screw it it's happening

where the years went i can’t say

word count: ~1000

title is from Across the Great Divide by Frank Solivan, as heard in the Pride soundtrack. 

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“Will you miss this hallway Dan?” Phil asks, standing behind Dan’s head to film him upside down. He’s seen him like this too many nights to count, more than he would have liked. Yet he kind of is genuinely sad this staple of living will never again repeat itself - unless the process of moving makes Dan especially crisis-y, which is very possible.

“I mean, where else will I lie to contemplate death?” Dan asks. “It’s just such a perfect, long, bleak corridor to lie facedown on.”

Phil laughs, “I don’t know!” he replies, genuinely thinking about it. There are no such narrow corridors in their new place. It’s open, light. There’s no space that automatically lends itself to such a state of mind.

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The amulet of Daylight and its armor and sword were, presumably, created together since the amulet summons the armor and sword to appear, correct? You can’t get the armor and sword without first using the amulet. By all accounts, from what we’ve seen, it shouldn’t be possible then for the amulet and armor to be capable of separating when the armor is in use. The amulet was designed to fit into the armor’s breastplate. That’s where it belongs.

until Jim inserts the last Triumbric Stone and summons Eclipse.

And Jim doesn’t rip the amulet out either, right? The amulet just doesn’t insert itself into the armor after the transformation like it normally does. Instead, it falls back into Jim’s hand and once the bridge is opened Jim lets it hit the ground behind him and the amulet doesn’t make to go after him. Almost like the amulet and armor aren’t compatible with each other anymore.

Which of course makes sense, since the amulet was crafted to house Daylight. You could argue it was meant to house Eclipse too, since Merlin was also responsible for that power’s creation, but the dude seemed pretty set on hiding Eclipse from everyone forever. Maybe he realized it was bad news when he was experimenting with it, for the amulet or the wielder. If Daylight is Merlin’s glory maybe Eclipse is his mistake. Or maybe Daylight and Eclipse are just two opposing forces that can’t coexist in the amulet.

I lean towards the former because of the amulet’s reluctance to bond to the Eclipse armor even with the Triumbic Stones in place. It’s like the connection between the amulet and armor has been severed, as if the amulet has been rewired in a sense by the addition of the Stones, as if the amulet is rejecting bonding to Eclipse. If Eclipse was meant to be there, the amulet and armor would have automatically bonded together as normal. It would’ve been a smooth transition, natural. It wasn’t.

This is just one of many red flags that speak of ill fortune for Jim and the amulet because of Eclipse. Toby is the first to point out that the “evil poem” about Eclipse makes him uneasy. The poem itself pretty much states that you can’t be “worthy” of the amulet to prevail with Eclipse, which sounds like Jim might lose what made him worthy of Daylight while wielding Eclipse. It’s literally powered by Gunmar. Its red and black like Bular, like the infamous “Dark Side” in Star Wars…

Its use, under the circumstances, goes against Jim’s duty as a Trollhunter as well. Protection. Keeping the peace. The Greater Good. Kanjigar stresses this to Jim when Jim wants to save Claire’s brother at the risk of opening the bridge. In the finale when Jim chooses to use Eclipse over Daylight, he’s taking protection to the personal extreme. He’s not keeping the peace by picking a fight with Gunmar. And he’s not thinking about the Greater Good. He’s thinking about Aaarrrghhh!’s loss. He’s thinking about his mother’s brush with death. He’s thinking about Blinky and the friends Gunmar has threatened to take away from him.

This is all dangerous. Its the reason Kanjigar initially opposed Jim working with others, because he was gonna get his friends killed or his friends were gonna get him killed. That’s not to say that the Trollhunter doctrine isn’t without flaws however, as Kanjigar admits in the end that Jim’s friends have been a great help to him. It hints that maybe, if Eclipse is supposed to be the opposite of Daylight, some good can come from it where Daylight and the Trollhunter doctrine fail per se. I don’t think Daylight and Eclipse are cut and dry Good and Bad. But I do think Eclipse is more dangerous, is capable of more readily causing bad if not controlled.

And I do think, no matter what happens, its going to leave Jim and the amulet changed, as evidenced already by the amulet’s seemingly severed connection with its armor. I do think, no matter what happens, the amulet, like Jim, is never again going to quite fit where it used to belong.

Even if the Triumbric Stones can be removed if need be, I don’t think its going to totally undo what’s been done, not after we saw Jim “leveling up” with new weapons after gaining each Stone, not if Eclipse has a big impact on the story. The writers wouldn’t be so quick to take that away. Jim will probably have to live with the consequences of his decisions, whether he likes it or not.

Personally I’d like to see Eclipse initially damaging Jim and the amulet, but when he returns home he finds the Triumbric Stones can’t be easily removed (if removed at all) from the amulet so he’s kinda stuck with Eclipse along with Daylight. He has to learn to master both powers, at a great reluctance at first because he’s experienced how bad Eclipse can be firsthand and isn’t eager to repeat all that. But this eventually levels out into an easy balance of the two forces. Sorta like, Jim has to live with his bad choices, but he’s gonna try to make the best out of a bad situation.


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Hey! I love your writing so much! You are amazing! Could you write something about jughead seeing Betty in very ~scandalous~ clothes and his reaction? Thank you! ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, you’re the best!

Jughead was leaning against his locker, headphones tucked safely on his ears as he waited for the final bell to ring.

The halls were loud , and he didn’t have time nor did he care enough to eavesdrop on whatever popular gossip was spreading around riverdale this week. Everyone seemed to forget the fact that a boy had been murdered less than a week ago.

Suddenly, almost as if everyone was being pulled by a magnet, all eyes snapped to the front door of the building. Jughead pulled his headphones down and followed their eyes.

Walking through the halls was none other than Betty cooper.

Well at least he though it was Betty Cooper, but this Betty cooper, he didn’t know who she was.

Gone was the perfectly tight ponytail, replacing it , was gorgeous golden curls falling down her back, loose and looking soft and shiny. Her normal sweater and jeans combo was now a tight white button down, the first three buttons undone to reveal a peek of the lace bra underneath, the tiny black skirt she wore barely skimmed her mid thigh, her long tan legs accentuated by the black strapped high heels she currently had on. Her normal light makeup was still constant but instead of the lipstick free lips, he was constantly staring at, she wore bright red lipstick on her smiling face.

Peeling his eyes from her, which trust him ,was nearly impossible, he looked around to see everyone staring at her, boys practically eating her alive.

Ripping his jacket off of his shoulders, he all but sprinted to throw it over Betty.

“Hey bets, you look cold, here wear this, speaking of cold, wanna tell me what you’re doing without pants on?” He had his arms wrapped around her shoulders keeping the jacket in place covering up what little he could.

She giggled, letting him wrap his jacket around her.

“If you’re talking about my sudden change of outfit choice, it’s not what you think.”

Jughead was walking quickly trying to get out of this damn hallway.

“Enlighten me.” He said, shooting a glare to a jock who was staring at Betty’s legs a little too long.

“I’m undercover.” She stated simply

At this point they had made it to the blue and gold office and Betty was handing Jughead back his jacket, standing in the middle of the room looking incredibly distracting.

“No offense Betty, but even in this outfit you’re pretty easy to spot.” Don’t stare at her chest, don’t stare at her chest.

She laughed

“That’s not what I mean, I mean, the only people who really know Jason are his friends, they are the key to finding out exactly what happened to him before the Fourth of July, I’m just…. appealing to their natural urges.” She winced, adding a giggle.

Jughead was quick to hop off of the couch.

“No. no way, that is not gonna happen, you are not going into that .. that.. zoo! Dressed like that, these are not good guys Betty, who knows what they might do. Im not gonna let that happen.”

Betty looked at him and narrowed her eyes placing a hand on her hip.

“I can take care of myself juggie”

“I’m not gonna take that chance!”

“It’s not your decision!”

“Screw that, its not gonna happen!”

They were both locked in a glaring contest, before Jughead finally let out a sigh as his shoulders slumped.

“Fine, you’re right, it’s your decision. You’re a strong woman who can take care of herself, I’m sorry.”

Betty smiled softly at him, walking over and placing a hand over his.

“Were a team juggie, if it will make you feel better, you can come with me, you’ll just have to hide behind some lockers or something, and if you think anything starts looking sketchy, you can come out defend my honor.” Her eyes sparkled and she was wearing a smirk.

He rolled his eyes, smiling

“Deal, but do you really have to wear that for the rest of the day?”

She grinned widely, grabbing a strand of hair and twirling it around her finger, spinning on her heels and walking towards the door,

“why juggie? is this… distracting?”

He groaned throwing his head onto the desk, this was gonna be a long day.

I stayed up tonight because I just had to make this. Dost always seemed like a mythical creature. They never seemed odd as a faun, or a mermaid, or whatever they felt like being. Now they just get to be an angel.

We’ll miss you Kip. RIP.

It’s funny but I’ve always had a hard time drawing those curls he loved in his wigs so much, and yet this just felt so easy to make. I like to think I got some help with it.

y’all a cop showed up at my house saying someone was in an accident at dunkin donuts the other day and they left without telling anyone and i was like????? ok wasn’t me i can’t drive so he asked for my dad’s number bc the car is under his name and i was like i’m sure it’s written down somewhere but i don’t have it and he’s like “you don’t have your father’s phone number……..” all suspicious and i was like um no? i wasn’t abt to get into my daddy issues with this man so i gave him my mom’s number instead and she just got home and said she didn’t answer his calls! i had texted her but apparently she didn’t get the texts until after he called so now i’m paranoid this cop thinks i was lying or we’re avoiding this on purpose asdfghjkjhgfd 

Yeah, please don’t make Sae Niijima a romance option. She doesn’t need to be with the protagonist. She’s better than that, the protagonist is better than that, Atlus, you should be better than that. Like Tae is babe and she’s a great woman, but let’s not…k?


Trifiesta Day 6 - Married Life / Family

In which they wear each others’ clothes.

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So I guess Bryan is never coming back since Miller is going to be with Jackson now. I don't see the writers caring enough to bother with a triangle. I wonder if they will even say if Bryan lives or dies :/

Really? Is this how gay relationships are rep . A gay character just simply disappear never to return again. And a long standing relationship is simply erased like those boys didn’t withstand one getting thrown in jail and being separated for months and being on different side of a conflict but now one disagreement and Bryan is out. But it’s nice of the show to objectify Bryan in episode 2 before pretending he never existed (that’s sarcasm). If that’s the case I am done I’m too queer to watch this shit show that continues to screw over its gay characters. And btw what happened to friendship? Just bc you are gay doesn’t mean there is underlying romantic interest in every dudes you interact with but if that is a thing that will happen then I’m out.

Code Geass {Sentence Starters}
  • "We might as well have some fun, right?"
  • "I'm not worthy of your kindness!"
  • "It's so funny to think that I helped save their lives."
  • "So, are we having a bad day?"
  • "Strength that knows no boundaries is merely violence."
  • "You appear to have a reason for living."
  • "You just made the biggest mistake of your life, you got that?!"
  • "You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty."
  • "Then tell me everything you know!"
  • "If I go down, then we all do."
  • "Oh, come on, let me handle this for you! I'll be discreet!"
  • "That wasn't my fault, was it?"
  • "No! What are you thinking? You can't do this!"
  • "I order you to come out, at once!"
  • "You imbecile! There's nowhere for you to run!"
  • "Uh-oh. Does that hurt much?"
  • "I don't want your help, okay?!"
  • "You really screwed this one up."
  • "It's hard to tell what's happening from here."
  • "I swear it wasn't me! I have nothing to do with it!"
  • "What is it?! We're in the middle of an operation!"
  • "A victory won through dishonest means is no victory at all."
  • "Who the hell do you think you are to order me?!"
  • "You don't want it to end here, do you?"
  • "You’re not alone. We are partners."
  • "False tears can only hurt others. False smiles can only hurt yourself."
  • "I am not the one at fault, the world is."
  • "You loved her, didn't you?"
  • "If the king doesn’t move, then his subjects won’t follow."
  • "The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone."
  • "Is that your idea of a love quote?"
  • "You think you're in a position to bargain over this?"
  • "Are you embarking on the path of blood?"
  • "You really are a riot, you know that? You ought to be on television."
  • "Things that don’t change go extinct."
  • "You should stay way from those you do not wish to lose."
  • "I was dead until the moment I met you..."
  • "I was just using you right from the start!"
  • "If strength is justice, then is powerlessness a crime?"
  • "Once in a while, you just want him to get a clue, you know?"
  • "Would you quit joking about that?!"
  • "I must spill yet more blood, so the blood already spilt will not be in vain."