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Sorry for the shitty banner but someone suggested I should do this so I made one quickly
It’s my birthday in exactly a week and I really want to reach my next thousand but I’m hundreds away so I’m doing a massive promo 
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I will choose and post the results on the 23rd of August (2 days after my birthday)
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Me (Rebecca) and Olivia both love the EPIC Star Wars! I mean who doesn’t, right? So we decided to make an Awards promo for every one of you who also love Star Wars, like us. 


  • Must be following me (impurio) and Olivia (crescendence);
  • Reblogs only, but you can like to bookmark;
  • Must get 50+ notes;
  • For Best Undiscovered, please submit us your follower count for a higher chance, if you have 500 or less followers;
  • Winners announced on September 14th.


  • Best Green Blog - C-3PO
  • Best Blue Blog - R2-D2
  • Best Mixed Vintage Blog - Han Solo
  • Best Theme - Chewbacca
  • Best URL -  Leia
  • Best Posts - Darth Sidious
  • Best Overall - Yoda
  • Best Undiscovered - Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Impurio’s Favourite - Darth Vader
  • Crescendence’s Favourite - Luke Skywalker

What you’ll get:

  • Winners from every category will get a fansign with their character;
  • Rest promoted in scrennies, solos and lists.

Happy reblogging and may the force be with you!