screw it

Murphy: [happily running towards city of light]

100 Writers: Nah, it’s just solar panels.

Murphy: [happily yells out with joy at the sight of land]

100 Writers: Did I forget to mention there were sea monsters?

Murphy: [happily rocks out in bunker]

100 Writers: And cue suicide video.


Murphy: Are you going to piss on all of my happiness?

100 Writers: That’s the plan.

Imagine being the Mermaid who Rescues Edward from a Shipwreck

“I’m gonna be honest, love.” Edward rasped as he pulled himself onto his elbows, still coughing up a lung full of water. “I never really believed you lot actually existed until now.”

“That doesn’t surprise me…” Flicking her tail against the sand, she looked to him. “We don’t really like to interact with men like you.”

“Men like me?”

Pirates…” She corrected, glaring at him.

His eyes narrowed dangerously, “Sweetheart, there ain’t no other men like me.”

One-Shot Requested