells him—“We both know, Hoseok-ah,” then your eyes confirm what you’re feeling as your words comply with your gaze, “I’m going to be dressed and ready way before the time you should get home and… well… it’s either you’re going to call and tell me that you’ll be here,” you’re shaking your head, “but you’re not going to until it’s late in the night and I’m going to hate that dress, ruin my makeup with tears and I think you should go and make sure things are fine with the boys,”

The look on his face is unreadable but his words do leave a punch when he says, “Then what about us?”

Now you’re sighing as your hand reaches out for his and you’re giving him a soft squeeze before your eyes meet once more, “Us will still be here when you get back. I will still be here when you get back.”

Regret is what you hear when he says, “I really just want to—“

Reality is what hits him when you cut him off, “You should really go now before things get worse,”

Guilt is laced over his face as he kisses you on the forehead and bids you goodbye.

Hurt is what he sees before he closes the door on his way out.


By the time he opens the bedroom door with a heavy heart, he sees you buried in the sheets with your back using the bed rest as a support as your head tilts to the other side where he can’t particularly see you. His lips curl up into a smile when he knows you’re waiting up for him but upon being reminded of what happened before this, what could drive you to work to this late into the night, it disheartens him as he steps through. He discards his jacket, partly bloodied from a tiny gunfight and thank god he’s not badly wounded or it’ll add fuel to the flame that should be blown off by now. He makes sure he’s careful enough to discard his clothing until his down to his boxers so he can’t possibly stain the sheets and when he does, he reaches over for your laptop and the papers he messily threw off the bed hours ago. Now piled up in a stack and by your device on the table, he knows it’s time to make it up to you.

He also knows how deep you are in your sleep to be in this position, so, his steps are quiet as he kneels down by the bed. He starts with leaning up to unbutton your shorts, his fingers are swift to drag your panties along with it and before he knows it, he’s thrown them over his shoulder and it makes a sound but it doesn’t wake you up yet. He’s well aware he can make use of your position by the side of the bed to keep one leg propped up while he gently directs the other to the floor, spreading you out nicely and then he begins.

It feels harder to breathe and in the midst of dreaming of what it could be out on a date, laughing and smiling until it hurts when he’s cracking too many jokes to fill your night with stars, your eyes snap open when something curls from within, the heat flushes through your veins and it’s impossible to ignore with sleep. What you see is his face between your legs, both hands busy with one holding you down, the other abusing his fingers on your clit and it makes you—“F-Fuck, Hoseok—what are you—“then he uses his tongue and at this point you’re sure he’s trying to break you apart as his fingers slide in two at a time that you forget what you’re about to say. Your nails scrape through his hair and he groans, digging his tongue in deeper that it makes the air trap in your throat and it’s everything collapsing from within when he harshly presses down to where it makes your body jolt, his fingers gradually picking up the pace and his tongue doesn’t let up.

You’re in a mess, you feel like a mess and you’re sure that you’re sweating, cheeks flushed but you can’t find a fuck to give when the next few seconds, you’re coming, fuck, Hoseok! He groans once more time, he’s giving it to you harder, faster, deeper and your eyes clench shut and that’s not the only thing and your thighs try to refrain from clamping him in because it’s hard to stay still when you come and he knows that. He gives you a moment to collect yourself as he rides you through with his tongue, slowly pulling away to relieve the sensation with his fingers on your lips and before you can say anything about it, he silences you with his own, allowing you to taste what pleasure is at the tip of his tongue.

He swallows the wince you let out to his mouth when he moves you down on the bed, back to the mattress, head rested on the pillow and him between your legs until nothing else can come in between.

“You waited up for me,” He says after he removes your shirt, busying himself to kiss down the trail that was long awaited earlier in the day.

“I tried,” You say, holding onto him and he’s making it harder for you to breathe again.

“I’m sorry,” He says, moving up to kiss your lips once more before he looks into your eyes, “It’s okay,”

“You’re lying,”

“Then punish me for lying,”

His boxers come off and they join the map of clothes on the floor. He pushes himself in and it still makes you scream. He doesn’t let up until he feels you dragging your nails down his back, through his hair, over his shoulders and then around his neck where you pull him down to kiss the fuck out of him. He gladly complies and goes to the extend of keeping a hand between your legs, already building you up before his hips start moving and then he feels you biting his tongue the same time he decides to snap his hips without any clear warning. He puts his arm around you, the other steadying himself with the headboard because the whole bed is shaking. But that’s not the only thing when you’re trembling, your voice cracking because it’s all tearing you down and he urges you further, just come, let go, fucking come all over me and then he goes faster, faster and faster.

Then it’s all heavy breathing, sweaty backs and chests, lingering warmth of the aftermath as he kisses the remaining air you have in your lungs. He pulls out and wraps you in with his body and arms, limbs tangled before he tugs the comforter over the pair of you. You feel his lips in your hair as he plants another kiss, and then another when he flips you around delicately so he can go back to give you the loving you deserve on your lips. His hands slide over your back, up and down and then they settle by your hips when you have a hand on his chest and the other remains right above his bottom. Your fingers draw shapes on his chest until a certain spot makes him whimper that the both of you repel from the kiss.

You’re staring at the way his face contorts in pain in the dark and then you take a closer look to see that fuck, that’s a wound. How have you not realized this is a wonder but it makes you feel fucking dumb as you sit up and flick on the bedside lamp to see that he’s actually wounded, no.

“I-It’s nothing,” He mutters out, clutching onto your wrist before you can get up and you hiss, “You’re in pain,


“Why didn’t you say anything?” The creases appear on your forehead, the worry is in your eyes and fuck, he just wants to kiss them away.

“I… I wanted to make it up to you—“

“Damn it, Hoseok,” You curse, moving up and about and it does take you a few seconds of wobbling but the concern gets the best of you to wonder off that he sighs and sits up, collecting one or two clothing on his way after slipping his boxers back on. He finds you by the kitchen counter, rummaging through the drawers until you find what you want and when you do, you see him already on a stool by the island. You’re about to apply the medicine on his chest but he pauses you, he stops you just to put his your shirt on you and you’re about to question but he says—“I can’t have you walking around naked when the curtains are open,”

He catches that blush that’s faded on your cheek as you mumble a soft thanks and then you’re taking care of his wound. He does say it hurts here and there but when it’s all over, it seems to feel much better as your palm gently rubs over the white patch of a bandage taped with tape. He sees you clearing up the things and when you’re done, he pulls you to him until you feel his chest against your back. It’s a few more steps back to the bedroom and you want to tell him it’s right there but you can’t when he’s whispering quietly, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

Your hands stroke his arms banded around your waist, your head tilted a bit to get a glimpse of him having his face in your neck, “What for…?”

“For disappointing you,” He admits, his voice almost cracking but then he looks up to frown at you, “For not being able to make you happy like I used to…”

“Idiot,” You breathe, turning around in his grasp just to hold the sides of his head, “You always make me happy. I mean, yes, it sucks not going out on dates like how we would anymore but we do every now and then,” he takes every single word you say and it leaves him wanting for more, “I do get disappointed when you cancel them, that I will not lie but… you coming home to me, you… prioritizing me in the occasions that you shouldn’t and you loving me in general, that’s more than I can ever ask for,”

He’s crying and God, he’s crying that you wipe his tears away before he tugs you into his embrace and this, is what you could ever ask for, “You don’t hate me?”

You’re snorting as you pet his head, shaking your own, “If I didn’t hate you when you’re holding a gun, what makes you think I’ll hate you now?”

“Well, now it’s just me, just Jung Hoseok and not J-Hope of one of Seoul’s dangerous clans—“ a kiss is all it takes to shut him up.

“Either one, I still love you,”

He smiles and it seems like hm, his eyes are sparkling, “Thank God there’s only one of you.”

You’re rolling your eyes and hm, he finds that cute but you’re oh-so-beautiful, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that I have you—the one and only for mine to keep.”

“Smooth,” You’re saying once more as he directs you to the bedroom. “As fuck,” He finishes, closing the door behind him and it’s a long night after before the door opens again.

“I held death’s hand this evening”

- Death’s Hand, The Amity Affliction

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Imagine this Horrorswap, HorrorShift, and HorrorFruit

*Okay, so Storyshift is always so hard for me to keep straight, and I’m familiar with the character designs of Fruittale (Melon!Sans is adorable), but I haven’t figured out their characterizations.  

Soooo, let’s go Horror!Swap~!

Empress Alphys (dubbed alphass or alfuck by Stretch) is crazy as shit and took off a good portion of the left side of Papyrus’s skull with her battle axe during a dispute about Sans.  Of course, Stretch can’t quite remember how he got the injury, and Sans can’t bring himself to admit his former best friend did something like that to his brother, so he keeps his mouth shut.  

Stretch is the tall one.  He’s grown over a foot since they started eating humans–as has Sans.  Papyrus’s orange hoodie is too short now, and ripped at the bottom, exposing part of his spine.  He still wears his usual shorts, which have also become a bit shorter on his frame.  His hoodie is stained red and filthy, but he doesn’t care.  Cigarettes are a rarity now–something he might even likely trade rations for–so his oral fixation has become chewing on sticks or old sucker stems.  This has left some of his teeth looking jagged–not as bad as HT!Paps’s teeth by any means, but just a chipped tooth here or there.  

He doesn’t have a dilated eyelight like HT!Sans, but his head wound is jagged enough to include the top portion of his left eyesocket.  Therefore, he’s now blind in that eye.  The injury has, of course, affected his memory, his magic, and left him a little unhinged.  He still loves puns and wears a lazy grin, but he doesn’t show much mercy unless you’re interesting.  He’s unable to summon Blasters, can only teleport short distances at a time, but can still summon bones at will.  His weapon of choice is an elongated bone with a jagged, sharpened end, much like a spear.   He hunts humans as a sentry, and has convinced Blueberry to start incorporating human meat into his TERRIFIC TACOS.  Stretch grinds the humans they capture up in his shed for his brother. 

Sans, on the other hand, has achieved his dream of becoming Captain of the Royal Guard–and he wants out.  Alphys takes out her anger on him, often beating him in the face with the blunt side of her axe during their ‘training’, which has resulted in him having a mouthful of jagged, oddly-spaced teeth that happen to always be stained crimson.  He’s still a skeleton of integrity, so despite the fact that he now finds humans to be delicious (Sans was vehemently against eating humans at first, but a combination of hunger and head trauma can cause a monster to do desperate things), Sans always puts the humans that fall through a series of puzzles.  

He still wears his usual bandanna, though it’s looking rather tattered now, and his battle body has been revised to fit his larger body.  It’s stained with blood and dirt that just won’t wash out, though the worst of the stains are on his boots and gloves.  He’s retained his good nature, boundless energy, and upbeat attitude, and while Stretch usually can’t muster up the willpower to do most things besides hunt and space out at his sentry station, the lanky skeleton still goes along with whatever Blueberry says (for the most part; it’s not like he’s going to actually calibrate his puzzles) and will do anything to protect his brother and make certain he’s fed.

(*… I should probably queue this up because it’s 2:30AM for me, but screw it.  I’ll post it now anyway.  I’m tired and drawing a blank, but I’d love to do more headcanons or drabbles for Horrorswap, so feel free to send some of those in.  Or any other AU imagines that’re kinda different because this was so much fun to think about. )

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4,7,8,10,13,29,32,31,14,20,27,28 Kentin and Armin uwu

(Sorry for lack of posts recently, I’m dealing with some pretty screwed up drama right now and I’ve been in such a bad mood the past four days omg. Anyway, I added a few numbers for Kentin because some other anons requested a few numbers that weren’t listed so why not kill two birds with one stone right?)


2: If they like reading, and if so their fave book

He doesn’t read often because it’s hard for him to find a book that he really likes. But he does have a favorite, and that would be Gregor the Overlander, the main character is inspiring to him. (guys seriously read the book it’s so amazing omg it’s got like 5 parts and I cried it’s by Suzanne Collins so if you liked the Hunger Games you’ll love this even more in my opinion)

4: Their favorite way to waste time

Kentin likes to either work out or bake. If he has absolutely nothing to do he goes for a run, and if that’s not possible he likes to bake cookies, brownies, cake, etc. He’s also fairly good at decorating cakes!

5: Their favorite type of music

He likes soft music like this, and sometimes he’ll am to the occasional pop song.

7: Their happiest memory

His favorite memory is from military school, he made a really good friend while he was there and they bonded like no other. They kept each other going through all of it and they were there for each other when no one else was. This is his happiest because he finally made a friend that he didn’t feel like was only there because they pitied him or anything.

8: Their most embarrassing moment

In the game it’s mentioned that he got bullied before, so back in middle school or something he got his pants pulled down in front of everybody by this jerk that was constantly pestering him. He’s still planning his revenge.

10: Their best childhood memory

When he was little his dad used to carry him around on his shoulders all the time and run around the house. His dad would also let him put on his military clothes, and he would teach him some cool fighting moves.

13: Their biggest regret

His biggest regret is letting other people take advantage of him and taking what others say too seriously. He still has problems with this but it was really bad before and he just wants to let people know they can just run him over anymore

14. Their biggest fear

The boy is afraid of heights y’all.

16. Their calming techniques

When he’s really nervous about something he likes to isolate himself from everyone else and sit down, taking really deep breaths. He counts to 3 in between every intake. When he’s really pissed off this doesn’t work well so he goes to a gym and finds a punching bag, or he goes for a really long run.

17. How they cope with nightmares

He doesn’t really do anything to make himself feel better, he just kind of lays there and stares at the ceiling until sleep takes over again but if it was that bad then if he can he might just go for a walk, even though it’s like 3 AM

20. If they collect things, if so what

I don’t see Kentin being a collector of anything but if he did he might have been one of those kids that try to collect all the boy scout badges (he was in boy scouts you can’t tell me otherwise)

27. How they sleep

He’s a very touchy person if that makes sense, so he needs to be holding on to something. If you’re with him then he likes to hold you in his arms and spoon, or lay his head on your chest like he’s a little kid. If he’s alone he has a pillow next to him and holds onto that with one arm, while his legs are sprawled out.

28. How they hug

His hugs a very warm and affectionate, no matter who you are. He doesn’t just hug anyone so when he does, it’s the nicest, cuddliest hug ever. He wraps you up in his arms and hold you tight, with his chin at the top of your head. If you’re just a friend, he does the same thing but he doesn’t do the chin thing and he doesn’t hug you as tightly.

29. How they express love

Did this in a previous post~ here.

31: If they found out they only had one day to live

He would spend it with Candy, and his family. And just try his best to keep them in high spirits. Later he’d like make an announcement to anyone who bullied him and tell them off like he’s always wanted to do, letting them know that he’s better than all of them. (I really dislike this number it’s so hard to come up with things for it omg)

32. If they were faced with a genie what they’d use their three wishes for and why

Wish 1. To become more confident in himself, because he hates how insecure he is

Wish 2. To be successful, all he wants to do is live a happy and stable life, and he wants his dad to be proud of him no matter what he chooses to become.

Wish 3. The formula for Nutella, he loves that stuff man.

(I just don’t see him wishing for materialistic things tbh)


4. Their favourite way to waste time

If he’s not playing video games of course, he really finds joy in taking those stupid Quotev quizzes, like “Which character are you?” and he likes making quizzes for the games he plays.

7. Happiest memory

You know what I have no freaking idea man…. I would say when he was adopted but we don’t even know the full story behind that sooo. And that’s also pretty basic… I’ll edit this part later if I think of something

8. Most embarrassing moment

Okay you know what, I didn’t intend for this to be NSFW so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to read but I whole-heartedly believe that he has been caught more than once jacking it off to some porn site by his mother or brother. His dad just knows to knock from now on but the other two don’t listen.

10. Their best childhood memory

When he was younger he and his brother used to pull pranks on people and switch places. I headcanon Alexy has naturally black hair so this was before he decided dye it, and no one really paid attention to their eye color until their mom found out what they were doing and called them out on their bullshit.

13. Their biggest regret

Hmm, well I don’t really know honestly. Maybe he regrets not going out as much as he should have. They never really spoke about their school before they arrived to Sweet Amoris (or did they, I can’t remember) so maybe he didn’t really have a lot of close friends since he’s like, low-key an introvert? So he just wishes he go out there more I guess.

14. Biggest fear

Low-key afraid of bugs but would never admit it. Also really afraid of losing his twin, I feel like they had separation anxiety when they were younger (me and my younger sis had that too omfg I used to cry whenever she wasn’t with me)

20. If they collect things, if so what?

He likes to collect figurines of characters for his games and shows. He’s probably a walking dead fan so he has all the figures of almost every character.

27. How they sleep

He’s always sprawled out all over his bed, lying on his stomach but occasionally his back. Don’t expect him to cuddle with you all night because he gets extremely hot while he’s sleeping so the most he’ll do is putting his leg on top of yours. He also cannot sleep without a blanket, so if it’s hot he’s the “one leg out” kind of guy.

28. How they hug

His hugs are very tight and welcoming, they make you feel comfortable because it’s just so nice. He kind of lifts you off your feet a little bit just because. They are also unexpected sometimes, like he’ll just run up on you screaming your name and tackle you with a bear hug

29. did this already for all guys~

31.If they only had one day to live how would they spend it?

 He would spend the day with his family and really close friends and wouldn’t complain one bit if they forced him to go outside. He’d actually want to go out somewhere this time, to make them happy. He wants to let them know how much he loves them all. “Alexy, I know you hate my clothes but I’m leaving my wardrobe to you, you’ll make good use out of it.” He’d probably try to drag everyone to a comic con if he could.

32. Genie, what would they wish for and why.

Wish 1. To be a professional game tester, because that’s what he does all day anyway so why not make money off of it?

Wish 2. For his brother to become whatever the heck it is he wants to be, he wants his bro to be happy y’all. 

Wish 3. For all other kids who are currently in foster care or anything to find really amazing parents who love them no matter what, so they can be happy


i made some busts of my dnd ocs tht i’ve been thinking of lately!! im pretty happy with how they look, so next up is armor and items they would carry!! spoiler: def gonna do gaktial (the half-orc) first due to her being the most fleshed out chara. information about each one under the cut!!

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A continuation of this. As much as I love stangst, I need me some comfort and hugs. Hopefully it’s a bit more satisfying. It still has some sad feely feels but at least it’s better than having angsty feels and not knowing what will happen next. Got a little help on DA with how to continue it. 

As per use, please don’t ship. :T 


Common Law + text posts part 2

Part 1

Also thank you to the lovely multi-screencap for letting me use some of their wonderful screencaps!