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After the long wait here it is <3 I made it longer cause’ you guys enjoyed it so much :) Thank you for all the love and support. <3333



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Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-Smut
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 13276 words
Summary: You and Jungkook gather up with your friends to play truth or dare and it gets a little dirty.

“I ask for a re-match, I refuse to look at my dongsaeng being called cute when he has the biggest size in this room!” Hoseok stands up

“H-Hyung, DON’T DO IT” jungkook glares at Hoseok

“I choose the next dare” Hoseok says in a definitive tone “Go ahead and ask your two questions Y/N, because I’m choosing the next dare”

“Who said I’ll be picking truths “you smirked

“She’s GOING HARD” Taehyung woo-ed

Yeah, may I remind you that my dick is also going hard because of her?

This sudden change of mood coming from you made jungkook unconsciously bite his bottom lip because of how adventurous and feisty you were being. This thrill of you being rebellious was something that triggered up this raging desire in him. You call it a turn on and something that stimulated his brain and hormones. Not a gesture not an act, but just a personality trait that made him sexually aroused.

A way to make him yearn for something more when he wants to keep it in his pants. He could not help but imagine what kind of girl could be hiding behind your sweet girl mask. Friends you were for sure, but this wild side was something he was unaware of. You may have been a decent chill girl, but this side of you was making him act up along with his pants. He was going to need lots of self-restrain or some action to happen tonight, cause’ he wasn’t going to last for very long.

Why is she acting all wild tonight? Seriously Y/N, WHY ARE DOING THIS TO ME?!

“Go ahead, it’s not like I’m scared” Hoseok chuckles

“Are you sure about that?” you raise a teasing brow


“The dare is for Hoseok” you smirk at Hoseok

Jungkook gasps as he hears the dare you just threw at hoseok. Both of you were going to be f*cked for real if he didn’t stop you. So what if you throw this dare? It wouldn’t have been a problem, if Hoseok wasn’t going to choose the next one. Jungkook knew by experience that the more savage your dare for Hoseok was, the crueler Hoseok’s dare was going to be for the next round. Not to forgot that Hoseok previously mentioned that he refused watching jungkook being called cute when he has the biggest dick. Hoseok already had something savage in store for the next dare and the fact that you just challenged him with a savage dare just made it worse. Chances were that Hoseok was bond to choose a dare that was 10x worse than the one he had in mind a few minutes earlier.

Jungkook leans closer to your ear to whisper his discontentment about your choice. It wasn’t the time for him to freak out over the fact that you were on his lap. He was freaking out about what the future reserved for you and that’s how he leaned his chest closer to your smaller frame in order to look at you from the side before leaning his lips subtly beside your ears.

His sudden act made all the hairs on your skin stand up for some reason.His face was so close to yours.It was as if he was invading your personal space. His next whispers were what snapped you out.

“F*CK NO. YOU DID NOT. YOU BETTER TAKE THAT BACK Y/N. DO YOU WANT HIM TO MURDER US FOR THE NEXT DARE?! DON’T PLAY HIM” jungkook would whisper with his warm breath on the side of your ear

“He was trying to act all mighty and cocky, it’s only natural that he sits the f*ck back down on earth” you turn your head slightly as you whisper and stare back at jungkook


“What does it even has to do with you?! The dare will be for me anyways. It’s not like Hoseok will pick on you when you haven’t done anything” you whisper back as you roll your eyes

“Girly. I don’t think you understood, but you and I come together as a combo when it comes to dares. YOUR DARE WILL HAVE REPERCUSSIONS ON ME.” He growls in your ear

“What the f*ck?” you raise a brow “Jungkook just shut up” you reply

“YOU SHUT UP” he frowns while eyeing the close proximity of your pink links

So glistering and shiny… I wonder how it’d feel if I kissed–

“You f*cking shut up” you glare at him

Why the f*ck is she swearing while ordering me around?! Did she studied my turn ons before coming here, because’ the way she swears. UGH.F*CK.DON’T START IT UP, he’d lean his head back in frustration

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Never Look Back Pt.1

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[Request]; Badboy!Jungkook, college au.

Inspired by Greetings from Califournia by The Neighbourhood

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 4,840

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Swearing, hints of mature content. 

Description: You were two people from separate worlds, though you would soon enough find yourself drawn into each other’s sick reality.

MasterlistPart 2  / Part 3 (Coming soon) ~

You would never forget the first day you seen him. His tar black hair parted in the centre revealing sun kissed skin underneath, flawless in all it’s glistening perfection. You never thought much of him. He was the type of boy your parents warned you about; truly their worst nightmare. He partied every night, barely made it to class - and when he did, he’d disturb the entire neighbourhood with his obnoxious coup style black civic, it’s engine enough to be mistaken as thunder. You never knew it’s sound would become melody to you, a warning of sick lust and excitement.

You’d only had a few interactions with him, almost all of it was him mooching school supplies or homework sheets off you. He slowly stopped asking for your answers once he realized you always gave him wrong ones. He had a dangerous aura to him, his lips always drawn back in a thin line, his gaze enough to suck your soul right out of your body. You knew to stay away from someone like him.

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Jealous (Niall Horan ft Calum Hood)


:Hey i was wondering if you could do an imagine where your best friends with Niall and your in love with him but he starts seeing Selena Gomez and your heart broken but then you get closer to Calum and he likes you and you start having feelings for Calum and Niall sees this and gets jealous? You can pick the ending.. Sorry if this is confusing..

Hi love, hope this is what you want!

Summary: Niall’s jealousy was rising as he saw you got close to Calum

Warnings: Maybe a few swear words

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you, but it sure made you hot”

“Ugh, you’re getting all the popcorn on me as well!” You scowled at your best friend, who’s lying on the couch eating his food (like always), eyes focusing on the TV screen. Both of you are watching Grease for god knows how many times already, but you’re alright with that, cause he’s Niall fucking Horan. He knows there’s no way you can say no to him. He is your weakness that everyone knows. 

He turns to look at you, his blue eyes spark with amusement when he sees your annoyed face. “Come on, Y/N, I know you love me” He pouts. The one that can’t help but lit up your mood. 

It’s true though. You do love him. Not in a friendly way, you are deeply in love with him. All of his childish actions bring so much light in your life. His endless laughs are always so contagious, from day 1, he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever came across. 

You’ve waited 8 years for him to make a move, hoping one day he’ll admit he’s in love with you as well. There were countless times you wanted to give up, but seeing him over the net surely wasn’t helping at all. Screw him for being in the biggest boy band in the world.

The distant when he was away only let your love for him grew stronger. Now the fact he’s finally home, next to you feel so surreal. 

“Yeah” You breathe out. “More than you think…” You whisper the last part, not wanting him to hear it. Yet. Even though you’ve been dreaming about all the fantasies if you guys are a thing, your friendship is too value to risk.

“Hey Y/N? Can I tell you something?” He looks at you, seriousness lacing in his tone. You know this is going to be some serious shit.

Oh god, is he going to confess?

You swallow, clearing your throat, nervous about what he’s going to say next.

“I’ve been seeing someone…” His cheeks are now colored with red. He’s blushing just by thinking of it.

Is it me?


“Selena Gomez”

You choke up. Selena Gomez? Of course it’s her. How can you be forget about all the articles about the rumors?

So are the rumors real?

“Oh.. Are you serious about this? Like is it in a crush?” You ask hopefully. Crossing your finger, wising this is all some silly crush.

“I actually don’t know Y/N. I really like her”

The voice of your shatter heart is too loud to ignore.


After having yet another heartbreak by your dearest best friend, you’re in your room, tears are now dried. You feel empty. 

Your phone suddenly lit up, you’ve received a new text.

It was from Calum. A friend you’ve got to known when his band, 5 Seconds of Summer was touring with Niall’s. He was nice, kind and a bit cute. But that’s all you are. Friends, just like you and Niall.

“Me and the boys are hanging out, wanna come over?” 

Few seconds later, another text from him popped up.

“We have pizza” You smile at that. He knows you too well.

“Sure. See you in a bit” Quickly typing back a respond, you grab your jacket and was ready to head out when you see Niall is on the couch asleep, you can’t help but stare at his figure.

Tip toeing, you walk to the door. You’re hand is already on the knob, one foot away from stepping outside until you hear movement behind you.

“Where’re ya going?” 

You turn to face him, heart beating so fast it’s hard to breathe.

Will he be jealous?  

“I’m heading to Calum’s”

“Hood?” He raises his brows. 

The next sentence caught you by surprise.

“Can I come too?”


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The Taste of Fire

I’ve been in 5 fights in my life. As the captain of multiple basketball teams I’ve made and missed several game winning shots.  And I’ve defended my house from a bush fire.  Exposing myself creatively goes right up there an equally challenging thing to do, and something I wrestled with doing for the longest time.  Here is my fanfiction.

Title:  The Taste of Fire
Genre: Romance
Characters: Natsu, Lucy



“What does fire taste like?”

Natsu sat up from where he was lying on Lucy’s floor.  It was a boring, rainy, afternoon.  Gray and Erza were out on jobs, and Happy was off playing with the other Exceed, that just left Natsu and Lucy.  Which was fine with him, it was always more fun when they were together, but today she seemed to be down.  Natsu had suggested a few activities they could do, but Lucy had shrugged them off, telling him she just wanted to stay at home.  Determined to cheer her up, Natsu had invited himself over and invaded her bedroom.  But instead of her usual violent reaction, she’d quietly consented and gone back to her work, until now.

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