screw fox news

Perhaps the worst, most contemptible people in the Republican party are the ones with brains, conscience and college degrees and an education. They should know better, but chose to ignore it.

I heard one guy on Twitter tell the world  “I agree that what happened to  Trayvon was justified, What happened to Mike Brown was justified…but how can every republican say what happened to Tamir Rice was okay?”

Um, because they are all evil, foolish, remorseless, hideous racists. Don’t you get it, you fucking fool? They always want to find a way an unarmed black dude deserved to die. They will never, ever stop with the justification. 

So, yeah. Screw you, Fox News-watching  suburban pricks. You nauseate me. You have an IQ. You have an education. You chose to waste it on furthering the dumbass middle-class America redneck agenda. 

 Lie in bed with psychopaths? Well, look at what has happened. Now everyone thinks you’re fucking morons too. 

I mourn your souls. Or, at least, what’s left of them.