screw college

Personal post - Rant

It’s not even funny how stressed I am. I cried earlier. Then I slept two hours from 10-12am before I woke up and cant fall back asleep because I know how much needs to be done… I hate this semester (with 4 out of 6 horrible classes) so much. And I just freaking love how each of those four classes have professors who like to assign group projects and major essays the class before they are due!!

I suck at Spanish. She assigned a group dialogue due next class. Here is the issue: has to be nine minutes long (3 minutes a person), she’s recording it to time and grade, and its worth 75% of the midterm test.

Then… My college comp teacher is crazy, does not know what shes doing, and needs to not change the syllabus and basis of the class for a fourth time.

finally,my 2 psych classes are with this old adjunct lady who says “okay” after every sentence, laughs (and by laugh it sounds like a choke) after every sentence, and doesn’t teach tested information in class and thus everyone has to teach themselves and I’m the only one who is in both of her classes and I’m struggling so bad.

I just want this semester to be over!

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Feel a little better now but not much