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When you tell the story of Cophine it sounds like complete denial of another wlw ship that got screwed

They met in college even though Delphine had already graduated and she was really supposed to monitor Cosima for a top secret science organization, and she was warned that all her previous monitors had fallen in love with her so Delphine was assigned to her because there was no chance she’d fall for her, but then she did fall for Cosima and they eventually began dating even though it was against all the rules and odds, and then Cosima was diagnosed with a life threatening sickness because she’s a clone but she lived through it on her death bed because Delphine showed up in a vision and brought her back, and then later Delphine sacrificed herself for the clones and got shot but she too survived and they ended up meeting again on a crazy island where a man who says he’s 170 years old but isn’t really has been manipulating the clones and LEDA and DYAD all along with an even more evil science company called Neolution, and in the end the old man was killed by Cosima’s sister by having his skull bashed in with a propane tank, and then in the end Cosima and Delphine ended up together despite the previous toxicity of their relationship and they discover there are 274 clones in total, so they get on a plane and travel around the world curing all the other LEDAs who are sick and they end up living happily ever after.

This ain’t denial bitches. This is all fucking canon. And even more so, the creators of the show are thinking about making a movie about their life after the finale to show their experiences with the other clones. They were the most central relationship to the show, even though Delphine was an extra for two seasons, wasn’t even in one of them till the very end, and was only a main for a total of a handful of episodes, and was considered evil for over half the time she was on screen, and the main character of the show’s story doesn’t even end in romance, it ends in her being a single parents and raising her daughter with her brother and her sisters and her family by her side, but the most romantic and focused on relationship in the entire show was a WLW romance that survived a gunshot, a deadly illness, and tons of doubt from both fans and other characters.

Bitches I’m fucked up



Hi!! If your request are still open I would like to request a BTS reaction to you walking around your house in a tee shirt and underwear please and thank you 😊            

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“ I’m a gentlemen therefore I gotta act like one and make the lady as comfortable as she is. I mean, if she took off her pants, it means that she trusts me enough to do it, right? Anyways namjoon, just shut it and lend her a hoodie or something so that she doesn’t freeze.” He pauses “Y/N!!! Do you want some hot cocoa and maybe some pants to warm up! It’s cold in here” he’d cough

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“ Ooh~ What a look” Seokjin would wink at you “ I like those fuzzy socks, they match perfectly with that white shirt and that gorgeous pair of legs” he’d comment flirtatiously “ Your legs look more appetizing than these chicken legs” he’d laugh at his own joke “ get it? Because I’m eating chicken legs…no? Okay then “

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“Isn’t she feeling cold? I swear to my smol chimchim that I shivered a few seconds when she passed by. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the fact that under that oversized shirt …@!#!%#@^$$. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO a DEPRIVED 21 YEAR OLD MAN LIKE ME” jimin would fake a sob “Screw college! All I need is a detox from this lack of action”

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“Yeah maybe she just forgot that normal humans usually wear pants? But she’s a normal human. Why am I talking about her as if she’s abnormal for not wearing pants? Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy. Yeah let’s just walk past her and ignore ignore ignore” he mumbles to himself

“Jungkook” you call him


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Taehyung would be torn between embarrassment and his tendencies to join along in crazy stuff

“ Oh well hi, Did I miss something or did you forget something, because you’re like.. not wearing pants and it’s uhm…” he’d feel his ears heating up as he’d try changing topics”IS IT A NEW TREND?! SHOULD I JOIN YOU?”

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Hoseok :

Hoseok stares at you for a few seconds before realizing the absence of any pants on your soft legs . He’d probably follow along with you.

“WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!” he snaps his fingers “ No wonder why I get inspired more easily when my pants come off. I should do it more often” Hoseok slowly takes off his pants off   “ Let’s make this a tradition , man” he’d bro fist you

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Yoongi :

Being the old grandpa he is, he wouldn’t miss a chance to give you some constructive criticism

“ Youth these days go around with no pants” He’d eye your long legs “ Not that I’m complaining or anything lik,e that, but don’t come complaining after you catch a cold “ he’d cough “ Maybe I can help you warm up those legs and prevent any of us from getting a flu.” He’d comment “Don’t get the wrong idea. I only care about myself”

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Genre: Other
Incubus!Taehyung, college au
Word Count: 3,828

(First attempt at something like this, clearly, so would be very welcome!!! Enjoy!)

Your friends could be serious assholes sometimes. They mess with you because you’re shy, they pick on you because you never have a need to study (it’s not that hard to pay attention in class, really), and they ‘affectionately’ call you a nerd. But this was too far. Way, way too far. Due to an unfortunate forced sleepover several years ago, your friends learned that you have accidents every month on your first day of your cycle.

According to the incubus now standing - hovering, whatever - in your room, your menstrual blood had spilled onto a sigil drawn beneath your bed sheets and bonded the two of you. You didn’t believe it at first. An incubus in your room, saying you’re bonded (whatever that even means), because of some sigil? You couldn’t find it at first, knowing the only blood you must have spilled was… Well..

This was embarrassing and infuriating. The sigil was definitely a dark blood red color and had been filled with, yep, your blood. It was worse that the incubus kept laughing at you, his tail whacking things off your desk.

“WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING, NOW!?” You snapped at him, growing more irritated by the second. “Don’t you want to figure out how”

“Break the bond? Why?” The incubus leans in close enough that the fluffy dusty brown hair on his head tickles your own forehead. He had a boxy smile on his face and his eyes twinkled with mischief as he leaned forward to..

“Because!” You spluttered. “I mean. This..this can’t be fun, right? W-what does it even e-e-entail…?”

“Free pleasure for you,” the incubus twirled some of your hair in his long fingers, making you shiver and back away while he chuckled and continued. “Free food for me..” he licked his lips and leaned forward to try to kiss you, but you shrank away and scooted around his tall, imposing figure, cringing as his wings knocked more stuff off your desk.

“Ahahahha…and..and what is food to you..?” You asked, trying hard to stall or think of a way out of this ridiculous situation. You edged toward the bedroom door, still needing to clean up and utterly terrified of the demon in front of you at the same time.

“I’m an incubus, do you really not know..?” The incubus edged forward, a dark look in his eyes as his tongue slid along the edge of his teeth. “..Or are you just playing coy to tease me..?”

“O-of COURSE not, I re-really don’t know…!” You stutter, backing up closer to the door, fumbling for the door knob. The incubus is inching forward again, close enough to lean in right next to your ear as you twist the knob, your hand slipping off because of sweat.

“Sex, of course..” the incubus whispers, and you manage to fling yourself out of the small crack you’ve opened, running down the hall into the bathroom and slamming and locking the door behind you. You manage to catch your breath as you slide down to the floor, shaking in fear. This demon was going to rape you? And there was probably nothing you could do about it. You didn’t want this, at all.. You shook harder when you heard the thing chuckling outside the bathroom door.

“Oh, honey, that door can’t keep me out..” You hear it scratch a nail down the door and coo at you hiding inside. “..and why would you want to? I’ll make sure it’s the best sex you’ve ever had..”

“You mean the only..” You mumbled to yourself, opting to get away from the door and turn on the shower, undressing and getting in.

“Wait wait wait…” You hear the demon fling the door open as you manage to duck behind the shower curtain. “You’re a virgin?!” The thing doesn’t sound excited, which surprises you. Didn’t demons like to defile things, or something?

“So?!” You grumble defensively. “Not interested. At all. And certainly not with you, so go make a bond with…with someone else…” You turn to grab the shampoo bottle but someone is shoving it into your face and you scream. “GET OUT!” The demon, for what it’s worth, seems genuinely surprised and scrambles out of the shower, knocking everything over in the process. “Out! OUT! I HAVE TO CLEAN UP! GET OUT OH MY GOD!”

The incubus turns and hisses at the shower curtain. “I’m stuck with a virgin? A celibate virgin? Shit.”

“Yeah, so break the damn bond and find someone else! Okay?!”

“I can’t..” the incubus snarks back, making you get shampoo in your eyes and curse at the distraction. “And you can’t exactly either..”

“Then how..?”

“I don’t know..”

You chance a peek out of the shower and see that the incubus has sunk to the floor and looked despondent. “You mean you’re not gonna….f-force….m-me to…to..”

“No. I can seduce but only if someone is already willing. We have rules, and morals, yknow.” The incubus lifts his head, snark apparent on his handsome face as the corner of his lips curl up in a snarl. “Just because I feed on sex doesn’t mean I’m immoral. You eat meat, right? Gotta kill a living thing to have that. Are you immoral?” His brutal logic slams into your chest and you move back against the shower wall, slowly closing the curtain, feeling awful for your assumptions. You move to crouch under the water and slowly sink to the floor of the tub. “I’m not gonna rape you.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

You practically hear his head snap up at your apology. “Huh? For what?”

“For assuming…I’m sorry…” You hear him start to giggle - giggle - and slowly turn off the water, grabbing your towel and wrapping it around you behind the curtain. This can’t be good. You peek and the incubus is slouched in front of the sink cabinet, one knee pulled to his chest and the other leg stretching to the opposite wall, a hand on his stomach and giggles spilling from his mouth. “…why…are you laughing?”

The incubus turns his head to look at you, his eyes crinkling and mouth widening even more, his laughs becoming harder as he doubles over. You feel cramps suddenly attack your ribs and you immediately hunch over, trying to get a breath. “Yuh… apologized to me…!” The incubus is laughing hard enough for tears to come out, and your own eyes begin watering. Why are your sides hurting and your eyes watering? Then a sudden wave of period cramps hit and you’re tumbling over the side of the tub and falling onto the ground in immense pain, with the incubus letting out a sharp yelp behind you as you fall. Whiteness engulfs your vision while the searing pain from your cramps has you clutching your abdomen in prayer for an end. After a few long moments you manage to open your eyes, and the incubus is right in front of your face with a wild, wide-eyed expression. “Is that normal???”

“Like fucking hell it is,” You gasp out, clutching as more pain hits. It’s somehow worse than usual, but you can’t even think about why because the incubus next to you is suddenly twitching in a ball on your bathroom floor, growling at something. You pant, waiting for the pain to pass again, reaching under the sink for a pad while you can. “Please..get out… I need to get dressed..”

The incubus looks thoroughly confused before it clicks and he’s grinning like an idiot. “You’re a prude, too! Oh, jeez..” He’s laughing as you chuck a wrapped pad at him, but he retreats, respecting your space. Wait, what?

Another wave hits and you don’t have time to think as you rush to the toilet to finish cleaning up and getting on a clean pair of underwear and overnight pad You weren’t sure if it was the position you were in, or your flow, or what but. Well. You always leaked at night. So finally, at four in the morning, you got to head back to your bedroom and strip the bed sheets, sprinkling baking soda and spraying vinegar before laying down a towel and putting on new sheets. The incubus was nowhere to be found, and the sigil was gone. Perhaps he’d found a way to remove the bond, and you could go back to your normal life…

At six in the morning, you woke from your alarm blaring and a desperate need to empty your cup, knowing that if you didn’t hurry you’d need another shower. You made a mad dash to the bathroom, cleaning up and washing your face, noting an odd amount of clear discharge too before going back to your room and changing into clothes for school. It was your luck of the draw, of course, to have an AM math theory class every other day, but at least the class was intriguing. Yawning and stretching your way down the stairs to the kitchen, you slammed right into a hard body at the bottom of the stairs.

‘Please be a dream, please be a dream, please be a dream, please be a…’

You gasp in surprise when you finally look, seeing a strange guy in your apron with a plate of food smiling at you. “Wh-who..?”

“Please eat, I don’t need your cramps being worse and killing me overnight okay?” A wide boxy grin settled on the guy’s handsome face, a twinkle in his eyes as he ran his tongue along the edge of his teeth and leaned forward to twirl a finger in your hair. You yelped as a shiver of recognition hit you.


“Me?” The stranger raised his dark eyebrows nearly to the brim of his baseball cap, pointing to himself.

“You! You’re the..the…the..”

“Incubus? Yes, yes I am. But uh, don’t say that aloud please.” The incubus leans in closer, whispering into your ear. “I’m in disguise, shhhhh” And he - it - giggles again. He leans back and gently closes your mouth for you, and begins answering what you couldn’t ask. “Can’t break the bond, remember?”

“But how are you gonna…well… Because I will NOT let you-”

“Relax, come eat.” The incubus waves a hand at your concern and ushers you into a chair in the tiny kitchen. When you sit there staring at him, he mimics eating, looking at you expectantly before giving up and grabbing your fork himself. “Ahh.” You open your mouth without thinking and he shovels food in, smiling when you start chewing. He looks awfully happy.

You swallow your food and try again. “How are you gonna..” But the incubus shoves another forkful in your mouth and just gives you a big grin. He looks awfully happy and content and..smug..? His expression is clearly pleased underneath his backward hat and soft hair, his smile drawn into a thin line, and he looks…cute? Shit, wait, no, that must be one of his tricks, right? He looks so non-threatening as a human, but couldn’t he tear down the house if he wanted? You lick at the corner of your mouth in thought, staring at the guy with the boyish smile in front of you, your brows knitting together in confusion and concern. He’s not going to feed off of you, but you’re supposedly bonded whatever that means, and he’s feeding you because of your cramps bothering hi- You let out a sudden squeak and the incubus raises his brows at you in question. “You said my cramps hurt you! You’re feeding me to avoid cramps, because they hurt…you? How?”

“Bond.” the incubus states matter-of-factly, as if that explains everything. Your confusion doesn’t leave your face and he smiles reassuringly at you. “I can feel your pain. can feel mine. If I ever end up in any, which I don’t. Except last night…” His expression changes from comforting to mildly confused.

“So we were both feeling pain at the same time last night?”

The incubus looks like a lightbulb has blinked on over his head and he points a finger at you. “Yes! I felt what you were feeling, and it must have amplified it!”

“Unnnnnngggghhhhhh” You groan. That’s exactly what you fucking needed, double the period pain. The incubus takes a stuttering breath and mutters an ‘oh’ in understanding.

“Um. Hm. We’ll….we’ll figure it out. Maybe staying apart will help. The pain faded for me when I left the house last night.”

“You left?” You hadn’t heard him leave.

The incubus suddenly looks very sheepish, a shit-eating grin on his face as he turns to the kitchen window, adjusting his hat and buying time. “Ah, well, yknow.. I was freshly summoned and had to.. I had I had to feed ok?” He turns to the side, looking as though he was blushing - did incubi blush? - and adjusting his hat.

“Why..are you nervous about that? I already apologized, you’re right, I shouldn’t judge..” You nab the fork from him and begin feeding yourself like the capable adult you pretend to be.

“Ah..well..” The incubus giggles again, but covers his mouth and tries, for what it’s worth, to look solemn. “I’m..glad I didn’t wake you I guess. Since..we’re bonded..and feel everything..”

Oh! Oh.. “Oh..!” Your fork stops mid-air and you look at him wide-eyed.  “N-no! I didn’t feel anything! I gotta get to class though! So! I’ll see you later? Bye..!” You run to the door and yank your shoes on, flinging your bag over your shoulder and running out without locking the door. The incubus could lock it behind you for all you cared. You had your keys and that was enough. You intentionally ignored the horrible thoughts running through your mind. Was that why there was clear stuff this morning? Shit, had you basically just had a wet dream because of him? Fuck, God dammit. This wasn’t gonna be easy, was it? You could swear you heard him laughing but you were already a block away, and he wasn’t anywhere in sight. Your phone pinged with a new message from someone you didn’t know, saved in your phone as ‘Taehyung.’

“Really sorry about last night, but I had to feed. I didn’t mean to make a mess.” So Taehyung was the demon at home. You could practically hear his smug little smirk through the text.

“You didn’t.” You snapped back before thinking, immediately locking your phone with a grimace on your face at the overly defensive text, knowing he already knew better. Shit. Yeah, this…this was gonna be hell, wasn’t it?

You jogged the entire way to campus, pausing only at crosswalks and to dodge around cyclists swerving through the crowds instead of using the bike lanes like jerks. You made it to class a few minutes before the start of class, plopping your bag into your chair to yank out your pencil, eraser, and thick-ass notebook. You yank out your paperback Math Theory book and let it flop heavily onto your desk, too, before hastily zipping your pack back up and shoving it quickly into the too-tiny wire bin under your chair. It seemed like the desks became smaller with each level of schooling you went through, proportionate to the larger sizes of your books. It was ridiculous.

The clocked ticked to the hour, and your professor was about half a minute late as usual, huffing from riding his bike through the late-summer mugginess as he dropped his heavy bag onto his desk, chucking his leather jacket at his chair, swiftly picking up his chalk, and beginning to mark up the board. You dutifully began copying down his work in different parts of adjacent papers to work through following his steps within a few moments when there was a gentle knock on the door. Your professor stopped and looked to the class, amused and confused, before turning to look at the door; late students didn’t knock, just walked in.

“Come in..” The door opened, but you were pondering over what looked like a new take on Fibonacci ladders when the professor spoke again. “What do you need..? You can just sit down..”

“Ah. Okay. Sorry, I’m.. new.”

“Ah, yes, okay… Taehyung? Only just saw your addition today. Please take a seat, we’re going to be going over Fibonacci theory and some variations today.” The professor turned back to the board and continued his marking, but your head snapped up.

“Where should I…”

“Anywhere, it’s not assigned, you’re not in high school.”

You watched as several girls immediately shifted around in their desks, indicating Taehyung could sit near them, and he smiled of course before glancing at you with a smirk. You just couldn’t have anything easy, could you? You yanked out your phone and shot him a look.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘Easy food. Sorry, couldn’t help it when I saw your schedule on your coffee table.’


‘ ;) ‘

You locked your phone and grimaced over at him, seeing him sit next to a girl you knew barely paid any attention in class and looked up at the professor, who was turning to the class now.

“In the last class, we learned the Fibonacci sequence is the integer sequence on the board characterized by the fact that every integer is the sum of the preceding two integers, written in equation form as…”

Your attention drifted when you felt a small buzz from your phone with a message from Taehyung. ‘See?’ You looked up to see him effortlessly making eyes with the girl he’d sat next to and was suddenly texting discreetly.

“We also learned how it creates the Fibonacci, or golden, spiral. Today, we’ll learn about how that spiral is useful in liberal arts, which directly relates to the fields most of you are studying, if you plan on PAYING ATTENTION!” The professor turned and flung the chalk at his desk, leaning heavily on his chair and staring down Taehyung and the girl. “Taehyung, I get you’re new, but if you’re not listening you need to leave instead of waste my time. And you..” He pointed at the girl, “I’ve had enough, leave and fail this semester or get your ass in gear. Period. Now, for the REST of the students who are here to LEARN…” He turned back to the board and you held in a snicker as best you could, biting your lips and squeezing your eyes closed, turning your face into your elbow to keep silent. There was a short series of buzzes on your phone, from Taehyung of course.





You bit back another laugh and turned toward him, making a shush sign with your pencil and pointing to the board, going back to taking notes and wiping away a few tears. When class ended, you saw Taehyung stay behind and apologize to the professor, and heard the professor give a stunted response about paying attention next class or being kicked out. You saw Taehyung make a face when the professor left before he gathered up his stuff from his desk and followed you into the hall.

“What’s his problem?”

“Looks like I’m not the only one you can’t charm!” You burst into laughter, unable to help yourself. Taehyung just sneered after the teacher. “He’s very serious and passionate about his class, and rightfully so. It’s interesting stuff! And helpful with art. Most kids in his class are art students like me.”

“Ah, slackers, ok.”

“NOT slackers, excuse you! You’re the one causing disruptions.”

“Yeah and that chick didn’t seem to mind. Easy feed soon.” Taehyung winked and you unintentionally grimaced before stopping yourself.

“Yeah.. I guess. But why enroll? How, even?”

“Ah..last night, I kinda..” Taehyung looked sheepish, his shit-eating grin on his face again.

“Okay! Don’t wanna know!” So that’s who he was with, someone in admin. Well. That…made things easy for him, you weren’t going to slip into judging again today, so you just nodded.

“Also made something else easier for us..” Taehyung had a big grin on his face as he flung his arm around you, earning you a glare from the chick he’d been flirting with who’d apparently been waiting at the building exit. Great.

“What’s that?”

“Made it easy to get into housing.”

“Oh! Great, where are you staying?”

Taehyung covered his mouth as he laughed and looked at you like you were some precious, naive child. Between laughs, he managed to blurt out “Hey roomie!”

“NO!” Your eyes grew wide with horror. No no no no no. He’d left the night before because of your cramps, and he was NOT bringing his…his food…to your nice quiet solo dorm room. “It’s one bedroom! No! I don’t have room!”

“You’re packing later. I’ll help. There’s a two-bed dorm not far from campus. Definitely shorter distance than where we are now.” We. He’d said ‘we.’

You grit your teeth and clenched your fist, feeling sick to your stomach as your feet blindly led you to the bathroom, Taehyung blindly following you along and earning a yelp from several girls before you hastily (and rudely) reminded him he had to wait outside. All he did was giggle like a dork at your red face and side-eyes from bystanders. Why did he think everything was so damn funny all the time? You took care of everything and washed your hands well before leaving, but Taehyung wasn’t there. You had several hours before your next class, so you headed to the building exit again, seeing him finally talking up the girl from class, his fingers playing with her hair much like he’d tried to do to you last night and rolled your eyes. Jeez. You tried to slip past but Taehyun caught you with one arm while putting the girl’s number in his phone with his other hand. She glanced at his arm around your waist for a moment but caught the sheer irritation in your eyes and smirked.

“Where did you think you were going without me roomie?”

You rolled your eyes and mouthed ‘help me’ at the sky, waiting. Taehyung finished flirting, clinging your waist the entire hateful time, and then suddenly began dragging you away. “Let’s go pack! Cmon!” All you could do was sigh, but your day looked a little better when you were led to a car. You didn’t even want to know what Taehyung had done to get one so fast, or where he’d done it (likely in the back seat), but at least you didn’t have to walk. And hell, he was being bright and cheerful to you, which was better than you’d kind of expected last night when he was busy laughing at you after telling you he was a demon.

So, maybe hell wasn’t so bad?

If you’re an art major of some kind always remember one thing: if a professor or whoever tries to tell you your art is “not art”, just bring up Marcel Duchamp to make a point. Duchamp literally took a urinal, turned it upside down, and named it “Fountain”. He basically made a point to critics that someone can take something that’s already a readymade and claim it is artwork. So in other words, I can take a poland spring bottle, sign my name on it, and say “this is my artwork.” My point is screw what professors or critics say, as long as you love your art and think it’s important then that is all that should matter

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Could you draw Ford with a science tool?

Shhhh let him work!

Decorated my supplies for Anatomy class with stickers I made of rainbow medical diagrams 💖💛💚💙💜


Incubus!Taehyung, college au
Word Count: 3,404
Genre: Other, M

Taehyung didn’t eat food, at all. But you learned that for some reason you were doubly hungry on your cycle, and ended up eating much more than usual. Oddly, you didn’t gain anything. You’d wondered aloud once if the bond and him constantly being out for…things…upped your metabolism, but it caused a very suggestive look to turn up on Taehyung’s face and you immediately dropped the subject and pretended you needed a shower. It had been seven days since moving in together, and Taehyung continued to step out each night when you were asleep; he was awfully considerate for an Incubus. He claimed it was something about morals but didn’t bother elaborating, and you didn’t bother trying to confuse yourself more with his words, focusing instead on your homework, which was due…this morning.

Taehyung saw nothing wrong with skipping around the dorm while you got ready, putting on one of your five shirts, your only hoodie, and one of your three pairs of jeans. He frowned when you came out of your room, his swaying tail ceasing its movements the moment he saw you. His ears lay back flat against his fluffy lilac hair as he scanned you over and his frown deepened. “Don’t you wanna wear something else? Something nice and soft..?” Taehyung scratched at his arms through his new cashmere sweater.

“Because that seems so fun right much for soft, huh?” You nodded to his sweater, hands shoved in the kangaroo pocket on your hoodie, fiddling with your phone in the media pocket. You remembered your headphones and turned on your heel, the sole of your worn-in DCs catching on the bare floor and squeaking. Taehyung mumbled something about not understanding why his cashmere was so itchy this time around while you yanked your buds off the little desk in your room and came back up front. You frowned, walking over to feel the material between your fingers and cocked a brow at him. “What are you talking about? That feels divine.” You turned to the door, wishing you could afford something that soft and rubbed at the sleeve of your own worn shirt as the two of you stepped out. You weren’t entirely sure walking to class with Taehyung was a great idea, but he insisted he would tell everyone you were just roommates; which, to his credit, was the truth for once. Or, partly, anyway. But the other folk on campus could be just as bad - worse even - as in high school, pettiness and gossiping and rumors spread quick.  One seemed to be trying to crop up today.

‘Why do they get to share a dorm? Are they a couple?’

‘How could they not be? I mean look at him! Nobody could control themself, not even her.’

What the fuck did that even mean? But before you could glare at someone, you felt Taehyung’s hand at your back and turned to look at him. He was smiling straight ahead, though, and waved at another student.

‘Nah, I heard he leaves their dorm every night. Either they’re together and she’s clueless, or they’re not together at all and he’s being nice enough not to fuck in their shared place. Watch…’

“Hey, Natalia.” Taehyung shot the girl he’d flirted with a few days ago a heavy wink and licked his lips, causing her to actually blush. Taehyung, without missing a beat, guides you over to her. “Hey, this is my roommate. Figured you should meet her in case I bring you back to mine sometime…” He let the sentence sit heavy in the air, making Natalia giggle and you scoff to the side. The gossipers chuckled and must have concluded you two weren’t fucking, because they left.

“Hey,” You offered your hand. “Always welcome to chinese left-overs in the fridge.”

“Oh..okay…” Natalia spluttered, clutching her phone before she shook your hand, blinking widely between you and Taehyung.

“Just, yknow, warn me.” You dangled your earbuds next to your face, laughing at her embarrassed look and turned into the math building. Taehyung, of course, stayed behind to flirt. Class was uneventful, but highly interesting delving deeper into Fibonacci with plans to move on to other ratios next week, and you’d planned on heading to get groceries after a trip to the coffee shop and before one of your core art classes. What you didn’t expect was for Taehyung to meet you outside of one of the studios twirling his keys and smiling at you. You had to stop and shake your head, sure you’d seen a peek of fang or horn or tail - you couldn’t tell - and stop yourself from scolding him. You must have looked as confused as you felt, though, because he spoke up.

“Driving you home. Don’t need my feet hurting when I go out tonight, so distracting..”

You narrowed your eyes at him; was this what it was going to be like from now on? “Why do you feel shit and I don’t? Is it just one way?” you snipped as you slid into the passenger seat. “Wait, I have to get groceries, I forgot to before class. I can take the bus home from there if you can drop me off..” you stated as Taehyung started up the engine, but he shot you an offended look and scoffed as he backed out and began the short drive.

“I’m not letting you take a smelly bus home, no way.”

“I’ll shower afterward, god, why are you so damn picky?”

“Because my senses are sensitive ok?” Taehyung half-whined, half-snapped at you, pouting. It looked cute, and that notion bothered you more than the idea of him being repulsed by you smelling like public transportation for all of five minutes.

“Fuckin baby..” You muttered out the window, crossing your arms grumpily over your messenger bag and clinking the paint brushes inside together as you frowned. Taehyung, for his part, stayed quiet, unsure of whether he should whine more or make a lewd comment to amuse himself, caught between glowering and smirking. He chuckled as you two pulled into the parking lot, though, of the low-end department-and-grocery store, turning off the car and reappearing in the blink of an eye holding your door. “You have to stop doing that..” you hissed, looking around but quickly noticing the evening had obscured the two of you pretty well. He chuckled again, and you just grumbled and flung your bag over your shoulder, grabbing a cart on the way inside.

“So, what do you even buy anyway besides food?”

‘Pads’ you snarked in your mind, and Taehyung chose to scoff at that very moment at something else, otherwise you’d think he could read your mind. Instead, you opted for a plain answer. “Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, you know, basic stuff.” You shrugged as you maneuvered through the personal care aisles.

“You need laundry detergent for your whole, like, five pieces of clothing?” Taehyung joked before slapping a hand on his mouth. “Sorry! I’m sorry, I didn’t..”

“Nah, whatever,” You growled and wheeled to the next aisle quickly, definitely not fine or unaffected. You couldn’t find a job while attending school, but you were lucky that your parents would send just enough funds to cover some cheap essentials. You hadn’t grown up even being able to afford decent basics; normally, your trip would be to the dollar store, but you’d saved a bit recently. It may have been from skipping meals but still. Taehyung followed silently behind you until you reached the menstrual aisle.

“Uh. I. I’ll be right back, I gotta do something.”

“Uh- okay.” You knew he was bullshitting but whatever, you weren’t gonna make him uncomfortable. Yet. He’d have to get past whatever his deal was with periods since it was what summoned him in the first place. You still hadn’t spoken with your friends (what would you say anyway? ‘Hey assholes it actually worked, meet Taehyung, he’s a fucking incubus’?).  You sighed, slipping your worn bag into the seat of the basket and rubbing where it had dug into your shoulder before grabbing some nicer shampoo - and conditioner for once - and went to pick out not-totally-sandpaper toiletries. It wasn’t until you were trying to decide which bulk pack of ramen you wanted for the week that Taehyung returned, whistling and apparently pleased. You eyed him suspiciously before gasping out “Did you jus-?!”

“No! God, no, I’d never- ok I mean I would but not while you’re awake - but no. I mean I have some amount of restraint..”

You just snorted and held up the ramen. “Chicken or beef? I can’t decide.”

“So get both?”

“I can’t.” You sighed heavily as if it was obvious before explaining. “I can’t afford both, which?”

Taehyung looked at the ramen before his eyes flicked up to yours with a very serious look. You rolled your eyes before he could speak and chucked the family pack of chicken into the cart, zipping off to the frozen section for some vegetables.

“You know that’s not healthy to eat that all week right?” Taehyung jogged behind you, hands shoved in his pants pockets and his keys jingling on his belt loop.

“Yep.” You reached out and grabbed some frozen mixed veggies and made a sharp u-turn to exit the aisle and move toward produce. You could afford fresh green onions and cilantro this week. It would be nice.

“So why are you only buyin-”

“It’s all I can afford, okay? Christ!” You turned and snapped at him, quickly turning back to the basket and shoving it along the produce wall, looking for some sprouts too. You’d grab eggs on the way to the checkout. Taehyung was silent again, probably realizing it was better to shut up than say something more to piss you off. He scoffed at the checkout when he realized you were serious and took the cart back from you, running off with it back into the produce, you storming after him and trying not to yell. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Helping. I’ll pay. Get some stuff you like. That’s healthy,” Taehyung amended last-second.

“I don’t need your help, and I don’t want your pity, just gimme back the damn cart so I can check out. Fuck,” You exclaimed, trying to yank the cart back, but Taehyung kept it just out of reach. “Give it back!” You ejected, loud-enough for a few heads to turn and to make his head snap up too.

“Why are you being so…so fucking stubborn about this? What’s wrong with me helping?” He glowered at you, but you glared right back.

“I’m fine, I can cover it, give me the damn cart!”

Taehyung was ignoring you and adding more fresh produce by the second, faster than you could chase him, and you stopped. You sneered at him, scoffed, and simpered out a “Fine. I’ll just get another basket.” You turned on your heel, but Taehyung was there in an instant, gripping your elbow and leading you to a quieter spot.

“What the fuck is your problem, for real? Huh? What’s the fucking deal. Tell me.” Taehyung looked genuinely scary and it made you flinch back. “Now!” He barked, and you jumped back, tears beginning to form at your eyes. God dammit, you didn’t want him to know. He’d only been here a few days. “Y/N…” Taehyung’s tone was soft and downy, and he leaned in slowly to wipe the few tears forming away.

“I’m poor, okay, we’re poor. W-we’ve always been poor. I’ve survived this long on ramen so clearly it’s not as horrible as you seem to think but I..I can’t really afford anything else ok? Same with my clothes. So please stop making fun of me…” Your voice grew very small at the end.

“How poor?” Taehyung questioned, leaving you confused. He shook his head. “Rent or own your home?”

“Rent. Apartments.”


“U-uhm…” You knew this is where he’d catch you. You didn’t want to have to go into detail so you shook your head stubbornly. He just stared you down, though. “..Pallets for our beds. On the floor. A-and..” You gulped. Dammit. “Cinder blocks and recycled wood for shelves. I-i think our dining table is from before I was born? It’s glass, really old, like out of the 80s or something…” Your eyes were staring at his hi-tops as he shifted his weight. You chanced a look up and saw him squeezing the bridge of his nose and hissing like he’d just been punched.

“Fuckin hell..” The two of you stood in silence for a long moment before he spoke again. “Cmon. We’re going aisle by aisle and stocking the pantry. I don’t give a fuck what it costs. But we’ll pick things thoughtfully, food that will taste good but also be healthy and filling. You’re not getting out of this. We’ll probably be here a while, though, so… “ Taehyung looked down at your stomach just before it growled, and you tried to disappear into your hoodie. “Come on..there was a little mini restaurant at the front right? Let’s get you something to eat…”

The two of you spent hours in the store, looking over ingredients and nutrient facts of so much food your head wanted to explode. Taehyung refused to let you see the cost as things rang up, but you knew it had to be over a hundred dollars, possibly even two. You shifted uneasily on the counter in the dorm room’s kitchen when everything was put away and you were eating dinner. “I’m sorry,” you blurted out around your food. “I don’t like asking for h-help..”

“You didn’t ask.” Taehyung stated rather simply across from you where he was leaning on his hands against the oven. “You don’t have to…to ask. Ever. I’m here now.”

You’d barely heard him finish before you burst into tears. You always felt like shit asking your parents for help, and boy did they make you feel like shit when you did too. That someone went out of their way to help you, even if just this once you thought, man. You were a blubbering mess, Taehyung’s hand rubbing your hair as he cradled your head into his chest and cooed at you. Eventually, after a good fifteen or so minutes, you calmed down. If he knew how bad it really, really was, you were afraid he might break something. Or someone. So you swallowed the lump in your throat, sniffling as Taehyung suggested you take your shower and get to sleep. It was past ten, and even without classes the next day, you were sleepy and worn out from your emotions. You’d sleep well tonight.

Taehyung watched you shuffle to your bedroom, felt you get under the scalding water. He smelled the botanical fragrance from your new shampoo and bodywash set, felt the silkiness of the new loofa slide up his chest, leaving his breath to stutter out of him. He left quickly so you couldn’t challenge him about the towels he’d replaced in your bathroom, but he certainly felt when you finally accepted them as fact now. The cotton was warm and plush on his skin as he settled into a spot along the balcony of the second floor of the club. He smelled your new scent lingering as he picked out his prey, and it was fuelling his need. He managed a few dances before he was being dragged out of the club, his arousal obvious to his prey. Your peppermint toothpaste blended miraculously with the schnapps in their mouth, and Taehyung wondered if you’d taste the same if he ever got the chan- He had to stop himself, catching a low growl in his throat that only served to push his prey forward.

The prey bucked their hips up with a particularly rough grind from the incubus pushed the two of them forward; surely the prey thought heaven but Taehyung knew it was toward hell. The sweat he worked up was mirrored by you fast asleep in bed, on those damn itchy sheets, in those itchy fucking pajamas and fucking hell Taehyung couldn’t concentrate, he’d thought hell was bad but he never really knew until he became bonded to you, an insufferable, pitiful, meek, adorable fucking human. At the feeling of you throwing your head back with his in your sleep, Taehyung lost himself and completely locked up in ecstasy, a primal growl ripping from his throat with one last hard thrust that slammed his poor victim into the headboard and made them cum too. Panting and sweating, Taehyung remained stilled until he could find breath again. It didn’t take long before he was snatching up his clothes and bolting back to your shared dorm.

“I am not wearing that fucking sweater, Taehyung!” You screeched for the upteenth time the next morning. “That could cover the entire grocery bill for the month! Maybe two! No! And why did you buy something so ugly anyway?”

“Ugly!? It’s the exact same one as a mine, how is it ugly!?”

“That’s how, why is it the exact same one?? We’re not a couple, Tae, why do you want me to wear…couple sweaters!?” You shuddered in disgust.

“…What?” Taehyung looked thoroughly confused. You shook your head and pulled up some pictures on your phone to show him. Realization dawned and he made a noise of disgust before recomposing himself and shoving the sweater at you anyway. “Look just fucking wear it, your clothes itch okay? Just put it the fuck on.”


“GOD DAMMIT PUT ON THE FUCKING SWEATER, IT’S MERINO AND CASHMERE AND YOU’LL WEAR IT AND YOU’LL LIKE IT OR SO HELP ME..” Taehyung’s voice boomed and echoed in the apartment, startling the crap out of you and the few birds outside. Taehyung huffed and deflated from his frustration. “Please. It’s not because I pity you or anything,” he spat out a little harsh, “but your clothes actually itch and my senses are way more sensitive than yours so please just…Wear it?” His voice, and look, softened at the end and he looked to be actually pleading with you, a little pout forming and the corners of his eyes drooping down like..Like puppy eyes.

You narrow your eyes in distaste and yank the sweater from Taehyung before stopping yourself, eyes wide, and treating it with much more care. He was right, it was unbelievably soft and silky. “Fine, If it’ll get you to stop making that damn face, sure.” You stomped off with him curiously following and repeatedly asking what face before you managed to slam your door shut in his face so you could change. With the sweater finally on, you looked in the mirror in uncertainty.

“Hurry up,” Taehyung whined on the other side of the door.

“It’s on, shit!” You cursed him.

“I know, but I wanna see!” you could practically imagine his big ears twitching and his tail fidgeting. This damn creature.. you step out and Taehyung slaps a hand over his mouth in surprise before breaking into giggles.

“You’re the idiot who couldn’t pick out the size.”

“It’s so big!” Taehyung spits out and laughs harder.

“That’s what she said..” you sass before you can stop yourself, making Taehyung’s deep purple eyes widen in shock and you slap a hand on your mouth.

“WhOAAA! You’re not a prude after all!”

“Shut the hell up, Taehyung.”

“I am hell, baby, can’t shut me up if you try.” Taehyung winks and shoves you toward a long mirror in his room.

“Wow, vain.”

“Shut it,” he quips, smirking with a playful glint in his eyes.  You turn your head and groan at the sight. It really is huge; you now own a merino cashmere blend sweater….dress. Gown, even. It falls to your knees, but so do the sleeves. It is utterly ridiculous. “Ah, finally, so soft..” Taehyung backs away and falls back onto his bed, throwing grabby hands in the air toward you.

You walk over, confused. “What do you want now?” Taehyung pats the bed beside him. “Uh, no.” He whines loudly and you grimace at the sound. “Noo,” but he sits up in a blink, hands around your waist, and yanks you down against your will until your head is nestled into his shoulder and you’re wrapped in silk sheets.

Then, Taehyung releases a deep sigh. “Perfect.”

Simply a list of words (from here) for when I want to write and need a new inspiration or something fresh. Enjoy reading!

The only rule I’ve set for myself is to try and write as much of the scenario/drabble I can in one writing session.


fluff ; ♡

angst ; ✘

smut | suggestive ; ✔︎

warnings ; ✏︎


1. Dream ; Taehyung 
2. Lock ; Namjoon
3. Bitterness
4. Photograph 
5. Forgiven 
6. Blackout
7. Morning
8. Bomb
9. Funeral
10. Proposal
11. Announcement

12. Raw ; Hoseok | ✘ ; ♡
       ↳ In which Hoseok gets pissed drunk at 3am in the morning and still remembers your number and calls you—his ex girlfriend—to pick him up. What could possibly go wrong?

13. Drive ; Jungkook | ♡ ; ✘ ; ✔︎ (maybe a slight smut scene) —still planning
       ↳ Jeon Jungkook decided to road trip across Europe—with the money his father intended to send him overseas with to fix his act. Then maybe, might have picked up a lost and penniless girl at the gas station in London cause why the heck not?

14. Conclusion
15. Imaginary
16. Delicate
17. Honesty
18. History
19. Deal
20. Patient
21. Apology
22. Children
23. Thunder
24. Dinner
25. After
26. Blood
27. Believe ; Namjoon | ✘ ; ♡
       ↳ “No, your husband was gone, dead. You’re sure of it—there’s absolutely no way he could be here.

28. Anxious
29. Regret
30. Expectation