screw being a teen


i hope you’re pleased robin

it took so long to get these pictures i hope you’re all proud

also taking them was very hard??? i dunno why but in every picture i take i look really weird and i refused to let a weird photo taint your dash

time to delete them off my phone because screw being a real teen and keeping selfies you take

the moment we’ve all been waiting for my friends.. ya girl here is emotionally triggered that her name has mischief in it and teen wolf screws with my emotional well being

i dont think of my depression as having “wasted” or “stolen” my teen years. screw that. i SURVIVED being severely depressed during my teen years. i dont need to have gone out and done whatever it is that makes other peoples teen years well-spent. im alive. despite everything, im alive. and thats amazing.

“God, shut the fuck up.” She muttered to herself, annoyed by the group of teens screwing around in the park, being loud and probably seeking attention from the way they were acting. Safe to say Isabella was in a bad mood.

Everyone needs to chill the fuck out.

First, Lydia isn’t mad at Jordan for taking the bodies because she knows he’s probably doing it without him being aware. She knows about his dreams.

Secondly, yes, there’s going to be a fight in the next episode. No, it doesn’t look like training but what if they fight? As far as we can guess:

·         He doesn’t start the fight. (Face it, haters; in what world would Jordan hurt Lydia intentionally?)

·         She’s probably alone with him or the others are incapacitated or she told them to back off because why, if it’s a serious to-death fight, aren’t the others helping? Even if she told them to stay put, they know Jordan’s strong.

·         Jordan’s going to be proud of Lydia kicking his ass.

Now, they can fight but they will never hate each other. LYDIA WILL NEVER HATE JORDAN because he hasn’t done anything major yet (punching Theo and the jeep thing isn’t really that big considering all the shit that has happened in the show, get over it) and even if he does something big, there will always be a part of her that cares about him deeply. If Lydia didn’t hate Jackson for treating her like shit (and yes, I’m aware they both were acting wrong) and Stiles for being indirectly responsible for Allison’s death (if you play the nogitsune card the shut the fuck up about Jordan because he doesn’t know what he’s doing) or Aiden for killing people, then why do you think she would hate Jordan for?

Y’all can hate Jordan, hate the ship and hoping she comes to hate him but it won’t happen. Y’all can say our ship has been burnt but it doesn’t fucking matter.

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Jordan Parrish is the best person for Lydia, he is the right person for Lydia and, even if they don’t make it to the end, at least we will all know that they had a much better friendship-relationship development than most of the canon ships in the shows and that’s what hurts y’all the most. If Stydia gets canon in the end (I’m assuming they’ll kill off Malia because what else would Jeff do to force Lydia and Stiles to be together?) be sure it won’t be as good as Marrish could have been.

inell  asked:

Fandom: Teen Wolf

fair warning, until recently i was “previously a bitter teen wolf fan” so this isn’t exactly a neutral view.

who i will protect at all costs: allison argent & derek hale.
who deserves better: vernon boyd, erica reyes & allison argent. like jeepers, they really didn’t need to die. none of them. they were teenagers. erica and boyd could have run off into the sunset together but nope, both of them had to die in derek’s arms like some sad 90s emo movie.
who was killed off too early: all of the above. teen wolf beats every other show i’ve ever watched with its death track record and teenagers. i knew erica and allison were coming, but i wasn’t ready for boyd.
who i used to hate but now i love: i love erica more than i expected to. when i started watching, most of fandom used her as the “bitch” in fic and i was all prepared to see her like that (unused to bias fiction) and she was so wonderful. but i’ve never really hated a character on the show that i now love, i’m pretty steadfast with who i start to hate and stick with.
who i used to love but now i hate: sheriff stilinski. i used to think he was hilarious, and such a good, hard working dad. now i utterly loathe lines like “thank you son i should have had” like??????? is that supposed to be funny in front of your kid??? also deaton. why did he never tell derek who he was to the hale pack? why did he never bloody help him?!
who needs to be killed off asap: peter. let him die. he killed his own niece.
who is unfairly hated: allison. i literally remember the salad days when i used to get anons bitching about allison for stabbing isaac “with two knives!!11!!!” and demanding i explain my love for her. haven’t had one in a couple of years, seems like fandom’s come around since she stopped hurting derek & isaac, ya know, leaving room for woobifying.
who is unfairly loved: idk fandom loves a lot of characters on teen wolf i don’t love. 
who needs to sort out their priorities: lydia. leave town. she should have been allowed her freedom two seasons ago. idk why holland keeps coming back.
who needs a hug: scott. he’s been through so much, and the writers keep putting him through the damn wringer for no reason, like let him be 18.
who needs to get out of their current relationship: lol stiles. i can’t stand that they keep trying to push stydia. it’s never been my jam (i genuinely believe they’d get bored of one another, he thinks she’s perfect, and she needs a challenge, she needs someone that counter balances her, not lets her walk all over them, and i’ve never felt their chemistry, or thought they fit together).
who the writers love: stiles. stop implying he’s back in season six??? let?? it??? go??? the nogitsune was so over the top like it became the entire show and the show was supposed to be about scott? it made me so sad. dylan is a great actor, sure, but the show wasn’t… about stiles? and it was like they couldn’t decide what to do with him more, have him all broken and tortured or the villain or the comic relief, so he was all of them at once and it was too much?! and then about three different love interests (if you include the endless baiting with derek) they love their sad pretty dude.
who needs a better storyline: all of them
who has an amazing redemption arc: idk i guess i’ll always resent that the writers thought derek was a bad enough guy to need a redemption arc? even though he had one (that he didn’t need, because he was always the good guy and a lil dumb dumb that needed a guiding hand, like from say, oh deaton) but also, jackson? i know everyone hates him but me, but his sacrifice in the season 2 finale was so big and so good. he was great.
who is hot af: 3a derek hale.
who belongs in jail: peter hale. he literally killed his niece. also, probs stiles???? like… does nobody have video footage of him rocking up at a hospital with ninjas and destroying the joint? murdering a bunch of people? idk. i’m probably going to lose about 40 followers for saying this (still think stiles is gr9!)
who needs to be revived from the dead: allison argent, erica reyes, vernon boyd, screw you teen wolf.