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Can you believe that Noora got the opportunity to

1. Tell her story about what happened with William
2. Reunite with William again
3. Tell her POV about how she has worked things out with William and that they are better than ever.

And not only that, but she had a storyline in almost all episodes.

Yet, when people wanted Even to tell his story from his POV because he never got the chance to, and it was about a really fucking important story, people yelled “this season isn’t about isak and even! It’s about Sana”. When people asked for Even and Sana to talk, people were like “but that wouldn’t make sense!! They aren’t even friends. Why would they talk?” When S4 showed us that Sana had history with Even and how alike they were!!!

When people got upset about Even’s plot being cut out and magically solved off screen people said “this season is about Sana!!!!!! Omg!!!! Stop making everything about your fave gay couple!”

When people complained about the Noora focus and the Noora/William focus, people said “it’s the last season! It can’t be all about Sana! The fans wanted to see Noora and William together, and for them to have some closure! They wanted to see Noora tell what happened in London because it’s important for the fans to hear it from Noora!”

And that was okay! But wanting to have Even tell his story about what happened in Bakka and the boys was too much! That was “this show isn’t about Evak! It’s not about your fave gay couple!”

Noora got to tell her story and we got to see her reunite with William, and hear that they are good now. And yet people complain about us wanting to hear Even’s story.


Fucking end me. I’m not worth the trouble of having to deal with me. I really wish I could get away from myself sometimes, and honest to god hate myself so fucking much. I’m so fucking stupid, annoying, helpless, pathetic, fat, ugly, and fucking useless.



Yo never in my life have I thought ever I’d reach the day when I’d reach 1k followers. I know everyone says this but just thinking about it just blows my mind and I couldn’t be happier QWQ

Even though I’m still processing all this and accepting the fact I have 1,000 people following me, I can’t help but feel like that I don’t deserve it but I want to do something to thank all of you for putting through all my crap ^o^)/

Anyways, I just wanted to make this to thank you all! I will be choosing the winners randomly so please don’t get mad if you don’t win. If I reach 2k followers, I’ll probably host another raffle :3


  • 1 like = 1 entry
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • Must be a follower (and please just don’t unfollow me afterward if you win or lose, that’s just plain rude)
  • Anyone can participate
  • Have fun and be paient! :D


1st Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 3,000+ words long

2nd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 2,000+ words long

3rd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 1,000+ words long

Additional info: (!Important!)

The fanfic can be about anything; angst, fluff, I’ll even do sin if you wanted. If you don’t have a story planned in mind, then you have the option to let me choose in which what happens, but you’ll have to let me know what theme you want. In addition, the fanfic could be about a ship or even OC’s. If it’s about OC’s, you’ll have to give me a thorough explanation of their looks, personality, etc. If it’s a ship that I’m not familiar with, you’ll have to do the same.

You can also choose what will happen in the fic, why it happens, the ending, how it starts, the setting, etc. In this case, you’ll be telling me what you want to happen and what the scene will be like and I’ll be writing it. If you want to kill someone, go for it. If you want a happy ending, tell me.

In short, you’ll be responsible for what happens to the characters. You can choose what happens to them and why. Keep in mind in how long your fic is. For 3rd place, I could only write so much unlike for 1st place, I could add more.

Or maybe I’m just putting too much thought into this XD

Deadline: June 1st 

when school’s over hehe


When a long fanfic is tagged your OTP but the endgame is your NOTP and you don't find out till the last couple chapters cus it wasn't tagged.


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4 Studyblrs To Help You Survive Exam Season

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If you’re stressed, feeling even just a little prepared will get you in a much better headspace for revision and the upcoming doom that is exam season.

Forget the syllabus for a moment, even just knowing off by heart which room and time your exam is will keep you from worrying about non-essential stuff when you’re burdened with overflowing stress-levels.

Studyblrs like @hwangmyeons with such an inspiringly clean aesthetic really get me in the right headspace to start working. 

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Time Keeping

I’m not the best with exams by a long shot, so I try to create a timetable which gives me time to go through all topics on the exam. Even if I don’t totally stick to it, I know how much work I (ideally) need to do and by when.

Again, this is to combat my stress levels – and also to keep me from overloading with work. It gives me sight of a goal rather than just watching time go by and procrastinating. 

@euphoricstudying has some great timetable templates to work with as well as lesson planners and cute af notes to admire 

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An exam which determines your career or future education can be a heavy weight on your shoulders. So allowing yourself that little bit extra time to try and relax can revolutionise your mental and physical health in such a stressful time of your life.

@jwstudying has THE MOST amazing and detailed Self-Care Cheat Sheet  

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Crisis Mode

I’ve been at the point when I literally stop studying. I stopped everything. I couldn’t cope with exam stress and mental health issues so I just backed away. And it didn’t pay off. 

Exams aren’t the be all and end all of life, but working to the best of your ability will mean you can look back on them and know you did you absolute best. One day you’ll be past this time, and wouldn’t it be great to remember it as the time you grabbed exam season by the balls and went for it?!

If you find yourself needing motivation @fightostudy is awesome at keeping up encouraging content amongst study related tips to keep you on track

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